308 – Alfi Titor – [Just Chatting] I missed you! Merry Christmas! (END)
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Aaaaarrrrgggghhh. I want to make all the things. Screenshots and everything to bring the girls to life. But there aren't enough hours in the day and money in my wallet... T_T

Alfi set her mug of cocoa aside and cleared her throat. "O-One moment." She reached over to pick up her phone and answered it, gingerly placing it against her ear. "Y-Yes, Aoko?"

Her voice faintly echoed from the phone. "W-Why did you answer now?! Ugh, whatever! Just... It's no good to be like that! People will misunderstand, dummy! Bye!"

A soft beep. The phone call instantly ending as Aoko hung up.

[The_Rotund_Mongoose] lol
[Trialer] Queen is a tsundere when it comes to love, huh?
[mereUnicorn] That's no excuse!
[mellowSeahorse] Burn the dragon!
[insecureMagpie] Slay the dragon!
[Kurumi69] Lay the dragon!
[ThatLurkerInTheCorner] Hold up. What?

Alfi lowered her phone, staring at it with a blush on her face.

[adoringSmelt] Argh! Not fair!
[Dragon_Slaying_Whale] Aoko-chan, you cheater!
[trustingPear] Queen's out here stealing hearts, huh?
[tautGarlic] Hypocrite! Cheater! Liar!
[cruelPaella] Yeah! No stealing Alfi-sama, Aoko-chan!

[ashamedWildfowl] Wait. Isn't this all Hana's fault?
[mellowSeahorse] Hana-chan! Did you do this?
[Hana Homura Ch. 🔧] I just want Onee-chan and Aneue to be happy. Is that so bad?
[Alfis_Knight] So it's you!
[adoringSmelt] The traitor!
[jubilantTacos] Heretic!

[StraightGarbage] lmao. Alfi simps going crazy here.
[FailureFox] Queen. Come on. >.> Be smarter.
[GoldenOrca] <Supersticker - 100 USD> :TitanicSink:

"A-Ahem." Alfi cleared her throat and quickly set her phone aside. After that, she picked up her mug of hot cocoa and took a long sip, her face completely red. "I-It's pretty hot in here today. Hahaha..."

[dejectedVenison] You mean steamy?
[DeadReader] Hot... like the XXX times you had with Aoko? :eyewaggle:
[mildBuck] Where are the mods?

[Kiiro-chi] :heavybreathing:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <lood_dude: 100 USD> :culture_gif:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <jk_enthusiast: 20K yen> :giggity:
[enviousHeron] @Kiiro-chi AlfixAoko doujin when?
[R.Fireworks] @Kiiro-chi Are your commissions still open?
[Kiiro-chi] @R.Fireworks DM me on Tweeter later Fireworks-chan. ;)

Alfi glanced at the chat and then shook her head. After that, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Calm down, Alfi. I-It's a bit embarrassing, but it's okay. Deep breaths... Phew." After that, she smiled and said, "Okay! It looks like Aoko gave me a secret Christmas present there. I'm really happy for it, but it's a bit..." She lifted her mug up to cover her mouth and giggled.

[StraightGarbage] Lol. Did Queen just get rejected live?
[lazyLion] Aoko-chan has no luck with romance. xD
[boredCow] First complaining about no good men. Then denying she likes girls. Now being dumped on air... RIP Aoko.

"Moving on!" Alfi set her cup to the side and said, "I have a gift for everyone!"

[Alfis_Knight] You didn't have to, Alfi-sama!
[Alfis_Couch] We have gifts for you too!
[Alfis_Mug] Alright, guys! Let's go!

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Alfis_Knight: 10K yen> :giftbox:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Alfis_Couch: 100 USD> :giftbox:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Alfis_1312: 13120 yen> :giftbox:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Alfis_DaZen: 200 EUR> :giftbox:

A flood of messages. Not superchats, but gifts sent through the MIRAIZ app.

On the UTube chat, it just looked like a string of messages sent by the MIRAIZ bot.

On the on-screen chat, it looked a bit fancier. Animated giftboxes lined the side of each message.

But the real effect was in the back of the room by the Christmas tree where a pile of presents were slowly phasing in, appearing in a small splash of golden light.

[GreenHexagon] A-Alfi's fans are scary.
[Trialer] Seriously. Alfi's fan club is more like a cult every day...
[thoughtful_raptor] Remember kids. Parasocial relationships are bad.

[GoldenOrca] :thinking:
[StraightGarbage] Ooh. Does Queen have that enabled yet...?
[FailureFox] :evilsmirk:

"E-Eh?" Alfi noticed the messages and then quickly turned around. When she saw the piles of presents stacking up, she turned back to the screen and puffed out her cheeks. "That's not fair! I wanted to give my gift first!"

[abjectWildfowl] No u.
[mellowBasmati] Christmas is about gift exchanges!
[Alfis_Paladin] Don't worry. Alfi-sama is a gift that keeps on giving.

Alfi huffed and said, "Everyone is too nice to me. I don't know how I can make it up to everyone... but I'll keep doing my best. For now though..." She reached out to her right and pulled out a wrapped present box. The same one in the thumbnail, a silver-wrapped giftbox with a crimson ribbon.

[The_Rotund_Mongoose] Gift time!
[boastfulMussel] How is this gonna work?
[needyRelish] Ooh! Is it going to be another interactive session?
[truthfulHyena] God I can't wait for Titor to develop a link with the MIRAIZ app and the NERV_GEAR.

Alfi blushed and then held out the present box. "U-Um. It's not much, but since I missed everyone, I thought you might miss me too. So I made this to help you when you feel lonely."

[mildEland] What's in the box?
[morbidPaella] M-My heart's racing...
[dopeyCheese] HNGH. Why is Alfi so precious?!

"...Oh!" Alfi's ears turned red and she looked away embarrassed. "I-I forgot that you can't open it. Um... Here." She carefully unwrapped the box and then opened it. "Let's see. Next, I do-"

A burst of golden sparks erupting from the present box. After that, the screen dissolved, turning into a plain white screen.

[puzzledPudding] Eh?
[soreDingo] What's this?
[goofyApples] Did something break?

Silence. But then, in the corner of the screen, static started to appear before revealing a QR Code. After that, Alfi's voice echoed.

"Can you hear me?"

A flicker of golden light. With it, Alfi appeared again, wearing a casual black sweater and jeans. She gave a shy wave at the camera and said, "Good morning. Today might be a bit difficult, but let's make the best of it, okay?"

[The_Rotund_Mongoose] ?!?!??!?!
[contentLion] V-Voice packs?!
[Trialer] Roleplay scenarios?!

[relievedSalami] YO!
[thrilledMandrill] CHECK THE QR CODE!

The screen flickered again before showing a computer desktop. File icons were on the top left corner, but the desktop itself showed the roof of a ruined city at sunset. Alfi sat on the edge of the roof, staring at the horizon while idly swinging her legs.

A mouse cursor appeared on screen and then clicked on Alfi. When it did, she glanced back and smiled. "Welcome back. Don't work too hard, alright?"

[Anumi] This is FREE?!

[CyberAnonID] I'm dead.
[Ultimaterror] I can die happy.
[giddyDunbird] Same.

[Alfis_Knight] ALFI-SAMAAAAA!
[Reinya] I get it now. Alfi- No, Alfi-sama is a real goddess.
[insecureRelish] We don't deserve you! T_T

The cursor clicked again and Alfi pulled out a phone from her pocket, tapping on the screen.

After that, screen transitioned to a phone view, showing a video chat background like from a messenger app. Alfi smiled in the screen and said, "It's almost time to sleep for you, isn't it? Should I sing you a lullaby? I-It's a bit embarrassing, but..."


[StraightGarbage] Holy fvck. Alfi is so freaking extra.
[FailureFox] We need to convince Queen to do this too.
[GoldenOrca] @FailureFox Tasteful nudes first.
[FailureFox] @GoldenOrca Ooh! Right. Priorities. :)

A delicate hand reached out to tap the screen. After that, Alfi let out a gentle smile. "I love you, you know? Even though we might never meet in this lifetime. Even though we might be separated by the vast seas or a seemingly insurmountable distance..."

A wind picked up from behind Alfi, causing her silver hair to shift.

"...We still live under the same beautiful blue sky. So... Please don't forget. No matter how much time passes, even if you think you don't matter, you're precious to me. Always. So..." Alfi's eyes started to water, and then she finished in a shaking voice. "Please be happy. That's all I want."

The video froze on that image of Alfi letting out a smile while tears glistened on her cheeks.


[Askun12] *WHY* is everyone writing in all caps?!
[Kurumi69] So much content. So precious. Aaaahhh.
[Ponpon Ch.] Argh. She's big money and so spoiled. But why do I like her?!
[Mikami Ch.] Not fair! 100% not fair! Why are you so lovable?! I wanna hate you!

[StraightGarbage] I see what happened to Queen now.
[FailureFox] Alfi-chan is a direct attack on the kokoro.
[GoldenOrca] Alfi-chan is adorable. But while others were seeking romance, I trained in the blade...
[StraightGarbage] @GoldenOrca Oh shut up you Riajuu weeb.
[GoldenOrca] @StraightGarbage But it's true?

The video screen filled with static before turning back into that plain white screen with the QR code in the corner.

But soon after, words started appearing on the screen.

[Alfi Titor - Todokanai Koi (Unreachable Love)]

When the words appeared, Alfi's voice whispered, "Even though my love cannot reach you, I hope these precious words will give you strength."

Silence. The screen continued to show the QR code. And in the chat, the MIRAIZ bot posted direct links.

But then the screen flickered again, going back to Alfi's room.

And Alfi sitting there in the middle of it, her face completely red as she poked her fingers together. "D-Do you like my gift? I know it's not much, b-but I thought long and hard about how to convey my feelings..." She trailed off and let out a nervous laugh.

[insecureDinosaur] You're spoiling them, Alfi-chan!
[Mikami Ch.] Argh! Screw it! I'm Alfis now!
[Ponpon Ch.] No fair! Alfi-sama, you're a literal goddess! How can we compete?! T_T

[Rhea Davinki Ch. 🔧] Senpai! You're too powerful!
[Kuromi Tekken Ch. 🔧] I-I think that Alfi-Senpai is more than just an idol...
[Tsubame Akari Ch. 🔧] It is a miracle that Alfi's true beauty is constrained by this veil... Great Heavenly Fortune can easily turn into Misfortune.
[Miya Musashi Ch. 🔧] She's changed so much. Sheesh.

[CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR 🔧] Good, good, good! Claim the entire world as your own, my granddaughter!
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR: 100K yen> :celestialpavilion:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR: 100K yen> :goldenpalace:
[Yue_Smith 🔧] @CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR Father! Stop! Just give it to her directly!
[CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR 🔧] Hmph! This Regal Self shall support Our family as We wish!
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <CELESTIAL_JADE_EMPEROR: 10,000 USD> :freedomparade: Hohoho! Money can be used for such entertaining purposes in this land...

[StraightGarbage] @GoldenOrca Lol. I think you met your match, bro.
[FailureFox] J-Just how much money does John's family have?
[GoldenOrca] I-I see. So this is the difference between new and old money...

[rational_rabbit] ...And here I thought I saw everything already. People really do be like money grows on trees, huh?