309 – A (Proto)typical lunch break
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[Play Strawberry Peppermint - Nikki Kaelar]

The breakroom for the Prototype girls, shortly after the end of Alfi's stream.

The plan for the day was for Hana to stream, then Alfi, and then Aoko in the evening.

But after Alfi's stream...

Rin laughed and said, "S-Sorry, Aneue. But I didn't think you'd call Onee-chan during the stream."

Asako groaned and placed her face against the table. "Don't remind me, Sis."

Alphy giggled and said, "I thought it was adorable, Asako! T--Though it *was* a bit embarrassing."

"See? Onee-chan liked it!"

"...Just kill me."

The Prototype girls were gathered around a table for a late lunch. Sandwiches packed by Sakura for the girls before she went back to work on the last minute launch details for Ars Nova Productions' first work.

Rin smiled and unwrapped her sandwich. After taking a bite and wiping a bit of mayo off her cheeks, she said, "Why did you even record that, Aneue? Did you and Onee-chan drink that much?"

Alphy blushed and said, "N-Not *that* much..."

Asako sat up and said, "Speak for yourself. You finished half the bottle!"

Alphy's blush deepened and she said, "But it tasted good?"

Rin leaned over to Alphy and said, "Did it taste as good coming from Aneue's lips, Onee-chan?"

"Hm?" Alphy paused to think about it and said, "It was a bit sweeter, actu-" She realized what she was saying and then lightly shoved Rin away. "R-Rin!"

Rin laughed.

Asako rubbed her face and then said, "I get why people say younger siblings are so annoying now."

"But you love me anyway, right?"

Asako unwrapped her sandwich and said, "Regrettably."

"Yay! And you, Onee-chan?"

"U-Um... I think that you're a good younger sister? But try not to get into a fight with Meggie, okay? She gets jealous really easily."

Rin waved her sandwich and said, "Don't worry about Meggie. All I have to do is get Tsuki on my side and she turns to putty."


Asako took a bite from her sandwich and then frowned. After swallowing, she turned towards Alphy and said, "Do you and your sisters all like girls, or..."

Alphy blushed and said, "T-That's not true! It's just..." She shyly unwrapped her sandwich and said, "...Girls are pretty? And I just like people who can be cool and kind while working really hard." After saying that, she glanced at Asako and then looked away, blushing.

Asako blushed as well and averted her gaze. "A-Ah..." She started scratching her cheek and then quickly started eating her sandwich to avoid the conversation.

Rin watched the two interact and then giggled. "I'm really happy for you two! Can I help plan dates?"

"S-Shut it, Sis." Asako pointed at Rin and said, "A-Alphy and I are *not* dating."

Alphy froze and looked at Asako with watery eyes. "W-We're not?"

Asako flinched. "N-No. I mean... That... I-It's a bit too fast!"

"B-But... I showed you everything already...?"

Asako turned a deep red and her eyes started spinning. "T-That... W-W-Well..."

Rin gasped and said, "Aneue! You're going to run away after doing that to Onee-chan?"

"N-No! I mean yes! I mean... Aaaaargh!" She turned to Alphy and said, "L-Look. What happened on Christmas was... I mean..."

A soft poke on Asako's cheek.

Alphy reaching out with a bright smile on her face, all signs of tears gone.

"Got you!"


Rin covered her mouth to stop her laugh.

Alphy giggled and then pulled her hand back. "That's for embarrassing me during the stream."

Asako gave Alphy a blank stare before shifting her gaze to Rin.

"What?" Rin took a bite of her sandwich and shrugged. "If you wanted to keep that private, Aneue, you shouldn't have saved it on Onee-chan's phone."

"I didn't!" She paused. "...Did I?"

Rin reached into a nearby cooler and pulled out a an orange soda. After cracking it open, she nodded and said, "Okay. I might have copied it over..."

"Argh...! Stop gaslighting me, Sis!"

"But you're so fun to tease, Aneue!"

"I'll tell Mom!"

Rin gasped. "You wouldn't!"

"I would!"

Alphy watched the two sisters bicker for a bit, smiling as she did. But then she shook her head and pulled out her phone.

Asako noticed and glanced over. "Did your dad text you, Alphy?"

"No." Alphy swiped her thumb across the screen and scrolled through the Alfis Readit. "I just wanted to see what the Alfis are doing with my gift."

Rin scooted her chair over to sit next to Alphy and said, "Ooh! I wanna see!"

Asako moved her chair over as well and said, "Oh yeah. Titor helped you include an AR thing with it too, right? Are people taking pictures with-"

A video of a man with hulking muscles, wearing nothing but a black speedo and a silver knight's helmet.

*We're so close and yet so far apart. Even so, please don't despair.*

Alfi's soft voice echoing from the video.

With it, the man clapped his hands. "YOSH! ONE MORE!"

After saying that, the camera turned, revealing a barbell sitting on the ground with six plates on either side.

The man walked over to it and then threw his head back, screaming. "ALFI-SAMAAAAA!"

And then he promptly reached over and did a deadlift like it was nothing.

*As long as you're doing well, I'm happy.*

When he dropped the barbell down, he threw his head back again and screamed, "ALFI-SAMA!AISHITERU!"

And then the video ended.

Asako stared at the screen with blank eyes. She blinked and then looked over at Alphy to see her reaction.

Rin let out a nervous laugh and said, "Onee-chan. Your fans are, um... impressive."

Alphy smiled and then looked over at her with a proud look. "Aren't they?" She pointed at the screen and said, "This is Mister Knight from my streams! Did you know? He said that he was recovering from a training injury and had given up on it before he found me. But look! He's managed to surpass his tribulation and even reach a new realm! Oh! And there are more too! See?"

Alphy started scrolling through the Readit, showing more posts.

Muscular men posing to show off their muscles or in the middle of intense workouts.

Top class beauties hard at work exercising or posing to take pictures with Alfi.

Long threadposts about how meeting Alfi changed the original poster's life forever.

Asako blinked and then slowly said, "Alphy."

Alphy stopped scrolling and then turned to look at Asako. "Yes?"

"...Since when did your fan Readit turn into a fitness exchange forum?"

"Hm?" Alphy paused to think about it and said, "...I don't know? All I did was post one of Papa's entry level training manuals that he wrote when he was younger. Ah, but he deleted it afterwards and scolded me about it..." She frowned and said, "It's really useful for ordinary people though."

"...Is your dad some kind of master martial artist that ripped through the Chinese criminal underworld or something after discovering a secret training manual in America?"

Alphy giggled. "That's silly."

Asako laughed as well. "Right. Of course he-"

"Papa found a Jade Talisman, not a manual. And it was the Three Realms, not China."


Rin rolled her eyes and said, "Stop teasing Aneue, Onee-chan."

"But I'm not?"

Rin shook her head and pulled out her phone. "I wonder what the Ohana have been up to?"

"Oh!" Alphy put her phone away and said, "Can I see?"

"Of course! Here." Rin leaned over and held her phone up in front of Alphy and angled it so Asako could see. "Now, sort by new... There- Eh?"

A bunch of screenshots showing off Hana's room. But it was different. Instead of the gray interior design scheme and modern furniture, people had gone out of their way to mock up new designs.

Bright and colorful orange wallpaper with fireworks and sunflowers.

Cuddly teddybears and plushed animals stacked up in the corner.

Cozy beanbags tossed around the room...

Instead of the minimalist space Hana had, the Ohana had gone out of their way to redesign it to be warmer and more cozy.

As as Rin scrolled up, posts popped up with Amazin links to items that matched the best with the suggestions.

"Pft." Asako shook her head and looked at Rin. "Looks like your Ohana don't appreciate your fashion tastes, Sis. I told you that you needed more color."

Rin pouted. "But I like gray! It's cool and clean! It also makes all the color pop!"

Alphy giggled and said, "I like gray too, Rin. But I think Asako is right. It looks like your Ohana are worried about you. See?"

She pointed to a post with a petition to make John redecorate Hana's room. One with ten thousand signatures already.

Rin puffed her cheeks and said, "T-That's just a few overprotective people. Here, I'll go to Top and show you-"

[Fundraiser for Hana's New Room]

Description: As we've all seen, our imouto's fashion sense has been numbed by her past. We need to fix that and give her the bestest room ever! We'll be looking through suggestions on what the most comfortable items are and estimate a budget based on that. Afterwards, we'll personally contact John and pass along the information for Hana's sake.

1000% raised

"..." Rin turned off her phone and put it away.

Asako laughed.

Rin glared at her and said, "Oh yeah, like *your* Readit is any better, Aneue."

"Pft. I bet it is. Here." Asako pulled out her phone and opened up the Readit app. After some taps, she held out her phone and said, "See? It's just normal-"

[Queen feet pics]

[Poll: What fetishes will be on display for the nudes?]

[New subforum: QueenMe]

[Less than a week left before the nudes, boys!]

[NSFW - Queen Pie by Kiiro-chi]

[NSFW - Dragon Maiden by lewd_dood]

[NSFW - Sisterly love by Kiiro-chi]

"W-What the hell?!"

Asako quickly turned off her phone and then gnashed her teeth. "Those bastards...! Why aren't the mods doing anything?!"

Rin gave Asako a blank stare.

She stared back. "What?!"

"...You know that your Readit mods are StraightGarbage, FailureFox, and GoldenOrca, right?"

Asako froze and then covered her face, letting out a deep sigh. "Dammit."

Alphy giggled and patted Asako on the back. "It's okay, Asako. Your fans just want to love you a lot."

"You mean make love to me. Horny bastards."

"...Isn't that what I said?"

Rin gasped.

Asako turned to look back at Alphy.


Asako shook her head. "...Never mind." She sighed and went back to eating her sandwich. "Anyway... You two want to go shopping after my stream?"