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r/ProjectMirAIs • Posted by u/loreowl 1 hour ago 

[theorycrafting] John's Background Part I

So as we all know by now, Project MirAIs lore goes deep into the rabbithole. There have been countless other threads devoted to collecting lore for each girl, but today I want to talk about the man behind the screen, the one who started it all, the man, the myth, the legend... John Smith.

Here is what we know for sure.

1. John Smith possesses unfathomable resources.

This is seen by the fact that he has singlehandedly pioneered a new entertainment industry and funded a livestreaming platform dedicated solely for VTubers as well as presented it at one of the world's largest electronics expo. Not only that, but he purchased screentime all over the world for approximately 24 hours solely to perform a concert to reach his missing wife.

Which leads to the next point.

2. John Smith is a caring person.

Each of the girls have referenced John being a kind and caring person. Furthermore, they all respect him to varying degrees.

Whether this 'respect' is more than that is subjective and depends on the interpretation of various incidents, the fact is that they all have responded positively whenever he is mentioned and react negatively to his name being disparged.

Interestingly, this does not apply to John Titor, leading to an essential point.

3. John Smith is NOT John Titor.

Although sharing a name, it has been made abundantly clear that John Smith is not John Titor. While their voices are similar, recent revelations have shown that they are indeed separate individuals.

John Titor is apparently the lead developer and researcher in Myth Incorporated, as well as the founder and CEO of the newly formed Mirror Corporation.

John Smith on the other hand is the CEO of Myth Incorporated, as well as of Project MirAIs LLC, a wholly-owned Myth Incorporated subsidiary.

The two also look completely different in terms of physical appearance.

Titor is scrawny and has the build of a man stuck behind a desk or in the lab all day.

Smith is the exact opposite, bearing a powerful stature and taut muscles that are barely restrained in his tapered suits. Moreover, inside sources have revealed that he has already been voted as the most handsome man in the world for this year.

There is the strange point of the initial presentation for Project MirAIs where the implication was that John Smith was the man behind it all. However, the general consensus seems to be that it was a marketing ploy and that Titor was in charge the entire time.

This is further strengthened by the fact that Titor routinely streams at times where Smith should be resting, as well as John's clear preference for IRL streams, such as with his wife, Yue.

4. John Smith possesses deep connections to various industries.

Although not confirmed, it is almost assured that John has deep ties to various organizations and industries.

The first evidence of this is the worldwide livestreamed concert "For Yue." Reports have been gathered that it was streamed as far as the famous [redacted] theme park in America. Not only that, but portions of it were streamed even before major feature films. This is a feat that money on its own cannot accomplish.

The second evidence of this is the expedited process of filings. Astute researchers have secured copies of the registration filings for Myth Incorporated and the lease for its building and determined that the timeframe required to obtain the necessary approvals would be impossible even with paying grease fees. Furthermore, one source with connections to certain agencies has gone directly to inquire supervisors about the matter only to have been turned away immediately with a warning to not touch a dragon's reverse scale.

The third and most weighty piece of evidence is that UTube has recently made changes at an unprecedented rate, all of which favor Project MirAIs. Moreover, it has been confirmed that the Prodigy girls will be opening membership less than a week after debut. This marks a world record for the shortest time between channel creation, monetization, and memberships. Important to note is that even A-list celebrities like Johnny Death have have to wait months for the approval process to complete before Superchats and Memberships opened.

An auxiliary piece of evidence of importance is that Myth Incorporated has succeeded in purchasing the titles to properties surrounding Myth Inc. HQ within a kilometer radius. Moreover, 24/7 security personnel have been posted to discreetly remove any person with intent to either record, spy, or otherwise attempt to meet or discern the identities of the Project MirAIs girls. A particularly frustrated source has stated that they have attempted every form of surveillance known to man only to be foiled every time without even a glimpse at who the girls might be. They have also claimed that they remember clearly seeing them at one point, but that their memory has turned fuzzy recalling the scene.

5. John Smith possesses a highly diversified skill set.

It has been confirmed that John Smith is more than just a pretty face and a deep pocket.

Smith has shown expert knowledge into the inner workings of a retro game such as CapsuMon to achieve an unprecedent speedrun world record.

It has been confirmed by all of the Prototype girls that Smith was the one who instructed them on dancing and singing in preparation for their concert. Moreover, Smith's skills were put on full display during said concert both in crossdress as well as in his normal attire.

Smith is a master of disguise, seen by his flawless transformation into 'Jenny Smith.' Interestingly enough, it has been confirmed that Jenny Smith is indeed female and that the Jenny Smith appearing on stage during the concert was John's interpretation of her.

Smith is a master of the culinary arts. This has been implied by Miya Musashi, but a source has stated that the famous Steel Chef, Minato Miyamoto, retired not because he wished to spend time with his granddaughter but because he lost a Food Battle to a mysterious foreigner opponent. Although hearsay, clips of John and his daughter at the Expo show him thoughtfully analyzing the individual ingredients of his food during infamous 'Meggie Feast.'

Smith is a polyglot, showing native fluency in at least English, Japanese, and Chinese. Moreover, analysis of the credits for the user submitted closed captions in Hana's first streams show that they were all submitted by John Smith. Considering that various sources have confirmed not only the accuracy of the translations but the masterful translation of idioms and speech patterns Hana uses to each language, we can assume that John possesses native fluency in practically every commonly spoken language in the world.

6. There are many plausible but unconfirmed rumors about John Smith.

Ex-yakuza have claimed to have seen a 'Golden Dragon' the night that the police ended the tyranny of the Seiryuu clan. Although no longer available anywhere on the internet, for a brief moment after the incident, blurry pictures were posted of a man similar to John's build standing atop the Eternal Tower with billowing golden hair and an Imperial Golden Dragon tattooed on his back.

Rumors have also been spread of a 'phantom foreign racer' who competed against the infamous Drag-on Queen known for her undefeated streak and countless car trophies. Those witnessing the race were said to have seen a handsome foreigner with golden hair race against the Drag-on Queen perform incredible feats such as riding sideways along the mountain and performing a barrel roll to take the lead. However, these appear to be tall tales.

There have been unconfirmed reports of individuals claiming to have seen Smith the day he arrived in Japan withdrawing vast amounts of money before being accosted by a police officer.

For a brief period of time, a martial arts manual written in Ancient Chinese and translated into English was spread across Alfi's Readit. The few who managed to obtain a copy have reported immediate progress by following the regime described. However, copies of the manual have been purged from the internet and those who possess the copies have been sworn to secrecy. It's rumored that this manual bestows mystical properties to those who follow its directions, but this is unverifiable due to true owners of the manual refusing to speak as well as the proliferation of many false manuals.

In the recent Comiket, pictures were taken of a couple cosplaying the Demon Emperor and the Immortal Witch. Although no clear image exists, reports say that the Demon Emperor cosplayer possessed extraordinary physical prowess and was able to both leap across the venue while carrying the Immortal Witch as well as quickly evade detection in the blink of an eye.


With the facts laid out, here are potential theories of who, and *what* John Smith may be.

I. John Smith is a time traveler returning from the future to divert a catastrophic ending.

Although popular and outlandish, this theory holds a great deal of weight. To begin with, Project MirAIs has continually shown technology the likes of which experts estimate to be years, if not decades ahead of the industry. This, when paired with Titor's recent reveals as well as the innovative visual novel from Ars Nova Productions paint a trail of impossible technological advances that cannot be explained from sheer genius alone.

Furthermore, whispers from sources connected to Tokyo's underworld have said that the recently deceased leader of the Seiryuu Clan was set to spread his influence around the world. Not only that, but this leader was left unchallenged for decades, with every opponent murdered or vanished. Even the police were cowed by his power and authority.

Until recently, when he mysteriously had a change of heart. Coincidentally around the same time that John Smith first appeared.


II. John Smith is an alien from another world plotting to take over the world with the power of anime girls

Another popular theory, but with the opposite premise of the first in regards to John's motives. Rather than benevolent, this theory presumes that John's actions are a scapegoat. Using advanced technology and playing into the fundamental human desires, John is using Project MirAIs to capture the world's attention and enslave the masses to spend their resources on virtual idols while wasting their life away.

Of course, this theory fails to account for the fact that there has been nothing but positive benefits to the viewers of the Project MirAIs girls, particularly in Alfi's following who have, without exception, dramatically improved in health, finances, and mental stability.

III. John Smith is an immortal who has gotten bored with fantasy life and has decided to make people happy in his spare time

Another outlandish theory. This relies heavily on the fact that John and his wife are officially in their forties and fifties while appearing no more than their late twenties.

The more likely explanation is simply that records were either forged or misreported in the expedited approval process.

IV. John Smith is a Returnee from an Isekai

Another fairly popular theory, particularly in Japan. While not much evidence exists to substantiate this claim, it *does* admittedly explain quite a few oddities. References to a 'Princess' as well as the recent 'Celestial Jade Emperor' make perfect sense when operating under the premise that they come from a different world. In addition, the odd mannerisms and culture shock that Yue appears to have can also be explained by this.

However, a more reasonable explanation, as well as one implied during John's stream with his wife, is that Yue and her family are avid fans of Wuxia and Xianxia culture. It is well known that players of said games love to flaunt their wealth and speak in a certain way.

V. To be continued in part 2.

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ProjectMirAIs MOD ★ • 1 hour ago • Stickied comment

This is a [theorycrafting] post. It does not represent actual information about any member of Project MirAIs or its associated staff members, no matter how accurate it may seem. Remember that nothing is canon unless confirmed through official sources from Project MirAIs representatives like John Smith and... Well, mostly just John.


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Kornuptiko  • Just now 

id like to mention that those theories are not exclusive so it could be that both theory 3 and 4 (immortal and returnee) are correct and hes an immortal from not a fantasy but a xianxia world

↑ Vote | ↓ | Reply | Give Award | Share | Report | Save

Ultimaterror  • Just now 

And none of the theories above contradicts the fact that Alphy is a robot.

I : Future = Robots - II : Alien = Robots - III : Immortal Fantasy = Robots - IV : Isekai = Robots

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Anumi-kun  • Just now 

Ooooh, a u/loreowl theory! These are always real fun. I'm totally on board with the isekai theory btw. Mostly because that would be so very awesome.

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Foxxy  • Just now 

With the future and isekai theories are the girls actual robots, homunculi, or artificial life? if so i am happy to see how they have grown up to be amazing people!

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HungryAuthor  • Just now

Well the robot could be explained as those golems in those cultivation novels, I mean is it really that hard to believe that they can't make artificial souls using some kind of technique?

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HappyVainGlory ADMIN ★ • Just now • Stickied comment

Didn't have time to write all the comments, but if you have any, I can add you in! Also, let me know if you want to see some lore posts about the other girls in a way similar to this. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next chapter! 

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Sen_Kimura  • Just now

You! Explain this Love Triangle crap I'm dealing with! Why do I have to save her? And give me my refund on gacha points!

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Rudy N. G.  • Just now

Screw Being W! You're the one who's doing all this multiverse BS, right? Stop it, you bastard!

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dalewarrior  • Just now

yo HVG how you doing with a certain wrathful wuxia lead

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