310 – Aoko Ryuusei – [Highway Robbery V] Messing around to unwind (Part I)
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A city in ruins, with explosions and flames in the background. Driving through it all, Aoko adjusted a pair of sleek sunglasses and smirked, racing away from cops, tanks, and helicopters.

[Highway Robbery V] Messing around to unwind 
Aoko Ryuusei Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Thursday, December 26, 2:45 PM
69K waiting

[RotundMongoose] Nice.
[Trialer] Woo! 69K!
[cautiousCod] There's less people watching than for the others, huh?
[gleefulShads] That's because Queen is an... acquired taste.

4 minutes.

[morbidOrange] So... are we gonna get an explanation for the ringtone?
[ecstaticSeahorse] Just how drunk *were* you on Christmas, Queen?
[empathicVenison] Is Alfi as sweet as she seems? :eyewiggle:

3 minutes.

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <GoldenOrca: 100 USD> Testing.
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <GoldenOrca: 100 CAD> Yep. Still working here. Nice.
[FailureFox] Ooh. This will be fun.
[StraightGarbage] Onee-chan's finally gotten off my back! Time to devote my heart to Queen again!
[StraightGarbage] <10K yen> The first dividends from my stock investment. Enjoy, Queen!

[excludedFerret] Ey! It's the three musketeers!
[RotundMongoose] @FailureFox @StraightGarbage @GoldenOrca Yoooo! Appreciate all the culture you three have been sharing on the Readit.
[alertWildfowl] Anyone else read Queen Pie? Chef's Kiss.
[obsessedOil] You mean French Kiss. And on the lower lips too, hehehe...
[trustingMallard] Stop with the horny! We're getting the real thing soon!
[worldlySyrup] Ooh, right!

2 minutes.

[bubblyPear] Ooh. We gaming today?
[peskyDinosaur] Congrats, Queen! You finally figured out how to turn on your console!
[peacefulIguana] Hey, Queen wasn't that bad. At least she didn't rip out the power cord on accident like that necromancer.

[artisticTomatoe] Remember kids. This stream isn't for you.
[eagerOrange] Yeah! Go home! And totally don't open r/QueenMe in public.
[soreWasp] You sadistic bastard. Take a cookie. :cookie:

1 minute.

[yearningLion] Ah, so we're building Queen's gap moe even more today.
[stressedEggs] How many times is Queen going to crash into a building?
[lazyLapwing] I'm betting 10.
[forsakenPlover] Please. More like 100.
[peacefulPudding] The real question is how many times she's going to accidentally kill herself.

Waiting for Aoko Ryuusei Ch...

[Play: The Only Thing I Know for Real/Eurobeat Remix]

Rapid synth drums and upbeat music. Tense and driving distorted guitars.

Going along with the music, police sirens blared in the background, mixed in with the sounds of explosions and gunfire.

"Hahaha! That's the crazy I remember!"

Aoko's laughter echoed before the screen shifted to show a black BMW roaring through the streets of what looked like nighttime Los Angeles, only illuminated by flames and littered with ragdolled people.

[gleefulGranola] LMAO
[peacefulHare] XD Of course Queen would open like this.
[pluckyBagels] Well. That explains the music.

[soreCockatoo] Didn't get enough stress relief over Christmas?
[debonairRice] I guess s*x isn't as good as crime and murder, huh?
[manbat] It's morbin time!
[abjectWildfowl] @manbat STOP.

Another explosion erupted behind the BMW before it turned a sharp corner, narrowly dodging a burst of gunfire from behind. After that, the right side of the screen flashed, like it caught glare. And then Aoko appeared, smirking while driving a car with one hand. "Sup bastards. Miss me?"

Like in the thumbnail, she was wearing shades. Not only that, but she was wearing a sleeveless sweater with a blue scarf billowing in the wind from the open window of her car.

[excitedSheep] Not really.
[tautOwl] Meh.
[wingedCockatoo] Only your lewds.
[Nubtastic] Ignore the pervs, Queen!
[RotundMongoose ] Yeah! We missed you lots!
[Trialer] Gratz on getting laid!

A flash of light shone on Aoko's face from her mounted phone. Aoko glanced at it and then pursed her lips. "I did not get laid, alright! That's just Sis and Alfi messing things up."

[outlyingOil] Sure, Queen.
[peacefulPudding] So you're saying you didn't find out how sweet Alfi was?
[sheepishGarlic] Did you enjoy the night with your cute imouto then? ;)

Aoko reached down to grab her handbrake and then drifted her car around a corner, swerving through on-coming traffic. "Tch. Why are there so many cars at night time in this game? It's not like it's downtown Tokyo."

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <GoldenOrca: 1000 USD> :explosions:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <FailureFox: 250 USD> :mlgsnoopdog:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <StraightGarbage: 20K yen> :airhorns:

A sudden chaotic mess. Explosions spawned in front of the black BMW. At the same time, air horns started blaring and green leaves started falling down in front of Aoko's face.

"Gah! What the fvck?!" She quickly swerved to avoid the explosions, crashing through a burning building. But instead of getting a gameover screen, the car broke through the building, causing it to collapse in a giant fire ball just as Aoko cleared it. "Since when can you bastards do that?!"

[SHED] lmao
[exactingHeron] Ohohoho.
[fondBuzzard] Time to bully Queen!

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <[cynicalThrushe]: 100 USD> :police:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <[Kornuptiko]: 100 CAD> :tank:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <[Kornuptiko]: 5K yen> :JDF:

A clear straightaway to the open desert. Aoko shifted her gear and stepped on the accelerator... Only for a squad of police cars and a tank to literally fall out of the sky in front of her. Not only that, but a horde of soldiers holding riot shields started charging at her car as well.

"@$#@[email protected]!" Aoko let out a strangled scream and said, "What the hell!? John said this was modded, but I didn't know it was like this! Dammit!" She smashed her window and then stuck her hand out the window.

[grumpySnail] Uh, Queen?
[fondBuck] Did she go insane?
[fondDunbird] :popcorn:

Aoko clenched her left hand. As she did, a wave of blue flames ran down her arm before turning into... a sapphire SMG?

[amusedCheese] HOLY SHEET!
[dopeyEggs] SHE HAS A GUN!
[spiritedBustard] This is fvcking great, hahaha

"Not today @$$holes!"

A burst of machinegun fire... did not erupt from Aoko's gun. Instead, hundreds of blue lasers shot out, blasting craters in the ground and blasting the police cars and tanks through the air. Not only that, but the soldiers flew away at blinding speeds, ragdolling through the air.

[fondTacos] Aw. No gore?
[soreDingo] I guess we get the censored version today huh?
[Nubtastic] Yep. This chaos is exactly what I expected.

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <GoldenOrca: 200 EUR> run script: autospawn enemies, laser deflection, kamikaze pilots
[Anumi-kun] @GoldenOrca Wait. Does that work?
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Foxxy: 200 USD> run script: autospawn no horni bonk dogs, laser deflection, enemies get turbo, kamikaze marshmallows
[outlyingApples] @GoldenOrca Bruh. Stop throwing your money away.

Aoko let out a sigh and pulled her gun back inside, setting it on the seat next to her. "Well. That was fun. If only things were that easy going against Fin Diesel- Hm?"

A dozen twinkles in the night sky.

[GoldenOrca] Perfect. I knew it was a good idea to read the documentation.
[StraightGarbage] @GoldenOrca Bruh.
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <FailureFox: 150 USD> [Play: villainous_laugh]

"What the hell are-"


A sudden high-pitched laughter. Immediately after that, the twinkling lights flashed and turned into a dozen fighter pilots flying down right at Aoko.

"You mother-!"

Aoko reached over to her dashboard and pressed a bright blue button. "This boost better be as good as the real thing, or I swear to god-"

A thunderous roar. Bright blue flames erupted from the back of the BMW before it rocketed forward, suddenly ten times faster.

And as expected, Aoko wasn't prepared. "H-H-Hoooooly sh-sh-iiiii-" The force from the boost shook her around, preventing her from talking. Realizing that, she clenched her teeth and focused on driving, all while fierce winds swept through the broken window and sent her blue hair flying all over the place.

[gleefulJerky] ...Wait. Is this a VR game?
[trustingChamois] What kind of rig is Queen *using* right now?
[needyFerret] Did Titor hook up a driving simulator with the game?
[grizzledPaella] As expected of the insane tech wizard.
[Nubtastic] So if Queen dies in the game, does she die in real life?

A trail of explosions, missing Aoko's car by fractions of a second.

And then in the distance, a burst of fireworks erupted in the sky, tracing out a haughty Anime girl miming a laugh.

[FailureFox] Ooh! That was *definitely* worth it.
[StraightGarbage] Yo! Let me in on this!
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <StraightGarbage: 20K yen> [Play: You Give Love A Bad Name/Eurobeat Remix]

The music playing in the background suddenly changed. A brief pause before a male vocalist started singing.


"How do I turn this freaking thing off?! It's supposed to be relaxing today, dammit!"

Aoko frantically started swiping at her phone.

[StraightGarbage] Eeeey! It works!
[GoldenOrca] @StraightGarbage ...Are you an American enthusiast?
[StraightGarbage] @GoldenOrca Eurobeat is Eurobeat.

[laughingJackal] XD This stream is a mess.
[Kornuptiko] Just like it should be.
[lewd_dood2] @laughingJackal But probably as not as much of a mess as Queen was with Alfi :eyewiggle:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] @lewd_dood2 <Automated Message> No horny. :BONK:
[MIRAIZ 🔧] lewd_dood2 has been banned.

[exactingHeron] lmao
[sadPretzels] There's a bonk sound effect?
[Trialer] Go Mira-chan! Bonk the hornies!

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Automated Message> Purging evidence of unwholesome behavior.

[joyfulRuffs] message retracted
[lazyCow] message retracted
[gutturalFish] message retracted

[decimalCordial] Tch. What the hell? The bot's going crazy!
[amazedSardines] No, no! Keep it up! Destroy the evidence while Queen's distracted!
[jubilantCod] Yeah! We want those nudes!

[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Automated Message> Parsing majority intent... Prioritizing messages tipping scale against fulfillment of Aoko's promise.

[pitifulDunbird] message retracted
[gleefulChough] message retracted

[GoldenOrca] Huh.
[StraightGarbage] MIRA-CHAN! I LOVE YOU!
[FailureFox] Ahahahahahaha

[chicPonie] Mira-chan MVP!
[bubblySeafowl] Keep it up!
[jubilantCod] The nudes are practically guaranteed. :)

A sudden flurry of superchats swept through the chat. The result was a kaleidoscope of colors lighting up Aoko's face as she kept struggling with her phone.

"Dammit! Stop Superchatting! It keeps autofocusing!"

[excludedLeopard] <[euphoricBuck]: 100 USD> Perfect
[mirroredYagami] <mirroredYagami: 100 EUR> Justice cake.
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <jetstreamSamuel: 5K BRL> THERE WILL BE BLOOD
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <Automated Message> Secret Protocol unlocked. Spawning Superboss...

"What? What superboss? This is Highway Robbery, not-"

A dark figure falling from the sky and crashing into the ground. The impact flipped Aoko's car and sent it flying through the air.

During all of that, there was the sound of a sword being drawn, as well as a casual male voice calling out. "Why hello there. Would you care to see my RGB lighting?"

"What the fu-"

A flash of RGB light. A brief glimpse of a Brazillian man in a mechsuit smirking. And then-


"[email protected]#[email protected]$!"

[rational_rabbit] What the hell am I watching?