314 – [MiraMe] To the death!
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Yuri looked back at Shu and Suzume and said, "I'm going to have a nice long chat with Rhea while we wait."

"U-Um..." Shu slowly nodded and said, "Sure?"

Suzume smiled and waved. "Enjoy your discussion, Mimi!"

"Oh I will." Yuri looked at the broken window and then ran forward, jumping down after Chihiro.

A brief anxiety and a moment of sheer dread.

Even if Yuri rationally knew that she would be fine, she was still jumping out of a skyscraper down onto the street below.

People that looked like ants. Cars that looked like toys.

Just as Yuri started to regret jumping out, she suddenly rocketed in speed and crashed against the ground, creating a crater and sending both cars and people flying through the air.

People that included Chihiro.

"Gyah!" The cheeky brat spun through the air a few times before smashing against a building with a splash of golden sparks. After that, she fell down on the ground, landing on her head. She flinched and quickly sat up, rubbing her forehead. After that, she looked at Yuri and said, "H-Have you gone insane?"

Yuri slowly stood up and fixed her disheveled silver hair. After that, she took a quick look around.

The people that were sent flying were vanishing, dissolving into golden light. Not only that, but the people in the area were vanishing as well.

It seemed like either John was being considerate, or the system knew what Yuri wanted to do.

Probably both? Hopefully both.

Yuri shifted her gaze back to Chihiro and smiled. "Insane? Weren't you the one who kept calling me a psycho? You should have seen it coming, right?"

Chihiro quickly stood up and glared at Yuri. Brushing off her clothes, Chihiro pointed at Yuri and said, "Don't blame me for this! I was just pointing out the obvious!"

Yuri's eye twitched. "And I was already doing my best to get help for that, you know? But you just *have* to keep poking at me..." She stepped forward, rolling her neck. "I kept holding myself back because I said I wouldn't hit anyone anymore since I'm an idol."

Chihiro flinched and slowly backed up. Holding her hands out, she said, "M-Mimi. Let's talk about this..."

"But you know what?" Yuri paused and let out a bright smile. "Right now, I'm Miya, not me. And besides." She stepped forward, kicking off the ground hard enough to send chunks of rubble flying. "This isn't reality!"

A dive kick straight to the face.


A shockwave erupted from the impact, as well as a splash of golden sparks. After that, Chihiro was sent rocketing through the buildings, punching a hole into whichever one she hit.

Yuri flipped back through the air and landed on her feet, smiling. "Aoko senpai definitely had the right idea." Her left hand naturally moved to her waist, resting on a sword that materialized from thin air. "Destruction *is* therapeutic."

Was this why she got recommended boxing? Maybe she should take up Shu on her offer and start sparring with her. That'd be fun. Ooh, or maybe she could learn some dance moves with Suzu-chan.

"M-Miya?!" Shu's voice echoed from up above. "A-Are you okay?!"

Yuri turned around and looked up.

She couldn't see them clearly, but Yuri could vaguely make out a purple and brown blob leaning out of a window.

Yuri waved and said, "I'm fine!"

"Are you sure?!"

"Yeah! Just having a lot of fun with Rhea!"

At that time, an explosion erupted in the distance. The force toppled a few more buildings. And then those toppled buildings suddenly flew towards Yuri.

An instinctual reaction.

When the buildings flew towards her, Yuri immediately turned to the side and grabbed the sword hilt. Then, in a single smooth action, she stepped forward and swung.

A flash of silver light. A brief image of five rings split in half.

And then the buildings flew past Yuri, split in half and sent off to the side.

Yuri blinked and looked at her sword. "Huh." She tilted her head and muttered, "Grandpa's knife training works with swords too, I guess?"

She didn't expect that... Or maybe it was the Miyamoto ancestry finally showing itself? Grandpa said that Musashi was their direct ancestor, so-


A high pitched and feminine scream from up above.

Yuri turned back just in time to see Myth Inc. HQ start collapsing.

And Shu dangling from the window.

"Help, Tsubame! I can only survive a drop ten stories high, not a hundred!"

Yuri saw Tsubame move towards Shu and say something, but it didn't reach all the way down at ground level.

But whatever the case, they'd be fine. So instead, Yuri turned her attention to the one responsible for that.

"You really don't care at all about the effects you have on others, do you Rhea?"

Chihiro, floating through the air and surrounded by a half dozen high-tech drones, all carrying chunks of rubble with blue lightning.

Her silky black hair was frazzled and dusty. Her clothes were the same, covered in enough gray dust that it looked like a dress made of ash.

Chihiro spat on the ground and said, "That was *not* funny."

Yuri smiled and sheathed her sword. After that, she crossed her arms and said, "Oh, I don't know about that. I think sending a cheeky brat flying through the air is pretty funny."

Chihiro's eye twitched and she held up her hands. As she did, chunks of the road started ripping out, floating in the air. A few tipped over cars flew up as well.

Yuri eyed it and said, "You figured out the controls pretty fast. Is that because you stayed indoors your whole life playing games on the internet?"


Chihiro screamed and swung her arms, sending the cars and rubble flying at Yuri.

But Yuri wasn't worried. Like before, she grabbed her sword hilt and then stepped forward, swinging her blade. But instead of once, this time she swung a few times, doing her best to remember the knife techniques her grandfather taught her.

Another flash of light. This time though, it spread out in a grid. And when it did, all the rubble stopped in midair, falling onto the ground in front of Yuri instead of flying past.

Yuri sheathed her sword again and smiled. "What? Throwing a temper tantrum now? Weren't you the one saying that I had a bad temper?"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

Yuri laughed and kept swinging her sword.


While the Prodigy girls were wreaking havoc in the virtual world, a group of people were hard at work trying to get them out from the streaming studio in Myth Inc. HQ.

"Huh." Titor tilted his head and said, "I thought the yandere in the group would be Yuri, but I guess it's really Chi-chan."

Amadeus smacked Titor's head and said, "Just hurry up and finish fixing everything, idiot."

Titor chuckled and said, "Whatever you say, Wifey."

John sighed and said, "Explain to me again how I became the responsible one? Didn't I make you to keep *me* on track? Why the hell are you so ridiculous now?"

Titor glanced back and gave John a blank stare. "Two words. Loveydovey times."

"Loveydovey-" John paused and then coughed. "O-Oh. Right. Er... Sorry about that?"

Titor rolled his eyes and went back to working on the computer.

While he was doing that, John focused his attention on his Heavenly Realm, making sure to keep things from getting too out of hand.

"...Didn't think that Yuri was really descended from Musashi though."

He remembered that Minato pulled off a ridiculous feat with cooking, but he thought the name was just a coincidence. It seemed like Yuri had some talent with the blade though, actually pulling off crazy sword techniques.

Unlike Asako who just swung her sword around like a brute and smashed things apart.

Amadeus adjusted her white labcoat and brushed a strand of her crimson hair behind her ear. After that, she said, "I was looking forward to a relaxing day watching movies and Anime. Now I have to help you deal with all this crap..." She took a seat beside Titor and pulled out a laptop from her bag, booting it up with a sigh.

John paused. "...You were looking forward to watching the English dubs and live action adaptations?"

"Hm?" Amadeus looked at John and said, "Of course. I got to watch a little bit of it before you grabbed us, and I liked it."

Titor shuddered.

John blinked and then grinned. "Well. I suppose I can give you and Titor some alone time after this. I've got a good movie to recommend too."

"Really? Which one?"

Titor glared at John. "Don't you dare-"

"It's called 'Cats.' I think you'd really appreciate it. And I'm sure Titor will be happy to spend the day with his cute wife, right?"

Titor flinched.

Amadeus frowned at him and said, "What? You're just going to leave me again to play gachas?"

"N-No. Of course not, haha..."

"Good. Because I'm pregnant so you have to do what I say."

Titor froze.

"...Just kidding." Amadeus laughed and said, "The look on your face-"

John coughed.

Amadeus turned to look at him and wrinkled her nose. "What's wrong with you? Did you get sick from watching Aurora overnight?"

"No, but..."

...Yeah. He'd let the happy couple figure it out for themselves.

"Anyway." John turned his attention back to Titor and said, "Just what the hell did you do to lock them in there anyway? It's my Heavenly Realm so I should be able to just pluck them out but I can't."

Titor turned his attention back to the monitor, watching as Chihiro continued throwing larger and larger chunks of rubble at Yuri while Shu and Suzume ran around avoiding it all. "It's a bit complicated. You see, I was experimenting with soul particles, spiritual energy, and soul translations. Right now you can't take them out because they technically don't exist in this world since they've incarnated as the Gen 1 girls instead of their real selves. Since the Akashic Record doesn't recognize them, there's a rejection force preventing them from crossing over. I've been trying to fix that with the Incarnation System and integrating it with World Line, but until we get enough people playing, it's impossible to bring the virtual world to reality since we lack the faith."

John gave Titor a blank stare.



Amadeus blinked and looked at John. "Yes?"

"Make sure to spend lots of quality time with Titor. I think he's been on the internet too much recently. I'll send you some movies to watch later, okay?"

Amadeus's eyes widened and she let out a bright smile. "Thanks, John. Make sure you spend time with Yue too, alright? Don't be like this idiot."

"Of course."

Titor rubbed the back of his neck and muttered, "Why do I feel like I'm about to regret my life decisions..."

John nodded. "Good. Now..." He closed his eyes to focus. "...Those girls are getting a bit too chaotic, so let's throw a wrench into things to calm them down..."