322 – [MiraMe] A Whole New World for Prodigies (Part II)
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[Play: boba date - stream cafe]

Miya smiled, backlit by the orange sunlight from the window behind her. After that, she turned towards Rhea and said, "Well, since you interrupted me, why don't you go first?"

Rhea straightened from her seat across from Miya and said, "Don't mind if I do." Turning back to the camera, she smiled and waved. "It's your cultured genius artist here, Rhea Davinki-"

Miya interrupted and said, "You need a better catchphrase."

"I'm working on it!"

[mercifulSyrup] lol
[pluckyCoconut] A comedy duo between Miya and Rhea with Miya as the straightman, huh?
[forsakenThrush] No wonder there's new management. John doesn't know the difference between an idol and an entertainer XD
[John Smith ✓🔧] Oh I know. But who says an idol can't be both?
[murkyPoultry] Don't you have better things to spend your money on @John Smith ?
[John Smith ✓🔧] Well, it's this or world domination, so... No?
[loreowl] 0.0
[GreenHexagon] lol rip @loreowl

Rhea huffed and then said, "Anyway. I'm the girl who draws all the cool things. Happy to be here." She turned to her right and said, "Kuro-chan, you want to go next?"

"Y-Yes!" Kuromi stood up and bowed to the camera. "Kuromi Tekken, the iron fist champion! I'm still learning to be an idol, but take care of me!"

[alertLizard] You go, Kuro-chan!
[ecstaticBass] Even if you aren't a good idol, you're already a star!
[cheerfulSheep] Yeah! If the idol gig doesn't work, make some martial arts movies!
[dreadfulSardines] Day 1 of waiting for a recreation of Into the Dragon

[ecstaticIguana] Now that I think about it, can't half the MirAIs girls kick our butts?
[CyberAnonID] Aoko seems like ex-yakuza, Alfi is cute but definitely has 'step on me' energy when she wants to, Hana + Knife = bad, and Kuro-chan does MMA.
[kindChile] Well. No need to worry about creeps stalking the girls?
[Reaper 🔧] Of course. Security detail has been implemented for weeks now.

[boredCheese] There's a mod called Reaper!?
[dearCockatoo] H-Hey. That's just a chuuni name, right?
[Reaper 🔧] No. My name is Toby Reaper. I work security detail among various other aspects for Myth Inc. This weekend, I will be running an AMA on Twotch with my friend Xander while we stream Hired Gun.
[sadBaboon] ...Just what the hell is the staff at Myth Inc?

Tsubame giggled and then said, "There is no need to be so serious, Kuromi."

"Y-Yes." Kuromi straightened and laughed before sitting back down. "I'm just a bit nervous. I realized that I sped through the debut stream without any of the important information, so I don't want to mess up now."

[zestyApricots] It's fine!
[forsakenThrush] I still replay the stream every morning to get hyped!
[jealousUnicorn] All the important stuff's on the site anyway.

Tsubame smiled and then turned to the camera before bowing her head. "It has been a while, Esteemed Viewers. I pray that good fortune has blessed you this holiday season."

[fondDunbird] It's been great!
[excludedTacos] I got to eat a lot of Christmas Cake, so it was awesome!
[enviousSausage] I had Christmas Cake too! And I'm not single anymore!
[yan-chan] @Tsubame Akari Ch. I swear, your blessing is magic! I aced all my finals and Senpai went on a date with me!

Tsubame raised her head and then looked over at Miya. "What next, Mimi?"

"W-Well..." Miya reached into her shirt and pulled out a small stack of cards. "Um..."

[amazedEggs] She's got notecards! Cute!
[jubilantTacos] Every day, Miya gives off more of the awkward gf energy
[drearyChile] Real question. Meet and greet when? Even in VR?

"Hm. Well, we can either show them the *other* anime project we have-"


An immediate denial by all the other Prodigy girls. Tsubame with a bright red face. Rhea visibly cringing at the thought. And Kuromi shuddering in disgust.

[ashamedTacos] Wait. What other anime?
[somberPretzels] You can't leave us hanging like that!
[goofyLion] I NEED TO KNOW!

"...Okay. I guess we need to edit that more anyway. Then I guess it's just answering questions about each other." Miya frowned and said, "That's boring though, isn't it?" She looked up at the camera and said, "Is it really that fun to watch us answer questions?"

[excludedLeopard] Yes
[peacefulApples] yes
[murkyQuiche] 100%
[doktor_hibitor] How else can I pretend you're my gf?
[PaperSongBird] @doktor_hibitor Bruh. That's cringe af.
[StraightGarbage] Don't worry. I believe in the content. :pray:

Rhea crossed her legs and then leaned back in her chair. "They're here for us anyway, right? I'm sure it'll be fine."

Miya stared at Rhea and said, "That attitude is exactly why I'm the leader now."

Rhea flinched and said, "S-So what! I've got the most fans! Right, guys?"

[PaperSongBird] lmao
[Sirantulas] Miya: look at me. I am the captain now.
[adoringPie] You can have all the fans in the world if you open a LonelyFans, Rhea-chan ;)
[grizzledPorpoise] Ooh, group drama?
[needfulSnail] So a group of prodigies don't get along as well. Who'da thunk it?
[Ruby Ch.] oof. Too real Rhea...

Kuromi reached over and patted Rhea's shoulder. "Don't worry, Rhea. Even if you spend all your day inside and alone, I'll come hang out."

Rhea froze and then slumped over on the table, hiding her face.

"E-Eh?" Kuromi blinked and then looked around. "W-What did I do?"

[dearCockatoo] XD
[forsakenSalami] Kuro-chan's killer instincts went right for the heart
[sadSeahorse] mega oof

[peacefulStork] get yourself a friend like Kuro-chan
[dreadfulDunbird] I wanna just hang out all day...
[trustingMallard] So confirmed Rhea doesn't touch grass. Explains a lot.

Tsubame sighed and said, "Kuro-chan."

"Yeah, Tsubame?"

"Rhea has a delicate heart, so please be more careful with your words."

Kuromi blinked and said, "All I said was that I'd be her friend since she doesn't hang out with anyone else...?"

"Uuuuu." Rhea groaned and said, "Kill me."

[debonairTortoise] So this is the real, Rhea, huh?
[enviousBass] I thought Titor double-downed on cringe, but Rhea quadruple-downed, huh?
[finickyWasp] It's okay, Rhea. I'm a disgusting degenerate too and proud of it!

Miya ignored Rhea and then pulled out her phone. "Alright. So we'll just get this started..." She looked off camera and said, "You have the questions ready? Yeah? Okay. Then..." She looked back at her phone and said, "I'll pick a few random questions from the chat now and then, but our manager has a few lined up already too." She looked at the girls and said, "Should we start from the top then?"

Kuromi gave a stiff nod. "I'm ready!"

Tsubame smiled and said, "Yes."

Rhea lifted herself up and sighed. "Let's just get this over with."

"Well. That might be a while..." Miya looked towards the screen and said, "First question! What made you want to be an idol? Since I read it, I guess I'll go first." Miya blushed a bit and said, "I-I really didn't want to be an idol. But the contract said I could cook as much as I want as long as I worked, so..."

[dejectedVenison] Miya-chan...
[alertPolenta] Wasn't that suspicious?!
[noname007] I think you're a bit too easy, Miya...

Miya coughed and said, "A-Anyway. I'm doing my best! It's been... okay so far, right? I haven't failed too terribly, have I?"

Tsubame nodded. "You have been great, Miya. Especially as a host... and much better than Rhea by any standard."

Rhea wrinkled her nose and said, "Is it pick on Rhea day now?"

Tsubame shook her head. "Of course not. That will be on the New Year's trip."

Rhea froze and then let out a deep sigh. "Well, I guess that's fair." She paused and said, "By the way, are you still mad about-"


An uncharacteristically curt response from the gentle shrine maiden.

[mereVenison] Ooh.
[dejectedHoopoe] Memberships can't open soon enough!
[ashamedCardinal] Come on, UTube! You want money, right?
[soreMandrill] Private MIRAIZ app streams when?
[John Smith ✓🔧] After I test run them. Keep an eye out later.
[Venerable_One] :O

Tsubame looked at Miya and smiled. "Shall I continue?"

Miya waved towards her and said, "Please."

Tsubame turned towards the camera. "Understood. Then..." She smiled and said, "The reason that I chose to be an idol, Esteemed Viewers, is that I felt it to be my calling." She placed her hands over her heart and closed her eyes. "While I was training as a shrine maiden, I always felt that something was amiss. That my life was incomplete. But then, on a whim I traveled to Tokyo." She opened her eyes and laughed. "Blessed as can be, the first chance I got, I saw a flier to audition as an idol and made my way here. Not only that, but..." She trailed off, letting out a bright smile. "Life has been well."

[puzzledFlamingo] A real life cinderella story?
[drearyBurritos] Know your fairytales better! It's obviously snow white!
[noname007] You guys are trolling, right...?

[wakefulRhino] :sparkle_eyes: Tsubame was literally sent by the heavens to be an idol!
[hushedBittern] Talk about divine intervention...
[Godless] I'm a shrinemaiden but I got a divine revelation to become an idol LN when?

Kuromi straightened and said, "Is it my turn then?"

Tsubame looked at her and nodded. "Please, go ahead."

"Right! Well..." She reached up and scratched the back of her head. "To be honest, I was just looking for more work. I had a lot of debts to pay off and was worrying about how to make the next payments when I saw a flier for the auditions. It was really suspicious though..."

[gutturalCheese] I know, right?
[ferventMacaw] Yeah, I saw a few of those too. Sketch.
[somberTacos] I knew I should have called!

Kuromi shook her head and said, "I've always been following a few idol groups and listened to their music when working out, but being an idol myself... If it wasn't for the fact that I trusted Mister John, I probably would have tried cage fighting instead."

[dopeyWhiting] Wait, what?
[needyFerret] Kuro-chan cage fighting...
[CyberAnonID] *Really* curious how John finds all these girls again...

[alertToucan] It's always Mister John, huh?
[needyClam] Why do I feel like John has Harem Protag EX but he capped it by getting married?
[jealousBobolink] You think getting married is actually stopping John's game?
[outlyingStork] No. But when you've got a wife that hot and into you, why bother?
[John Smith ✓🔧] Speaking from past experiences, having a lot of women into you is a lot more hassle than it's worth.
[gleefulPudding] lmao
[noname007] That's not something you should admit in public, John...
[Yue Smith ✓🔧] It's fine. I already know. And he chose me in the end. <3
[Frieya] @Yue Smith @John Smith Get out, you riajuus!
[aboardCaribou] @Yue Smith @John Smith Go back to being normies already!

Kuromi stuck her thumb up and said, "So you can thank Mister John for me being here! And I'll do my best to not disappoint everyone believing in me!"

[dejectedVenison] Kya~ Kuro-chan's so cool!
[superiorTermite] Big protag vibes from Kuro-chan
[boredMoth] We'll support you too, Kuro-chan!

Rhea looked around and then said, "I guess it's my turn, huh?"

Miya waved her hand. "You don't have to answer. We all know that you just auditioned for the clout."

"I-I did not!" Rhea paused and said, "...Okay, maybe a little bit. But I really wanted to help Project MirAIs grow too, you know!"

[hushedSardines] At least Rhea's honest.
[soreCockatoo] Ooh, Miya's giving a lot back now.
[pluckyMussel] Snippy Miya. I like it.

Kuromi tilted her head and said, "Rhea."

"Hm?" Rhea looked over. "Yeah, Kuro-chan?"

"Didn't you say that you wanted to be an idol because you thought anyone could after seeing Aoko senpai's streams?"


More silence.

And then, faintly in the distance...

"You brat! You think this is easy!? I oughta-"

"A-Aneue! You're supposed to be quiet!"


Rhea quickly looked off camera and started to sweat. "S-S-Since when were our Senpais here?! Manager-san! I want answers!"

Tsubame tilted her head and said, "Well. Our lounge is upstairs from the one for our Senpais, is it not?"

Rhea froze. "Y-You mean this entire time I've been messing around in the lounge, our senpais have been..." She covered her face. "...Kill me."

Tsubame smiled and said, "Shall I start the simulator? Mister Titor showed me how to spawn certain monsters-"

Miya cleared her throat. "Anyway... Next question! After that, we'll do a few more and then take some questions from the audience before closing out."

[forsakenCoconut] Someone spill the tea on Rhea and Tsubame
[pitifulDunbird] Seriously. We're missing a lot of context here...
[Foxxy] Ooh! What's your type?
[goofyGatorade] Are you planning to release any singles?
[abjectWildfowl] VR meet and greet when?

[loreowl] What does this all mean? Different timelines, then Alteris is a connected universe... Lostbelts? Parallel dimensions? Or was there a singularity? Is everything canon? Or nothing? Like... is any of this for real? Or not?
[rational_rabbit] @loreowl Bruh.