325 – Alfi Titor – [Boomer Band] Hana got me a new game! Let’s play! (Part I)
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Alfi's room. The wall behind her, freshly decorated by a few pieces of fanart along with a glass standing shelf filled with mech figurines. Next to that shelf, a small pile of present boxes and wrapping paper were stacked up, neatly organized.

In the center of the room, Alphy smiled and hugged a cute blue dragon plushy with one arm. With the other, she held up a game box.

The title of the game was 'Boomer Band', and the cover art showed a picture of a glowing crimson ring floating in gray skies. A knight with melted armor stood in front of it, sword drawn as if to slash the ring apart.

[Boomer Band] Hana got me a new game! Let's play!
Alfi Titor Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Friday, December 27, 9:00 PM JST
69K waiting

[emptyRelish] Alfi did some redecorating?
[fondMeerkat] Whoa! That's a lot of special edition mechs sitting on that shelf!
[thriftyBuzzard] I didn't realize Alfi was so organized.
[excludedHeron] Of course Alfi is organized. What else would you expect from a goddess?

4 minutes...

[lyingChamois] OMG! She's playing Boomer Band!
[crushedCaviar] Does this mean that Hana's going to play too since she got it for Alfi?
[Kurumi69] I don't think the world is ready for Alfi's luck combined with Hana's skills...
[guiltyCardinal] Boomer Band isn't a game where luck helps that much, right?
[enviousHyena] Yeah, the drops are random, but the strongest equipment is hidden in chests and stuff.

3 minutes...

[gutturalCake] Bets on how fast Alfi gets wrecked by the tutorial boss.
[Alfi_enthusiast] How dare you bet against Alfi-sama!
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <System Message> Betting pool has been opened by <Alfis_Knight>. Prompt: How long until Alfi is defeated by the tutorial boss.
[MIRAIZ 🔧] <System Message> Place your bets in the MIRAIZ app by using your accumulated points. Current Pool: Never defeated - <Alfis_Knight: 20K points>

[excludedIcecream] YO! We got predictions like on Twotch!
[zestyApricots] Pft. Never defeated? That's a lot of faith @Alfis_Knight
[Alfis_Knight] I believe in Alfi-sama. Unlike Meincraft, this is more realistic.
[thrilledMandrill] Press X to doubt.
[truthfulOcelot] X
[mildQuiche] I still think she's going to die a lot.

2 minutes...

[Kurumi69] So what's the situation with Aoko?
[dopeyHawk] Are you two officially dating yet?
[ferventDinosaur] Any plans for a new year's date?
[sheepishGarlic] It's not good to ship real people.
[aboardShads] But there's already so much shipping material from the people involved...
[weirdwombat] Yeah. Aoko be acting kinda sus.
[Foxxy] @weirdwombat Ugh. Please let the amogus meme die already...

1 minute...

[tautSnipe] What's with all the premieres?
[curiousMare] Yeah. There'a a bunch of videos scheduled from now until the new years.
[panickyToucan] Are you going to be taking a trip?

Waiting for Alfi Titor Ch...

[Play intro music]

[worriedOtter] It's starting!
[lyingQuiche] Finally!
[jubilantVenison] God. It feels like forever since a proper gaming stream.

[worriedEggs] Collab with Prodigy when?
[joyfulOil] Is that really the place to ask it?
[guiltyMoth] I can't wait for all the girls to play Meincraft together.
[sincerePolenta] Imagine it. Meincraft VR with all the girls.

[Poppy Gloria ✓🔧] You got this, girl! Don't burn yourself out!
[worriedEggs] @Poppy Gloria Why are you still up?
[excludedUnicorn] @Poppy Gloria New Year's scoop on John soon?

"Thank the heavens! I made it on time." Alfi's voice echoed. When it did, an animation played, a shooting star crossing the screen. When it faded, the thumbnail changed to a close up of Alfi's face. "Hello everyone! Good evening!" She smiled and said, "Have you all been doing well?"

[empathicWasp] It's been great!
[sheepishMuesli] Cozy times with Alfi, let's go!
[thriftyWasp] I can't wait to see how badly Alfi gets wrecked. :evilsmile:
[importedLemur] You mean how badly Alfi wrecks the game.

"Ah! It's zoomed in. One second." Alfi reached forward, adjusting the camera. Doing so highlighted her outfit for a moment, showing a casual zip up sweatshirt and jeans.

[boastfulOcelot] OH!
[stressedChough] Casual Alfi!?
[kindViper] :blobmelt:

"There!" She leaned back in her chair and smiled. "Sorry for the mess. I was out a bit late playing in the snow with Aoko and Hana."

[empathicWasp] Playing in the snow?
[unhappyWidgeon] Artists! You know what to do!
[soreCoconut] So wholesome. :blobmelt:

"Okay!" Alfi clapped her hands and said, "Let's get this started. I've been meaning to play some games with everyone again." She reached forward and tapped on her monitor a few times. When she did, the screen layout changed.

Alfi moved to the bottom right corner of the screen and her room fizzled away, leaving her just sitting there. After that, the chat appeared over her head.

[offendedPiglet] New setup?
[shySalt] Did Alfi update her rig?
[thrilledBuzzard] This seems cool!

"Let's see... I think there should be some fun options to play with now too... Ah!" She tapped on the screen and then light flickered around Alfi's body.

[curiousWigeon] !!!
[enviousTuna] Magical girl transformation?
[alertToucan] Weren't the girls already magical girls?

A black thorn circlet appeared on the top of Alfi's head. Her casual outfit changed, turning into black steel armor with glowing crimson lines. And then her eyes darkened a bit, changing from the burgundy color to a bloody crimson.

A cold and harsh beauty... is what she should have looked like. But paired with her bright smile, Alfi looked anything but.

[forsakenCoconut] OMG I CAN'T
[puzzledPudding] GAH! THE GAP IS BACK!
[trustingCockatoo] Y-You can't do this to us, Alfi!

[thriftyWasp] dead
[sheepishMuesli] thank you forever
[amusedApples] The knight went to slay the dragon, huh? :lewdface:

Alfi fiddled with her hair and then blushed. "H-Hopefully I look cool? I think it worked..."

[vengefulOatmeal] :thumbsup:
[guiltyMoth] So Alfi is a goddess of war...
[aloofCoconut] Forget fighting, Alfi's going to keep killing us with that smile.

"Ahem." Alfi cleared her throat and then picked up a controller. "Now let's start the game. I already made a character earlier since I didn't want to spend too much time there. Hopefully you don't mind."

[holisticMeerkat] Aw.
[contentTermite] But the character creation chatting stream!
[cheerfulAbalone] Right into the action then?

The game window started to load, showing a picture of a glowing crimson ring with the words <Boomer Band> beneath it.

[selfishFlamingo] You know, I still think that Elder Ring would have been a better title for this game.
[ferventWhiting] Well, the author of Contest of Thrones wrote the story, didn't he?
[yearningLapwing] Lol. No wonder it makes no freaking sense.
[insecureMagpie] Hey! The TV show wasn't that bad.
[yearningFish] Have you *watched* the last season...?

"Okay!" Alfi smiled and glanced at the chat. "Now, I'm still getting used to the controls, so bear with it a bit. Papa said that I should be better at this sort of game than Meincraft though, so we'll see how it goes."

After saying that, Alfi started the game.

Dramatic music played, along with the start of an intro.

That Alfi promptly skipped.

[obsessedBuzzard] Hey!
[joyfulOcelot] lol
[selfishFlamingo] We're not watching cutscenes?

"Hm?" Alfi tilted her head and said, "The story's on UTube, isn't it? Aren't you here to watch me play? I even got dressed up." She paused and then looked a bit sad. "I mean, if you don't, I guess we can watch someone else play..."

[shamefulCod] No, no! I'm sorry!
[thriftyThrushe] It's fine, Alfi!
[Alfis_Knight 🔧] Shall we begin the purge...?
[Straight_Garbage 🔧] @Alfis_Knight Since when did you get modded?!
[Alfis_Knight 🔧] @Straight_Garbage This morning. I forgot to read my email until now.

Alfi's eyes started to glimmer with tears. And then she blinked and they were clear again. She winked and stuck out her tongue. "Got you! Teehee."

[wornoutCake] Gah.
[shamefulOrange] Dammit!
[fondPretzels] That's not fair!
[mildIguana] Yo. Did the viewers just get cut in half, or is it just me?
[Straight_Garbage 🔧] I looked away for a bit, but I heard that cute voice. Damn, Alfi. No wonder Queen gave up.

[excludedUnicorn] @Straight_Garbage Where are the other musketeers, bro?
[Straight_Garbage 🔧] Goldie is asleep and Foxy is on the streamer grind. I'm the only one free because I'm smart with my money. :)
[murkyQuiche] @Straight_Garbage X
[Straight_Garbage 🔧] Hey! It's true! You know how much I made off of Inu coins and NFTs?

Alfi giggled and then shifted her attention back to the game. As she did, the screen faded in, revealing a female samurai character standing in a dusty ruin.

[crummyCur] Playing a samurai, huh?
[fondMeerkat] We doing the parry meta?
[aloofCoati] Can you even perfect parry in this game?

"Let's see... Move. Attack. Block..." Alfi tried out some basic movement and then nodded. "Yeah. This is a lot better than Meincraft's fighting. I think I can get used to this."

[superiorSardines] That's a bit arrogant there, Alfi-chan.
[Alfis_Couch] You underestimate Alfi-sama's power.
[hushedSardines] Let's go Alfi!

[affectedRuffs] Wait. The first boss in unwinnable though, right?
[Anumi] Ooh, this will be interesting.
[pluckySardines] We still betting on how long she lasts, right?

[Kornuptiko] I bet she wins.
[brainySmelt] Pft. Yeah right.
[goofyGatorade] Is that even possible?
[wingedFalcon] Well, we're about to find out.