327 – Alfi Titor – [Boomer Band] Hana got me a new game! Let’s play! (Part III)
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An undead creature with multiple spindly limbs. Rusted armor covered its eerily thin body while it raised four arms, three holding swords and one holding a tarnished gold shield.

Alfi's eyes lit up and she moved her character forward, carefully watching the boss.

It roared, shaking the screen. After that, it lunged forward, limbs raised to attack.

A four hit combo. Three slashes followed by a shield bash. A super fast attack sequence that killed 90% of the players new to <Boomer Band>.

[goofyDoves] RIP Alfi.
[artisticCurlew] Time for the real game to start.
[chicIcecream] Do we ever go back to fight this guy later?

An inevitable result. A majority of the chat seemed to have come to the conclusion that Alfi's character was dead.

And the betting pool shifted as well, edging over 50% thinking that she was going to lose.

But Alfi didn't notice or pay attention to any of that. Instead...

Her character rolled forward, threading through the brief gap between the three slashes. Then, just as the boss went for the shield bash, a loud *clang* echoed and the boss stumbled back, staggered.

[crummyHeron] Eh?
[adoringIcecream] YOU CAN DO THAT?!
[Kurumi69] YOU CAN WIN!?!?!?!?!
[joyfulToucan] ...Wasn't Alfi bad at games?
[dopeyCheese] I guess she's just bad at Meincraft?

A parry at the last second, breaking the boss's attack combo and stunning it. Not only that, but in the brief opening, Alfi moved forward and attacked, piercing the boss with her sword.

And like that, a tenth of the boss's HP immediately vanished.

[ashamedCardinal] ?!?!??!
[lyingUnicorn] YOOOOOOOOO!
[Alfis_Knight 🔧] Humu. As expected of Alfi-sama.

[Zilfallion] Oh right. Alfi's a combat android, isn't she?
[Bellaluin] The limiters on Alfi's fighting skills were removed?
[fondBuzzard] Alfi wrecking people in PEAK and Valiant when?

Alfi slashed the boss one more time and then rolled back. But after that, she stared at the boss and clicked her tongue. "Tch. No follow-up counter? What kind of guardian are you?"

[lovesickBoars] Is... Is Alfi roasting the boss?
[similarPretzels] XD
[Bellaluin] She made that look so easy, wth?

As if the boss heard Alfi's words, it leapt back and then started slowly circling her, wary.

Alfi sighed and said, "Right. Even if this is realistic, it's still just a game. I suppose most people would have trouble reading your attacks."

The boss roared again and then suddenly pounced, stabbing with all of its swords while swinging its shield.

Alfi didn't dodge. Instead, she moved forward and then parried.

[wingedFalcon] YOU CAN PARRY THAT?!
[grumpyViper] Is Alfi watching a TAS?
[cautiousCoati] No, look at her controller!

Although Alfi was using a 3D model, the controller was real. At least, real enough to see it respond in real time.

A flurry of movements. Alfi's delicate fingers blurring in real time to expertly parry and counter the boss's attacks, whittling down its hp.

[culturedWeaver] That's not standard mapping, right?
[thrilledBustard] Did she map the attacks to the analog sticks?
[pleasedMeerkat] wwwwww
[ecstaticRaisins] lol It looks like Alfi got sick of the controls from Meincraft.

Alfi continued fighting the boss. Her fingers were a blur and her eyes were focused. But she wasn't having a hard time.

That didn't mean she was relaxed though.

As the fight went on, and as Alfi continued to easily whittle down the boss's health, her eyes narrowed.

And then when the health bar dropped to one quarter and the boss started glowing for a desperation attack, Alfi clicked her tongue again.

[euphoricLard] Wait Alfi!
[affectedGatorade] You can't parry or block that one!
[similarWhiting] It's the OHKO! Run!

[Alfis_Knight 🔧] Have faith in Alfi-sama
[Alfis_Couch] lol. These guys haven't seen Alfi-sama's guerilla streams on MIRAIZ have they?
[thrilledBuzzard] Alfi streams on the MIRAIZ app too?

The boss's swords started to glow and it started to raise its arms, prepping a big attack.

And then Alfi swapped her sword to her offhand and charged at the boss.

[solidSeagull] Eh?
[dearCaribou] What's she doing now?
[aloofCoconut] Did she give up?

The boss started to swing its sword. Split seconds and a few frames away from starting an unblockable combo.

And then Alfi kicked the boss's shield.

[decimalBobolink] WTF?
[soreDoughnut] YOU CAN KICK PEOPLE?!
[awedDove] Alfi's hustling us!

[Alfis_Knight 🔧] fufufufu
[Alfis_Couch] :evilsmirk:
[StraightGarbage 🔧] So it turned out that the controls were limiting Alfi's powerlevel... Scary.

The boss staggered back, its stance and attack broken by Alfi's kick.

Alfi immediately switched back to her sword and started attacking. As she did, she glared at the boss and said, "Are you making fun of me? You're making fun of me, aren't you?"

Black blood sprayed from the boss as Alfi started her own combo of attacks.

"Are those limbs for show? I was worried that you would be smarter, but you're just a big scary training dummy. Idiot. What are you doing making me scared like that, huh?"

Alfi staggered the boss again and then did a backstab, dropping its health bar to a small sliver.

"You're supposed to attack out of sequence. The advantage of multiple weapons is to prevent escape, not flail wildly. Even the most novice undead is intuitively aware of this fact. What are you, a puppet? No, calling you a puppet would be a disgrace. Even an outer disciple training in novice puppetry would be more aware of that fact."

[adoringPie] DAMN GIRL
[dearBagels] There's no need to roast him that hard, Alfi...
[Kurumi69] The boss AI designer sweating right now.

[Stepp] Is it hot in here, or is it just me? :sweat:
[Nana Shizuka Ch. ✓] Alfi-sama! That's not fair!
[Kuro Neko Ch. ✓] Yeah! You're already super cute! You can't be super sexy and hot too!

The boss rolled away from Alfi.

It was a preprogrammed behavior. The enemies in the game weren't sentient. Even so, for some reason, it looked like the undead monster was terrified.

Alfi clicked her tongue again and then quickly opened her menu, expertly flipping through the equipment screen and swapping her sword out for a bow and arrow.

The boss roared and winded up for another attack.

And then it froze, an arrow suddenly sticking out of its forehead.

Alfi's character lowered its bow. The moment that she did, the boss dissolved into a burst of gray smoke.

When it did, Alfi let out a deep sigh and said, "What a disappointment. I thought Hana said this game was supposed to be hard... These dummies don't even know how to fight correctly. So many openings..."

[wrathfulMare] O-Openings?
[Bellaluin] So is TooSoft great here for programming such a robust combat system? Or stupid for having crappy AI?
[ashamedWildfowl] Guys. We need to NEVER let Alfi get in contact with TooSoft.
[scornfulTermite] A TooSoft game with their difficulty but realistic enemies according to Alfi's standards... :sweat: