349 – Re-Idolize – II
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The young man who went by Alfis_HotCocoa reached up to fix his silver hair and let out a faint smile. "I still can't believe this is happening."

The beautiful young woman sitting next to him leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, maintaining a neutral expression. "Don't believe it too much yet, Hottie. We still don't know if it's real."

'Hottie' nodded. "Yeah, yeah, Couch." He paused and looked up at the woman. "...But why do you keep calling me Hottie?"

'Couch' shrugged and said, "Because you're hot?"

"...You act a lot different in person, huh?"

Couch adjusted her shirt and said, "We must if we wish to not tarnish Alfi-sama's name." She glanced at the last member of their group and said, "Don't you agree, Knight?"

Knight, a.k.a Alfis_Knight. A bodybuilder with a slight beard and slicked back black hair. Just like a typical 'gym bro', he wore a gray hoodie with trimmed off sleeves, putting his massive arms on display. Of course, since they were so big, he couldn't fit them at the table. And since *he* was so big, he moved the table around so that he could fit.

'Knight' crossed his arms behind his head and said, "Yes. And we must be especially respectful in meeting Alfi-sama's Papa."

Couch tapped her fingers on the back of her hair and said, "Do we? Compared to Alfi-sama, her father doesn't seem that great." She pointed at Hottie and said, "Even compared to this twig, Father-in-law is super frail."

Hottie pursed his lips and said, "I am not a twig. And do you still plan on going through with that?"

Couch smiled and said, "Of course. I don't dare to think about being Alfi-sama's partner, but as her couch, I have to at least reach her side, don't I?"

Knight let out a menacing chuckle and said, "As expected of you, Couch. You would throw away your pride to fulfill your role..."


Knight slammed his fist on the table and stood up, eyes gleaming. "Wonderful! Your devotion will be recorded for posterity in our holy text the moment I return!"

Couch uncrossed her legs and grinned. "Don't forget to pay attention when I start making my way through the ranks, Knight."

Hottie glanced between Couch and Knight and frowned. "...I don't think Alfi-sama will appreciate that."

Couch clicked her tongue and said, "This is why you're a mere beverage and not a piece of furniture, Hottie. You need more than just looks in this world."

Knight gave a serious nod and said, "Indeed!" He smacked his hand against his chest and said, "The heart to persevere! The body to endure! And a mind like a steel trap to remember every detail necessary to be of aid to Alfi-sama as long as we live!" He pointed at Hottie and said, "That is what we as Alfi's must possess!"

Hottie blinked and then looked around at all the people staring at them. After that, he sighed and mumbled, "Am I the most normal person here...?"

Couch laughed and said, "Normality? How can we expect to help Alfi-sama with just that?"

"I don't think the help we're being hired to give Alfi-sama and the help you two have in mind match up-"

A small chime echoed. The sound of a new customer entering the cafe.

Ordinary. Inane.

But what accompanied it wasn't.

Hottie stopped talking mid-sentence, a sheen of sweat forming on his forehead. "T-That pressure..."

Couch froze and the smile on her immediately vanished. After that, she quickly leaned forward, sitting normally.

Knight didn't react as much as the others. Even so, he narrowed his eyes and tensed, slowly turning to the side. "I see. So this is the greatness of Alfi-sama's father."

Footsteps echoed as the cafe grew silent. Not a sound to be heard except those approaching steps. And the source of them...

A man with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He walked into the cafe while rolling up the sleeves of his suit. After giving a nod to the cafe owner, the blonde man took up a spot against the counter. Resting his left arm against the countertop and placing his right hand in his pocket, he slowly looked around the cafe with his cold eyes.

Hottie flinched and averted his gaze.

Couch let out a nervous laugh, putting on her best behavior.

As for Knight...

"Alfi-sama's Papa!"

...He jumped out of his seat and enthusiastically walked towards John.

Hottie cautiously looked at the man- No, at John's expression and gulped.

Knight's action drew John's attention towards them. A sharp, fierce, and cold gaze that seemed to look down on everything in the world.

Seeing that, Hottie trembled.

Couch turned pale as a ghost.

And Knight immediately bent ninety degrees, bowing to John. "It's been some time! Have you been well?"

Silence. An unreadable expression on John's face. And then...

"Hah..." John ran his hand through his hair and said, "You're as extra as you were back at Comiket, huh, Mister Knight?"


John sipped on his cup of coffee as he examined the three across from him.

Alfi's couch, hot cocoa, and knight... Three people who proudly called themselves those names in public. Three people who were also definite fanatics of Alphy.

Alfi's Knight looked roughly the same as he did when John met him back at Comiket. But his demeanor was different.

Was it a result of taking on the role of a 'knight' properly? The bodybuilder seemed more tempered and formal.

...Though, considering the effect that Alphy seemed to have on people, John had a feeling that was from the man poring over tons of media and books on how to act as a proper knight.

John shifted his gaze over to the woman who called herself Alfi's couch.

A drop-dead gorgeous beauty... is what she should have been. With that face, the cold gray eyes, and refined vibe, the woman could easily make a killing as a professional model or actress.

Now it just looked like she could easily make a killing. Wasn't a bad thing, but considering the amount of effort needed to reach that physique...

John subtly shook his head and then looked at the last member of the group.

He was a young man who looked like he stepped right off a K-pop magazine. Hair dyed gray, crimson contact lenses... paired with his lean physique that was more aesthetic to the average person than the one Alfi's Knight possessed, John felt that the guy would draw people's eyes wherever he went.

And that intuition was proven true by how a lot of the high school girls in the cafe were peeking glances at the young man even while John was sitting there as well.

Another trio of die-hard fans, just like the Three Musketeers.

Though, unlike those people who seemed to be more sensible in-person, these guys...

John decided to test the waters and casually said, "So you three are the ones who want to support my daughter, huh?"

Knight smacked his hand on his chest and said, "I will lay my life down for Alfi-sama! Walk through flames, split the seas... whatever is required, you need only ask, Alfi's Papa!"

Couch looked a bit wary of John, but that quickly faded as a fanatic gleam shone in her eyes. "That's right! Even if my hands have to be stained red or my body trampled to make a bridge, I'll do it!"

John felt his eye twitch and looked towards the last person.

Hottie sighed and said, "...I'll make sure they don't go overboard, Sir."

A perfect read on the situation. A deferential attitude, but not too much.

In other words...

John stuck his hand out and said, "I'll be counting on you."

...A normal person who could balance out the others.

Hottie smiled. A smile that persisted even while Knight and Couch were sending death glares towards him.

'...Note to self. Make sure to reinforce the office before the first support staff get together.'

John had a feeling that was going to be an... explosive time.

But anyway.

John broke the handshake with Hottie and then shook hands with the other two. After that, he leaned back and said, "Now then... should we talk more in detail about what you three will be doing for my beloved daughter?"

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