355 – Pandora’s Box of Goodies – III
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1. #MysteryTokyoBeauty (trending with #RealLifePrincess)
2. #RealLifePrincess
3. #NewStaff
4. #Alteris (trending with #GlassyJadeMoon, #LittleSnow, #JadeTalisman)
5. #DemonLordInvasionArc (trending with #Ilgarde, #KnightChan, #LightBringer)
6. #VRMMORPG (trending with #JohnTitor, #WorldLine, #OperationArclight)
7. #WhoIsJohnSmith
10. #Paralul (trending with #Parasol)

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>Did anyone else see her?
>I took a picture, but the photos all got corrupted.
>Why are people talking about a Tokyo Beauty?
>Yooo! I saw her! She had a super buff guy that they called knight with her too!
>A lot of things have been happening in Japan recently, huh?
>Wait. Since when did Tweeter autotranslate stuff?
>$10 that she's related to John.
>Who the hell is John?

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>Did anyone else see that video about the Knight making a ruckus in Japan?
>I saw that!
>That's totally fake.
>Yeah, that lady has to be CG.
>I was there when she walked in! Oh my god, you don't understand how pretty she was.
>All we've got is a blurry video, right? Cap.
>What the hell does cap mean?
>Get out of here, Boomer.

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>why is #NewStaff trending?
>Myth Inc. is hiring general support staff!
>Is it time for #VTuberSweep?
>Hnnngh. So many new tech places are hiring...
>Um. Did people see that John just bought Tweeter?
>Project MirAIs is hiring general staff and producers! :O

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>100/10. Game of the year.
>Little Snow! Please, be happy...T_T
>Dammit, Golden Dragon! Why do you keep abandoning her!
>Anyone got the true ending yet?
>I swear, something about the game seems familiar...
>What kind of black magic is this app? I'm running it on a freakin' NoKey-A brick phone and it plays fine in black and white.
>They weren't lying about each copy of the game being personalized! Little Snow remembers me!
>I cried at the part where Little Snow sacrificed herself to save Golden Dragon's daughter... T_T
>The fourth wall breaks in this game, man...

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>I've got my paycheck ready! We'll show that Demon Lord the power of P2W!
>Ilgarde! We'll bring you hope!
>The website to upload weapon assets for the Ilgardians is live!
>Knight-chan! We'll save you!
>#Ilgarde You know the drill, boys! Let's reclaim Ilgarde together with the heroes!
>@KnightChan_Ilgarde Leave the small fries to us!

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>If you die in the game, you die in real life.
>This isn’t Blade Arts Live, man.
>The graphics are siiiick.
>Where’d you pop out from, Boomer?
>There’s a level requirement to starting the crossover… T_T
>Um. Anyone know what <Shadow Blade> does? It just popped up as an extra skill…
>Think it’s safe to order a pizza before I start gaming?


>Isn’t he from that one anime? Melancholy of something or another?
>Obviously he’s the one from that Bisney movie about the Native Americans, right?
>Why does John have to have such a generic name?!
>Is that even his real name? We sure “John Smith” isn’t just an alias?
>The man, the myth, the legend, obv
>A successful idol producer?
>Legend has it, John once stared at a cobra and it died from sheer fright.
>This is John’s Myth and we’re all just living in it.

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>Anyone see that big pharma Parasol folded?
>Bout time. They messed up Tanuki city, didn’t they?
>Ooh, I saw those classified docs. Something about a Solar Virus and planning a pandemic.
>Good thing that West guy got locked up.
>Trying to make Bioweapons… who do they think they are, video game bosses?
>They were all crazy anyway. As if immortality is even possible.

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A storm of events unfolded on Tweeter and other social media. The world stirred as a brief video of a mysterious ethereal beauty roaming around Tokyo with a group of attendants was captured and posted online. Then there was the release of the groundbreaking interactive visual novel from Alteris around the same time that the interactive stream/Anime of Ilgarde reached its climax. This, in addition to Titor’s completely immersive VRMMORPG <World Line> finally opening its servers and the various other big news events made for a flurry of drama, excitement, and tension across the globe.

But for the Prodigy girls, it was just another day.

Sitting at a table in the break room at the Myth Inc. HQ building, the Prodigy girls stared at each other with a stack of papers between them.

Silence stretched for a while, the girls pointedly ignoring the papers.

And then Chihiro jumped out of her chair and screamed. “Argh! I just wanna stream! Why do we have to do all this paperwork?!”

Yuri let out a dry laugh and said, “Didn’t you hear from Uncle Kai? Being an idol isn’t all fun and games.”

“That’s not what I got told at the interview!” Chihiro ran her hands through her hair, frazzling it a bit, and then said, “How am I supposed to do all of this and go to school at the same time?!”

Yuri blinked and then said, “Oh yeah. You’re still in school.”

Chihiro glared at Yuri and said, “I don’t want to hear that from you, Miss Dropout.”

Yuri bristled and said, "It's only for this year! I'll go back… eventually."

Shu shrugged and said, "School's only important to get a job, right? Since we have one, it doesn't really matter."

Chihiro sighed and sat back down. “…I guess. But I still have to go to school- Wait.” She looked at Shu and said, “How are you juggling all of this with school, Shu?”

“Eh.” Shu shrugged and said, “It’s just another job. And this one is more fun than the other jobs I’ve had to do too.”

Chihiro shook her head and then looked over at Suzume. “What do you think about this, Suzu-chan?”

Suzume paused in the middle of flipping through some papers. “Pardon?” She blinked and said, “My apologies. I thought it would be best if we started sooner rather than later, so I was reading.”

Chihiro covered her face. “Forget it.” She let out a deep sigh and then reached out to grab some of the papers as well. Flipping through them, she grabbed a small packet with her name and then grumbled. “I still don’t understand why we need to get permissions to stream things. Can’t we just do whatever we want since John has Screw You money on the level of entire countries?”

Yuri grabbed the papers next and started flipping through them. As she did, she said, “That’s because Myth Inc. isn’t a black company, and because we’re idols. Not to mention that Uncle Kai doesn’t want us to make the same mistakes as his girls did… Anyway.” She flipped a page and said, “It looks like we need to figure out a proper group collab…”

“Ooh!” Shu raised her hand and said, “Let’s spar!”

Chihiro gave Shu a blank stare and said, “...Do you only think about fighting, Shu?”

“No. But wouldn’t it be a cool movie?" She paused and then muttered, "Movie... movie?" Her eyes lit up and she said, "Ooh!" She smacked her fist into her palm and said, "What if we make a movie and premiere it on the Project MirAIs channel?"

Yuri kept filling out the forms and said, "Talk about that sort of thing after we finish our anime. Did you forget how much work we have to do for that already?"

"Oh." Shu sighed and said, "I forgot about that..."

"That's because you barely have any lines in the beginning." Yuri rubbed her face and muttered, "Why do I have to be the responsible one in the group?"

Suzume set her packet of papers down before grabbing another. After that, she looked up at Yuri and said, "Remember that you can ask me to help at any time, Yuri."

"Thanks, Suzu-chan. And start filling out the forms, Shu."

Shu stared at the stack of papers for a while before sighing and grabbing a bundle from her pile. "And here I thought I was done with office work..."

Chihiro looked at everyone else filling out paperwork and then stood up, preparing to chuck down her stack of papers.

Before she could, Yuri glared at her and said, "If any of these fall down, you're filling them all by yourself."

Chihiro froze and then gingerly set her pack of papers down on the table. After that, she said, "I'm done."

Yuri looked up at her and raised an eyebrow. "...You're done?"

Chihiro crossed her arms and said, "Forget about all these permission things. If I have to do that to play and stream what I want, then I'll do it myself!"

Yuri blinked and then said, "...Yes. That's why we're filling out these forms, Chichi."

"Stop calling me that, Riri. And that's not what I mean."

"...Then what do you mean?"

Chihiro pulled out her phone and started walking away. "You'll see. You'll aaalll see..." Cackling to herself, she hopped into the elevator and left.

And then it was just Shu, Yuri, and Suzume sitting around the table.


After a while, Shu glanced at Chihiro's stack of paper and then looked over at Yuri. "...Don't those still have to be finished?"

Yuri's eyebrow started twitching. But then she closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. "...Ignore it for now." She paused and then said, "And since Chichi walked out, I guess we'll decide on the collab by ourselves- Wait." She quickly reached out and started flipping through the piles of permissions. "We have permission to play <World Line>, right?"

Suzume set down another finished stack of documents and then nodded. "We should, yes."

Yuri covered her mouth with her hand and then laughed. "Ohohoho. In that case..." She looked at Shu and said, "You wanted to spar, right, Shu? I have the perfect idea..."

TFW you find out that the busiest time of law school is actually the last semester because you're in a logistics crunch sorting out where you're moving, grabbing paperwork to take the Bar Exam, doing all sorts of documentation, hunting down all sorts of documentation, AND doing classwork. orz