356 – Have Confidence! …No Confidence!
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Around evening, in a nondescript indie game development studio hidden in the depths of Akihabara. The fading sunset cast an orange glow through the room, giving everything a warm and cozy atmosphere. One in complete contrast to the crowds of people that could be seen through the window.

Alphy tugged on her hoodie, letting out an embarrassed smile. She sat down on a nearby leather sofa and said, "Thanks for helping me hide, Betty."

A beautiful woman with long crimson hair and shimmering crimson eyes walked over to take the seat in front of Alphy. She was dressed comfortably but fashionably, wearing a knitted turtleneck cardigan with blue jeans that hugged her legs. After sitting down, she held out a thermos to Alphy and said, "You are welcome, Eldest Sister."

Alphy took the thermos and frowned. "I thought you said you wouldn't call me by such a formal name anymore, Betty."

Betty paused and then chuckled. "I apologize. Since our game has released, I have been watching quite a few playthroughs on UTube." She smiled and said, "It seems that some old habits have crept back in because of it."

Alphy's eyes lit up and she said, "Ooh! How's that been? I saw it trending on Tweeter, so people must really like it, right?"

"Mm." Betty grabbed a thermos of her own from beside her chair. After opening it, she said, "It seems to be an instant success. Though." She looked at Alphy and said, "My beloved big sister appears to be more of a hit than anything else today."

Alphy blushed and she sank down in her chair, trying to hide in her hoodie. "I-I didn't expect everyone to react like that..."

Betty gave Alphy a blank stare and said, "You are Father's Magnum Opus. How else did you expect the public to react?"

"W-Well..." Alphy shifted and said, "How was I supposed to know? You've always been the one everyone thought was beautiful..."

Betty rolled her eyes and then reached out to poke Alphy's forehead.

"Ow!" Alphy frowned and said, "What was that for?"

"Have more confidence in yourself." Betty took a sip of the drink in her thermos and said, "In this entire plane of existence, no one can outclass you in beauty and elegance." She paused and then said, "Unless Father decides to seriously pretend to be a woman again."

Alphy giggled and said, "I don't think Father would count as a beauty then, right?"

"I suppose." Betty nodded and then glanced out the window.

Again, there was still a crowd of people filling the streets. However, it had changed. Instead of random people, the group had become an organized crowd of fit athletes wearing Alfi-branded merchandise.

Alphy noticed and then blushed again, doing her best impression of a turtle hiding away in its shell.

Betty chuckled and said, "It seems you made some good friends since we've last talked."

An impromptu radio calisthenics session began unfolding on the streets outside of the Ars Nova Productions studio, led by Hottie, Knight, and Couch.

Alphy smiled and said, "Yes! Hottie, Knight, and Couch are fun! Although..." She looked out the window and said, "...I think they like me a bit too much..."

Muffled sounds echoed from outside. Knight's boisterous voice counting off the start of the routine followed by a roar from the other Alfis who had suddenly popped out of the woodwork.

Betty waved her hand and said, "You get used to it."


Betty shook her head and said, "In any case... How has everyone been? Is our youngest sister doing well with Mother and our Aunts? And how about Asako and Rin?"

"Oh! Everyone's fine!" Alphy sipped on the hot cocoa in her thermos and said, "Aurora is a smart and cute baby, so she's not being any trouble at all. Mama is super happy taking care of her, and the Aunties are all going in and out of the house while looking for fun gifts to play with Aurora."

"Mm." Betty nodded and said, "About what I expected. What about Father?"

"Papa's been busy recently." Alphy pulled out her phone and frowned. "I think really busy too since he hasn't been calling me in the mornings... but I'm sure he's just working hard for Project MirAIs."

Betty snorted and said, "About time. In all honesty, I am surprised that there hasn't been trouble yet with foreign companies or the government."

Alphy nodded. "I'm surprised too! Usually when Papa starts doing businesses or showing his abilities, dummies from all over show up to get their faces slapped. It's really weird how there hasn't been anyone like that yet."

Betty reached up and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Please do not remind me. I am very much glad to leave that kind of foolish face nonsense back in the Three Realms."

Alphy laughed and then sipped on her cocoa. After that, she took a look around and said, "How have you been, Betty? Are you still working with Miss Sakura, Miss Nova, and Mister Ichiro? I don't see them around..."

"That is because they are busy. In case you have forgotten, not everyone is quite as free as you are."

"O-Oh." Alphy looked down and said, "Right... Then am I bothering you, Betty? Sorry..."

Betty sighed and then said, "And it is because of this that people keep believing I am the older sister." She reached out to pat Alphy's head and said, "Have confidence. No matter what, I can always make time for you."

Alphy looked up and smiled. "Betty-"


Someone flew through the air and crashed against the wall right next to the window. One of the random Alfis that had gathered there.

Betty froze and quickly looked outside.

Alphy gasped and looked out as well.

The crowd had cleared a bit, opening up to reveal someone standing in the middle of the streets.

"Fwahahaha!" An old man with long flowing white hair and a matching flowing beard slowly pulled back his fist. "Good, good! My granddaughter's sect is respectable! For a mortal to survive such a blow... Wonderful!"

Betty blinked, her eyes glazing over a bit as she processed what she was seeing. But then she stood up and said, "GRANDFATHER?!"


The Celestial Jade Emperor. The One Who Carried Heaven's Mandate. The First Eternal... Yudi went by many names and possessed many titles. But recently, there was one name and title that the elderly man treasured the most.

Standing in the middle of a crowd of young men and women with respectable physiques, he flicked the sleeves of his flowing robes and said, "Come! Let this Grandfather show you all the proper way to train your bodies!"

Blank and cautious stares. The group looked at each other, cautiously eyeing Yudi. But then a brash young man stepped forward and shouted in Mandarin. "Scram before your father beats your behind, Old Man!"

"Hoho?" Yudi rubbed his beard and responded back in Mandarin. "This trip has been nothing but refreshing experiences... How long ago has it been since someone dared call out as my father?"

The Alfis slowly huddled together, instinctively moving in attack formations. At the same time, the crowd of people passing by earlier started to filter back. And with them came the flashes of more than a few phones held out to record the fight.

Yudi flicked his sleeves back and then shifted, adopting a Taiji stance with his left hand held out. "This Grandfather has been slacking in training since meeting his grandchildren. Come help this Grandfather exer-"

A sudden green and yellow blur shot through the air.

Yudi's eyes widened and he instinctively tried to block. But he couldn't react in time. Like that, he was knocked over, flying towards the ground. But before he landed, someone grabbed him by his shirt.

A teenaged girl wearing a black hoodie. Although it covered her face, green hair that looked like it had gold highlights peeked out from the sides of the hood.

Yudi blinked and then chuckled. "Little Meggie! Did you come to help Grandfather-"

"Baka! Dummy! Block of wood!" Meggie shook Yudi and said, "Why are you and Onee-chan embarrassing me?!"


"I hate you Grandpa!"



John's office. There, he and Rin were sitting across from each other at his desk, planning out her upcoming streams, event plans, and potential sponsorships. Just as he was about to begin his tirade about why Rin should definitely not take the deal by Loot: Dark Myths, he suddenly paused, feeling something amiss.

Rin blinked and tilted her head. "Is something wrong, Manager-san?"

"First of all, that's still weird, so stop. Second of all..." John looked towards Akihabara for a bit and then shrugged. "Well, there is, but it's not my problem right now. Anyway... Just because it's a meme doesn't mean you should do it, Rin."

"But it's so funny!"

"No. And besides, loot boxes are a scam."

"But the loot!"

"No buts!"