Prologue- Recollections of the past- part-2 Karrie POV
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My Parents had always been extremely supportive and proud of me but they always had a truly disconcerting relationship with my powers, every time I used them their smiles turned strange and their eyes gained an odd glint, so they always pushed me to use them more and go further, the stronger I turned out to be with them the happier they became.

I later learned, once I became more empathetic and receptive to the emotions around me, that when it came to achievements linked to my powers their happiness didn't stem from my growth as their child but an invisible sense of rivalry with someone unknown mixed with a deep sense of yearning.

But at that age I still didn't know better and associated it with their smiles, at that time I deduced that my powers brought smiles to people faces this assumption laid the groundwork for what kind of person I would become but also for a great number of mistakes some of them amongst the worst I ever made.

So 4 years old; I already started getting a handle on my core gifts at that time and basic awareness, the age were we form the clearest of our first memories and I remember more than most people did at that age and the first to jump at the forefront of my mind when recalling that period of my life is a frowning face, a frowning toddler face, not my own, my twin's, my little sister.

During meals we always were either face to face or side by side, I was always sited first and strapped in the baby chair by my parents then our elder brother would bring her in and when I was lucky enough I could spot her come from far away and witness her placid expression morph into one of distaste, which I instinctively disliked and wanted to change, learning it's meaning only when I gained some years.

So there we were around the table, our elder brother looking awkward and my parents looking like nothing was wrong and feeding me baby food, my sister schooling her expression and looking at her plate with an almost analytical expression, mechanical precision in her movements as she proceeded to feed herself while pointedly ignoring everything around herself, I don't know why but when I saw her like that I released the control I had on my powers, I still debate within myself to this day why I did it and if it was a conscious or subconscious decision, to make her smile? Wipe that frown from her face? To make her pay attention to me?

Our elder brother later narrated to us that it was our first War (each spanning several years), our parents had put us in different camps at birth and this was inevitable among young children even more so siblings, she would always throw an unpleasant expression at me and the parents when we met, so I would 'accidentally' lose control of my powers and 'randomly' discharge, she would always keep her composure and act unaffected until one of us couldn't go on anymore, she never cried.

I learned why she would always go to the hospital when we were six years old, the age were we learned the meaning behind words, advanced vocabulary and truly understood sentences, I also think it is the reason why I always associated my little sister with machines and disinfectants. I would like to think it is what made me stop but I know that it would be a lie; it was because of one of the rare times she spoke to me, that day she had learned new words and I had wet myself because of a nightmare I didn't remember anymore, she scrunched up her nose and said : "You smell. Another 'accident'? An 'involuntary' discharge? What's wrong with you are you a baby? A wild animal? A Rat? You do smell like one." I was too stunned to react and since that day I stopped attacking her during meals.

But before that was the two years we dedicated to exploring the house and playing with whatever we could grab, my parents would constantly monitor me when present and I would only catch my sister when they were absent, it took me a while to figure out that she had started actively avoiding them. The house was only one story tall with an attic and no basement, there were three bedrooms, one divided in two between my twin and our elder brother another one superproofed and dedicated in it's entirety to myself and the last one being the main one and belonging to the parents, a large living room, an attached kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom with both bath and shower with toilet and double bathroom sink and assorted mirrors, two toilet room excluding the bathroom, and a great garage with the parents luxury cars in it. The outside we would explore more later on but we had a pergola, a swimming-pool and a lawn front and back but what we had access to was plenty enough for us to get in serious trouble.

While my sister wouldn't go anywhere her elder brother told her to not go some rooms or things didn't register to him as potentially dangerous so she ended up stuck at least once in each of the water closet, she never put anything dangerous in her mouth but I recall having seen her gnaw on her brothers shoes at least once and she did climb on places she had trouble coming down from as her makeshift stairs and ladders often ended up out of her reach, she also liked to destroy everything that belonged clearly and only to our parents so their bedroom was trashed often she later learned out to be more subtle. I was worse.

I tasted everything I could get my paws on and ended up hospitalized for the first time after eating some laundry products, the first of a soon regular occurrence, I did recover at an incredible speed for toddlers of my age, weight and height but the most dangerous place for me I discovered was the garage; That day my parents were home and they were following me in my exploration session I was crawling for most of the tour it being the fastest of my means of locomotion (after being carried around by someone else), I remembered my dad going into the garage a day prior and with him around I could have him help me open the door to the unknown (at the time) room, once in front of its door I stood walked up to it patted it a few times making the joints creak before looking towards my dad with a smile and a "Daa !!" to which he answered "Yes sweetie!" before turning the key still in the door and the array of expensive cars showed itself to me the carefully arranged spotlights highlighting the most prized pieces of the collection, watching me expressing my awe at what I saw (mostly the dazzling lights and flashy colors) enthused my dad so he grabbed me in one of his arms and the keys of the front most car before opening it with the remote control of the key.

I don't remember the model of the car or if it had a weird customization but opening it had activated all the contraptions able to make noise in the car: the beeping showing it opened, the loud radio, the motor starting up, the noise of all the indicators giving the clear with the clicks and shrill whistle and above all the car horn firing at an ungodly volume in the beat of a song I still have nightmares about (I still jump in surprise when hearing the charge of the valkyries), at the time I wasn't trained in the usage of my 'enhanced' senses and didn't encounter something that would make them backfire in my safe environnement (except taste and smell and I didn't even have enhancement for those!!) so surprised toddler me fired eight destruction beams in random directions except backwards of where dad and me were, the entrance of the garage, one reached a fuel tank another a car motor, two others a spotlight and an electric generator, I didn't see where the others landed my memories ending there with light, heat and a loud explosion noise.

My memories only continue with me waking up in an hospital bed with my tired looking mother by my bedside and my brother walking in with my sister in his arms, showing the first smile I saw that wasn't prompted by something our elder brother had done, she had smiled at me upon seeing the state I was in, not a comforting one, it dripped schadenfreude while she looked me in the eyes.