Chapter 2.1: Turns
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POV Daniel

I wake up with a jolt, sitting in an alley. That was the craziest dream I've ever had. Finding that weird tube thing...Wait it's still on my arm!!! I look around I am in an alleyway, dashing out I find myself on a busy medieval style street. I check myself and I am wearing a loose fitting flannel or something shirt and pants, I have a sheathed sword around my waist and a bag of coins at my belt.  I am sorta freaking out, but I try not to show it. 

The fuck, where am I?! I coulda sworn I was in the park, that like no ones goes anymore, did I fall asleep or something? That still doesn't make sense as to how I got here. Is this a dream? This has to be a dream right, RIGHT?! Alright I gotta calm down, even if this is a dream acting crazy will only be bad for me. Did I get kidnapped and thrown here? That can't have happened I haven't offended anyone that I know of, well except for that neighbor, he was really loud and I often told him to shut up, but that wouldn't be a reason for kidnapping right? Regardless to where I am I should calm down and figure out where this place is.

I begin to walk around the market, a bit amazed by the popularity of the market, back in my city everyone shopped online, or on special occasions went out to eat. Looking through all of the stalls and seeing some people selling skewers I felt my stomach grumble. Surprisingly I have money in this situation, around 9 silver looking coins. Makes even less sense I would be given money as I was kidnapped as I was sure I was flat broke, So I could only look at the bracer. It had said before I started playing it, that I had earned 9 silver, could it be what brought me here? Pondering on the question I bought one of the skewers and watched as the vendor handed me back about 90 bronze looking coins. I guess that a silver is worth a lot.

Placing the money in my pouch I look back at the bracer. The red button was lit up, and the green button was lit up as well.  I looked at the bracer and a holographic screen came up, with game board squares and three pieces, one of the pieces what appeared to be a robot, was lit up and all it said was:

Player 1's Turn; Roll the dice, 1 use beginner's ability. 

I ability had to be the green button and I decided to use it, because I had no idea what It would even do. Suddenly I knew how to win the so called game I was put in. the game board had 125 squares and if I rolled 10 or higher I would win the game in 10-12 moves. I assume the game would take me home if I won the game. Also I caught a glimpse, there are more then one player in this game, so I just have to win first I suppose. 

The green button dimmed but I knew what I had to do now, rolling the dice I looked at the number they landed on. A 3 and a 4, not the best roll, but it was good. I watch as my piece traverses the board and lands on a square. As soon as it does I hear a ding and I am holding a card in my hand. The card reads:

Stabby Stab: An stab made with your weapon. 

I watched as the card dissolves and one of the blue buttons on my bracer lights up. I guess I earned something? Like what could I even use it for? I continue thinking as I hear a yell coming my way. 


I managed to dart to left narrowly avoiding a carriage from barreling into me. I look at the carriage with a glare. I nearly died! Well that's if this isn't a dream, but I'm pretty sure this is a game. A game with I dunno how many lives I have and I don't want to find out. I look at the speedy carriage going down the street with people desperately getting out of the way, the street vendors are grumbling and I make out a few words. 

"...Just because it has the royal coat of arms ain't mean they can do this to us..."

I see, so the royal family is abusing there power, in a classic fashion. I hope I don't get involved. 

I continue to walk down the street skewer in hand as I walk across a fountain. I grab a spare bronze coin and flip it into the fountain making a faint wish. My bracer suddenly starts reacting, and I drop my skewer...Darn.

Hidden Skill Acquired.

A second blue button lights up, but this time I have no idea what it could be used for. The bracer didn't tell me the name if the skill, only that it was hidden so i suppose it has got to be powerful. I technically got a trump card now, yay. I go back and buy another skewer and this time I finish it before I try anything, throwing another coin in the fountain does nothing, well at least I tried. 

As I walk I see a big building in the distance, and I decide to walk towards it. on the front of the building I read "Adventurers Guild". From a novel I had read a long long time ago I knew what this place was, and went inside, looking to see if I could sign up.

They gave me a sheet of various topics, most of the questions was related to battle experience and scouting abilities, of which I had none of. So after they turned in my sheet, I was given a bronze card with my name and a big F of the front. At least I got in, despite being the lowest level in the guild. After I had done my turn I hadn't seen any other movement on the holographic board and I still wasn't my turn so I guess I have to figure out a way to survive here until then. Asking the receptionist for a decently priced inn, I make my way to the Silvermoon Inn to make reservations

Daniel's Piece, Also sort of what I envisioned for him