Chapter 1- Going to the other world? Success!
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Finally, my dreams of going into an other world is finally achieved. Its been so many year of hardship, studies and research and now.. finally... I finally DID IT!

Just remembering the hardships that I fa.. fa.. faced.. well, thats not important anymore. Cause now! I'm in a different world!

Ha! Finally!

My longest dreams of going to.. another.. world?

Wait, where am I?

Yes, I know I'm in a different world but exactly where?

I tried to look at my surroundings to know where am I, of course I wouldn't really know but it's important to know what type of place I'm into.

Surrounding me are trees, a forest? Yes. It's all trees here.. But wait! That just means that there's life in this another world.

If there isn't of course I would have to find another one again. My dream after all is to go on a different world that's like in some the novels that I've been reading.

I will be sad that I won't be able to read them again but if Im able to go in another world myself then it's worth it! I think I could even hear some people getting jealous of my achievements of being the few who is successfully able to go to another world.

At my back is the portal I've entered to come here. And at the back of that portal is the a big chunk of rock. A wall of rock? Something like that.

And looking at the top

It's so high!

But wait! Wheres Lin?

I got closer to the portal and tried to call my assistant Lin.

Who's Lin? She's my assistant that have been helping me making the portal in front of me that brought me into this world.

I guess, if not for her. I wouldn't have been.. it would take me longer time to finish this portal.



Why are you still not here?

I actually like to stick my face to the portal and call her on the other side but I promised that once I got into this world, I wouldn't ever go back.

"Oh.. sry Kuya Juan.. I didn't know that I'm included. I thought only you would go."


kuya = big brother.

I kept it because it doesn't look good in english.)

What is this girl saying. It's obvious that she has to come.

Of course you're included too. How would would I talk to other people in this world if your not here. Hopefully, there are other humans here.

Well, the chance of same species as humans existing here is high because of this planets high similarity with Earth. We already made research of this planet and it seems to me that this planet has a really great potential for intelligent life.

Why I checked from my own eyes is just because of me being me.

"Ohh of course of course... No wait, why do you always need me when you have to talk to other people?"


What is this assistant of mine saying?

Yes! Yes! I'm coming.. already.. wait.. wha!!? OMG, kuya Juan! We have a big problem!

She first sounded like she's going already but a bit reluctant but at the end she sounded nervous and its looks like there's a big problem.

Suddenly, the portal that I'm currently looking at looks like something's wrong with it. The lights in it's surrounding looks like it's dying.

Yes Lin im seeing it. But so what?

She just need to come here now. Theres no need to fix it again if that's what's she's pointing at. She just has to come here.

"Kuya Juan?"

"Why do you sound normal kuya Juan, this is a big big problem you know?"


If the portal stop working now you may not be able to go back! And only you know how to fix this portal. And for some reason only you know how to operate this portal too!"

Ha? Just what are you saying Lin? Just get your ass here now.


I don't need to come back to that place.


Isn't that why.. wait a second Lin!! Why are you still in there?!



After that last thing I've said the lights in the portal is completely gone but before it was even gone, Lin has thrown something in here.


The portal is gone?

OMG I'm have a big problem!

This is a big problem!

How would I even talk to other people in this world without Lin to help me?

If they suddenly appeared and talk to me, how would I even speak to them.


While I'm busy panicking, I saw something in the ground near the portal.

I've reached for that something and look at it.

What is this? This looks like my invention!?

But from what I remember, I didn't finish this project.

I already left this project.

This item that I'm looking at that looks like a scouter from Drago** ba** is one of my invention. It's supposed to help me talk to other people when I'm using it.

This thing is supposed to analyze the person I'm talking to so that I can tell what's their intention. But, for some other reason, this freaking thing can just analyze information about the things it analyses.

I even added some unique features like some automatic functions and charging energy from sunlight and heat but because of its failure to serve my original intention for it, I gave up on this scouter that has no use for me.

On the first look, it looks like a really useful device that can be used in many ways but we are already in the age where we can just look up everything on the internet plus there are already items like this existing everywhere so it's pretty much useless.

If my memory serves me right, Lin burrowed this device from me because she thought it might be useful and instead of me just putting it in trash.



Ohh! You're a genius Lin!

Lin might have fixed this scouter!

Even i know that Lin is a useful assistant.

Thank you Lin, you are a really heaven send Lin! Now I would be okay even if you didn't join me!

This thing would be perfect in this world. Now I would know their intention. No one would be able to fool me now!

This is a really big thing!

While I was looking at the device I'm holding, I saw a paper. I took the paper and read what's written on it.

There's a big


Is what's written on the paper..


Ha! What no!?

Does that mean she didn't fix it?

Then that means it still has no use?

Damn you Lin! My hopes for you have always been so high but you always, always fail me like this.

I almost would have thrown this thing when I suddenly think of something.

Hmmm wait a sec. Lin wouldn't have given it to me if it will serve no purpose. I think I should keep it for now and give Lin a chance. 

Okay Lin, I'm still giving you a chance. But once we meet again, your gona get spanked!



Dugudun dugudun dugudun

Somewhere not far, I heard a noise of something like some horse running.

What is that?