CHAPTER 2- First Battle? Success!
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I followed where the sound is coming from. From the direction where Im hearing it, it's definitely coming from the forest. Well, it's almost all forest in my surroundings besides this big wall of rock.

The place where the sound is coming from really isn't that far for just a little walk and Im already seeing where the sound came from.





Yep definitely..

Im in a different Earth

Yeah, I know. Im not saying like I'm in just a different planet like Mars. What I'm talking about is a planet like Earth where it's not just that there is life but definitely an intelligent life.

In the first place, I already knew that there is a big possibility of life here because of the fact that we made so much research and tests when we connected to this world but we never actually saw a sign of intelligent life.

Of course, because of the trees also I knew that there are life here but.. that not what I'm talking about! An Isekai needs something that's like in what I'm seeing now!

Something like what you see in a fantasy world!

To my front is people that looks like some soldiers from mideival riding horses and buff pig looking dudes that rides wolves!

This is definitely in another world!

I'm definitely in an isekai!!!

"Ajsd hjk"

I'm sure that they are the natives of this place.

"Ahshdh djdjfj dhdj"

They definitely look like enemies.

To describe them, the human like pigs.. or pig like humans? Anyway, they have a face that really looks like those of pigs but somewhat not too. Their body looks like what you see in a body building contests. Those buff dudes like Arnold swarchkdjfjd something.

Pig body builders?

The humans on the other hand looks like people from Europe on Earth. They also have beards and most of their hairs are either short or braided hair. 

These two groups are currently in the middle of a road. Definitely not the concrete or the asphalt one but of something like a rural roads that is formed when people are constantly traversing through it. Both groups are armed like soldiers from medieval. The human side have Spears on their hand while the other is holding on their horse's rein. They also have swords sheated on their sides.. maybe for side weapon?

The pig group on the other hand have axes and short swords while also holding on their wolves.

Both of them are just looking into each other.

"Ansnd ginagawa adhd?"

ha? Did I hear someome?

I look at my surroundings then I saw nothing, but when I suddenly look down, there's a kid so close to me.

Hah! Holy Mud! Who are you?!!

"Ahshs say. Hshfhd?

I cant understand you.

I cant understand what this little girl is saying.


Well, this is another world so of course they would speak in a different language.. or more like, I would have a different language than them.

But some of what this girl is saying, I think I can understand.

"Ksjfhfhs Who are you?"

Who me? I'm sure she said something that ask me who am I.

Do you know my language?

"What? Just suddenly you were speaking another language but now, you're speaking mine ahshdh?"

For some reason, I can understand her more clearly now. There's still so many things she says that I can't understand but... how am I even understanding her?

"Kuya, whats on your eyes?"

Ha? I instantly touch my eyes and I feel the scouter that Lin throw at me.

Ehh.. could it be because of this? I remember that this can analyze languages of others also but I don't remember putting anything that could make it analyze a language that doesn't exist on Earth. 

Well, if I could use it then it's good. I did remember putting some program for this scouter to transfer the information it gather directly through the brain of the wearer through waves I guess.

Maybe because of this thing that I can now somehow understand her..

Anyway. I tried to initiate a conversation.

This? It's mine, it's glasses.

"I know that it's glasses but why is it only on one side? And, just who are you? Why are you here in this forest? Don't you know that it's dangerous around here? This place has those Orcs lurking around you know."

Like her small size, she looks like a little kid that is on her so many question phase.

Wait, just now I can fully understand her!

Ohh, can you speak again little kid? If possible, can you speak longer.

"Oy, you're being rude! If you don't know, I'm a royalty you know? a noble! I'm the daughter of the Duke of Bergen you know! So talk to me with respect oy!"

Oh, I can definitely understand her!

Ohh, maybe Lin put something like a language analyzer in here that can analyze even languages that is not in the system.

This would somewhat help me Lin!

I know you still have some uses Lin!

"Uy, kuya? Pls be quiet.. They may hear us. shhhh."

Ohhh you're right!

But Lin... you're really good. If I have a spare time, I would definitely analyze this scouter.

I look at the two groups again and I notice that it seems that they are both getting ready to attack.

Will they start fighting now?

"Yes kuya, I'm sure of that."

Hmm. Who would win between them? Based on what I see, it looks like the side of humans has lesser troops than the pig...

"They're called orcs."

Oh right, orc ones.

"If you think that the humans would lose because they are fewer, then that's where you're wrong kuya!"


What is this little kid saying like she knows how battles works?

"Oy, don't call me little kid! I have a name you know!"

Why? Then what is your name then little kid?

hearing me call her little kid again made her look like a child on a tantrum.

Then she stops and then she fix herself.

"Ah eh, My name is Alruna, Alruna Bergen. Daughter of Arne... Wait.. You just called me a little kid again didn't you oy!

Shhhh.. Lower you voice. They may hear us right?

"Grrr!!! Hmp! I'm not a kid anymore to go into this joke... even though you're the one who started it.. Anyway, Bergenian soldiers won't easily loose to those savage Orcs. Just looking at their arms you will easily be able to tell that. One more thing, numbers dont mean everything in a battle!"


I look at both of the groups dress and weapons but I don't see anything that will change the outcome of this battle at all, besides their numbers.

So whats with their arms then? I don't see anything that would dictate this fight at all.

"Hay kuya, you really don't know anything do you? I don't really know now how did you even get this far in this forest. I thought you might be a soldier or something but if you don't even know about the advantages the Bergen soldiers have then that's impossible"

I don't really understand where this kid got her know it all attitude but really, if you know, just tell it to me kid!

Then tell me!

Listen here Kuya, the soldiers of Bergen are good in cavalry. That Orcs? They're still new to the use of cavalry. They adapted it just recently to fight off our troops. In easier terms, our soldiers is stronger than those savage Orcs! 

Do you not even know that kuya?"

Tsss, This kid is really annoying. She's acting like she's know it all but she didn't even tell me what's on their arms that will determine the fight.

And so what? Just looking at the numbers of that Orcs plus their sizes, I'm sure that those humans would lose!

"You really don't know anything kuya. Hayy.. like I said, in a fight numbers don't always matter all to more if you don't even know how to use it. just watch them fight then you'll see."

Here she goes again with her know it all attitude.

Well, I'm still looking at the two group that is now moving towards each other.

The group of humans are close to each other while riding their horses towards the orcs that they look like their making some kind of a line.   While riding towards their enemy, their spears are pointed also straight towards their enemy, the orcs in a straight line.

This really looks like how they do it in the films and the novels that I've read!

But because of their short numbers, they were only able to form two lines of cavaliers. In a straight line, they charged towards the Orcs.

The Orcs on the other hand are charging towards the human in a loose formation. While doing that, they look like war freaks that is bloodthirsty of their enemy's blood. And because of their numbers, the whole road is full of those bloodthirsty Orcs unlike the humans who only have those two lines.

From what I see, you can easily notice the difference in their numbers.

Ohhhh.. finally, the clash!

It will be the first time I would see something like this so I'm really, really excited!

"Im shocked kuya, you look really excited.. are you those type of guys loves to see blood and people dying?"

The voice of Alruna has like the tone of sadness in it but, I didn't put much notice onto it because the two groups are so close to each other now.


After the clash of the two groups, I saw something that I will never ever forget.