Chapter 3- Experience seeing deaths? Success!
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"Ha! kuya, I told you so!"

"Go Bergen!"

While this little kid is cheering on the side. The orcs that clashed with the humans are now being blown away..

Even their wolves that has the same size as the horses didn't stand a chance against the charge of the humans and can't do anything but get stomped by the human knight's horses.

The weapons the Orc use are also made useless because of how short they are compared to the spears used by the humans knight.

They really just get blown away by the charge of the human sides aren't they..

After the charge of the first line comes the charge of the 2nd line.

They gave them no break

Although many of the blown Orcs survived, the second line of the humans knights secured the survivor orcs death by their charge.

This didn't look like a battle at all... but a massacre..

"Wow! This ahshdh!"

I instantly got quiet because of what I saw. 

Disgusted? Maybe thats how I felt. It really made my skin crawl. Just as I was trying to praise how amazing the human knights are at beating the orcs, I saw them stabbing the Orcs which really made me throw up.

"Oh, kuya, Why does it look like you're throwing up?

I don't look like I'm throwing up, I AM THROWING UP!

Wow, This is new to me.

"Eh? Aren't you so excited when they are fighting? I actually thought that you have atleast saw a battle like this. Aren't you weak kuya?!

I'm not weak! Youre the one thats just weird! How the f does a kid who look like twelve sees this shit as something normal!

Just shut up Alruna! Shit, that's just gross..


Yes I know that the blood will be coming since this is reality unlike those animes where even if a tsundere punched the MC, there would be no blood. What I didn't expect is my own reaction to this thing. Even I killed mosquitoes you know! Even that mosquitoes has a lot of blood inside of their abdomen!

I actually thought when I saw that, I would be okay when I saw something like this...

In short im wrong! Fuck shit! Bweeah...

I throw up again..

"Hey.. are you alright?..

Of course I'm alright. I'm not just use to this as I thought I would be.

Because of this experience, I learned something really good. If I really want to live in this world, I really have to get used to this. Dang hopefully this doesn't give me PTSD.

"Are you done there kuya? Look, the battle is almost over."


I look at the battle again then I saw so many orc and wolf bodies, lying on the ground. They're all mostly dead. The blood also are scattered everywhere.

The other orcs that survived are all but just mostly dying just waiting for the humans to either spare them or kill them.

There are also humans who are on the floor.. but.. they are just the people who are securing if the Orcs are dead or the knights that has fallen from their horses. All of them are still alive. unlike the Orcs..

Oh my God...

Total annihilation!...

While I was still looking I saw some people stabbing the Orcs and wolves. When I noticed what Im seeing, I instantly removed my sight from them.

Dang, I might throw up again..

"It looks like they're finishing the orcs up."

Aren't most of the Orcs dead already?

"That's true but what if they are still alive? If some of the Orcs survive here, it might become a threat later on you know."

Why would they become a threat though, they already won right? It doesn't look like the orcs can fight from how I see it.

"It's not as easy as that kuya. If they survive now, the tactics that we've been using might fall to the enemy's hand and might be used against us you know. Also, many of us hated the Orcs anyway because of the wars that they've waged against us killing so many people in the process. So just killing them would be easier than letting your most hated enemy alive you know."

She's right on that one. I understand what she's saying but I'd just like to ask.. how does she even know this stuff? Maybe she's a daughter of a soldier or close to this battlefield.

But.. even I as a scientist can understand what she's on about.

If public people somehow got the information of my invention, I would be in a big trouble.

The government is even Worse!

Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

And because of that, till now. Only a handful of people knows about my works and secrets. Well, I wouldn't say I would kill people who discovers my invention but maybe I do have to do some Men in bla** style of action.

"Kuya, We need to move now"

Because of what Alruna just said, I suddenly look at her with a strange look but now that I look at her, she looks like a kid who lost a toy.

Why? What's going on?

"It seems that they are already done with the cleaning. Maybe they might find me.. Maybe they might found us here I mean"

Cleaning? That's a word a kid will use to this type of situation? Maybe she might really be a daughter of soldiers or something. Anyway, She's right, they might see us here. 

I don't have that much of a carriage while going here besides the tools on my suit but...

Wait, why do we need to hide from them anyway?

Does she think that I don't look human that I might get killed by them? Thank you for the appreciation but I think that even in my home, I was quite famous you know!

"Kuya, we can't let them find us here. Ahhhh.. Ehhh.. uhhmm.. If they saw us here now they might jail us because we got here! Right! Do you want to be jailed kuya!

Jailed? Why am I going to... wait, I think I do heard something from her that it is somewhat illegal here or something. Anyway, I can't let my self be jailed here now, I just got isekaid. Atleast make me enjoy my stay for a year you know.

"Kuya, just what are you thinking? Ahhh.. if they saw us here they might not just jail us, maybe we might even be just killed here!


"Ahh... eeehh.. Were just going to be another luggage to them anyway, aaanddd.. I see that they are quite tired. uhhh.. if they saw us now, they might just kill us to make things easier. Right! That's what it is! A life of a soldier is hard you know!

Wait, a minute. She's onto something right again. I don't want to get jailed, all to more get killed!

I cant die here now! 

Thats even worse than the other one she just said! I still have so many things I want to do in this world.. I just started you know.

Ok, come on. We really need to move away!


Why does she look happy though?