Chapter 4- Talking to the natives? Success!
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We started walking away from the battlefield to the deeper part of the forest. We make sure to slowly walk away so that the soldiers won't notice us.

While we are walking, I noticed something.

Hey! Little kid, just where are we going?

"Ha? I'm just following you? I thought you are the one leading because aren't you the one who confirmed that we are going? I even thought that you have a secret base because this is in a different direction from Jorvik.

Wait, aren't you the one who suggested that we should go? Even you are the one who's in front now. That means that you're the one who's leading us right?

"Ehhh? Even though I'm in the front, I'm just following the direction you are walking you know?"

Ehh? Me too. Wait, you mean we're just walking aimlessly?

"Ehhh!!.. This is clearly your fault kuya, okay! If you just told me that you have no idea where we are going then we should have just go to Jorvik!

Ehh, you're going to blame me? Aren't we both at fault here?

"It's only your fault, I didn't lead us to random place you know? We should have just go onto Jorvic anyway."

Ha? Just what is this kid saying now, just that time she was like a battlefield enthusiast or something but now she turned into a kid throwing tantrums again.

But.. wait, why can't we make it to Jorvik from here anyway? 

I mean, I don't know where that Jorvic place is but if a kid got here then that means that the place is close right, even if night catches onto us we can just walk.

"Ha? Just how did you get here Kuya?"

Wait, did I step on a landmine just now. Why is she suddenly asking from where I am? Shit, please no.

"Kuya, I don't know where you are from but Jorvik is quite far away from here you know. If we go now, the sun will definitely set before we even make it there."

Ha? What's the problem of it being night? Do you have a strict parents that when the sun comes down you need to be in your home?.. That's what I would like to say but I don't want further suspicion from her that I'm not from this planet.

"Just to be clear Kuya, if the sun sets now, we are on big trouble because there are monster that appear here on this forest at night. That's why this forest is called the Night Forest you know! It's because this forest is active by the night. Do you not even know that kuya? aaahhh... We need to find a hiding place now.

Isnt that like what most parents say to their kids so that they will be scared to go outside when it's night? I actually do not want to believe her on that but what if she's right? She's a native here after all. Also, that scared look from her doesn't look like it's fake.

Hmmm.. Ohh! I know a place.

Come on, I know a place.

"Should we just make run for it?"

Well, she's still on her nervous state..

ohh, she recovered.

The she look at me with a face that is like there is still hope.

Kinda cute but just the fact that I know how this kid is, it kinda denies that.

"Where is that?"

You'll know when we get there.

I want to also consider just running for that Jorvik but.. even in real life, you can't outrun predators and you mostly won't see them anyway untill they got you.. and I don't want to gamble something like that.

"Wait a second... now that I noticed, aren't you a stranger? I don't even know your name yet. My family said to not trust strangers, they said that strangers might do something bad to you. Are you like that too Kuya? If I come with you what might you do with me and maybe my body? I'm just a kid you know? I'm not delicious at all!

Now does she only noticed that? Even I am careful of her even if she is a kid. Ohh wait, she doesn't even look scared at all. Is this kid tricking me? I mean, all what she about strangers is true but... well, I'll try.

What are you talking about, I'm a completely good person you know. And honestly, I don't have interest on kids you know.

"Ha? Did you call me kid again? Didn't I told you many times too not call me a little kid. I even told you my name already! It's Alruna. A L R U N A! Just call me by name already.

She's on her tantrums again. She really is sensitive about being called a kid.

Ok, ok, Let's just go. By the way, I'm not a bad person ok. If I was a bad person, I would have not throw up on that... ahhh let's just go.

I already start walking to the place I thought.

It was the first place I have come since I arrived here. Yes, there's nothing there but.. I already thought of a plan.

"Hmmmp! But just try it kuya! I know how to fight you know! I would definitely beat you up if you try!"

Ohh really? What do I do, I'm scared, hahahaha!

Is this kid serious. If I'm indeed a bad guy, what can she do against me? Pinch me?

"Well, I do think that you're a good guy though."


Finally, were here

"Oh wow! What is this!

The little kid Alruna is currently happy with her new interesting discovery, which is the portal that I've used to get here.

Hey, be careful or you might get hurt. And if possible, don't play with that.

I said the first one jokingly but the second one was kinda serious.

"Just what is this Kuya?"

"This is the first time I saw something like this!... Now that I've noticed kuya, why are you dressed like that? This is also the first time I saw someone dressed like that. And also, why are we even here? Besides this box thing, I can't see anything that looks like a village or a hide out. Just what part of the forest are we? Are you really sure you have no bad motives?...

This kid really has a lot of question. Kids are just kids aren't they?

One question at a time okay? Im only one person you know.

Is every kid this enthusiastic? I'm sure the world would collapse if the world is filled with kids like this so please no..

Well, to answer one of your question. That thing.. that thing is..

I'm not sure if I should tell her that I made a portal to come here and I'm an alien from Earth.

She's just a kid so maybe it's ok but.. I don't really know what's normal in this world and this kid just sprouted from nowhere too..

What if she's monster? Or an Orc? Maybe she's a shape shifter that is spying on me. I still can't fully trust her.

Well, from the cuteness of this kid.. it looks like that is impossible but... yeah maybe later.

For now, I'll just make something up.

But how will I trick her though?...

Ahh! I know!

I sat on the rock on the sides then I started my plan.

That.. That is called, a monolith!

She also sat on another rock nearby.

"Ehhh.. Monolith? What's that"

Monolith is... Monolith is a form of rock that is possibly made by the ancient people who lived here.

"Oohhhh.. Then?... Why did they built this monoliths?

Okay, looks like I caught her attention. I can continue this.

You see, my job is an Archeologist. And, as an Archeologist, part of what we do is to discover the answer to your question..

Well, I did study Archeology so I know many stuff about it. I studied Archeology to help me find some clue on how to go to another world after all.

You see, studying this Monoliths can give you information about how our ancestors live back in the day, what's their level of technology, what do they eat etc..

I shared her some of the surface level knowledge about Archeology. Pretty much what teachers and archeologist will tell you when you ask what's great about Archeology. Many people have been tricked about this you know.

"Ohhhh!! What else! What Else! Faster Kuya, tell me more!"

Looks like it's really working.

In her eyes you could clearly see an excited kid that found a big interest about Archeology. She literally looks like those kids that when given 1 candy and they saw you with more, they would want it also.

Kids... But with this I can fool her about my origins.

Wait, I also do want to learn more things about her. I also want to know if I could trust her.

Wait a sec, wait.

You know kid, in the adult world. It's always give and take. When all you do is take, its actually bad.

"Ha? Eh... I know that too you know! What do you take me for, a kid?"

She does look like a kid though.

You know, now that I look at her, she does resemble Lin.

When I first met her, she was like this kid. Full of question, always angry.


Kids are really annoying aren't they?

"So what's your question kuya? Could you tell me a bit faster, I really want to hear more about that arc... what's it called again?"

It's good that she understands it fast.

Archeology. That's what's it called. Ok, my turn. You kid, just who are you?

"Ehh.. Didn't I tell you already? I'm Alruna? Did you forget it already?"

She look said that too me while having this smug face that tells me she tricked me.

"Oops, you're done. My turn!"

Wait, that's not my what I meant you know.

"Eh.. No? Your done already, its my turn! It's a perfect give and take you know? Hahaha"

Not just she caught on about being adult, she also caught the deception about it. Dang this kid, just what kind of family does she have to be like this?

Tsss! Ok, you win. You want me to tell you more about Archeology right?

"Ah! No, not that first kuya!"

Ha? Then what?

"That's for later, since you ask me about myself, Can you tell me about you kuya? Like what is your name or from where are you?"

So you did understand my question huh?.


"Well, my name? Juan, Juan Dela Cruz. That's my name.