Chapter 2
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I didn't try to butt in with their talk, because that noble girl named Ariel has a mind that would only follow her on will and do the thing's she likes if I butt in the wrong time may result to my head being in the gallows, I don't want any of that so I just keep my eye shut and quietly listen to them.

Though the maid didn’t say anything else, as told, her face was clearly tinged with displeasure.

"Hey do you know how to use magic" - Ariel ask ryou

"Haa?" - Ryou answered in a clueless tone

"It's magic you know? Magic" - ariel

"There's no way I could" - Ryou

"Is that so? Even though you have such a beautiful face"  - Ariel

"...But if someone teaches you, maybe you'll be able to?" - Ariel

I don't think that Ryou kid will be able to do magic, because commoners can't use maguc and It could only be used by the descendants of high-class nobles.

That's the rule for some reason if your commoner no magic, if you have atleast a little bit of blood of a noble maybe you can but it will not be that strong.

Did you know that the Grann flamm becomes the royal family because their magic is strong and same for the three great family but they treat the Grann flamm special because they believe fire is the strongest element, As I was lost in my thoughts Ariel girl speak.

Well, let’s leave it for now. You will be residing here from now on after all, I shall find out little by little." - Ariel 

"Huh?" - Ryou

" what are you suprised about?" - Ariel

" live here...." - Ryou

"Is that not natural? You are onii-sama’s pet, you know? Therefore, you are also my pet." - Ariel 

"pet.."  - Ryou 

"Enough of that, you what is your name" - Ariel

Ryou is somewhat at lost so I speak for him.

"His name is Ryou Moriya" - Zeal 

"Oh your still here I thought you leave already" - Ariel

Is my presence really that thin? that you forgot about me even though your maid was shouting at me a while ago, haa~~ oh well.

"Yes, I am still not leaving milady." - Zeal 

" Oh why is that? " - Ariel 

" I want to check if the boy is going to be okay in these house or not and other personal reasons milady " - Zeal 

"What is this personal reasons that you speak of? " - Ariel 

"I would like to apply for a job milady" - Zeal 

"Oh a job is it? I see but I'm afraid we don't have a vacant job for you, but that's not my problem so what's his name again?" -Ariel

Then Ryou speak

"Ryou Moriya..." - Ryou 

"…Riyo, Rio"  - Ariel 

Ariel girl seems to to think it's a weird name so she came up with a new name for Ryou.

"…Rion. Oh well, your name is going to be Rion, okay?"

"Ah no.. thats" - Ryou -( Rion)

"It’s Rion. I have decided. Do you have any complaints?" - Ariel 

It's funny how Rion(Ryou) yield to the little girl's coercion

"Then, Rion. After tidying up your hair, let’s dress you up afterward?" - Ariel 

Before Rion could even ask what's that supposed to mean the maid already hand over a dress for him which is funny they are having a misunderstanding with his gender because he looks beautiful.

I couldn't keep it anymore I burst laughing when I see Rion looking at the dress with a expressionless face like a broken machine.

"PFT HAHAHAHAHAHA!, Oh god that gave me laugh sorry for my rudeness but he... he's a AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

While  I was laughing the maid shout at me again and

"How Insolent! How dare you laugh at!" - the maid suddenly cut mid way of her sentence 

"Why are you laughing?" - Ariel 

"Haa~~, cause he's a boy not a girl?"- i answered after my laughter stopped 

"Oh is that so? Just wear it for the day, tomorrow you will know what will my father do to you two untik then use that as your clothes, oh right and also don't leave this room" - Ariel 

After that Ariel and the maid leave then the two of us where left alone in a room then burst laughing again 


[Author: if my information is kinda vague or some part feels like it's missing you can check the novel that I use for making these fan fiction it's Called FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE VILLAINESS, and sorry for poor English it's not my first language so I am sorry ]