Chapter 3
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"Umm... Zea-san" - Rion

"Hahahahaha" - Zeal 

"Could you please stop laughing sir.."- Rion 

"Hahahha ~~  okay hoo~ sorry about that it's just funny, So are you gonna wear that? " - Zeal

I said while pointing at the dress that is in the bed

"Umm.. I..uh.. no" - Rion

"Thats okay here wear this" - Zeal 

I pull a cotton made tunic and pant[1] out of the void then hand it over to Rion looked at me dumbfoundedly.

"Keep this a secret hmm~" Zeal

I wink my right eye then Rion looked at me with a disgust and slight fear?.

"Oy oy don't misunderstand I dont have a thing for guys I would prefer that ojou earlier you know!?" - Zeal 

"If you say so" - Rion said while distancing himself from me

A vein bulge in my forehead,Look at this guy.

"Whatever just get dress already " - Zeal

I said while turning by back at him and look at the window, you could see the courtyard from here and there are some knights wearing a full set of armor and being trained by guy it should be there captain.

"It's okay now" - Rion 

I turned around and saw Rion wearing the clothes that i gave him it's quite loose, not because I am big or tall he's just skinny It look like he live a hard life.

"Umm Zeal-san" - Rion 

"Drop the 'san' already plus I prefer if you just me Zeal" - Zeal 

"Zeal what do you think they will do to us? " - Rion said in with innocent face

Haaa these guy is pretending to be a innocent boy.

"Drop the act I'm no fool to be tricked with that innocent looks hmm and this is bothering me for a while now are you from earth?" - Zeal 

When I said that Rion looked shock for a second then turned calm.

"Yes, but how did you know?" -Rion

"Easy, Your name gave it all your name was said in nihongo you see that's also the reason why that ojou gave you a name it's quite hard to pronounce your name in their language" - Zeal 

"So thats why, are you also a Japanese?" - Rion 

"No, I'm a Filipino but I'm also a manga reader so i know a bit of your language" - Zeal

"Oh by the way you say it looks like you've been here for a long time" - Rion 

"No not really it's just been a month or so since i came here, how long have you been here to be ignorant about magic? even commoners know what magic is" - Zeal 

He then proceed  to tell me how he got here.

"So base on what you said 1. You just got here 2. You did not meet god and lastly You feel like there is also another person within you right?" - Zeal 

"Yes" - Rion 

"So that's why huh i guess I'll explain how these world work but I'm just gonna explain the kingdom where in because I also don't know what the other kingdom is like kay?" - Zeal 

"Okay"- Rio

Then I proceed to tell him what magic is, where place where in and so on I only talk about the important part and not everything after the long explanation we then sleep as it is night already.


I woke up relatively early to train but I can't go outside the room so i just did a 200 push ups and 200 sit ups and 200 squats after I did all of that Rion woke up.

"Morning princess " - Zeal 

He throw a pillow at my face but But dodge it so it didn't hit but the maid behind sure took it n the face.

The maid face was full of irritation and anger.

"I'm sorry he didn't mean that" - Zeal 

I turned around and apologized but the maid face turned red so I apologize again.

"Um I mean we're sorry hey you apologize too" - Zeal 

"Um I'm sorry I didn't really mean to hit you" - Rion

"Uh no it's okay, umm master is calling for you two so get dress I will wait outside of the room" - the maid

The before the maid go outside of the room she glanced at my body then shut the door, I look at my well trained body it isn't really a bad thing she looked at my body it's nice to have someone admire you all, and also my body is already in a great shape when I got here so all I did was to develop it more as I was thinking I saw Rion looking at me like I'm some king of narcissist.

"What are you looking at? Are you jealous of my beautiful body hmm?you'll get these kind of body just go train everyday and pushyour limits hahaha"- Zeal 

Now he looked at like a looking at a weirdo, A vein bulge in my forehead.

"You just get dress already princess" - Zeal 

I wore my clothes and walk out of the door.

"Umm where is the other one? " - the maid

A few moments later Rion also walked out of the door wearing the clothes I gave him.

"All here then follow me" - the maid

We walked for a moment before stopping in front of a door, the maid knock two times *knock knock *

"Let them in"


"You two get in maid you may leave now"

"Yes sir" - the maid

After we enter we saw a couple siiting in a coach and the the noble kid I rescue and the ojou yesterday and  besides them there is a man standing in a wearing a full butler attire, I thnk he's the butler/valet 

"You two, what are you called?" - valet 

"They call me Rion sir" - Rion 

"What I want is your real name" - valet

"It’s Ryou"- Rion


"Ryou, sir" - Rion


"Please, call me Rion" - Rion

"…I understand,And you what is your name?" - Valet

"Sir I feel like you still have questions for Rion after that I would only asnwer it's for personal reasons" - Zeal

"Hmm, very well" - valet

"Thank you sir" - Zeal 

"Rion is it, where are your parents?" - Valet

"I don’t have any. They have died when I was still small" - Rion

"… How did you live after that?" - Valet

"Scavenging, sir. I was too young to work after all" - Rion 

"So you have never worked?" - Valet

"I have done chores, but that’s not a profession" - Rion 

"Well then, where did you learn to speak in this way?" - Valet

"From my dead parents, sir" - Rion

"What have your parents done for a living?" - Valet

"I do not know. My parents have never spoken about their jobs" - Rion

"When did you lose your parents?"- Valet

"I was around two years old, I don’t really remember the exact date." - Rion

"Are you telling me you do not remember the day your parents died?" - Valet

"Sir, I do not even know what day is it now" - Rion

"What was the cause of death?" - Valet 

"I don’t know, when I woke up they were already dead. It’s not something unusual in the slums." - Rion

"What do you plan to do after this?" - Valet

"I have never given it a thought sir. There was no time yesterday." - Rion

"…Then how about thinking about it now?" - Valet

"Right here? Is it really required?" - Rion

"What!?" - Valet

"What I want to do is my own problem. Though this may seem a bit rude, it is of no concern to the people present here." - Rion

"… Do you mean, you don’t want to be meddled with by this family?" - valet

"Sir, I do not understand the question. What kind of answer do you expect? If it’s about not wanting to be involved, then it would be better for the answer to come from your side." - Rion

"That is…" - valet

The man probably had no authority to make that decision. That’s why by finding faults in my responses, he would let the surroundings have information to make the judgment.

After the valet seems to can't come up with a question the Man sitting in the sofa speak.

"It seems my son has been in your care" - marquis

[Author: I'm already tired after my online class so this chapter got delayed forr some hour sorry]

[Oh right if you're wondering what's a tunic is I'm talking about medieval tunic so here ohh i forgot i don't know how  sorry just search it up I'll try to add the pic after i learn how to sorry]