Chapter 63: The Seventh Mage
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Alicia did her best to look innocent as the other members of the Council of Magic all glared at her, she giggled while looking cute and said, "Oopsie?"

Guy rubbed the bridge of his nose with a serious expression on his face. Madeline had her emotionless almost cold eyes boring holes into Alicia while Olivier, Doreen, and Diggory looked at her like she had just walked off their most treasured item. First Mage Diggory was the first to ask, "You mean to tell us while teaching Ella math, language, geography, and history, somehow, you accidentally taught her Magic?"

Alicia gave her I'm an adorably silly girl smile and replied, "Well, it just kind of happened by accident, we were talking about how you can use language for various things and I had my spell book there and well she learned it so easy compared to anyone else I have seen." 

Guy started to speak, "Didn't we agree.."

Olivier interrupted Guy and said, "I realize this is going to be a lot to ask of you all, but I would appreciate it as a favor to me, that we allow Ella to formally become the Seventh Mage. I will take responsibility for this myself. The damage has already been done, she is, in fact, a mage based on the status showing on the board now. If Ella isn't able to meet our requirements for personality and responsibility, I will do what is necessary." Olivier looked grim as he finished. 

Everyone turned and glared at Alicia again and then one by one they agreed. Madeline said flatly, "Olivier if the unthinkable happens, I won't make you do it yourself." 

Guy put a hand on Olivier's shoulder and said, "She'll do fine, I trust your eyes. I just want everyone to be clear on this, we can't just pass out the secret to Magic on a whim. The consequences could be unthinkable. Just the two spells used by Wütendes Menschenreich were enough to nearly cost us the Kingdom. 

Olivier why don't you invite Ella to join us, she is one of the Council now, so she can be part of this meeting." 

Olivier left the room for several minutes and then came back with Ella who looked scared. It was clear by her body language that she wasn't sure how to address the members of the Council. Guy stood up and smiled at her, "Welcome, Mage Ella Luthier, Seventh Mage of the Council of Magic."

Ella looked completely confused, she looked at Olivier who nodded. Everyone gave her words of congratulations and then they invited her to sit and join them. They went around the table and explained the responsibilities of being a Mage and what the expectations for her were. She took a deep breath and asked, "Being a Mage is like nobility?" 

Olivier chuckled and said, "Being a Mage is like being the King of a country, only we have no actual country, just the school for now. For now, just consider that the mundane world of your past no longer needs to hold you back."  

Guy smiled and said, "We'll be able to help your grandfather hire someone to replace you so that you can concentrate on your school work and Magic." 

Ella blinked a few times and then asked, "What if I don't want this?" 

Madeline nodded and said, "I can understand that feeling, Ella, we hold an incredible power as a Mage. Just one of us alone could destroy a country the size of Pays Des Abrutis. Let that sink in, just one of the seven of us alone. What we do with that power matters. We have a terrible responsibility to that power and to use it in a way that will protect the people and not harm them. Ignoring the power won't make it go away. Our Council of Magic has money and will earn more money through our future work. I see that you are a hard worker and someone who understands responsibility, so please, join us and work with us, Mage Luthier." 

Ella looked down at the table for a long time before she looked up and said, "I understand. Thank ye." 


King Albert sat on his throne and said, "I have summoned you all here today because I am going to announce my choice for Queen. As you know we have been offered the hand of several suitable princesses from neighboring countries. All of them born of perfect pedigree to become the Queen of Pays Des Abrutis." He stood up and then declared in a loud booming voice, "One of the last orders my father gave to me before he was murdered was that I was to find my wife among the gifted students of the Academy of Swords and Magic. So I want to present to you all now, the woman I fell in love with at the Academy, Cecil de Chalon. She will be crowned as Queen of Pays Des Abrutis."

Cecil came forward in utter elegance, her dress and bearing were exactly like the Queen Mother's herself. She looked around the room exactly as the Queen Mother always had. It was as if she were already a queen. The four Dukes, the ministers and various nobles in the room including the Queen Mother herself all felt that the woman he had selected were the spitting image of what a Queen should be like and the only questions that were asked were about her family lineage. House Chalon was only a Count's, but with her being admitted to the Academy of Swords and Magic, it added a layer of honor that could not be denied.

Cecil waited for the murmurs to die down before she spoke softly, "Thank you, your Majesty, for this great honor." She gave a very formal curtsy that once again sent positive murmurs through the gathered nobility.   

King Albert walked up to Cecil and leaned close whispering into her ear, "I'm sorry that you lost a servant, but in return, I give you a country, my love."

Cecil showed nothing on her face but the calm quiet reserve of a Queen, she whispered in return, "I will bear you a prince worthy of being your successor, my love." 


Ever since Doreen and Madeline had let Guy see the status change, Doreen had found a new hobby. Whenever Guy was in a room alone, she would purposely hike up her already short skirt, and make sure that her breasts were all but popping out of her top. For some reason, it really excited her to see if she could change the status between them into something different. She had also been trying the same things on Madeline, but Guy was easier to get reactions from. 

She walked up behind him and asked, "Oh, Mage Molester, are you working on a new invention?" 

"Montfort, and yes. In the world I am from we used a steam engine on rails to pull heavy cars from one place to another. I was thinking maybe we could design a system similar to that using static Magic gates. Instead of taking say, three days to go from Rouvroy County to the Capital, we could change that to three minutes. Imagine how the world would shrink, or at least the places we chose to set up such a system." Guy said as he played with his drawings. 

Doreen leaned over the table to look closer, which allowed Guy to look right down her top. He swallowed hard. She touched her lip and asked in her soft warm tone, "How would you keep undesirables from using this system against the country you set it up in?"

He looked a little uncomfortable as he replied, "Well, that's what I am still working on, with the current gates, anyone could just walk up and use them." 

Doreen tilted her head and asked, "May I borrow your pencil, I have an idea." 

Guy handed her the pencil which she pretended to drop, "Oh, I've got it." She bent over in front of him and slowly stood back up when she turned around his face was bright red, she smiled and said, "What if instead of a static gate, you have a timed gate inside of a tunnel. One that can be closed at both ends. You can ensure that the people you wanted, come through before opening the other end." She slid the pencil slowly back and forth through her thumb and index finger to describe what she meant. 

Guy was staring at her hard he even started to sweat as he watched her now. He said, "That's a better idea, thank you."

She rubbed the pencil across her lips and then suggested, "In fact, you could put the tunnel underwater at both ends. That way, if undesirables arrive, such as an invading army, you can simply flood the tunnel."

Guy nodded as she talked, his eyes kept falling on her large breasts. He thought about how she looked when she bent over and blood nearly ran out of his nose. "What did you say?" He realized she just said something to him.

"I said, do you like my wet tunnel?" She had the pencil on her lips.

Guy replied, "I like it." 

She giggled and then handed him the pencil back with a smile and laughed softly, "I'm glad I could help, Mage Molester." 

He watched her walk away, her backside swayed side to side as she walked. He had to give himself a slap in order to work on the idea again. After a minute he suddenly called out, "Montfort, damn it. With what I do for you people..."