Chapter 66: The next morning
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After sleeping things off the Council returned to the Tower to assess the damages and to help with the cleanup. First Mage Diggory was enveloped in hugs and handshakes when he was found digging through the remains of the tower. Many students workers had been injured by the explosion but thankfully the Ito Conglomerate was able to mobilize relief to the Academy quickly. The greatest loss for the Council turned out to be from the books that were damaged or lost in the Tower of Magic's library. Thankfully each of the Mages had been collecting their favorite spells or spell books they were researching in their own private quarters located outside of the tower itself so they didn't lose everything. 

Diggory, Madeline, and Alicia lead the efforts with helping the students and faculty who were injured or lost property due to the explosion while Claude, Guy, and Olivier worked at putting plans in place for rebuilding a Tower and strengthening the security of the campus. Ella worked as a go-between, while Doreen worked with the Ito Conglomerate to provide disaster relief to the areas affected outside of the school grounds. 

The Four Dukes, the Queen Mother and the surviving leaders in the Pays Des Abrutis government quickly restored order to the government and made sure that the disaster of losing the King and Queen were quietly concealed. Rather than reveal the truth, they later framed it as an attack by a foreign nation that killed the King and Queen as well as destroyed the Tower of Magic. Using their temporary powers, the four Dukes began to debate who should be the next King. One faction wanted Fourth Mage Olivier to become the King, while another faction believed that Duke Aumont's son should take power as he was the fiancé of Odila de la Marche. Until things were settled, it was agreed that the Queen Mother would rule with the four Dukes as her advisers. 

After a grueling few long days of work, Guy called the Council of Magic to order with his own plan. Guy stood up and paced around the room and then said, "I'd like to talk about a few things tonight, but the most important one is the security of the Council itself. I believe we need to reconsider our living conditions. All of us believed that we were safe in Pays Des Abrutis and doubly so within the grounds of the Academy itself."

First Mage Diggory nodded and then asked, "Are suggesting we relocate the Academy and the Tower itself?"

Guy nodded and said, "Exactly so, my own private business has expanded out over the entire continent so I have been receiving reports on climate, local political issues, and other considerations for some time now, and I believe that I have found a location that would be perfect for our needs. It is a secluded valley that is nearly completely isolated due to difficult mountain passes. The indigenous population lives high in the mountains. The valley floor is unused aside from traveling merchants who use it as a place to hold over during the months when the mountain passes are impassable due to snow." 

Madeline looked worried and asked, "What about the Academy here, our families, friends?"

"Doreen and I have been working on a transportation system that we will use, a permanent gate that would act as a choke point between our working and living area and here in Pays Des Abrutis. The existing school could be used for other purposes including a new Academy de L'échec." 

"Then the Academy of Swords and Magic would be even more elite?" Alicia asked.

Guy nodded and then spread out some documents and plans he had drawn up with his people in the Ito Conglomerate, "My proposal is that we take only the top 10% of the Academy to the new area. The existing school will stay and prepare the other 90% for possible admission. As for the Council of Magic, I believe we need to militarize our grounds, Claude and I have been discussing it, and we feel that the new Tower of Magic should be guarded with round the clock security the same way any government center would." 

"Um, I know ye've all mostly thought this out, but might'n I make a suggestion?" Ella raised her hand and asked timidly.

"Of course," Guy replied.

"It seems to me, ye should make the new Tower of Magic without a door." Ella blushed hoping she didn't overstep her authority. 

Everyone looked at each other with an expression that said, 'How did we not even think of that?' Olivier grinned and said, "You're a genius, Ella. That's absolutely brilliant." 

First Mage Diggory slapped his palm on his face and started laughing, "Of course, we can make the Tower without a way in, it's so simple."

Madeline frowned and then said, "We'll still need windows. I can't imagine how bad it would smell in there if we can't air it out." 

Guy grinned and said, "Well done, Ella. I have a few ideas now." 

Doreen raised her hand the way Ella had done and said, "I motion that we move forward with Ella's idea and keep the existing site for now while the Ito Conglomerate works to build the second site using our new static gate. I think we need to have a self-sustainable facility built before we move on to the second phase." 

Guy nodded and said, "Then we'll do that. Any other areas of concern before we adjourn the meeting?"

Alicia raised her hand and asked, "Yes, about the unusual status shared by the three of you, has there been any update?"

Guy frowned and said, "The status board was unfortunately lost, so we'll table that discussion for now." 

Doreen raised her hand and started going, "Me, me, me, ooo, me, me!" 

Guy sighed and said, "Yes, Doreen?"

"I saved the status board. I brought it, it is right over there." Doreen pointed aggressively to a beat up chalkboard.

Guy said, "Well, we'll talk about those matters when we finish this work, I don't think anyone wants to.." 

Everyone started to interrupt him saying that they wanted to know more about it. Guy took a deep breath and then said maybe a little too loud, "Fine! Doreen, please check your status." 

Madeline started to watch Guy's expression closely as Doreen clapped her hands excitedly. Doreen practically danced over to the board and then gently pressed her hand to it. Once she saw the result she cheered loudly and jumped up and down. [Love interests: Madeline Celeste d'Aumont/Guy de Montfort | Favorability: More than friends/More than friends].

Madeline blinked her eyes and then turned and looked at Guy, "More than friends, it says. More, I wonder what more, is Mage Molester?"

Guy rubbed the bridge of his nose, "It's Montfort, and it says that for both of us, so don't look at me like that."