Chapter 68: The Grand Wedding’s plan
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Alicia and Claude thought about postponing their wedding due to the chaos caused by the late Queen but Olivier suggested that holding the wedding in grand fashion would be a show of power for the Council as well as the fact because of the struggle for power happening in the capital, most of the nobility were forced to reside at their capital estates, meaning it was a good time to invite them. Guy made a suggestion, "I don't know if you have thought of where you want to hold the wedding, but suggest we use our new static gate. We'll anchor one end to the new valley we'll be developing, build a scenic wedding area, then have guests arrive here at the Academy and transport them through the gate. It will be completely secure and allow you to have a beautiful location for the wedding." 

Alicia practically bounced out of her seat, "Yes! Yes, yes! Then Claude and I can use my gate to go to my undisclosed honeymoon location." Claude nodded his own approval.

"Alright, I'll have a team start construction on a platform and reception area. We can move the rest through the gate when its time." Guy nodded. 

Madeline then asked, "I wonder if we shouldn't just hold both weddings at the same time? Guy, we were planning to marry a month later, but with the site already being built and the same guests to be present for both weddings, it would make more sense for us to have both at the same time." 

Alicia's eyes grew huge and she bounced around once again, "Yes! We have to do this! Maddy, Doreen, and Guy can have their wedding at the same time, it will be incredible!"

Guy nodded and said, "Yes, that's a good idea. We'll all be there and our families will all attend both weddings due to the political nature so it's a good opportunity." 

Claude smiled and said, "Well then, congratulations are in order for all of us, right Doreen?" 

Doreen was bright red and looking right at Madeline who was staring at her in return. Guy looked at them and asked, "What?"

Madeline stared at Guy and then tilted her head and said in her emotionless tone, "So it's a good idea then? For Alicia and Claude to be married at the same time as us?" 

Guy rubbed the bridge of his nose and asked, "It was your idea, right?" 

Olivier had his normal goofy smile as he said to Madeline, "He has no idea, you'll have to spell it out for him." 

"Mage Molester, when you marry us, which of us will you kiss first?" Madeline tilted her head the other way and asked in the emotionless tone. 

Guy looked at her like she was crazy, "What do you mean? Why would I kiss Alicia, I am not marrying her." 

Olivier shook his head and then seriously said, "I mean no disrespect to you Madeline, but I truly believe it wouldn't be a bad thing for any of you. You probably aren't aware of this, but most of the male nobility have a mistress in the capital. Not to mention that most of their wives are closer than you imagine to one or more of the knights who stay behind to protect them. At least this way, you'd always know who it was and even be able to be a part of it."

Guy suddenly blinked and then asked, "Wait, what?" 

Doreen slowly facepalmed and said, "You just agreed to marry me while Alicia and Claude are married."

Alicia touched her lip and looked surprised, "I thought all of you were together already. Madeline and Doreen do all that stuff in the bathhouse together and then I also see Guy walking away from Doreen with his thing tenting out." 

Madeline and Guy looked at each other, pointed and asked at the same time, "What?!" Then the both of them slowly turned and looked at Doreen who batting her eyelashes looking innocent. 

Doreen rolled her eyes and giggled, "Oh, Alicia, you make it sound so dirty. It's all just a little harmless fun."

Claude raised his hand slowly, "I'd like to have fun." 

Alicia while still smiling ruthlessly slammed her elbow into Claude's midsection knocking the wind out of him. Breathlessly he added, "Sorry, I mean I hate fun." Alicia smiled and nodded.

Ella slapped her hand down on the table, "It's not right. Ye can't do that." 

Everyone turned to stare at her. Olivier who felt a little worried then asked, "What do you mean, Ella?"

Ella looked at everyone, "Ye all heard me, it's not right. Ye can't 'urt Maddy's feelings like this. Doreen there, she's played wit' the two of 'em. Flirted wit' 'em. But she ain't tryin' to marry either o' 'em, so don't put that on 'er. It's gonna 'urt 'er feelins too." She looked Doreen straight in the eye and asked, "Maddy, would ye be 'appy to be the second wife?" 

Madeline coldly voiced out, "No, absolutely not." 

Ella looked at Doreen, "What about ye? Ye want to be the second wife?"

Doreen shook her head and said, "Not really, no. That sounds like a servant." 

"Neither wants to be a second wife, which means neither would be 'appy in that relationship, ye understand now?" Ella scolded. 

Doreen smiled and said, "I would be happy to be married to both of them at the same time. By that, I mean I would marry each of them as an equal."