Chapter 70: Date Night 2: Electric Boogaloo
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Guy finally had some good news come to him as he was working on one of his too many projects. "Mage Montfort, our Electric team has finished installing all seven thousand lights and we have had a successful test lighting of the grid. All points are showing active and all transmission lines from the dam to the city are showing secured." 

"It's Molester. Wait, damn it, they have me all confused, never mind what I just said. Did you already install the lights I asked for at the main city park?" Guy rubbed his tired eyes.

His aide nodded and said, "We also invited the vendors you wanted and are ready to advertise the fireworks festival." 

Guy smiled and clapped his hands saying, "Great, now I just have to invite her and hope she isn't so mad at me she'll come with me. I have spent far too much time setting all this up just for tomorrow night." 

Olivier laughed and shook his head, "I can't believe you just corrected him that your name was Molester." 

"I got so used to hearing the two words together." He sighed, "How about you, you better bring Ella. None of you have ever seen something this incredible."

"Fireworks? I have seen them before, I think we had some at one of my father's celebrations once." Olivier replied. 

Guy laughed with an evil laugh, "Nothing like what I am going to do, I assure you. I had to bring in a team of specialists from the far east. It took my people six months to make the journey."

Olivier smirked and said, "Well, I like the idea of having a nighttime outdoor entertainment. If it's even a little bit exciting, it could help bring us closer together. I am all for that." 

Guy nodded and said, "I have wanted to take Madeline to a festival as long as I have been together with her, I just wish I could see her in a yukata." 

Olivier shook his head and said, "If a yukata is a dress, I am not sure that girl would be interested. I think the masquerade ball in our first year of the Academy is the first and last time I saw that girl wear a dress." 

Guy nodded and said, "She likes to stay dressed in uniform, it represents her duty as a Mage. I am not actually opposed to that side of her, I feel the same way." 

Olivier laughed and said, "You two are definitely cut from the same cloth."


Alicia and Doreen giggled and before Alicia asked, "So he asked you on a date again?"

Madeline blushed slightly and nodded, "He said it was going to be special. Aren't you two going?" 

"Claude hasn't asked me yet, and I won't go without him," Alicia replied. 

Doreen chuckled and said, "Then you should invite him yourself." 

"What about you Doreen, are you going?" Alicia asked. Doreen shrugged in reply. 

Madeline covered her mouth with her hand and laughed, "Doreen has already turned down at least a dozen offers to go." Madeline shook her head and scolded, "Doreen, you are never going to find anyone special if you don't let some of your suitors invite you out once in a while." 

"I know, Maddy, it's not that I don't want to go, it's that I just haven't been invited by anyone that made my heart move. I guess it would be like if Diggory invited you to dinner. I mean yeah, you'd get dinner, but he'd spend the whole evening trying to look up your dress." Doreen giggled. 

Alicia smiled and said, "Did I ever tell you about how I met Claude? He killed some villains for me. It was very romantic." 

"Our ideas on romance are a little different Alicia," Doreen explained. 

"Guy insulted Alicia's sister, I was very moved," Madeline smiled.

Alicia made a face and asked, "Wait, Guy insulted my sister the first time you met? Why was that a romantic meeting?" 

Madeline sighed and replied, "He called her Lady Milk Cow." Doreen exploded into laughter.

Alicia folded her arms under breasts and said, "I don't get it."  


Guy arrived to pick up Madeline wearing his formal Mage's uniform. Thanks to the effects of the hero potion he looked absolutely dazzling. It was the first time Madeline had seen him wear the formal uniform since Diggory had invented the hero potion. Madeline was also wearing the formal mage uniform, only she had her hair styled and was wearing a hint of makeup which with her normal beauty enhanced by the beauty potion also made it seem like she was sparkling. Standing together they looked like an inhumanly beautiful couple. There was no other couple that could compare to the two, not even Claude and Alicia. 

Once again Guy had decided to arrive via carriage only this time he made sure that they had a proper coachman and not one of his friends trying to spy on the date. After his first big date with Madeline, he learned to cover even the finest of details like the coachman. Madeline asked, "So it's a festival celebrating what exactly?" 

Guy smiled and said, "In my culture, these festivals were originally held to ward of evil spirits. I suppose over time the festival just became a great way to spend a summer night." He chuckled and said, "You'll love it, I promise." 

Madeline leaned again him and nodded, "That reminds me, what was that new project you started in the huge new building on the Ito Conglomerate lands." 

Guy's eyes got huge and he grinned, "That's a top secret. Not even Olivier will know about that one until I am ready to show you all. It's going to be something that will change the world in a way that you would never have imagined possible." He grinned and explained, "I found a spell that would make something impossible, possible and I am eager to see it work with my own eyes."

The carriage pulled up to a long line of carriages letting people off at the capital city's main park. Guy exited first and then held his hand out to help Madeline down off of the carriage. Once the made it to the park, Guy had to step up to a stage and announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me count down the start of a new world. Ten, nine, eight.." The crowd slowly joined in with him until everyone was shouting, "Four, three, two, one!" As the count hit one, all of the electric lights came on all over the city. For the first time in Pays Des Abrutis history, the entire city was lit up at night. The festival lights also came on so now everyone could see all of the amazing stalls with games and food being sold. A great cheer rose up from the crowd. 

Madeline looked like a little girl as she ran to each stall looking at the games she had never seen before. They hadn't been there more than an hour and she already had her hands full of different foods she had never eaten before. Guy would have needed magic to remove the smile from her face. Four hours later a number of lights were shut off and then the fireworks were launched into the air above the river. Even Olivier who had seen a fireworks display before had to admit it was an amazing display. Fireworks shot into the air with huge booms, dazzling lights sparkled like temporary stars in the sky. 

Guy took a knee in front of Madeline and smiled up at her, a little box in his hand, he asked, "Madeline, I asked you once before and you wanted me to wait until I was ready. Well, I am ready. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" 

A staccato burst of fireworks lit off behind him as he opened the little box. Inside was a silver ring with a large pink diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds. The fireworks exploded in bright red which caught refracted off the diamond making it look even more beautiful. She choked out, "I want to marry you, I want to be your wife!"