Chapter 71: Doreen’s Idea
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After the fireworks festival, Madeline was practically dancing around the temporary Tower of Magic (the storeroom at the Ito Conglomerate) she kept staring at her ring like it might fly away if she looked away from it. Doreen looked at her and made a barfing sound. Madeline stuck her tongue out at Doreen and said, "We both know you aren't really jealous." 

Doreen sighed and said, "Yeah, you're right. That doesn't mean you dancing around here like a fairy isn't making me want to puke though." She laughed. 

Madeline sat down and said, "Do you even really like anyone?" 

Doreen thought about it and said, "You and Guy."

Madeline smirked at her and said, "No, I mean really like." 

Doreen sighed and said, "No, I mean I like you too, but I don't have anyone that makes my heart race. I could be content if it was you two, but that would just be hiding from looking for someone." 

Madeline nodded and said, "Guy never told me what he said to you, is it secret?" 

Doreen shook her head and said, "He took me outside and said that he loved you and promised you that you would be his only woman in this life. I realized at that point I was just selfishly imposing myself between you two because I was hiding from a bigger truth. The truth that I have never had someone the way you two have each other. Alicia and Claude, they seem more like a real couple. Like, if I shook my boobs at Claude, he would jump. That Guy is different. I threw myself at him for weeks and he stayed true to you. I found that very exciting. I'm sorry that I hurt you by playing around that way." 

"Don't forget attacking me in the bath," Madeline smirked. 

Doreen laughed and said, "It was just a little harmless wrestling, Maddy."

Madeline gave Doreen a hug and said, "I forgive you. We're friends, right?" 

"More than friends, Maddy," Doreen hugged her and said, "While I was talking to Renée I had an idea for Guy."

"Oh? What was that?" Madeline tilted her head expecting something that she would be angry about. 

Doreen looked up into the sky and said, "Remember how Guy said that in his world this was a game and we were all characters in it? He should write a message on the new tower for his sister, to let her know that he is living here and living well." 

Madeline looked at Doreen like she was a ghost and said, "That's brilliant, let's go bother him. He'll want to do that right now." 

The girls found Guy overwhelmed in multiple projects, he was delegating authority as needed but also being swamped with questions about building materials and needed changes based on concepts that Guy hadn't made clear in his design plans. Madeline looked him in the eyes and said, "Doreen has an idea you need to hear." 

Guy rubbed his eyes and asked, "Can it wait? I am already falling behind on my work here." 

Madeline looked at Doreen and said, "Just say it, he'll keep finding more work." Doreen laughed softly. 

Guy gave Madeline a look and then sighed and motioned with his hand for Doreen to say it. Doreen giggled and then said, "I was thinking about how you said that in your old world, this was a game and that we were all characters in it. You said your sister would be playing it too. You should put a big sign on the new Tower letting her know you are here and living well."

Guy who looked like he was tuning her out looking at a drawing suddenly looked up and stared at Doreen. He asked, "Wait, what did you just say?"

"Put a sign up that says you are ok and living here," Doreen replied. 

Guy started shuffling through his drawings until he found that one he wanted, he laughed out loud and said, "You're a genius, Doreen!" He scribbled madly on his design and then called out, "Murphy take this updated drawing to paint." An older man in an Ito Conglomerate uniform came running over and took the drawing away. Guy tipped his head back roared with laughter, "I can't believe I never thought that of that. I have been here for years and it never dawned on me to write a simple message that would be seen by anyone playing the game." 

Doreen smiled and then said softly, "It's too bad that it doesn't work both ways." 

Guy laughed and shrugged, "Would it matter? When you go to Renée's grave and speak to her, are you ever worried that she isn't able to talk back? Just this little peace of mind is worth everything to me." 

Doreen giggled and then said, "Oh! In that case, just pay me a million gold for the idea." 

Madeline frowned and barked out, "Doreen!" 

Guy didn't even look up from his drawing and called out, "Murphy! Cut a bank check to Doreen Leon for one million gold."

Once again the older man came running and said, "Yes, Mage Montfort." He opened a book and wrote on a line and then tore out a piece of paper and handed it to Doreen, "Mage Leon, just take this to any branch of the Ito Bank. It's a lot of gold to carry so I recommend opening an account while you are there." 

Doreen turned slowly to look at Madeline who was frowning at her. "I didn't think he could do that on a whim." 

Guy once again spoke out without looking up, "It's fair value, Doreen, this idea is worth it to me."

Doreen smiled and said, "I should write a message to Renée." 

Guy smiled at her and asked, "Just in case?" 

Doreen nodded, "Who knows? Maybe Renée went to a different world just as you did." 


Abe Touma and Saito Ryuu waved their hands and called over to Saito Ami and Ito Yuuki. The two girls waved for them to come over. Both girls were staring at Yuuki's phone as the two boys walked over. "What are you guys looking at Ami?" Ryuu asked as they looked at the screen. 

"I am loading up the trailer for the new sequel to Noble School. It's called Noble School: Renaissance." Yuuki replied. 

Ryuu rolled his eyes and said to Touma, "That's this dumb Otome game they are always playing instead of trying to find real boyfriends." 

"What's an Otome game?" Touma curiously asked seeing that the two girls were fascinated with the video. 

Ami turned to the two of them and said, "Shhh it's loading up." A few seconds later the trailer started to play showing the new capture targets and the new heroine. It also ended by showing a few of the older popular characters like Olivier and Madeline before stopping on Doreen who was laughing softly. 

Ami and Touma both shouted out at the same time, "Doreen!"