Chapter 72: The Montgolfier
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Early in the morning messengers from the Ito Conglomerate started spreading the news around town that history was going to be made and that everyone should come out and look to the skies just before noon. Carriages from the Royal Palace brought Queen Mother and the four Dukes out to the Ito Conglomerate's huge new building. The Council of Magic also arrived in grand fashion as well as a select few dignitaries from nearby countries. At ten in the morning, the huge double doors on the new building opened and a long silver cylinder slowly creeped out from inside the building. 

The various dignitaries riding inside the luxurious cabin only saw that they were moving out from inside of the huge building. Guy stood in front of the large observation windows and said to the captain, "Take us for a slow loop around the city, today captain, we'll bring her back to the hangar and check for any oddities before we start booking passengers." He turned and spoke to the gathered officials and said, "Welcome to the Ito Conglomerate's first commercial airship, the Montgolfier, " He pointed out the windows and said, "Take a look out the windows, we're going to be flying at an altitude of six hundred and fifty feet today, but the ship is capable of safely reaching altitudes of three times that while still allowing passengers to be catered in absolute luxury." 

Everyone on board was staring at the ground getting smaller as the ship climbed higher to its cruising altitude. The Queen Mother gasped, "It's incredible Mage Montfort, I never would have believed it possible." 

Everyone else started to mumble and talk amongst each other, Madeline came up to Guy's side and said, "It's a miracle. How did you make the ship fly?" 

Guy smiled at her and then said to the people on board, "The secret to how this ship can fly is partly Magical and partly technological. The hull of this ship is filled with a material that we used magic on to make it lighter than air which allows the ship to defy gravity. We use steam-powered motors to turn propellers to allow it to move around. In the future as we perfect better motors and better cabins, we'll be able to go faster and higher even clearing the taller mountain ranges to the east and west of Pays Des Abrutis." 

One of the Dukes asked, "Is it dangerous?" 

Guy nodded and said, "There is a small danger that the ship could be tossed around and damaged in severe weather. The Magical nature of the material making up the hull of the ship won't allow it to crash to the ground." 

Olivier asked, "Where did you get the idea for this ship?" 

Guy walked up close to him and whispered, "It's based on an airship from my world called a Zeppelin." 

Duke Aumont asked, "What does this name, 'The Montgolfier', mean?" 

Guy smiled and replied, "I once read in a book about a family called the Montgolfiers who created a giant balloon filled with hot air that they used to fly straight up into the air. In honor of their achievement, I felt that it would be fitting to name the Ito Conglomerate's new airship after their heroic first steps into the air." 

All of the passengers clapped at his response, Duke Aumont looked proud of his future son-in-law as he replied, "Very fitting indeed." 

"What are those strange characters written on the side of 'The Montgolfier'?" The Queen Mother asked.

Guy smiled and gave Doreen a wink before saying, "Those symbols along the side are part of the Magical formula that lets the ship stay in the air." 

Everyone started muttering excitedly as Madeline gasped and said, "Look down there, you can see the Academy!"

Someone off to the side exclaimed, "Honey, you can see our house from here!"

Looking at the airship from the side, in Japanese, it read, " Ito Yuuki, it's me Aoi. I'm living here and doing well." 

All over the streets of the capital city, people stared at the monster ship floating in the sky with awe and wonder. Since the messengers from the Ito Conglomerate had asked them all to come out they looked up into the air and saw the huge airship with it's Ito Conglomerate logo on the tail fins slowly flying around the city. The noise from the steam-powered motors spinning the huge propellers a sound that was completely unheard of before. Knowing that the Council of Magic was involved everyone looked on at the miracle in the sky with a knowing smile. Magic, it could do anything.

After floating around the capital for a few hours, the airship slowly descended to the hangar for inspection. Guy and the captain exchanged a hearty handshake and a hug. Then Guy gave Madeline a kiss a big hug, before walking around and shaking hands with all of the passengers. Most of whom were ready to book a spot on the next voyage of the Montgolfier.


Emperor Wolter von Plettenberg and his retainers waited by a red velvet rope where an Ito Conglomerate employee holding a clipboard stood with several royal knights. Wolter all but yelled, "You tell them, that the Emperor of Wütendes Menschenreich is waiting here, they'll let me in for certain." 

The large man holding the clipboard looked down at the list and said, "Sorry, there is no Walter Plantenburg on my list."

Another one of the Emperor's men proudly explained, "There must be a mistake, you see, this is the Emperor of Wütendes Menschenreich, not some leather merchant." 

He looked at his clipboard again and said, "Sorry, I don't see an Emperor of Wootensburg Mensright on my list." 

The Emperor stomped his foot on the ground and yelled, "Let me speak to your supervisor!"

Another Ito Conglomerate employee wearing a tie with his Ito Conglomerate uniform asked, "I'm the manager, is there something I can help you with?" 

The Emperor screamed, "I want this man fired! I told him that I am the Emperor of Wütendes Menschenreich and he said I wasn't on his list." 

The manager looked over the clipboard and said, "I'm sorry sir, we don't have an Emperor of Wooden Menspike on the list, would it possibly be under another name?" 

"Emperor Wolter von Plettenberg the first," Wolter growled out.

The manager whistled as he read over the list, "I'm sorry sir, we don't have a Walter von Planttenburg on the list, but even though you missed out on this test voyage, you can always book a spot on one of our commercial cruises. As a token of our apology, I can offer you a coupon for a free beverage." 

One of the Emperor's men stomped his foot, "This is insane!"

The Emperor yelled, "Do you know who I am? You men will be lucky if you can keep your jobs after this!"

The manager frowned and said, "Sir, I understand that you wanted to be a part of this historic first test flight, but it was VIP only. Your name is not on the list. I checked it myself. If you feel this was in error, you can write a letter to our board of directors."