Vol 2 – Chapter 28: The Council Meets
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After the 'One Day War' and the transition of power from House la Marche to House Montfort, the Council of Magic once again met to discuss how they would move forward. Olivier had his normal goofy smile as he asked, "Are we ready then to move forward with the plan to train new mages?"

Alicia nodded and then said, "I recommend that we train two schools of Magic, the school of Wizardry in Wütendes Menschenreich which will learn the basic spells, Water Balloon, Fire Ball, Lighten, Force Field, and Wind Blade. In Pays Des Abrutis we'll open the School of Magery will learn the basic spells, Water Balloon, Fire Ball, Lighten, Force Field, and Earth Blade."

Doreen nodded and said, "We have a list of intermediate spells we'll teach the advanced students as well at both schools. None of the Calamity rank spells will be taught at either school."

Guy and Wolter looked at each other and nodded in agreement, Madeline spoke up and thought out loud, "I think we should have a kind of competition between the schools each year, to increase the student's desire to learn the spells and advance as Mages and Wizards."

Wolter's eyes lit up and he said, "A tournament!"

Guy nodded and said, "I agree."

Olivier who looked a little more serious than usual said, "If you think my School of Magery will ever fail to win this title, you should think twice, Wolter." 

They all burst into laughter and then Wolter said between laughs, "That's funny, you're a funny guy. My School of Wizardry has already built an entire building just to display the trophies for the next ten generations."

Olivier and Wolter stared daggers at each other and then Algernon cleared his throat and asked, "What is the progress on the next two airships?"

Guy sighed and said, "We are behind schedule, we are having trouble keeping resource production on pace with building production. The factory has requested additional manpower for the mines, but the increased costs of mining are going above market cost for materials. My father paid for the next Airship in gold thanks to the 'One Day War', which helped, but Wütendes Menschenreich has only paid in labor force so far which means we are short on gold to pay the employees temporarily."

Wolter nodded and said, "My father feels that these airships are a waste of money, even after telling him about the success of the Muffin, he scoffed and said tricks work once on the battlefield. He believes that airships will be countered by the next real war." 

Alicia frowned but didn't express her opinion. Claude asked, "What about our other income sources?" 

Renée spoke up and said, "Due to the 'One Day War' the Northern Border was closed, so our traders have been blocked out of the Northern trade routes. Trade with El Pais De Lotharios has to wait until the Mountain passes are fully opened. So, for the time being, we are having a money problem."

Olivier turned and slowly stared at Guy. Guy looked at Olivier and said, "Father took most of my money, it seems your brother siphoned off a large portion of the treasury to start his Ducal House."

Olivier gave a goofy smile and said, "Well, that was my idea, I knew you had plenty."

Sir Évreux came in and complained, "You started the meeting without me?"

Everyone looked at each other with looks of shame on their faces Claude spoke up, "Sorry, Charles, we didn't notice you weren't here yet."

Sir Évreux frowned and crossed his arms under his chest and glared at everyone, "Well, I wasn't here as early as all of you because I was at the Airship factory, the next two ships are ready for paint and naming. The P.D.A. Tomato was painted red and named but we still need a name for Wolter's ship."

Wolter thought for a moment and then said, "He'll be named the Teiwaz."

Guy rubbed his temples and then asked softly, "Did you just tell me that you painted the ship red and named it Tomato?"

Sir Évreux nodded and said, "They told me the story as follows. They asked if you still wanted to name the ship the Tomato, you said something like, 'Fine, paint it red and call it the Tomato, I give up!' throwing your hands in the air and walking away." He took a breath and then said, "And so, now the Pays Des Abrutis Skyforce has a bright red battleship named the P.D.A. Tomato." He took another breath and then said, "The ship I will be captaining and going to war with is now called the Tomato. So, thank you, your Highness." He gave a gentlemanly bow that felt far too sarcastic. 

Doreen covered her mouth and laughed softly, "It could be worse."

Wolter rubbed his chin and thought out loud, "With a Mage being needed to power the ship, we won't be able to crew future ships until we get the School of Wizardry through it's required courses."

Guy nodded and said, "I have thought about that for the Skyforce too. We need to get the schools in operation now. We can't afford to delay. Based on our previous experiences, how soon can we expect Mages to be ready?" 

Alicia said, "Four years. With the spells we have set right now, an average student will need four years to attain a basic level of mastery where we should feel comfortable allowing them to captain an airship."

Madeline nodded her head and said, "An airship captain should have a minimum of six months of Airship experience as well. If we had two training airships made we could put one at each school and make it part of the curriculum."

Sir Évreux nodded and said, "I think that's easily doable. We can just make two battleships without weapons, they only take a week to produce that way."

Madeline shook her head and said, "I needed a month to get used to the weapon systems myself as a veteran airship captain. I think we need to train them on a real ship."

Guy frowned, "That's going to be too expensive. I think it would be better to intern them on active duty ships."

Madeline nodded in agreement, "Perhaps the best students could qualify for captain school? Not every Mage will want to be an airship captain."

Sir Évreux thought for a moment and then asked, "That reminds me, are we all just going to give up on school? We have been missing a lot of school lately thanks to being so busy with our duties. I have been running myself ragged trying to maintain my fief and completing my duties for the Council." 

They all looked at each other and then Olivier said, "Sir Évreux if you would like to complete the Academy, we'll have others help you with your duties here. Most of us feel that the Academy was only something we were doing on the surface."

Claude nodded and said, "I came to the Academy to learn to be a better Count and to hopefully win the King's medal." 

Sir Évreux nodded and said, "I also came to the Academy to help me learn to be a noble. I think because of the Council here I have gone well beyond that. I will make my official withdrawal from the Academy known then." 

Claude nodded and said, "As will I." 

Renée frowned and said, "My family expects me to finish the Academy or at least to find a good husband." 

Claude smiled and said, "Haven't you?" 

Guy said immediately, "She hasn't." he glared at Claude like he was using some kind of eye laser to burn him into a pile of ash.