Vol 2 – Chapter 29: Alicia and Wolter
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Once they were alone Wolter asked Alicia, "Why haven't you been honest with them about our progress with the first class of Wizards? Four years? They will be ready in a month." 

Alicia smiled and then said, "Sphere of Silence." She waved her hand and then said, "We are still allies with the others, but we can not fully trust them. Not until you are Emperor and Montfort is King. Only then will we have the ability to more openly trust each other and even then there will things we must keep secret between our two countries." 

Wolter nodded and said, "It's true, my father is still stuck in the past. He thinks the airships and magic are battlefield tricks that can be used only once as a surprise. He hasn't witnessed for himself what a single mage or airship can do in a battle." 

Alicia nodded and then said, "At some point, one of our two countries will need to aggressively move to the North, I would like for us to divide the countries in the North in half as have done with the South, if we allow Pays Des Abrutis to beat us there, we would end up in a war of attrition against an enemy with more resources."

Wolter nodded and then said, "If we try to do that now, we have to go through Pays Des Abrutis or fly out over the pole. Can the airships travel in such cold weather?" 

Alicia nodded, "They can with modifications. That's why we are going to retrofit our ships once they are built. We need an advantage over the ships from Pays Des Abrutis, which is why I didn't include that in our design given to the factory."

Wolter laughed and said, "Such an incredible woman, that you chose me is a blessing for our Wütendes Menschenreich!"

Alicia cuddled up with Wolter and smiled, "In another world, in another time, it was you Wolter, who wooed me and swept me off my feet and ruined me for other men."

Wolter pulled her in close and then kissed her passionately, "In this world, you will only ever be my woman." He gave her a squeeze and then said, "Father has agreed to the wedding, I will take you as my wife in two months. Your father accepted the dowry and all that stands in our way now is time for planning."

Alicia leaned her head on his chest and said, "Mm, that sounds good. King Montfort gave you no trouble then?" 

Wolter smiled and said, "Guy and Madeline helped me get it approved without an issue. They are good friends. That is why I was worried when you lied to them, I haven't ever had friends like these before, it's a strange feeling to be guilty."

Alicia gave him a soft kiss on the chin and smiled up to him and giggled, "Don't worry, Guy will do or say something to offend you if you give him enough time. He's so calm and cool-headed all of the time, but certain people seem to get under his skin easily. You and Claude mainly."

Wolter nodded and said, "I understand with Claude, that morning we saw him come out of Renée's room I thought he would murder the man." He laughed uproariously.

Alicia chuckled and said, "I think it was you giving Claude the high five that drew his ire with you." 


Guy was following behind Renée when she turned around and yelled at him, "Quit following me Aoi, I am a grown woman, I can choose these things for myself."

"But Claude is the kind of man who leaves behind his wife to care for his child!" Guy grumbled.

Renée frowned and then took a few steps closer to Guy and said in a calm quiet voice, "You yourself told me that he died, he didn't just run out on his family. Besides, that was a different Claude. This one is mine and I love him. You'll just have to accept that fact and get over it. He is a good man who is kind, considerate and brave. He is a member of our Council and a good friend to you and yet you still act as if I am trying to marry that General Porkins you fought." 

"But it's Claude, you can't marry Claude. What about... I don't know, how about Algernon, he's handsome and seems to get along well with you?" Guy whined.

Renée frowned her eye twitching, "First of all Algernon is in love with Doreen, second of all, I like Claude. Algernon is a decent man, but he's just too, um..." 

"Calm?" Guy asked. 

Renée shook her head and then said, "I guess he's just too passive. I need a man that has some aggressiveness to him. I like a man who will pull my hair and slap my butt." 

Guy 's face suddenly paled and then turned green and then red, "I'll kill that bastard!" He started to draw his sword. 

Renée punched Guy in the stomach and said, "That's enough. I am staying with Claude and that's final. If you like Algernon so much, go talk to Doreen, I am sure she can arrange for the three of you to spend time together." She snorted as she laughed.

Guy who was doubled over in pain said through clenched teeth, "You're never supposed to hit a man in the stomach when he is not ready, that's how Houdini died..."


Algernon frowned and said, "I think people are ignoring me at our Council meetings."

Doreen nodded and said, "Mhm, they are." 

Algernon looked uncomfortable and then asked, "Why do you think they don't take me seriously though? I'm smart, no, I am a genius by anyone's standards. I am tall, handsome, I have opinions on a wide variety of subjects..."

Doreen turned and looked him in the eye and said, "You have a lack of confidence and you are essentially a pacifist which makes you seem like a little girl to those egomaniacal macho bastards." 

"That was fairly cruel, Doreen, couldn't you have softened  the blow a bit, maybe just told me to stand up for myself more or maybe  phrased it in a way in which my feelings could be protected?" Algernon asked. 

Doreen shrugged and smiled at him and pinched his cheek, pulling it out a bit, "That's what I love about you, you're so damn sensitive."  She laughed softly. 

Algernon frowned and said, "I am not sensitive, I am just logical and considerate." He pouted. 

Doreen pushed her chest up against him and asked in a sultry voice, "Want to go over to the Inn and make me feel sorry for doubting you?" 

Algernon was still pouting and said, "Yes. Yes, I do."

Doreen giggled excitedly throwing her project aside and dragging Algernon through a gate.

Madeline and Ella looked at the gate and then Ella said, "I wish Olivier would come to drag me through a gate like that. He's always so prim and proper with me." She sighed.

Madeline nodded and said, "I never get time alone with Guy lately, he's always running back and forth doing things for his Majesty and for our Council."

Madeline and Ella looked at each other and then Ella said, "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" 

Madeline nodded and said, "Gate."

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