Vol 2 – Chapter 35: Fury
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Madeline found herself gazing at Major Fuchs any time he was on the bridge. Something at the back of her mind was ringing like an alarm bell on the ship. She shook her head and looked out the window watching for enemy aircraft. For some reason, she glanced at Major Fuchs again and felt compelled to say, "Dispell."

As the spell took effect the once handsome man disappeared only to be replaced by an overweight man who slightly resembled the former overly handsome Major Fuchs. His toned muscles were replaced by a slovenly body and his chiseled face looked just slightly worse, his eyes seemed smaller, his mouth wider, his nose was much larger. Even his jet black hair thinned to balding. He stared at Madeline as if he had just become naked in front of her. The other women of the crew gasped as the spell they were under was suddenly broken. Madeline gave him a hard stare and said coldly, "Major Fuchs, on my bridge we don't cast spells on fellow crew members. Your actions very well may have affected our ability to accurately function in combat. You are relieved of duty. Report through the gate for your new assignment."

He started to make an excuse, his once deep masculine voice was now higher and more nasal. Madeline raised her hand and motioned for him to leave. She sat down heavily in her chair and started to rethink everything since Major Fuchs had come aboard her ship. She scratched her head knowing that something was still bothering her finally she stood up and called out, "Radio, send to the Palace, 'Confirm that Prince Montfort has returned.' Send Lady d'Aumont."

A few minutes later the crewman at the communications post announced, "No word from Prince Montfort for three days. Sent by the Captain of the Palace Guard."

Madeline called out, "Half ahead revolutions 1800 course three three zero, take us to 1000." She gripped her hands in tight fists and thought, 'if something has happened to him I'll make that Major Fuchs wish for death.'

The Muffin was very near to her top speed as she flew to toward's Odinslund. The Palace tried to radio the ship several times to find out why she had left her assigned post. Eventually, Olivier came walking out from the gate with Ella. Olivier had his normal goofy smile and Ella looked worried. they walked to the Bridge and found Madeline sitting in the captain's chair with her leg bouncing nervously. Olivier asked, "Are you sure you want to do things this way?"

Madeline didn't look at him as she answered, "If they've hurt him, there won't be any Odinslund anymore."

Olivier nodded and then asked, "Even the innocent?"

Madeline turned to look at him with red eyes, her cheeks still wet, "One of Alicia's Wizards put us under a spell to help himself get laid. I lost three days because of that piece of garbage." She said in a low growl, "I don't care if every single chicken and cow is killed in Odinslund, if they hurt him, I'll kill them all so that no one will ever forget."

Olivier frowned and said, "Is that what Guy would want?"

Ella snorted and said seriously, "If they 'ad done somethin' to ye, I'd bring death on 'em too."

Olivier shrugged and said, "Well, I was supposed to come and find out if you should be relieved of your duty here by King Montfort, but it seems that we'll have to go back and report that you were following Prince Montfort's orders."

Ella asked, "Do ye need any 'elp, Maddy?"

She shook her head and said softly, "I don't need any help. Between my Muffin and myself, Odinslund won't have a single chance to survive this. They have brought this calamity upon themselves."

A crewman called out, "Leaving Pays Des Abrutis airspace, now entering Gwałtowni Głupcy airspace. We are five hours from the Odinslund capital at the current speed."

Madeline turned to Olivier and said, "If he comes back in the next five hours..."

Olivier nodded and said, "I'll send him here."


Princess Huitfeldt was sitting at a long table across from her father, the King of Odinslund who had a dark expression on his face. "Do you have any idea what you have done?"

Princess Huitfeldt pouted cutely and said, "Daddy, I am just doing Odin's work as Mother taught me to do. Get close to the Wizard and then kill them." She batted her lashes at him and said, "I have him alive still, the other Wizards will come to save him and then I'll be able to lure them into a trap I prepared for them. It's foolproof." She giggled excitedly.

He rubbed his temple and shook his head, "You stupid stupid girl. It's not Wizards you've brought here. He is the Prince of Pays Des Abrutis."

She looked at him like those words were completely meaningless before she asked innocently, "So?"

He sighed deeply and then explained as if he were talking to a small child, "Pays Des Abrutis has new machines of war that fly. They killed half of Old Cleg's army including that bastard General Porkins without losing a soldier." He poured himself a stiff drink and then chugged it, "What you have done is provoke a herd of great jumping dragon goats."

Princess Huitfeldt tilted her head and asked, "But you said the army of Pay Des Abrutis is weak compared to our knights."

He threw the empty glass against the wall shattering it, "The army of Pays Des Abrutis is nothing but a collection half trained farmers. The problem is that they have new inventions that make our old forms of war as effective as swinging a cloth sword at a bear. And you invited that bear to us without so much as asking me what I thought about it."

He stood up and paced back and forth, "You said that he is alive still?" She nodded touching her lip cutely. The King facepalmed and then asked, "Is he unharmed at least?"

She looked guilty and said, in a babyish voice, "I only cut him a wittle."

He slammed his hand down on the table right next to her and roared, "You idiot, when that ship appears overhead looking for him, what do we say? That he left? He slipped in the bath and cut himself? Do you have any idea what you've done to this country? I should.."

He raised his hand to strike her and she smiled wickedly at him and said, "We invite them in as guests and then kill them of course. I'll make the ship's captain fall for me and then when his guard is down, I'll slip a blade into the side of his neck." She giggled

"You're mad, you idiot, you're absolutely mad. I knew I should have killed your mother before she had a chance to infect you with her madness. The Wizards are gone from this world. That man is a Mage. And you can't treat the Mages as if they are Wizards. The rules have changed. The world has changed." He stormed out of the room leaving her behind him laughing at him.


The Muffin appeared over the Odinslund capital like a dark cloud, the huge turrets on the top and bottom slowly rotated out menacingly. The people of the city pointed up at it in fear. A woman's voice boomed out from the air, "Prince Guy de Montfort is to be released in five minutes, alive and unharmed or I burn down your country one mile at a time."

Princess Huitfeldt walked toward the throne and giggled before she said, "She's bluffing, that ship wouldn't have the power to destroy the entire country. She will just destroy part of the capital and give up. I want the Wizards, not his girlfriend."

The King looked at his daughter in fear and said, "Release him at once."

Princess Huitfeldt touched her lip looked up and then said, "Hmmm, no."

Exactly five minutes later Madeline waved her hand at the city and said, "Apocolypse." pillars of fire started to rain down on the city people screamed and ran for their lives until the air itself started to be consumed by all of the fire. There was so much heat the King felt as if his castle had become an oven. Madeline herself suddenly felt a jolt of power as she leveled up and her stats rose.

The King quickly grabbed his daughter and shook her, "Does that look like a bluff to you now?"

Princess Huitfeldt looked excited, she said in a low sultry voice, "Wizards, there is a wizard up there! I'll get them down!" She picked up her skirt and ran out the front entrance. She shouted out, "Sir Wizard, Sir Wizard please subdue your anger, Prince Montfort is here and well, he just has been injured and can't be moved!"

A moment later a silver gate appeared and Madeline stepped out, her sword was at Princess Huitfeldt's neck before she could blink. Princess Huitfeldt had never seen a human move so fast. She swallowed hard. Madeline asked, "Where is he?"

Princess Huitfeldt smiled and then said, "He's just this way, follow me please."

Madeline said matter of factly, "My ship will start the bombardment on the rest of your population if we aren't safely aboard my ship in ten minutes."

Princess Huitfeldt seemed to be in no hurry which felt wrong. Madeline once again looked ice cold. She wore the emotionless face of a cold killer as they walked through the castle. Princess Huitfeldt gestured with her hand to men in the darkness. It was meant to be so subtle that no one would notice, Madeline had just increased her level by destroying a large portion of the capital so to her, it was like the Princess had held up a giant sign. Madeline simply said, "Gravity." motioning down with her hand which caused all of the hidden assassins to be crushed to the ground. Madeline asked, "Princess Huitfeldt, I don't have time to play your stupid game, where is my husband?"

Princess Huitfeldt looked confused as she looked at all of her assassins smashed flat, she walked over and touched one asking, "Wilhelm?" She looked at Madeline now with a different look in her eye, she said, "He's not here. You just burned him up in the city." She giggled, "You just murdered your husband, isn't that lovely?"

Madeline swung her sword at Princess Huitfeldt. She looked at Madeline like she couldn't understand what had just happened and then she fell into two equal halves. Madeline sheathed her sword and said, "Locate." as she touched her ring with two hands. A moment later she ran through the castle and burst through a large oak door as if it were glass. She saw the metal coffin and ripped it open inside she found Guy looking at her with an annoyed expression.

He moved his mouth to say, "I can't talk. What took you so long?"

Madeline grabbed him into a tight hug and said, "Heal."

Guy hugged her back and then pointed at his throat and moved his mouth to say, "Poison."

Madeline nodded and said, "Maybe I should leave you like this for a while, you won't be able to back seat captain me until we get home."

Guy looked slightly offended by that. he made a face like when have I ever done that? All while holding his hands with the palms up. Madeline chuckled and then said, "Antidote."

Guy said in a hoarse voice, "I thought you forgot me there. I was getting worried."

Madeline looked incredibly guilty, she said, "I did forget you. A Wizard put a spell on me to make me think he was handsome."

Guy frowned and asked, "Oh, and who is this man? I suddenly feel like taking a vacation to Wütendes Menschenreich." Madeline laughed and then kissed Guy fiercely, as they broke from the kiss, Guy asked softly, "Why is the city on fire?"