Vol 2 – Chapter 42: How it ends.
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Madeline and Guy floated above the floor of the ship staring out the window at the Earth below them. Madeline looked at Guy and smiled before she said, "Everything you have ever promised me you have delivered. I feel like I was never as good to you, as you were to me. Do you regret making me your wife?"

Guy chuckled and then said, "You have given me three wonderful children, eighteen grandchildren and two lifetimes of cherished memories, what more could I have asked for?" 

Madeline teared up and cuddled against him causing them both to drift toward the roof, she sighed and then said, "You never got to rule the world, doesn't that leave you unfulfilled?"

"If I had wanted to become a conqueror like Wolter or Claude, I would have, and I would have ended up just as they did, hated and reviled until their own children finally killed them." Guy explained. He looked out over the Earth and said, "You know back in my world, even with our superior technology, getting up to space is something only a handful of people have ever been able to achieve, for you and I to be able to do this was no small endeavor."

Madeline leaned against him and replied softly, "I never thought we'd someday see the planet this way. I wish I would have brought the babies with us." 

Guy chuckled and shook his head, "I wasn't sure we'd survive the trip, I wasn't willing to risk them just to see this, maybe someday I can think of a way to bring more air to the ship so we can all come back. Speaking of that, we should go now, the air is already turning thin." 

Madeline nodded taking his hand as they started off to the gate that would take them down to the ground. 


Sir Évreux stood at the controls for the giant floating city and watched as it slowly took up orbit around the capital of Pays Des Abrutis. He ran his hand over the control panel and said out loud, "I can feel your touch in these controls Guy. Thank you for preparing this for us. I'll make sure to use it wisely." 

An illusion of the older Guy de Montfort appeared as if by design, "Sir Charles de Évreux, it's good to see you, you look so very young." He smiled, "I suppose that if you are here, Olivier has already said as much to you. The reason you are seeing this message is that I have finally found out what caused the cloud that sent us to the past and brought the Bromanians to our world.

People from my world fought a devastating war in which they used a technology they didn't completely understand. That technology created a gate in time and space that linked the two worlds. People from each world have been passing between the worlds for a long time." The illusionary Guy de Montfort waved his hand and another illusion showed the cloud eating a village. He waved it again and it showed a small town from Ito Aoi's Earth appear in the same spot. 

The illusion sighed and said, "It took me twenty years after Madeline passed to finally repair the damage. However, that cloud has already cut holes in the fabric of time and space. As the planet passes through them, things will pass between the worlds, including the souls of the dead." 

The illusion looked Sir Évreux in the eye and said, "Charles, Wütendes Menschenreich will no longer be your ally once it becomes known that Wolter and Alicia have already passed on and become legends of the past. We took all of the mages to the past with us, which means you will need to raise your own mages if you want to keep Pays Des Abrutis a world power. I'm sorry to have done this to you, my friend. Good luck. I hope you can our families safe." The illusion waved goodbye and then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. 

Sir Évreux softly swore and then said, "I'll do my best."


A tall thin soldier snuck into the small house and said softly, "Sarge, you aren't going to believe this.." 

Sergeant Batey crawled over staying down out of sight, "What's wrong Jonesy?"

He took his helmet off and shook his head, "We aren't over the Ocean anymore. This thing is over a city and it doesn't look like it's one of ours. It looks just like one of the small towns that haven't had the teachings of the twenty, only it's one of the biggest cities I have ever seen."

Sergeant Batey wiped the sweat off of his head and said, "We need a new plan, boys. Anyone have a good idea?"

One of the men laughed and said, "Sarge, screw this hiding crap, let's go out guns blazing!"

Sergeant Batey nodded and said, "Alright boys, let's do it. Grab your rifle, a couple of grenades and let's go out there and kick some ass!"

A formation of knights was walking through the town when the Sergeant and his men leaped out and tossed a few grenades. They leveled their rifles and started to fire. The knights never knew what hit them, the bullets tore through their armor like it was paper, and the grenades shredded any of the survivors.

Sergeant Batey roared for his men to advance. They ran through the streets and found the parachutes they needed. Before Sir Évreux could make it to them they had already jumped off from the city and started to slowly fall back to Earth drifting away from the city. 

It would take the Sergeant and his men a month to return to Bromanian, and when they did, they became heroes.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I have enjoyed writing it!