Chapter 01 — My brother has a sis-con complex!
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My brother, was always so clingy.

I think, it all started after I gave my brother an answer to his question.

Once, when we were child’s. He asked me a question while we were playing in the park, near our house.

We were playing happily, when the higher grader child’s disrupted us.

My brother and I, weep in tears, as we were hugging each other.

As the shadows of the higher grader child were getting larger, my brother went to defensive mode and protected me with his whole body.

As a result, he was beaten up so badly, to the point where his eyes socket had circles on them.

I hurried and ran to his side, and made a dive over his fragile chest, and buried myself over it.

Then, almost within a second, tears started falling from those eyes of mine.

Before I could think for a thought, my mouth started apologizing, while my arms were hugged tightly over my brother waist.

“I’m sorry…. I’m sorry…. It’s all my fault.”

Every time I start crying, my brother would always ran to where I was, and patted my head softly.

And as expected, his long fragile arms, stretched out towards the head of mine, stroking my hair for a few times.. afterwards embracing me with his warmth hug.

After a while, he suddenly stopped stroking my hair, and almost immediately, his posture changed.

His eyes gave off a vibe of a brave tiger, and as my consciousness been focused over him. His pink lips, opened rather tiny, then he spoke up in a determined voice;

“I’ll always protect you! So, marry me!”

What is he suddenly spouting out.

I couldn’t understand a single word of his, and was confused.

Out of confusion, I made a huge mistake…

I told him an answer, “I’ll be great full” that became the cause of my head ache in the future.


Like other siblings, I loved my brother. A love that are considered, as a love for a family member, and won’t go any farther other than as a family member affection.

But, one day, an event made me started distancing myself towards my brother.

1st day of march, I finally got into high school.

Unlike in the past, I’ve took a bath by myself, instead of taking a bath with my brother. 

Cause… My body started maturing, so it was natural!

And as my body starts maturing, my mind as well, and, I noticed something not so long…

My dear brother……