Chapter 02 — Perspective of the loving brother!
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breakfast with my younger sister.

After waking up in the morning, what do you guys always do?

Do some chores?

Do morning exercise? 

Or continue to fall in deep slumber till you’ve woken up once again?

That would they do if they were normies, unlike me who were abnormality.

Unlike other’s, I had a symptoms…

I loved my younger sister for unknown reason. Maybe the reason is male instinct? 

That would I wished for, but unfortunately it’s not. I have once tried loving other girls except my younger sister, but no matter how I tried, I just don’t feel a thing towards them.

Once again, after taking a bath, I would pour a hot coffee on a cup, that I prepared for my younger sister.

I would wait for my younger sister to come downstairs, and would wait till she sat on the chair and drink the coffee with harmony.

It has been my hobby, watching my younger sister drink coffee.

I would always looked at her while drooling as she drank the cup of coffee in her pink lips, that was a sure bliss.

And, as always. My younger sister would stare at me with her disgusted eyes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa—! That actually felt good. 

For no reason, even myself couldn’t understand why I’m feeling good every time she looked at me with those disgusted eyes. Like she was looking on an insect.

Some may think I’m really weird, but little did they know I am not.

My younger sister was a cold person, so I think it’s normal for her to look at me with those eyes. I think, that was her natural eyes, because she’s been looking at me like that since she entered junior high.

After feeling delightful till my stomach are full, only then I would stop staring at my sister with a heart shaped eyes.

It’s time to cook breakfast.

Since it’s too early, I haven’t cooked one…

My younger sister would always wake up early, and at night, would always lock the door. That’s why I haven’t sneak to her room at midnight lately.

It may has nothing to do with I’m talking about, but still, it’s a shame I could no longer cuddle my younger sister in her sleep unlike in the older days.

Today was a special day, so I guess I’ll cook something nice.



My younger sister has finally entered high school, and today was her 1st day!

I took the frying pan to the fire and heat it up, afterwards placed the bacon in it with an olive oil.


I hummed myself as I put my nose over the smoke floating from the pan, and smell it over.

It has a nice aroma! It feels like I’ve been reborned.

1 Minutes…

3 Minutes…..

I finally finished cooking it, and placed  it into a glass of plate.

Although it took longer because I even assemble it rather carefully at the plate, I felt bad that I made my younger sister waited on the dining table.

By the time I placed it to the dining table, I took a quick glance at the clock in the walls.

6:13 AM

It’s finally starting.