Chapter 03 — Before the storm
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9:00 PM in the midnight


After I assured myself that none of my personal item’s were gone missing inside my room. I would lock the entire room from the inside before letting a sigh of relieved.

Just like the other day, and other, other days. None has gone missing. Lingerie’s, clothes, and even the most unimportant thing of mine was still in it’s old position.

Every time I were to sleep, nor leave my room, I would always lock it with impenetrable lock. And would never forget to bring the keys with me.

It wasn’t because of a thief…….. No, more like, an obsessed stalker— I mean, sis-con brother.

It all occurred due to the incident from my childhood, afterwards followed even in the present.

At home, nor at school, he would always cling on me……. And it was really irritating…… Like how he would always bring a lunch-box at me whenever it’s lunch time, not handing it over when we were leaving in the morning…… And how he would always watch me side by side, like some kind of expert stalker.

It was really creepy, if I were to spell it out…



As I was in deep sea of thoughts, a familiar sound resounded in and out in both of my ears.

I shifted my gaze over that direction and looked over it, with a familiar gaze.

The clock hits the set alarmed that I put. A green light were gleaming in the center of the alarm as I stared over it, but what caught my attention the most was, the numbers that were imitated by those green lights.

9:30 PM

That was the time I scheduled myself to go into my beloved bed.

And once again, before jumping into the bed. I rechecked the locks, and my other personal items before going into deep slumber.