Chapter 04 — A S&M play or what?
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First thing in the morning, my alarm rang up to my ears to be heard.

As my consciousness woken up, I’ve raised my body from my bed and began stretching, to circulate my blood circulation, properly.

Waking up in the morning is actually a beautiful thing.

I would suit myself a pair of running clothes and embark on a marathon run, if today weren’t just a busy day.

Even though I’ve woken up from my deep slumber just recently, my sight weren’t blurred that much.

And as my curiosity took over my thoughts, I opened the curtain in the window that were in the side wall.

The sensation of the warmth sun….

A warmth sensation brush through my face, as I opened the window through the side wall.

The sun was half-awake yet, it haven’t risen up to the point of, completely seen. Only half of it’s proportion was shown through my sight.

Haaaahhh~~ What a beautiful day to start the day~~

After changing into casual clothes, I went downstairs, and firstly placed my sleeping clothes into the washing machine to be washed later on.

But before it was placed inside, I would mix it’s smell with an another one, using a perfume, to prevent my brother on perversely smelling it.


And afterwards, before getting into the bathroom, I followed the instinct the same as an animals were, as a familiar growl resounded from my belly…..

My foots were heading into somewhat familiar place, it was none other than the dining table.

Our dining table wasn’t that expensive, so it weren’t that looked elegant. Rather, it was somewhat average, like you would expect from an ordinary household. A table made out of woods, and just like the table, the chairs were also from that.

Not so long, I finally arrived to where the dining table was.

In my surprised, my brother who was known to be undisciplined inside my mind has brew me some coffee while waiting in the dining table.

Did he hit his head or something? This actually was the first time my brother acted rather elegant.

As I gaze over his face, I saw nothing that resembled his usual self.

He’s not drooling while looking at me?! No, maybe he finally decided to change, that could explain it.

I waited and stood at my current position to see if his face would change to the usual one or not, but not even a glimpse of it shown itself.

And afterwards, decided to ignore it with cold atmosphere. Thereafter I went to sat on the chair, and reached out for the prepared cup of coffee. Before gulping in, I took a few sighs and frown over.

That was a drastically change. Isn’t it a bit too fast.

Not that I’m disappointed, it’s just, I couldn’t get used to it, because everything just happened so fast.

As I started gulping down a full-mouthed amount of coffee inside my throat.

I once again, took a quick glance over my brother expression….

He literally changed almost immediately!

His face came back from it’s usual figure. An eyes with heart shaped, and an annoying weird breathing thing of his.