Chapter 05 — Siblings moment
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As i thought, humans weren't easy to suddenly took a sudden change.

My brother that i thought finally had changed, showed his usual self once again.

AAAAAAAAAAAA!! How filthy...


As my glaring eyes pierced through his, our eyes met.


My brother, who I've glared upon, didn't even glanced away.....


After an hour had passed, i continued to sip through my cup of coffee with harmony without paying attention to the annoying staring eyes of my brother.


Even though it's kinda bothering me at first, I finally gave it a rest, and gave up thinking about it.


Not too long afterwards. My brother who had been drooling over my face, stood up and walked towards the gas stove.


I wonder what the hell is he scheming now?


First, he weirdly waited for me to arrived at the dining room, now he's in front of the gas stove.


As I gave it a long thought, I already have forgotten that we haven't had a breakfast yet...


My brother who had been standing in front of gas stove, stretched out his hand towards the frying pan at the side wall. Then lowered his waist, and lit the fire from the gas stove, placing the frying pan on top of it.




And thereafter, he went to the fridge and took the bacon.


Even though the cold breeze of fridge reached his face, and almost blind his front sight. He didn't stopped.


At that point, I finally understand what he's trying to do.....


"Oh?...." As I placed my palms over my head. I let out a long sighed....


"The heck.... He's just preparing to cook somethin...."

I suddenly felt an sudden embarrassment coming after me.