Chapter 06 — Unrequited love?
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The aroma of the bacon from the pan floated all over the room.

To the point where it even reached my nose, and started to make me even more hungrier.

I don’t care about my obsessive brother anymore, just let me eat already!

As I have completely turned into a hungry wild beast who has forgotten her reasons, my mouth starts creeping out a weird drool.

My cold character, that I’ve been protecting for ages, has been completely broken! 

No time to frown over such a thing, is what I thought as a sea of thoughts starts processing to my head.

Is it not time yet?

How long do he had to cook it!?

And as times continues tickling inside my head, It started to grew rather impatient as times goes by…

I couldn’t wait any longer! Daaamnnnnniiit!

I had finally decided to take action!

But before I could even stood up from my seat, my brother who had been in front of gas stove, has now placed the cooked breakfast into the dining table.


The plate was as white as a snow, what a brilliant color. And the bacon was under the surface of cooked rice, which gives out a vibe of supremacy.

At that moment, I didn’t wasted a single second….

I hastily took the spoon and fork, that were at the side of the plate, and dig in.


It’s so hwarmmmmm~~💕

As the hot rice, and a small proportion of bacon went inside my mouth, I unconsciously let out a soft moan…

Oh! crap?! 

As soon as I realized that, I unconsciousness covered my lips with my hands, and immediately shifted my gaze over the idiotic looked of my brother.

He’s smiling! 

He’s totally smiling without covering itnnn!!

Even so, I can’t afford to stop now.

And thereafter, to the point where my cheeks have grew bigger, I continued puffing the meal over my mouth till the plate were neatly cleaned.

Cough, c-cough—!


Due to being hastened, while eating the breakfast, I almost chocked there for a second…

Luckily, my brother immediately came to rescue, and handed over a cup of water.

Gulped, gulped, gulped—!


As I swallowed down the water down my throat, I took a quick glance over my brother.

Even though he had been causing head ache into my head, he was quite helpful all the time.

I felt embarrassed being always too cold in front of him—welp, because he has a weird obsession, you can’t blame me for being too rude/cold, moreover it’s likely his fault.

But, even with a thought like that. I couldn’t stop myself from expressing a bit honest feeling…

“Thank you, brother…”