Chapter 06.5 — A weird day
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After I placed the breakfast I cooked into the dining table. 

I spared some of my time and took a glance over the clock at the side wall

“It’s close by…” I muttered to myself.

The day was so beautiful yet seemed tiring…

The only thing that heal my day was my younger sister eating face….

It’s been ages since we’ve last been together at the dining table. If it were the usual day, she would wake up late at the point where I’ve already gone to school.

…. At least, for today. I could finally see again her expression while eating!

Hrmmmm~~ that felt good a bit.

Really, I really am a weird person…

And as my gaze headed into the ceiling. A killing intent gaze forward into my back.

I shifted my gaze over that direction, and saw once again a figure of a beautiful girl.

Her hair was dyed in pink, although it’s natural color. Her hair seemed to be beautiful as spring flowers.

She has the beauty of a celebrity, yet the only thing that mostly disappointing is her natural eyes.

Once again, the girl; that was descripted— was none other than a younger sister of mine.


Her eyes were really scary, and her face was ruined by it.

For some reason, tears started raining down, from my eye sockets.

I sighed for a bit before sitting into the chair within sight of dining table. Thereafter, placed my palm into my chin and started staring out of my younger sister.

At first, her glaring eyes glared even more intensely. 

… And afterwards slowly, died down.

 Just like a modest girl, my younger sister slowly took the fork and spoon from the plate. And immediately started eating like a wild animal in a saddening form….

If only my younger sister was a bit normal.


Even so, why do I get turned on by the sight of her, even though she’s being like this….

Really, I really am a weird person.