Chapter One: A Strange Meeting
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This is first time writing something dialogue heavy, so please bare with me and all advice is welcomed!

“Oh my, what do we have here?’’


I pivoted around trying to find the source of the voice, which seemed to reverberate around the empty space that I was now in. 


After a couple rotations with nothing there, a bewitching lady appeared out of thin air.  She definitely wasn’t there before…...


Long leafy hair fluttered past her shoulders. Striking crimson eyes seemed to glow within their sockets. Diamond shaped pupils seemed to pierce through everything that was caught under their gaze. A distinct engraving was found below her left eye. An unbloomed flower framed her face. Her body was stunning with perfect proportions and amazing curvature.


If I was asked what she looked like,I’d say she looks like the child of a palm tree and a vampire. With a nice pair of coco- AH! Wow, my mind almost slipped into the gutter there. It’s almost scary for someone to be that attractive. A-anyways she was an undeniable beauty, by far the most attractive person I had ever seen.  Definitely not human, but that didn’t matter.


“Fufu, so that’s your first impression of me? How cute. If anyone else sized me up like that, they’d have a one way ticket on the train to oblivion, but I’ll make an exception for you~”


So instead of my life flashing before my eyes, they show a dazzling girl from straight out of a fantasy novel, go figure. Well it could definitely be worse, so no complaints here.


Wait a minute. Huh? Did she say something? 


“Yes, I-“


I just heard her again. Wait,this isn’t an after death hallucination?


“No that doesn-“


Maybe this is Hell? Is this punishment for all those people I killed? I thought all was fair in love and war. Well I doubt angels, far less demons, look this good. So maybe Heaven?


I watched as a faint red tint slowly crawled up her face.


Eh? What is she blushing for? I didn’t even say anything...


Ah, she must be reading my mind….That’s so cool. WAIT!!! SHE’S READING MY MIND?!?! AW, I'M SO SCREWED!!




Which was true, I was looking at her with mostly eyes full of admiration of her beauty and an emotion I can’t quite place? Envy? Nah, there’s no way. Right?


“Fufu” she laughed softly, seemingly no longer flustered. ” I don’t mind.That’s just like you. Anyways I believe introductions are needed. I’ll start. My name is Maua. You're right I am. in fact, a goddess. But don’t worry about formal talk, I won’t get mad at you regardless of how you speak to me. As a matter of fact, you can call me onee-chan. I enjoy gardening and archery. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m your lover from your past life.”


Wait, you don’t care? That's great, you’re quite magnanimous. So your name is Maua. That's a really pretty name….A goddess, huh? Figures. Hold on, did you say I can call you onee-chan? *shiver* Ho-how did you know I have a thing for older sister types? I only ever told one person that….. AND LOVER IN MY PAST LIFE?! WHATTT?!?


“Yes, yes, we’ll get to that in a minute, but don't you think it’s rude to not introduce yourself?” Maua said with mock irritation, as she couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face.


Right, right~ Well my name was Joziah Banks. I don’t know if I keep it, since I’m dead but I was the captain of the Guano Special Ops for the CRAP. That’s really all there is to it.


“Haah.” Maua sighed “That’s all? Quite the terrible introduction.” 


Well, yeah. Didn’t have much really going for me. I also don’t feel comfortable spilling out my secrets for a stranger or anyone at all. But it seems rather pointless to tell someone who can read my mind anyways.


“I guess that makes sense, but just so you know I’m not reading your mind. I get the surface thoughts and feelings because you don't have a mouth to talk with.”


Yeah, now that you mention it, I don’t have a body. Must be a spirit or a soul or something, right? Well, whatever, I assume I’m going to be reincarnated, so I have a few questions.


“Dunno, your guess is as good as mine. And yes, you’ll be reincarnated.If you have questions on what I think you do, I should have some answers for you. I also have something I want to do to put you at ease.”


Eh? You don’t know? Are you supposed to be an amazing goddess or something? Sounds like someone's an airhead to me. And put me at ease?


“Rude! I’ll have you know,I am an amazing goddess, you nitwit. I’m just not omnipotent. Disregarding that, you reek of negative emotions.  If I had to guess, you were betrayed right before your  death. And you’ve said a couple of things that support my assumption. So in an attempt to show my sincerity, I’m going to take a god’s vow.”


Whoa. How did you figure that out? I was really starting to think you were a bone head. I guess you’re pretty sharp. Or maybe I’m just easy to see through. But a god’s vow...what’s that?


“Basically it’s a promise on a god's name. Very taboo. There are several types of vows, but this one is by far the most extreme. You see, it requires absolute compliance with what is promised or the individual will suffer soulburn. Soulburn is just how it sounds, and is one of the worst pains one can feel. Like literally death feels better. And before you ask, no, I can’t make a malicious promise within the vow. However I do need your approval to make it. So do you accept?”


Uhmmm. Well, it seems like it’s impossible for this to backfire on me. And as much as my brain is screaming at me to be wary of you, my heart seems to think the opposite. So yes, I accept.


“Great!” she beamed. “ In that case, I’ll do it immediately. I, Maua, swear upon my name as a goddess. I promise to never betray the bright soul in front of me. I promise to never lie in an attempt to intentionally hurt them. I promise I’ll be on their side, no matter the circumstance. I promise that I’ll be with them until the end of time and even past that. Let it be known, this I swear.”


Oi, doesn’t that sound too much like a marriage vow?! GAH! Why do I feel like I just got stamped by a searing  branding iron?


“That's the vow engraving itself. you only felt it because you have no physical body. And yes, I based it off a marriage vow, you like? Teehee~”


Tch. Impossible to backfire my nonexistent booty cheeks. Looks like Mr. Brain was right after all. And by the way, that laugh doesn’t suit you.





“...You had other questions for me right?”


Ah, that’s right. First, where in the h-e-double hockey sticks are we?


“Oh, we’re in my god space.They grow and mature as the god does the same. Since I’m a relatively new god, it's pretty small and barren. The spaces of other gods are probably large and luxurious. Never been to one so I couldn’t tell you.”


Are you a shut-in or something? That aside, you already inadvertently answered another question, that being the existence of other gods…. but gods of what world exactly?


“We’re gods of the realm of Amava. A fantasy land full of mythical creatures and even a system like all those light novels.”


So the standard reincarnation shebang, nice. Can you tell me more about the system?  You know, like how leveling works?


“...Dunno...” Maua deadpanned.


Okay….how about the creatures.Can you tell me more about them?


“Umm. Not really, I never paid much attention to the ones I encountered, and there’s so many that I’ve never seen. I really just did what I needed to do to achieve godhood.” 


Oi, do you know anything you airheaded goddess?! Anyways, seems like becoming a god was your only focus. Why though?


“That’s right. It was my only goal. Nothing else mattered.”


Okay…..that was weird, your whole vibe switched.Next question. Did my friends reincarnate over here too?


“Fufu...that’s for you to find out...I can’t say more.”


Ah, back to the first vibe eh? Please tell me though, pleaaase onee-chan~


“No, even if you ask in that cute tone and call me onee-chan, I don’t want to get in tro-buahh! Crap, talking to you is way too relaxing, it's so easy to slip up. This is totally your fault, you idiot!”


My fault? Well I guess I'll accept. I did get some precious information out of you. Gods, or at least you, have a boss. Interesting. You’re also a bad actor, but because of that vow…I know you weren’t lying about not experiencing much in this world which makes me a bit sad.


“Forget it, forget it, please. All that aside, what do you want to do with this new life?”


Hmm...what do I want to do. Ah! I know. I want to be…..A HAREM KING! Kidding… seriously not my style. I’m not eternally horny like all those protagonists and the whole thing sounds like a major headache. 


If my friends are here, my main priority will be finding them. After that I want to enjoy this new world, maybe with some divine airhead. I guess this time around, I just want to actually be happy.


“Well with your goal set and your mind calmed, I guess there’s no point in waiting any longer.  Although everything in me wants to keep you here. You're going to pass out but don’t worry. While you’re unconscious, your soul will create the ideal body for you. So this is goodbye for now. But not for long.”


As my senses started to slowly wane, I thought.


So all of that was just to help me? I guess that goddess isn’t a total blockhead.


And then everything faded away.

Woooooo! Next chapter the story really starts. I know this one was a little all over the place, but if things go like I plan for them to go, it’ll make sense. Also, since this is the first real chapter...I want to do that match a song with the chapter thingie.I’ll come up with a name for it I swear. All of mine are going to be from anime and video games cause I’m a nerd. Anyways I chose Sutekimeppou from Bakemonogatari. Comment what song you think fits. Oh yeah here’s a picture of Maua.