Chapter Three
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Aurora looked over her reflection in the mirror, fidgeting nervously. Her long, straight jet black hair, that normally rested a little lower than the middle of her back; was tied up in  braid lying over one shoulder.

    She stood tall in her heels, back straight with her chin up and her amber eyes, that seemed at they were shimmering gold stared defiantly back at her; unblinking. 

  "Alright," she murmured under her breath, "let's get this over with."


They were back on the porch an hour later, appraising each other. 

     Jamie blinked, seeming genuinely surprised. "Well, damn, honey. Looks like you got all kinds of stuff hidden in your closet. Got a secret life you want to let me in on? I am all ears because that dress is smoking' hot."

    Aurora had on a slim, curvy, black, sleeveless dress, with decorative lace, reaching past her bottom around the upper thighs, showing off her legs, which kind of made her uncomfortable. 

    She said would go though and she had wanted to look nice. She was twenty-four years of age and soon she would be turning twenty-five. Aurora and Jamie happened to be the same age. This was also her first time truly going out. 

Aurora blushed and cleared her throat, "What are we waiting for?"


   Jamie snapped out of her stupor. "Huh? Oh, right. We have to go. Damn, girl, you surprised me, it'll be your fault were late. You almost turned me away from being straight."


 "Jamie!" Aurora gaped, turning red again. Jamie shrugged. "What? It's the truth." She smirked and winked at Aurora. Aurora wasn’t used to compliments, her cheeks flushed every time.

  “Quit teasing me,” Aurora frowned. Jamie laughed, shrugging, “Sorry, babe, can’t help it. It’s too much fun, besides, what are friends for?” Jamie winked over her shoulder. 

 Aurora just shook her head in exasperation but followed after Jamie. 

    Two blocks away from the club where two young men sat in a gray Jeep under the streetlights, waiting for their target to come before going inside and waiting. Newspapers articles of four missing girls from the last couple months were shoved into the glove department of the Jeep. 

“Who’d you pick this time?” One of them held a picture of a young blond woman. Her information listed with her picture. 


  “Hmm; well, she doesn’t look too bad, but she’s more to your taste, easy and naïve.” A cold voice spoke from the driver’s seat, snorting “She’s going to be in for a surprise real soon.” A shark like smile came alive in the darkness. The male partner in the passenger seat who was holding the picture caressed the face captured in the film.

        The driver glanced over; looking at his dimwit partner’s infatuated expression, falling in love with a soon-to-be victim, a passing thing.

     The dimwit in the passenger seat was a sick fool with a particular taste, though he could never match up to the driver’s, who had been going at this a bit longer, though the idiot was still an excellent actor; leading the victim on for weeks, gaining trust. 

        The driver was the one in charge and he was meticulous and always made sure to destroy and erase the evidence which was why none of those girls had been found nor did they have any suspects; the two young men never stayed in one place too long, always having a different place to go to.

    The man in the passenger seat was just like some lost puppy he had picked along the way and he had simply lost interest in. 

      His partners gaze was full of insanity and infatuation. What a fucking tool. The driver ground his teeth together in agitation. 

      The driver started to ponder whether he should just kill his partner and take the girl himself, although she wasn’t to his liking, he could still have fun with her. 

     The drivers smile flashed sharply like a knife thrown in the dark before disappearing.