Chapter Four
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Elixirs Breath was a nightclub. They could feel and hear the music from a block away. When they pulled up and parked, they could feel the music vibrate and shake the car lightly. Aurora and Jamie sat for a moment, looking at the entrance. 

     The bouncer stood guarding the door, letting people through. Smoke wafted out into the open air, Aurora could see flickering and changing lights.

     Aurora's heart raced and her body trembled lightly. She couldn't seem to calm down and her stomach kept twisting in knots. She swallowed the tight lump in her throat forcefully. She was anxious. She has never gone out before this.

"You ready?" Jamie asked, looking at her. 

  Aurora felt like saying no. A part of her did not want to go in there. But Aurora didn't want to back out and looks like a coward. 

Aurora nodded to Jamie. "Yeah, let's go."

The bouncer let them pass after checking their IDs. 

     In a room with spinning, changing lights and smoke made Aurora feel uneasy. She wasn't used to this. Everyone was on the dance floor, letting loose their inhibitions. 

She breathed slowly and deeply to get herself under control.


  "Oh, look! I see them! C'mon!" Jamie dragged her through a sea of moving, hot and sweaty bodies to the bar, where she saw two guys and one was smiling and waving at them. 

All four looked at each other, assessing.


    Jamie wrapped her arms around one of the guys, tall but not as tall as his 6ft friend. Jamie's guys had blond hair, light blue jeans, a V-neck vest over a light blue long sleeve shirt, and sneakers.  

    His friend had a tank top and blue jeans with combat boots. Jamie introduced her man as Kyle and his friend as Shane. 

Shane nodded. Aurora nodded back. 


   They sat and ordered drinks. Jamie and Kyle got along well. Aurora was quiet, unsure of what to say.  Shane didn't speak up either and Jamie was in her own little world with Kyle. 

  They had only been in the nightclub for about six minutes. Jamie was had a bottle of beer she was working on, and a shot glass which she downed right away. The drink was called the Milky Way. Aurora sat next to Jamie while she ordered three more shots. 

  "Aurora! Here!" Jamie shouted, turning to Aurora with a two shot glasses in her hand and her beer bottle, "Drink up!" 

   Aurora shook her head. "No, it's fine." She tried to wave them away, feeling guilty. Shane had been sitting on her left side but had gone around her to talk with his buddy, whispering in his ear, and Aurora frowned when she watched Kyle’s hand that had hovered over Jamie’s drink, pull back. 

    Aurora didn't know why but she had an uneasy feeling that something wasn't right, being near both those guys. Aurora had been studying them at the bar and the gut feeling wouldn't go away. 

      Jamie turned back to her shot glass on the counter top and when Aurora tried to subtle and stop her, because of her wariness she didn’t want to alert the two men with them, and Jamie waved her off without a care, muttering not to be so worried, Aurora had to lean in close to hear that part and watched helplessly as Jamie downed the drink.  


  Jamie pulled her to the side, "Aurora, girl, you said you would come but you get involved more. Have some fun."


    Aurora sighed. "I just don't feel comfortable with strangers all around me. And I would rather be coherent and aware. Not drunk. If you’re drinking, who would drive us back if I drank too?" Aurora watched Jamie blink slowly as she swayed a little. "Oh, right." She giggled, hugging onto Aurora. "Sorry."

       Aurora patted her on the back, "Its fine." Aurora wanted to leave and take Jamie with her. Jamie mentioned that she needed to go to the bathroom, so Aurora went with her. 

     Jamie wouldn't stop giggling and rambling about things that made no sense. Aurora’s gut was screaming at her, she had the sneaking suspicion Kyle had drugged Jamie’s drink and now they had to leave without Kyle or Shane noticing. 

   Aurora helped Jamie into a stall, and waited for Jamie to come out. It was only 11:50. 

    Jamie was singing in the stall, and Aurora felt like her ears would bleed. Jamie came out, twirling and singing off-key. She stumbled, tripping over her own feet, and luckily Aurora caught her before she face-planted the bathroom floor.


  Jamie cackled. "Aurora," she sang," There are two of you! Double!" She giggled and then her face changed, then Jamie groaned. "Aw, shit,” and puked on the floor.

    "Jamie." Aurora sighed, fidgeting nervously, wanting to rush out and run with Jamie but seeing Jamie’s state that was impossible. 

   The bathroom door clicked and Aurora swirled to see who it was. Her stomach dropped. Aurora knew then. She could see it in their eyes. Aurora had known deep down something was wrong.  And now she and Jamie would both be paying the price.

    There was an exit next to the bathroom but Aurora trapped with them blocking the way, and Jamie had fallen unconscious. 

  “Hmm,” Shane’s lips curved slightly, “Just where do you want to run off to? Be a good girl and don’t fight, unless you want to leave your poor defenseless friend to such a fate by herself, you will cooperate and lucky for me; always prepared, I have a gift for you.” Shane nodded to Kyle with a syringe his hand, Aurora tensed and trying to sneakily search for her phone to find it gone. 

 “Looking for this?” Shane asked, her phone was in his hand and she was left wondering when he had grabbed it from her before he threw it to the ground and smashed it with his foot; then tossing it in the trash.


“You could fight me and escape but you only get once chance. Will you take it?” Shane mocked her, watching her like she was a new toy to play with. It disgusted her. 

    She could fight back but her chances were not high, she was alone with two grown men and an unconscious friend; their original target. She was thrown into the mix unknowingly, her friend had no idea the trouble she placed herself in; but she would.

    Could Aurora heartlessly leave Jamie? Aurora sighed, resigned.

Shane watched with a smirk, nodding praise, “Good girl.” 


    Aurora tensed but kept still when Kyle moved in, her eyes on Shane, when she felt the prick of a needle in her neck, and felt arms catch her before she lost her self to the darkness encroaching on her mind. 

“Lights out,” a voiced chuckled and it was the last thing she heard.