Chapter Five
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Help," Jamie sobbed. She kicked and banged against the metal door. 

"Can anyone hear me?!" 


 Aurora stayed quiet. Screaming wasn't going to get them out and alive. Aurora was sure that they were far away from help and the room they were in-some type of underground bunker cell was soundproof.

  "Why aren't you helping me?! Why the hell are you just sitting there?!" Jamie snapped. 

  "It's no use. You’re wasting your voice and energy. So why bother?" Aurora replied hoarsely, eyes and throat heavy with exhaustion. 

"So what, your grand idea is to sit and do nothing?" 

Aurora shrugged, not wanting to argue.

Jamie rolled her eyes and went back to yelling and banging on the door trapping them. 

"Hey! I know someone's there! Sons of bitches; assholes! Let us go!"

"Good grief, Jamie! Give it a rest. They're not going to answer at your beck and call." Aurora finally snapped back. 

"Fuck you!" 

"Oh, very original, Jamie," Aurora rolled and closed her eyes, sighing heavily. 

Aurora blinked, narrowing her eyes up at Jamie from her makeshift bed. Her face stung.


 "Did you just hit me, Jamie?" Aurora's voice came out low and quiet but the anger vibrated in the back of her throat.

    It seemed as if Jamie was angry at herself but taking that anger out on Aurora, why else would Jamie hit her? Did Jamie want Aurora to hit her back? 

   They were both emotionally wounded considering their circumstances so Aurora couldn’t be too far off the mark but she didn’t feel like dwelling on it. 

    They were both sitting on opposite sides by two makeshift beds on a stone floor, thin dark wool blankets. Aurora breathed, her emotions were raw and at the peak but she shoved them in a box and locked them away for later. 

   Aurora needed to stay calm.

    So she let it slide; and they stayed on opposite sides of the room. 

   Aurora and Jamie both snapped up at the sound of the door opening. 

Kyle entered and Jamie flew at him, Aurora jumped in to pull her back. 

"Stop, Jamie!" Aurora struggled to hold onto her. "You can't!"

"Damn you! Ahh! Fuck you, you creep! You soul sucking bastard! Go to hell!" Jamie cried out, kicking and screaming. 


    Kyle sighed. "I am sorry it has to be this way. I really do like you, you know?" He went to caress Jamie's cheek. 

   Jamie slapped his arm away and spat in his face. Kyle's face shifted as something dark came over him. He gripped Jamie's arm, and went to yank her away from Aurora but Aurora held on. 

   "Bitch, let go!" Kyle punched Aurora in the face and she lost her grip in Jamie and then they were gone.


    Aurora knelt, a lone tear escaped, crawling down her cheek, hitting the stone cold floor before fading away. All Aurora could do now was wait and see if Jamie would return.