Chapter Six
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Shane sat at a computer watching the woman through the screen. Aurora. Shane blocked out the screaming from her friend that was dragged up her by the fool infatuated with her so he could have his fun. Shane sighed, getting up; honestly, how annoying. 

     He stalked to where his friend was fooling around, glancing coldly at the woman on the floor, being forcibly taken in Kyle’s grip. His harsh movements slowed but didn’t stop, not caring Shane was standing behind him. 

“If you don’t keep her quiet or shut her up, I’ll put a bullet in your precious pet.” Shane told Kyle, who nodded and muttered an apology before excitedly returning his attention to the woman that had stopped fighting and gone silent. 

Ha. So the little wench knows what good for her. Shane went back to his computer, eyes capturing the screen before him while quiet, muffled sounds of a male’s pleasure in taking what he wanted could be heard.

   Kyle kept sliding his cock in and out of the woman beneath him who had gone compliant, penetrating deep into her body with his hips bucking hard and fast as he restrained the woman; tears falling from her eyes. Her hair was damp and greasy: her eyes so broken as Kyle fucked her long and hard, enjoying himself and not wanting to stop. 

    Shane sneered at Kyles back; he really had no interest the woman Jamie. Her friend, however, was a different story. 

     Shane smiled; he liked his women to be fierce fighters, ones that liked to struggle so he could completely demolish them or their hopes of escaping. 

   The woman, Jaime shuddered beneath Kyle; going limp and turning away, still so quiet as Kyle's bucking hips lost rhythm as he seemed to desperately chase his release with a loud cry of pleasure as his come from his release shuddered through him, spurting from the head of his cock pulsing deep and deeply seated inside her and collapsed on top of her in satisfaction. 


    The door clanged open and Jamie was shoved through, onto the floor before the door clanged shut and was locked from the outside.

Aurora sprang up and ran to her. 

   "Jamie?" She spoke softly. 

   Jamie looked up through red, swollen eyes, her entire face was like a giant bruise with cuts all over, her blue eyes were bloodshot and her blond hair was dark and oily, the same as Aurora’s brunette colored hair. 

     Aurora's eyes stung with tears as she checked all of Jamie's injuries, all over her body. She had noticed when Kyle threw Jamie back into the room that her pants were unbuttoned and bruises marked her waist. 


    Tears slid down Jamie's face and Aurora grit her teeth in fury at the cruelty and injustice of this situation. She wanted to fight back and hurt them; to maim and kill those sorry assholes. They would reap what they've sown. Aurora didn't know how but she swore it to herself and Jamie silently. The tears escaped from her eyes.

   “Jamie, we’ll get out of this, alright? It will be alright.” Aurora brushed her fingers through Jamie’s hair, sitting by her side.

    Jamie turned, and rested her head on Aurora’s thigh. “Aurora…Kyle-” Tears kept streaming down Jaime’s face. 

Aurora shook her head. “You don’t have to say it,” she murmured, still caressing Jamie’s hair comfortingly. 

    Aurora knew from the bruising and the shame in Jamie tear filled eyes. 

  “You were...” Jamie trailed off. Aurora nodded; smiling sadly. “A few years ago, before I moved and met you, when I was still in high school.” 


   Jamie was quiet for a moment, and hugged Aurora’s waist. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this, this is my fault, all my fault.” She cried, over and over; blubbering snot and tears. 

   Aurora flicked her forehead in endearment. “Just hush and be quiet, I do not blame you; it was not your fault. They were after you in the first place-you are the victim - and if I weren’t here, what would you do without me?” 

They lapsed into silence. 


 “We will make it out, we will.” Aurora spoke in the silence, not sure if she was trying to reassure herself or Jamie.

   Aurora turned her head to the upper right corner of the room on the right side of the door and stared into the camera.

   They didn't even see her as a threat, not someone worth their time. 

    Aurora knew then that the two men that abducted them hadn't counted on Jamie inviting another person to their get together. It had been a set up for Jamie, a trap. 

  Things hadn't gone as planned for the two men.

   Aurora unknowingly threw a wrench into their plans. There were two of them, and both were young and strong. Aurora would try everything in her power to save her and Jamie.

     They were underestimating Aurora, thinking she wouldn't try anything just because she kept quiet. 

They were wrong.

She would get free or die trying.