Rage of a Grand Magus
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Ancient people of the East said used to say, ‘You can easily enter the doorway of heaven, but instead you pushed yourself to the gateless hell. Whom would you blame for your own foolishness?’

“Yo Brats!” The senior brother yelled at us, “Where is your old man? Call him here; we must have this place.”

Ione stood there in front of me.

Her silence was more than a thousand words.

The three teenager girls didn’t like how Ione acted.

“Senior Brother, she is around five or six. Moreover, there is no other here. Perhaps their parents left them here. Just kick them out, we would only be wasting time to try to speak to them.”

The senior brother nodded, the snapping his finger. The two elders directly moved towards us.

“Kids, today just your bad day,” One of them said with a proud voice.

The other was chanting some fire spells, and I saw mana stream gathered on his right hand and forming a ball-like flame.

‘Are you serious? Guys, please, that is a grand mage that you two face; you are just Master of Magi but dare to play around?’

Ione acted fast; she was not reacted; instead, she already made the first move.

A chantless spell was one of Ione fortes, combined with her talent in natural magic, she almost capable of attacking any place at any moment without prior signs.

Suddenly a strong wind blew to the man who is summoning fire magic, his flame getting bigger rapidly and made everybody surprised. The man unconsciously took a step back, but his feet were trapped under the ground with his realization, so he lost balance and fall hard.


Another man who saw his friend falling, try to help him. However, when that man moved, his feet also trapped on something, so he fell not far from his friend.


Just when they tried to get up, many green vines grew out of nowhere and wrapped them into a natural cocoon of vines. Even their mouths were sealed tightly by leaves, leaving their only right to remain silent entirely.

“Who said my day is bad?”

Ione spoke loudly; she was agitated. She has been running even before sunrise to get here. She sweated and tired when she got a beautiful place, and about to enjoy her hard work, someone wants to kick her out.

The kids were trembling to see all this — especially the girls, except for one who stands behind.

The boy yelled at us, “You, Witch! What have you done to them? Release them at once! Otherwise, you shall face the consequences!”

Ione was very calm, just said, “Oh, and what is that?”

“Release them now!” The boy repeated himself, “Do it if you smart, perhaps we will spare your family and not inquiring this incident anymore. If not….”

His voice didn’t reach an end before vines strangulated his body and covered his mouth.


“Nooo….! Senior Brother!” The girls yelled, but their feet went cold.

How stupid could this kid be? When you see your opponent was more potent than your bodyguards, shouldn’t you take a defensive measure instead of the offensive act by threatening her family?

“Anyone else has her opinions?”

Ione glared at the three girls. Two of them already on their knees trembled and sweated profusely.

However, one still stood. Still, she observed Ione quietly, and then sighed softly, “There is always surprise in history. Who would imagine that I would meet a Grand Mage who is under five in this remote place.” She bowed gently, “Little Miss Grand Mage, I represent my fellow disciple of our sect, ask for your leniency, we are the one who wrongs in whole this incident, as so, we apologize for our rude behavior.”

Ione was still angry, “Eh? Did I hear wrongly? Someone just wishes we disappear from this world, and then after they failed their act, it was just a rude behavior?”

“Yes, indeed, we are very inconsiderate of your feeling. This incident could end worse. I would not deny it. However, thanks to you Little Miss Great Magus, there is yet any serious casualty?” The girl smiled.

“Yet…?” Ione’s expression became cold.

The girl just smiled mysteriously.

Ione wanted to go all out, but I grabbed her wrist.

Ione looked me back, and I shook my head.

‘You can’t win again a millennium old monster who is already broke into Legendary Realms.’

“What she is an old granny? Moreover, a Legendary Knight?” Ione almost couldn’t believe my words.

The girl now saw me. She no longer smiled.

However, I ignore that girl, and continue to say to Ione, ‘Girl you can’t win, just let it go. We come here to watch the fantastic view, you better not ruin my mood, or I will tell Lily to double your practice sessions.’

“No…! Don’t tell the teacher. Little Brother, please have mercy to your Elder Sister.” Then she turned to the three girls, especially the one who still standing, “Granny, I don’t want to fight you. Count yourself got lucky today.”

Ione hummed and took me back to the Golden Spruce.

“Wait!” A voice stopped us.

“What do you want Granny? Want another brawl?” Ione asked in a cold tone.

“No, forgive me Little Miss Grand Mage. I can’t help but get curious, who is this little brother here?”

“What, didn’t you hear I say that he is my little brother?”

“Little Miss Grand Mage….”

“Wait, I have a name. My name is Ione.”

“Forgive me Little Miss Ione. However, who is this little brother? He doesn’t resemble you at all. I am afraid it is hard to believe that both of you are a sibling.”

“You! Which part of us that doesn’t look alike?”

“Well, I am sorry, but to be honest, Little Miss Ione, you don’t seem as smart as this little brother.”

‘Ha…, ha…, ha…,’ I could not hold it. That was too funny. Well indeed, I am too smart for this world.

“Bah, what are you laughing. Does your butt miss my slap that much?” Ione growled.

I shivered to hear that I hold my buttock tightly. When this girl went berserk, nobody could stop her, and my innocent buttock always became a victim.

‘Old Lady do not sow a seed of conflict. You don’t know the look of heavenly wrath yet, and you surely don’t want to know.’

“What did your brother wish to say?”

So Ione explains what I said.

The girl then laughed hard. “Little Brother, we even yet to meet before today. How do you know I haven’t seen anything more than you?”

I smiled at her, and just replied, “I know it, Camila Alden of the Four Towers, I just know it.”

She froze when heard what I’ve said.

While her friends seemed shocked, “No way, she is our classmate, Natali Burnham; she is not one of the four protectors of the sect.”

I said again to them, with Ione translation.

“Girls, yes she is your classmate on the surface. However, she is also the ultimate sword that protects the Black Antlers from the shadow. When you two reach her place someday, then you’ll realize the fear that every master encounter in his or her life.”

“Fear…?” One of the girls murmured.

“I can’t tell you, however, if you want to know. Walk far, at least for now, since you have an extraordinary classmate within your sect, you will have a better chance.”

Clap…, clap…, clap….

The girl named Natali or Camila clapped her hands.

“You must be someone special to know even the hidden secret of Black Antlers. Perhaps you’ve visited the Mysterious Cloud Peak?”

I turned back and sighed, “Why would I visit that nasty place, where even bird won’t take a s**t.”


‘Aww, why you hit my head?’

“Don’t make said d***y words! Do you want to feel the rage of a grand magus?”

‘Bah, you just a mage with a bad temper.’

“You ask for it!”