Not A Magus
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Night and Chaos, what a delightful combination. If someone is looking for the taste of agony and the smell of death, then this was a perfect moment.

We saw that creature who called himself Volos was fighting desperately but without any loss of bravery. The sky was full of sparkling lightning bolts and rumbling thunders. Every few seconds, the night sky was no longer like a night sky.

“Eiwa, think something. It seems we have no more time.”

‘Girl, why you suddenly fall pessimistic?’

“Because I cannot be sure to win that big dragon.”


Then why would you act like above the air before?


“Thousand miles Ley lines escape!”


‘The opposite direction of our home obviously.’ I rolled my eyes.



Ione released all her mana from her ethereal canals. A wisp of green mist at once surrounded us.

A teleportation symbol is formed and hovered under our feet. I saw Ione started to sweat more and more. Space magic was one of the hardest skills to master, not to mention to the non-space mage.


Crimson and black rays dancing above.

“Come on the bald lizard, is this all you got?” A mocking laugh roared.

Despite his loud voice, he did stop running at all, never glanced back, even his spits fell on his face again every time he yelled.

The black pursuer didn’t give a d**n about the mockery. Dragon Lord still tailing his target, because of his large body, he could not maneuver as quickly as his target on limited distance. He was so mad, whenever he took a turn, he only received another mockery and spits. He didn’t get any closer, the only things that added between the two were only more spits and more bulging veins.

They would continue this for seven days and seven nights if a yell from down below never came.

“Little Bro, this is such a good egg! We’ll get pretty much from selling it. Let’s find ourselves a buyer first!”

An ecstatic sound from a little girl.

The Chaos Dragon Lord almost tripped himself over small wind turbulence when hearing this.

‘D**n you human, that is a precious egg of our races, you think it was a souvenir to sell?’

He wanted to scold those two-human children, but when he turned his eyes toward them, not only tripped but he also fell a hundred meter when he saw glowing teleportation magic activated under their feet.

‘You must be kidding me! How can two babies use such strong magic?’

But he thought no more.

He opened his mouth widely, chaotic mana sucked in and turned into a black sphere chaotic sphere in front of his mouth.

“Chaotic Dragon Breath!”

The chaotic black sphere shot toward the two children.

But suddenly the small boy waving out his hand and a white sphere appeared around and covered the children.


The impact between the two spheres creates a high ripple. The threes and rocks were fell, crushed, and thrown all around.

‘No way!’


The Chaos Dragon Lord gave a roar. He felt the teleportation circle activated and a mana undulation was rushing out underground following a Ley-line toward far East in extreme speed.

‘Earth Escape Magic!’

The event there was a slight doubt in his mind, without further ado he flew toward East pursued the mana undulation. He was afraid of losing the egg.


After a while, the white veil around us disappeared. I let out a relieved sigh. But there was a metallic taste within my mouth; I knew that I was injured. Well, considering that we were just facing a Dragon Lord, we were fortunate.

“That was a close call, and I thought I was a goner for sure.”

Ione fell on her knees, wiped her face from over-sweating. Her hand still trembling.

But suddenly her face tensed.

“Who is there!”

‘Oh, you are here?’

Ione looked back at me. While she was on alert, I look at the hidden shadows with a smile.


Within a small villa in Violet Cane Village, Lily was watching the starry sky.

“How it is?”

A gentle voice came from behind her.

“It is okay, Young Master and Ione had escaped that ugly lizard. And they met with the two ladies right now.” Lily spoke softly.

And there was silence.

The sound a tea poured into a cup break the stillness.

“That child, he is just as reckless as his father. Fortunately, nothing bad happens. Lily, do you think I was too soft to him?”

Lily shook her head, “No Madam, Young Master has his own path, his destiny doesn’t bound to the fate of three realms, nor it was and neither it will. What we do, shall not change that fact. All we can give is our conscience fully as the people those closest to him.”

Floretta fell into silence. She stole a glance to her mother-in-law and her father.

Grandpa Albert also smiled helplessly before said, “I don’t remember what I had done when I was a toddler, but among them definitely not to scheme an angry dragonlord.”

He tugged Grandma Corrine for help.

But Grandma Corrine likely has her own thought on this. “Lady Lily, what kind of magic that can block chaos magic, was it a kind of void magic, is my grandson a void mage?”

Lily turned herself to the three people those sat around the round table. She smiled gently, “It was not magic. He is not a magus.”

“Eee … eee!”