The Little Bamboo Sprout
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In all three realms, none of those highest beings didn’t recognize the name of the Archdemon Great General of Indigo Thundering Bamboo—the General Perun Pickupgreaser.

General Perun, his name was like a clap of thunder to the ear—literally!

General Perun was one of the major protectors of the Last Sacred Bastion. He bowed only the mightiest sovereign in the whole universe, the Eternal Billion Lilies Queen

When the Almighty Queen called him, there shall be no mountains of blades or seas of flame capable of stopping him to raise her banner anywhere within the trillion worlds.

But how can this be happening?

Her Majesty summoned, and in a flash, I arrived in this unknown-frontier-small world called Edwena.

By Her Royal’s decree, I hereby arranged as the sword guard of a boy.

Her Majesty the Queen only dropped me a simple message, “From now on, he is your Young Master. Follow all his wishes and commands, since all of them precede my highest authority. Give your sword, commit your soul to him and only him. No harm may befall to him while your breath still there. And the most important thing, don’t let him in any situation that pushes him to use any summon.”

While I was yet to ask some of my doubts, the closing was enough to blow me away.

“That’s all if you do not aspire to see the three realms blown away—literally!”


Wait, Your Majesty, did you just hand over a grand universe destruction spell to me?


The sun was in a high spirit, even the thick canopy couldn’t keep its heat for us.

The jungle was full of the stink of dust, mud, decaying leaves and branches, and on top of them—the inhale of mystery.

I sat quietly on his left shoulder, his call is Eiwa, and a took a little bamboo sprout as my main demonic form which was not looking so crazed for a child. Since I did not hope he suddenly summons something out of freaking by seeing a true demonic work.

He currently tracked down a group of assailants that attack his buddies. So, he summoned, ups, he requested me to assist him—as so, I required to address him as the young master–by the statute of Her Majesty.

His small feet ran and jumped here and there. His hands and clothes have long stained by mood and sap. A mixed form of sweat and dust smeared his face. What an adorable little kid.

At first, he simply traced back the return tracks of his mates.

After meeting a couple of streams and rivers. I thought he would lose. But it seemed he knew the right direction. Even when I noticed some place was covered by a type trace-modifying magic, he yet found the appropriate course.

He only asked me for help when he needed to cross a deep stream and river, or a wide crack and rift—those mean all of them by the size of his small body.

I recognized he went in the right direction every single time. I couldn’t maintain my curiosity, so I called for him.

“Young Master, how do you know you determine the correct path to find them?”

He looked at me strangely with his young eyes.

“Did I pick the wrong turn?”

I shook my head, “No, you chose the right track. But I did not see, how you did that? Can you advise me?”

He smiled, “It easy. Since you didn’t even mention or notify me to turn back or select another route. I know I am correct.”