The Unknown Force
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The earth remained tranquil; they heard not even a gasp of a grasshopper.

No one from ten people squad could move, not even a flicker of finger. Their breathing muscle stay still, which instantly scared them to death—they could die literally if they don’t breathe in minutes.

‘I can’t breathe at all!’

‘Just what is happening to me…?’

‘Am I going to perish just like this…?’

Many thoughts flashed before each of their mind. What they experienced now was beyond their expected preparedness.

Adventures and mercenaries die in explorations and wars. But hardly a few who passed from unidentified causes. And yet, this situation occupied the psyches of these ten lives.

It would capture clear pictures of dread on each of their eyes if they could move.

“Young Master, this is…?”

The small demon asked with a suspicious look.

“You will now soon”

The boy swung his head. “First, let’s take them back. This is beyond my pay grade.”

‘Young Master, you are just too slothful to think about this issue, aren’t you?’

“Tie them up.” The boy was too lazy to quarrel, he noticed what was passing inside the little demon’s brain.

The little demon then simple snapped his finger, and magical bamboo twine tied down the ten guys and brought them down.

After that with another click of finger, the little demon sealed all sensory capacities of their captives.

The boy simple lifted his right foot, later made a gentle knock on the ground. A surge of blazing light gleamed like the initial bloom of dawn.

The instant light landed on everyone, there was nobody left behind. That place suddenly became free of human and demon traces.


Not long after, two shadows appeared on the ground where the earlier people vanished.

“We late.” The golden-haired girl whisper.

“Just what was taking place here?” The black-haired girl peered around; an inquisitiveness spirit rose within her.

“I can hardly recognize the remnant of two casting high grade spells here.” The golden-haired girl performed a clean feeling movement with both her palms around the circling air. “Both were restriction spells, one for motoric restriction, another for sensory restriction, and the target seems not a just one or two.”

“We can rule those were demonic magic of the higher entity, which we cannot sure it’s class. But the question, what with that strange force that we felt rippling before? I am assured this power is not magic, but I cannot throw a sense that can govern the very presence of all magic.”

The golden-haired girl gasped, “Do you mean…?”

“Presumably, the fabled power of law.” The black-haired girl murmured.

“Mari, that is not feasible. Those existences who possesses the power of laws only they who reached godhood in myths. According to grandpa’s bedtime tales, they merely dwell in their own celestial abode, and never care about the affairs of three territories.” The golden-haired girl mumbled.

“Yes, I also heard about those myths from my master. The only one who care to devote time in aiding to balance three realms was the Great Creator who resided at Padmaloka.”

“Yes, yes, I listened about that too.”

“But Azy, do you ever learned, that there is still great individual who is capable to wield the power of laws?”

“No… wait.” The golden-haired girl remembered something. “But it is just hearsay? Isn’t it?”

“I am afraid not. She also came down from Padmaloka. Her valor’s sufficient to hold down the last peaceful bastion in Middle Three Great Worlds for eons. It is her existence also light a torch of hope in your grandpa and my master hearts, and so do countless other souls. Without the wielding the authority of laws, I doubt she capable of achieving her legends to this very day.”

“The Eternal Billion Lilies Queen. The keeper of peaceful sanctuary, the guardian of hope, the leader of ten thousand great demon generals, the vanguard of blood winds. No matter where she lifts her flag, the victory is certain. No matter where she performs her shield, peace shall be everlasting.”

Both stay quiet for a long time.

They let their imaginations ran wild. For every child, especially girls, who contacted with magical world of Three Realms, they would worship and respect the name of Eternal Billion Lilies Queen. An existence that they yearned to be.



“Azy, it sounded that your tummy needs another round.” The black-haired girl giggled softly.

“Mari don’t say it. I am still five, and on my growth spurt.”

“Yeah, yeah… fortunately, we at least learn how to survive without adults”

“Bah, those geezers left us behind just like that. I wish I could sue them for abandoning children.”

Both laughing and yelling in the middle pristine forest. If any normal people show this scene, they would be dumbfounded.

“Let’s search for a nearby village then.” The black-haired girl moved by soaring above the canopy. “What would you prefer for a meal?”

The golden-haired girl sniffed around, then replied, “I don’t know, but suddenly I think it would be nice to have a savory soup. How about some bamboo sprout soup? I bet it would taste great in this noon!”

Then, they commenced to hunt for a bamboo sprout.