Chapter 2: Finding the Way
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I return to where I first found the boy, at the first entrance of the various turns needed to be taken to reach my lair. I wasn't concerned about such things as an ambush. Because even if the humans did ambush me, they're unlikely to actually manage to defeat me. Now, I know that sounds overconfident, but I've had troubles with Drakes who are far superior opponents.

Like the Drake that guards the entrance to floor 43. That thing was a right piece of work that nearly destroyed I, Minerva, thrice. It took me nine days to find a way around the bastard. I know him to be dead thanks to a party of four humans who nearly made it to floor 60 before being forced to retreat. I hope I can one day thank them before I send them off to the grave too.

I'm rambling to myself again. I need to focus and concentrate on those books I need to get myself, no more diverting yourself, Minerva.

Okay me, I got this. Just need to slay some humans and the books are mine. They are my books.

I look down at where I found the boy, a small pool of blood indicating where I snatched him. There are two ways that they could've come from at this T-shaped part of the dungeon. I know they can't have been straight across else one of my six eyes would've spotted them. Thus, it's either left or right. I'm assuming they are heading down to find greater riches in the dungeon, which is a stupid idea because there should be plenty higher up away from me. The Dungeon Master wouldn't have been so worried if they were leaving. This means they came from the left and are travelling right.

"Yes, I'm a genius, bask in my greatness myself," I say into the echoey caverns of the dungeon.

I start travelling right, only now getting off the ground and onto the ceiling. This is my way of staying safe as I don't know what sorts of barbaric dungeon life I'll encounter on the way there. The passageways and tunnels that lead to my home are completely vacant of all non-spider-like lifeforms. I hope the humans have done the same. But they've probably left all the dangerous stuff for me to get through. Well, based on how they dealt with me.

I know there are multiple tribes of Kobolds and Goblins in my area, as well as some Golems which really seem to hate me. Fighting them is way too painful, I recognise my strength. I've destroyed walls of stone and smashed rocks before, but Golems are too sturdy and unyielding for even me. They also can fight back, and I don't like rocks that can fight back.

I stop and move to the ground after I smell blood, lots of it, Goblin corpses lay everywhere. So I was correct in my thinking, they are indeed moving downwards. I skitter to the nearest corpse, my legs making tapping noises as I move. That creepy and eery sound makes me chuckle.

I look at the emblem on the goblins clothes. Oh no, how tragic and unfortunate, it's the Red Wolves tribe. Ah, the pain, the misery, the feeling of loss I am... feeling is shattering. It is shattering my soul, right down to my spindrels. I must avenge this harrowing loss. I am being severely sarcastic, but you probably knew that.

Actually, I doubt you can because you are dense and stupid and always seem to find me. You're floating right behind me.

"Oh, you look gutted Miverna," the Dungeon Master comments, floating around behind me. Unaware he had said my name wrong, again. Will this guy just not interrupt my life for an hour? A single hour? He doesn't even have the courtesy to learn my name!

"By the dungeon, will you stop looming over me!" I bark, pivoting back to glare upon my most annoying foe. "I care not for the existence of these worthless, pitiful beasts. I'm checking their emblem, so I know precisely what I will encounter and where the humans will go. I also guess they'd want easy loot, so they probably avoid the tribe's territory."

"Oh, you're smarter than I originally perceived. I always knew you were a good egg when I watched the Spider Queen birth you!" the Dungeon Master carelessly says with a smile in this voice.

My only reaction is to attempt a swing on the viewing orb that would shatter if it landed. Of course, the assbag manages to evade. I growl and glare holes into the orb with my six eyes. This scumbag dare peek on mother during the glorious process of birth.

"Do you desire to meet a gruesome end? I'll see to that should we meet, as will my sisters that will be informed on my way down to beast you to a pulp."

"I... I didn't intend for it to sound like that, I swear!" the orb cries, changing from blue to a light pink colour. "I meant you were in the third batch of births and I watched the Spider Queen give birth to ensure nothing went awry. I care about her, you know, not as a lover or anything, but as a subject and subordinate. She is a Sect Master."

You aren't a nurse or a... I think its a midwife. Yeah, I've read human books so I think I know what it is. This guy is not one of those people.

"Yeah, yeah, come up with whatever excuse you want. So, tell me, why have you bothered me again?" I ask, turning away from the Dungeon Master and down the tunnel.

"I'm telling you that I've disabled all traps the humans have dodged past to guarantee I don't accidentally kill you. You're welcome."

"I wasn't going to say thank you, now, if you'll excuse me."

"Oh yes yes, my dearest apologies, honey," the Dungeon Master comments, a smirk in his voice.

I immediately fire a sticky web from the tips of my fingers and towards the orb. You cannot imagine my glee when it attaches, allowing me to swing the orb around and slam it into the ground, a smirk on my face. Now I get to live uninterrupted for a week. That's the cooldown of the spell according to a spellbook I read.

Now, time to murder and get my books!

I had to snip this bit off the third chapter due to it being way too long for my own tastes, however, it is ended in it being a bit too short. Because of that, there will be the next chapter being published soon after this. Also, not a lot actually happens in this chapter so thats another reason.