Chapter 32
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“Is this a dream?” I had to ask in complete wonder.

“No, Clyburn…” Morgan blushed, her dress falling to the ground and revealing her naked body. “I’m now out of prison. And I made sure to bring your sisters back too and properly train them to be proper girls for Clyburn. Now girls, take off your clothing.”

“W-with you here?” Madison says nervously. “And Hannah?”

“Hmm… Mom, why should I do what you ask?”

“If you don’t, Mommy with force you!” Morgan leaped at Hannah, tearing off her clothing roughly.

Hannah cried and protested, but Morgan was the bigger woman in many ways, especially when it came to chest size. Madison stared at her younger sister and mother as their giant boobs pushed against each other. She looked down at her own modest breasts tearfully.

“Your breasts are beautiful,” I reassured her. “And so are you.”

Madison blushed. “R-really now… is this okay? Can I really be with brother?”

To prevent her Mother from stripping her as she did Hannah, Madison let her clothing fall to the ground, revealing her tall, naked body. Her blonde hair, completely unlike the other two girls, stood as a testament to her being a half-sister. However, I didn’t care about that at all. We had been raised together, and as far as I was concerned, she was absolutely me very important sister.

“I don’t know…” I sighed. “Time will tell on that one.”

“Huh?” She asked, her face showing some confusion.

Madison started for a moment, and the other two girls stop fighting. Now, all three women were standing before me naked. This was my family. These were my women. My cock started to grow hard just looking at them.

“Come here!” I gestured, and the three women cautiously approached my bed, lying next to me.

I held all three naked women against me, kissing the top of each of their heads. Madison blushed, Hannah, stuck out her tongue, and Morgan wore an amused smile.

“Well, the last chapter was the end of Volume 1. Where we ended, our relationship wasn’t at its best.”

“I’ll say!” Hannah huffed. “Mother shot at me!”

“I’m sorry,” Morgan looked down guiltily. “I was a bit out of my mind.”

“Hey… the past is the past. I’m only looking for my future!” I said, grabbing Mother’s chin and giving her a kiss.

The other two girls looked on sheepishly, so I gave them both kisses too.

“You know, I only have one penis, ladies, if you want me to satisfy all three of you, you’ll have to work together. Especially you, Mom, you’ve been fondling me in secret!”

“Eh? Mom!” Madison pushed mom to the side, revealing that where she lied, she had pulled out my cock and was now moving her hand up and down on it.

“You…”Hannah jumped angrily, trying to get her hand on my cock too.

Madison took a breath and then with a flush went down herself, immediately attacking my cock with her tongue and lips. Soon, the other two girls got the idea, and I had three tongues attacking various parts of my male anatomy. I could only lean back and moan as Morgan sucked my balls, Hannah sucked the tip, and Madison licked up and down the shaft.

“I think our relationship will improve, with time,” Morgan said while taking a breath.

“That may be true.” I agreed. “But time means more volumes, and more volumes means the author’s time and money.”

“I have plenty of money!” Morgan sniffed.

“Hehe… unfortunately, the author lives in another world and we can’t send him money. That’s why he’s supported by Patreon.”

Hannah pulls her red lips away from my tip, a stream of spit and pre-cum connecting the pair. “What’s patreon?”

“Ah… that’s a donation platform. You see, the author Whatsawhizzer makes his living through generous donations.” I explained, reaching down and cupping Hannah and Madison’s breasts, one small, one big, “So, if people want to see more World of Women, they should consider donating at”

“Ah, brother… that tickles.” Hannah giggled as I played with her pink nipple. “Ahn… I thought there was already a Volume 2 out.”

“That’s true.” I nodded, sitting up so I could bring my hand down Hannah’s backside, managing to just reach around enough that I could finger her pussy, which was getting wet. “ is the source of all of whatsawhizzer’s content. You can visit the website anytime to read Volume 2 and the start of Volume 3.”

“Ahnn… brother… when you touch me that way, I go crazy!”

“B-brother… I want to go crazy too!” Madison cried tearfully.

“There is plenty of Clyburn to go around!” I assure them. “If you buy the digital copy for Volume 1, you get five bonus chapters that cannot be accessed any other way. You can also get a voucher to buy this free by joining Whatsawhizzer’s Patreon.”

“What about Volume 2?” Morgan asked, growing interested in our conversation.

“Volume 2 also has a digital ebook. All books come as PDF or ePub format. They include additional editing, formatting, a compilation all in one place you can access without internet, a couple of illustrations of the characters, and also bonus chapters and side stories. Volume 2 has 9 additional chapters that can only be accessed by buying the PDF or getting a Patreon voucher. $5 donators get a free voucher every month to buy the PDFs they want.”

“Ahnn… brother… that’s amazing!” Hannah cried as my fingers dipped in and out of her wet cunt, moving faster and faster as fluids started to squirt out of her.

“It is amazing! And if you enjoyed WoW, you may also enjoy other works by Whatsawhizzer. NTR Crush, Tales of a Seductress, Enslaved Pregnant Animalgirl Sister Harem with No NTR, Hawtness, Timefall Saga… to name a few… not to mention his Patreon-only stories Just Another Brothel in the Apocalypse and The Hero’s Vengeance.”

“I was talking about the orgasm…” Hannah smiled wryly as her pussy continued to throb against my fingers.

“Do me next!” Madison said, swinging her leg over my head.

I lifted my head and sucked on her clit tightly while she continued to suck my cock with the help of the other two girls.

“NTR Crush? I hate NTR!” Hannah sniffs.

“Actually, although I won’t say it has no NTR, most fans have heralded it as good as WoW. The elements are blended together, and it doesn’t fetishize netorare… it makes it the enemy. You’d probably enjoy it despite the name.”

“Hmph… maybe I will, but I don’t care about bonus chapters. Why bother giving him any money if the main story will all be free anyway?” Morgan asked.

“WoW, NTR Crush, and EPASH, and all of the other stories will all be distributed for free… eventually… but they are only written at the speed they are written because of donations. These stories would not exist without the support of readers like you. More donations mean faster releases, not to mention a myriad of other benefits, from PDF access, Wallpapers, full-colored illustrations, Discord Roles, early-release chapters, custom channels and content… only the readers can make all of this keep happening. Just $1 will unlock the majority of locked chapters, and $5 will unlock everything else.”

“Enough talking… your sister’s pussy needs attention.” Madison complained.

“Ah… but before that… your lips are all too good, I’m cumming!”


“My hair!”

“Brother, warn us first!”

I let out a moan as cum shoots out from my cock. With three girl’s coercing my cum, it explodes like a fire hydrant. Since I didn’t warn them before it started erupting, they weren’t able to avoid it. I looked down to three faces glaring back at me splattered in white.

“Oops… I came a bit early… but you don’t want to come late to supporting Whatsawhizzers Web Novels!”

“That was lame…” Hannah said lately, scrubbing cum from her hair.

“So lame…”

"See you for Volume 2!"