Chapter Forty-one 「Frustrations」
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Longish chapter, sorry it took a while to get out.  Also, found a good story with some potential I'm looking forward to reading.  My Girlfriend is a Bully by SH Author Eldrich_Potato.  If you have nothing better to do, give it a read.

Also, enjoy some fan art of Shizu.

Nakada Shizu

Friday, June 12th (Morning)

After the strange experience I had in the middle of the night, and the inauspicious morning sex with Umeko, I had gotten to thinking about how over the last while I’ve been neglectful of Rina and Ruru.

It was still rather early, and I had plenty of time, so I told Ume as much, and she nodded understandingly at me.  Normally I would give the entire morning to her too, but… well… what more was there to give?

I escaped the bed and threw on a pair of jogging shorts I had in a nearby dresser and went to go knock on Rina’s door.  She opened it in nothing but a bra and panties, which was all the clothes I had to worry about.  Before she even had a chance to greet me, my arms were wrapped around her, and my lips intertwined with hers.

I walked her while kissing clumsily to her bed where I undid her bra and pushed her down onto it.

“Kouta, so excitable this morning?”

“For you?  Definitely.”

I put my hands on her waist and slipped a finger into each side of her panties, sliding them around her luscious tanned ass and down her beautiful legs until they were around my finger.  I twirled them around a few times then bunched them up before taking a big inhale of her nightly scent and then proceeded to toss them over my shoulder to land wherever.  What I wanted was right before me.  I dropped to my knees, holding on to her knees and pushing her legs apart to show me her deliciousness.  I had already decided on my breakfast, and it was her pink triangle onigiri.  

With a cursory lick along her inverted length, I offered an itadakimasu to the gods who oversee gorgeous gyarus, and helped myself.  Rina had unfortunately cleaned herself too well in my opinion, as I’ve grown to enjoy when she’s got just a bit more of a womanly scent to her, but that was no reason for me to enjoy her any less.  My hands groped and squeezed her inner thighs and my tongue was thoroughly scrubbing my scent into her.  If she was my secret lover, then all of her secret places would be filled with my scent.

 “Mm… Kouta I LOVE it when you do this~”

“Sorry I’ve been inattentive to you.  Who knew having this many women would be this troublesome for everyone.”

“Just be quiet and eat me out, I’m getting a turn with you tonight, and I don’t care who else is there.”

I stopped talking and continued my oral assault on her. I pushed her legs up and used my hands to hold them against her body as her entire location was made exclusively available to me.  I teased her ass with my mouth, and drilled her slutty hole with my tongue for a bit as I kept on sucking on her labia and clit, pulling them with my lips and doing my best to massage her moistening passageway, giving my tastebuds the full Rina experience this morning.

“E..enough… Kouta put it in.”

It seems Rina would prefer that instead, and I wasn’t going to argue.  I wanted to make her feel good this morning, loved by me, and so keeping her legs pinned, I used the opportunity to send my sailor son deep diving in her trench, digging around for a pearl in that clam of hers. As it is in the ocean, the tides and currents inside her pussy threatened to pull my son under tow many times, but I have gained some experience navigating these waters.  I shift her legs to rest against my shoulders, and my hands reach out to anchor themselves to her twin islands, both mountainous and with cute little peaks.  

Yes, as my son hunts for her buried riches, there is a hard treasure chest he keeps bumping into.  But that’s a find for later, for there is another treasure in front of me of much more importance.  Her sweet lips.  I too plunder those and I find myself the richest man in the world.

The viscosity of her waters have turned her trench into a lagoon, and my freediving son finds frustration at not being able to go deeper, and no matter how much he bangs on the treasure chest, it will not open for him.  My son is a greedy one, but that is life on the seas!  You must take what you can from the mother ocean, for she will always be ready to take what she can from you!

And certainly that is where we are.  Rina’s body is now churning, and a tsunami is coming!  My son is not aware of it yet, but his haphazard digging has caused a landslide to occur, and as her body lifts and the whales’ song echoes all around me, the tide washes over me, and I have to surrender to the riptide.

My son is at his limit.  Out of breath and gasping for air once more, he vomits his contents out into her, a white spill, a married man’s rum right into her pristine waters.   Then my son collapses, and I too, on her island, safe and sound.  The pearls and treasure chest may have been lost, but my son will always have the memory of this adventure.

And certainly he will return again.

“I needed that sooooo much!”  She says as her arms and legs wrap around me, pulling me into another kiss.  Our tongues coil around each other like two snakes in coitus, and we slowly melt into each other, until we slither apart.

“So… what brought this on? Were those two not enough for you?”

“No, they were fine… but… I just wanted to make sure I didn’t neglect you too.  I don’t ever want you to think I don’t care about you, or that you mean any less to me.”

“So instead of a friendly hug, and a good morning, you just wanted to enjoy my body?”

“Oh… I… didn’t mean for it to come off like that.  I… just wante-”

“Dummy.  I’m teasing you!  I love doing this with you, anytime, anywhere!”

“... I’m self conscious about that, though.  I don’t want you to think I’m only treating you as a sexual object…”

“You couldn’t even if you wanted to.  You are nothing like Zuzu, and that’s what I love about you the most.  You are my caring Kouta.  That’s why I wanted to be with you in the first place… and if possible tonight… I’d like to be with you and Ibuki-chan.”


“You don’t want to?”

“No… It’s fine with me, but… can I ask why?”

“I just want to.  I think it might be an interesting experience, that’s all.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem… I guess?”

“Good. I work a shift at my new gig, so I’ll be home sometime after eight.”

“Alright, but… I know what I said last night… however, this time… don’t rush to take that shower.”

“Why, you want a sweaty and coffee-scented Rina to drink up tonight?”

“Do you know what one of the things my Onee-chan always did with me growing up?”

“No, what?”

“She always had me try new things.  One of her rules was, in order to broaden my palette for different kinds of foods, even if you aren’t sure you’ll like it, you can’t turn it down until you’ve at least had a single taste.”

“I see, so any blend of coffee you prefer?”

“I hate coffee, but… if it’s Rina flavored… I might just acquire a taste for it after all.”

“Kouta the smooth talker, huh?”

“Speaking of smooth talking, I’m going to see if there’s anything I can do for Ruru.”


“You aren’t the only one I feel I’ve neglected, Rina.”

“True, Shizu, Shiori, and Ume all made us wait.  Alright.  Go show that loli some much needed loving.  And for god's sakes, if she tells you to make her a woman, just shut up and do it, ‘kay?” 

“Thanks for being understanding.”

“Understanding?  Oh you silly boy.  You’ll find out exactly how I feel later tonight.”

Somehow that sounded very ominous and dangerous coming from her.  Still, with a few more kisses to her sultry body, I reluctantly left her to get cleaned up on her own accord, and after putting my jogging shorts back on, I left her room and right across the way knocked on Ruru’s door.

It took a few moments, but a sleepy and disheveled looking legal loli opened the door.  She seemed either surprised or embarrassed to see me there, but I asked her if it was alright to come in.  She let me in and closed the door behind me.

“Good morning, Kou-bou.  Something I can do for you?”

“That should actually be my line.  I know it’s early, and you might not be up for it, but… would you… like me to… with you…?”


“Ah, it’s a no?  Maybe my timing was bad.  I’m sorry for waking you up…”

I got up to leave, but a small hand grabbed onto the only thing it could.  The sleeve of my shorts.


So I wait.

A small body pressed itself against my back, and two tiny but strong arms wrapped around me.  It was the shy Ruru who was doing this, not the confident banchou.

“I know… we’re not quite there… but I also know I’ve done enough to need to take responsibility for certain things.  So I just wanted to see if there was anything you wanted me to do for you this morning.”

“Can...we move to the bed?” She asks me softly.

I turn around and scoop her up in a princess carry and deposit her on her own bed.  She’s incredibly light, and in a way is like a smaller, cuter Saya.  I take a seat and she easily sits on my lap, facing me.

“Kou-bou… you’ll be good to me?”


She pulls in her arms up her long sleeves, she’s wearing pajamas, and not much else.  When she lifts her shirt up from the inside, her porcelain skin of her upper half is exposed, and her pitiful womanly charms that she is ashamed of is bared for me to see.  But as I am a leg man, I don’t dislike what she has to offer.  I’m not one to be cruel about how the genetic lottery favors some and not others.  So I bring my mouth to her cute chest and kiss her little mounds.  Maybe it’s because her appearance makes it seem a bit forbidden and taboo, but I make sure to show her that I can most certainly be happy with her body.  She is a woman, my senpai in life, and deserves to be treated with respect as one, and not as a child, as she fears. 


“You are delicious, Ruru.”

“ can you say that…”

“Because you are.  Just because your candies are small, doesn’t mean they lack the flavor I like.”

I kiss and run my tongue all along them, tracing circles and x’s over her little nubs, and on occasion softly biting them with my teeth.  She makes small whimpering sounds, and grips my shoulders with her tiny hands. But it would be rude of me to only show that part of her affection, so I slowly work my way up into a kiss with her.  I reach up and stroke her long silky black hair, my fingers pressing firmly onto her scalp and my other hand supporting her little body from the back as she melts in my arm.

“Kouta… can we do that… thing again?”

“Is that what you want?”


I let her slide off my lap, and she pulls down her pajama bottoms and panties, exposing her cuteness in full to me.  

“I… want to try that thing…”

“What thing?”

“The one where I...ummm.. sit on you and you can… and then I can too…?”

“You mean a sixty-nine?”

She nods.

“Alright.”   I slide my shorts down and lay back on the bed, she climbs on top of me and I help navigate her to where she needs to be.  Her pussy is tiny and cute, and honestly now that I’m seeing it up close, I wonder if my son will be able to fit properly in it.  As I did with Rina, I also do with Ruru.  There’s a lot less space to work with, but I manage.  As I go about giving her an oral lesson, she’s also playfully touching me.  

“Kouta, it’s sticky…”

“Aa… sorry about that.  I um… I was with Ume and Rina already this morning.  If it bothers you, please don’t mind it.  I’ll still do what you..”


I felt a warmth suddenly and it wasn’t on just one side.  No, this was an all-encompassing warmth.  As if…


I get no verbal answer, only a logical one that I can feel.  Ruru has taken me into her mouth completely.  How do I know this?  Because I can feel her teeth.  She hasn’t broken any skin I don’t believe, but it’s an obvious feeling.  Her tiny hand is holding on to the base, slowly stroking it, and only the tip and a little past it has actually made it into her mouth.  I can feel her tongue moving around a little, but mostly she’s just trying to flood her mouth with saliva as she slurps on it. She has zero experience, but it’s adorable in it’s own way.

Well, I’ll just let her do as she wants.  If it’s only this much, it should still be okay.

So I pick up the pace and start to go at her before my jaw gets tired.  I do take the opportunity to grope her cute butt.  It’s small, with a little bubble shape and fits right in the palms of my hands.  I squeeze them apart and go in circles and push them together and have a great deal of fun doing so.  She takes me out of her mouth, and I enjoy the sensation of her licking me like an ice cream pop, and then going back to what she was doing.

If she’s expecting me to come, I’m sorry to say it’s not going to happen.  But for her on the other hand, I know just how to handle it.  In fact, I pull her down onto my mouth and start sucking and licking with a targeted aim to her clitoris directly.  From the time in the shower, I discovered she’s the weakest there.  For Rina she likes it all along the inner routes on the sides by her lips, but for Ruru, it’s incredibly straightforward.

Soon her legs began to shake and I knew it was close.

“Aah… Kouta… it’s… abou….”

Her little body begins to convulse on my face and a small trickle of liquid shoots out and onto my face. 

Did she squirt?

Thankfully before she had, she had let me out of her mouth.  Currently her head is resting on my pelvis and she’s panting rapidly.  After a few moments to rest, she easily spins her body on top of me, and suddenly, I find her staring into my eyes, as I feel her hand taking hold of me, and putting me right at her hot and practically steaming entrance.



She slides her body back the tiniest bit and I feel my son pushing at her entrance.  The nervousness in her face is making me uneasy as well. I wrap my arms around her in a bid to stop her from moving down any further.

“Please think about it, Ruru… Don’t do something you will honestly and truly regret.  What we did… I have no problem with that much, and will do it anytime you want… But you only get one go at giving that gift.  I myself have regretted being swindled out of it with Shizu…  I don’t want you to have those feelings!”

Just a little more, and I feel it pushing in, the elasticity she would have hasn’t formed yet, and even though she is slick, it’s going to tear her and hurt her if she goes any further than this.  It’s not like I don’t want her to, she’s a cute girl and I’ve enjoyed sex with all of my lovers… but… with Ruru somehow, I feel like it’s different.  Of everyone, I don’t want her to have a regret, or rather, of everyone so far, she’s the only one who could have a regret.

Shiori doesn’t regret it, because of her love of Shizu.  Shizu doesn’t regret it because of her lack of self-worth in passing me on to her sister, feeling that it was the best decision she could make to not hurt me considering her sexual history.  Umeko has been in love with me for the longest time, her regret appears to be only that it wasn’t sooner, much the same with Rina.  Ibuki’s is only in the method of our first time, she made it clear that night we shared with Shiori and Rina, that our compatibility was… sublime.  Kanae was happy just to have me, her regret might have been not keeping me a slave to her, but even past that, she’s not shown any regrets.

So it’s just Ruru, who feels it’s important to keep herself a maiden until she finds her one true love…  I can’t let her make this mistake…

“Kouta… please… won’t you make me a woman?”

“You already are a woman, Ruru.  A damn fine loveable woman.  You don’t have to do this to yourself.”

“Push it in… please don’t make me beg.”

“You have to say it Ruru… You have to be sure in your heart.  Look at me, I’m the worst kind of scum.  I don’t deserve the love of any of the women who for some reason want to be with me…  I’ll only hurt you.”

Her body is quivering.  “You… fucking coward.”

“Then… rape me, Ruru.  Rape me until you are satisfied.”

“Huh?  What are you talking about?”

“That’s what it is right now.  You aren’t consenting properly, and neither am I.  So what else is it called?”

She slaps me across the face, then rolls off of me, her chastity still safe.  I have some guilt, but at least there is no regret to haunt her.

“Get out.”

I grab my shorts and without even putting them on, I leave her room.  In no way will I hold that outburst of anger against her.  The roles of men and women are unfair at times, but this is the only thing for sure I will not bend on with her.  She has a big complex and it’s tied to her family values.  Ones which she’s believed in her whole life and which now present an almost cognitive dissonance to her emotional growth.

Out in the hallway, I find a toweled up and freshly bathed Ai-chan exiting the shared bathroom.  I don’t miss the fact that her eyes appraise my body, but well, it’s not like she wasn’t in the room the other night when that happened.

“Good morning, Ai-chan.”

“Good morning, Kouta-kun.”

I excuse myself and return to my room, where I find Ume resting in bed, an Ibuki-san just waking up.  “Anyone up for a shower?”

As if those were somehow the magic words, I quickly found myself in a shower with two lovely stalkers.  One a childhood friend, and the other essentially a ghost.  While we had plenty of washrags, apparently soapy breasts do a much better job.  Indeed, even my son was aching to be washed by them.  Actually…

“Ibuki… wash it with your breasts.”

I give her a command, because fuck it.  You only live once, right?

In an instant my son was sandwiched between two healthy and slippery breasts.  Perhaps it was fun for her, because she had a smile on her face doing it.  Now, I’m not for treating her like a sex slave, but if Shi-chan taught me anything, a paizuri, in the scheme of things, is pretty damn tame.

Umeko on the other hand, presses her breasts on my back and whispers in my ear.


I take it in stride, since I know she’s just teasing me.  I was happy just having something fun to watch and after a short while, I had Ibuki stop.  We rotated as well, and I made sure to be in charge of washing their fronts. I paid special attention to remove all the dirt first with my mouth, and then followed up with a thorough soapy scrubbing of their breasts, armpits, and thighs.

When we were washed, we all hopped in the shower to rinse off.  I’ve yet to take a shower alone, I think, so it basically went as usual.  Since things ended on a poor note with Ruru, I still had a charge left in the old submarine, and somehow or another it ended up with me asking Ume if she minded.  She didn’t have any objection, so I found myself taking Ibuki from behind.  

One thing I can say about Ibuki over the rest of the girls is, she can match my rhythm better than any of them.  It’s strange, but amazing.  She leans her body the right way, so that we get the most physical contact, and my arms reach around perfectly to be able to grope and play with her breasts.  Also, her pussy has already adapted to suit me, and it gives off the same feel that Kanae’s did.  Like it was made for me alone.

Ume sort of just watched for a bit, before Ibuki reached out to her without my prompting.  Ume moved forwards and those two reached for each other’s places, fooling around before joining in a kiss.  I reacted appropriately, and Ibuki’s body did as well.  I held on a bit lower to her body as I pounded away from behind, the sounds of flesh on water on flesh making fantastic sound effects in the acoustically accommodating bathroom.  Ume filled in for me, groping Ibuki in my place, and my lust seemed to rise, and I was filled with the urge to satisfy her body.

Umeko breaks off from their kiss for a moment.

“Kouta… take it easy.”

“No… Ibuki is enjoying this, isn’t she?”

“Sen...pai…”  Was all she could muster.  She pulled Ume back into the kiss and I continued to go crazy.  I was holding on to her midsection so tightly I worried I was causing her to lose her breath, but no.  Towards the end, when I knew I had reached my limit… Ibuki pushed Umeko away to half an arm’s length.

“Senpai… I’m ready... when you are.”

 “IBUUUUUUUKIIIIII”  I half-yelled as my body held it in as long as possible.  Then all at once as if every failsafe in my loins collapsed at once, I could feel stream after stream of my seed flooding her body.  I must have sounded like a wild gorilla or something with the noises I was making as I ravaged her until the end.  Then when I was done, if not for Umeko, both of us would have fallen down.  Bracing us with her body, she wrapped us both in a hug.

“What the hell was that?”

“What was what?”  I replied.

“That… that was crazy hot sex!   Kouta, were you holding out on me?”

“Huh? No... not at all.”

“Shit… Ibuki you lucky bitch!  How’d that feel?”

“My legs feel wobbly.  But… I’m warm inside.”

“No shit… Kouta… you gotta do that to me next time!”

“Eh? Uh… o...kay?”

“U..umeko-chan?  Can… you not let me go for a moment.”

“I got you.  I don’t think I would be able to stand up after that either…”

So, it wasn’t more than a minute or two before I recovered enough to stand, after that I helped Ibuki-san down on to my lap, and Umeko helped with cleaning up Ibuki a bit with the detachable showerhead.  Ibuki didn’t protest it, and I quite enjoyed her relaxing against me.

Possibly this kind of feeling right now between us, was what made me so angry she was tricked into joining that damn club.  I don’t know if it’s because I wanted her to be mine, if the protective feeling that overlapped my guilt had become a possessiveness, but… yeah.  I didn’t want anyone but me to hold her.

No.  This feeling I had wasn’t love.  It was something else.  Ibuki was my possession now.  My feeling was unconscionable anger.  If anyone hurt her, if anyone did anything untoward for her… I know… I know I would be possessed of the desire to revenge for her sake.

As.. as if it wasn’t even me, but deep down, I know this was a part of me, I squeezed her with all my strength and said a single word aloud, my audience to it only Ibuki and Umeko.


Yet the reply to that was the only acceptable answer, and hearing it was what soothed this angry beast inside of me. In a soft but firm voice giving confirmation to my wild desire, Ibuki spoke clearly.

I belong to you, Senpai.

The shower finished, and I also had been rinsed off by Umeko, we dressed and readied ourselves for breakfast and school.

It seems we took a bit longer than the others, because we three were the last to the table.  Breakfast was Rice with Furikake, Rolled Egg, and some sausage links.  I heard from Gotomaki-san that Kaneshiro-san had completely eaten her breakfast, and that made me happy.

Rina was in a good mood, Ai-chan was in a good mood, and Ruru seemed to be in a good mood until she saw me.  Once again, I don’t blame her.  What happened was my own selfishness.  We all left the house and headed towards school, the girls walking slow to make the most of their delinquency, and that freed me up to walk with Ibuki and Ai-chan by my side.  At the usual spot, all but Ruru took their usual kiss from me, and left.  Ai-chan, when I was alone with only her and Ibuki asked me once more a question I didn’t want to hear.

“Are you… not going to come to the club today?”

“No.  As long as there is a risk to have Ibuki being a member there, I won’t set a single foot back in that room.”

Ai-chan just nodded as her gaze fell to Ibuki.  Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed in.  I waited for a moment, but with no sign of Shi-chan today, I gave up and escorted Ibuki into school, and for some reason, all the way to her class.

After I dropped her off, I barely made it back to my own in time.

I had expected some issues to come forth from yesterday’s actions, but no, there was nothing.  Not a single look or word from Inoue-sense or even Nacchan.  Class proceeded as usual, and there were only three messages sent to me during class, which I was hesitant to pull my phone out for.

>LionMaiden:  Thinking of you♡

>LionMaiden:  [Photo Attached  Kiss02.jpg]

It’s a cute picture of my wife and another girl making a kissy face at the camera.

>ThiccWaifus:  You too♡

>ThiccWaifus:  I’d send a pic, but if the shutter noise went off, I’d probably be in deep shit.

>LionPrincess:  Where to for lunch?

>ThiccWaifus:  No idea… I think I pissed off Ruru, so I’m up for anywhere, let me know.

>GrowingAffection:  Saya asked me if I could give her your Line ID.  Is it okay if I do? 

>ThiccWaifus:  It’s fine.  I figure I’d have to talk with her sooner or later.

>SugarMama:  Kouta?  It’s Saya.  Can… Just for a couple minutes, can I speak to you in person at lunch?  Privately if possible…

>ThiccWaifus:  Sure, anywhere but the clubroom.

>SugarMama:  That’s fine.  Meet me at the Nurse’s office, okay?

>ThiccWaifus:  Alright.  Immediately after the bell.

>SugarMama:  Thanks.

>LionPrincess:  Rooftop?

>ThiccWaifus:  I’ll be a few minutes late, just need to meet with someone first.

pin pon pan pon

I left the classroom amongst the shuffle of students, hoping not to be called out by Nacchan or Sensei, I lucked out, and made for the Nurse’s Office at once.  I only had to wait a small amount of time for Saya to show up.  In her school uniform, she looks like any other normal girl, though more radiant that most, and if you didn’t know she had children already, you never would guess in a million years.

She slides open the door to the infirmary, and we enter.

“Don’t worry, there’s no one here but us.  Sensei takes lunch early, to avoid all the students moving around.”

“Good to know, I guess…  So, what is it you’d like to talk about?”

“It’s about yesterday.  Do you really plan on quitting the club?”

“I can’t let Ibuki be a part of it.  If I have that assurance, I don’t mind returning, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to let what those other girls do happen to her.”

“Why do you care so much for her?”

“Why do you care if I quit?  Or that Ibuki is a part of the club?”

“I… rather enjoy you being there, even if it’s only the last two days of the week.   You might not believe me, but I feel safer with you there.  As for Ibuki, it’s not like I care one way or the other, but she did sign up on her own…”

“There’s no way she did without being coerced.   I mean, would you want Satoko to endure that?  Let me tell you this.  If this were ten years from now, and I ever learned she was in that club, I’d snatch her out early, and raze the whole fucking school down with everyone in it.”


“My point is, that Ibuki isn’t a strong girl like the others in there, and that kind of life isn’t for her.”

“And you think it is for me?”

“No.  I don’t think it is for anyone, save probably… Nacchan.”


“She’s got a similar look to someone I know, who probably would fit in there quite well, if not for the fact she abhors doing it for money.  And I’m not calling you out on it, nor will I say I understand your situation any more than the own conclusion I’ve drawn, which is that you’ve found no other way to reliably provide for…”

Saya doesn’t answer my assumption at all, she only stares at me intensely.  “Alright, I get it.  I’ll see if there’s something I can do to help.”

“You don’t need to.  As I said, Ibuki and I are done with that place.”

“You won’t reconsider coming back?  Just you?”

“Why?  If it’s just to hold a camera to see those poor girls suffer…” I sigh for a moment then correct myself “ know, I don’t know if it is suffering for all of them, but surely most do have regrets about doing that.  I’m sure each of them has their reasons, but there is not one acceptable one for Ibuki to be there.  For me, I really was only there on a whim to get Nacchan off my back about coming to see it just once.”

“Kouta, you know that all the girls there like you, even Ai-chan.”

“If you say so, but… It’s not like I’m looking for anyone new… I already have a girlfriend, and far more trouble than I care to deal with.  That and… I mean, even if I were to like one of the girls in there, then what?  I still would have to watch them do that?  That kind of shit isn’t for me, don’t you get it? Like... Do I have something marked visibly on me that says I like NTR?  Because I sure as hell don’t.”  

“I see, I hadn’t… thought about it like that.”

“Anyway, I’m also an advocate of if it’s your body, it’s your choice, so you do whatever you feel you need to.  If we’re done, I’m meeting my girlfriend for lunch.”

“...yeah.  Sorry for taking up your time.  If… if it’s okay, do you have time to drop by and see Satoko for a little while today?”

“Sure.  My girlfriend has her job after school today, so I’m free after the bell.”

“Is that so?  Then… do you mind waiting for me?”

“You want me to wait until club is over?”

“No.  I’ll… skip it today.”

“If that’s okay with you, then sure.  I’ll see you after school.”

Saya smiles at me, and I leave the infirmary and head up to the roof.  Shizu, Rina, and Umeko are there, along with a rare Mahiro.

“Yo, Kouta~ Hi hi~”  I’m cheerfully greeted by Mahiro.

There is a bag of snacks laid out, as well as some drinks.  Rina, Ume, and Shizu are all being delinquents while waiting for me, and I take a seat between Shizu and Umeko, facing Rina and Mahiro.

“What took you so long?” Shizu asks me.

“Just dealing with some dumb shit from yesterday.  Oh, a curry pan, can I have this one?”

“Help yourself.”

I unwrap it, and it’s still warm.  Shizu must have bought these from the cafeteria a little while ago, while I was talking with Saya.

“So, anyway, he is just going at her like a wild beast.  It was so incredibly hot, all I could think about was how I wanted to be where she was.”  Ume is recounting something, and it sounds awfully like what happened in the shower earlier…

“Really?  He’s usually so gentle.  It’s hard to get him riled up.”  Shizu replies.

“Not really, I think it’s a mood thing.  There’s definitely a trigger when she’s involved.” Rina debates.  “When your sister was there, I was in the same bed, and I witnessed those two going at it… it was something else…”

“Ugh… that girl, huh.” Shizu groans.

“What, you don’t like her?” Umeko asks.

“If it’s any consolation, Shiori didn’t seem to, either.  But she still found a way to include her.  In fact…” Rina recounts what happened when Ibuki and Shiori did it together while Rina and I…

“Kouta.  What’s the story with her?” Shizu asks me directly.

“I assume you are asking me about Ibuki?”

Everyone nods.

I lie down on my back and stare up at the blue sky.  There are a couple of clouds drifting slowly by, but my mind is too distracted to make out any shapes.  I honestly don’t want to talk about Ibuki right now.

“Shizu, why can’t it just be you and me?”

I say this openly, and in front of Umeko and Rina, knowing full well it’s about the worst thing I possibly can.

“Because I’m an idiot and fucked it all up from the start, Kouta.”

“I would give anything for a do-over.  I wouldn’t let you trick me a second time.  It would have just been me and you, and I would definitely make you fall in love with me.”

“Are you saying I’m not in love with you now?”

“Yeah.  Otherwise you’d come with me, pretend to be Shiori again, push the divorce then turn around and marry me.  I’ll be happy for all the times we’re together, and turn a blind eye for the times we aren’t.  Until you can only stand to be with me…”

Shizu also lies down next to me.  “Sounds like a good dream, Kouta.  But.. that’s all it might be, you know?”

“Better the dream than the reality.”

“Hey, what are you on about?  We’re right here having to hear this you know?”  Rina complains.

“I know.  This is the true lamentation of the guy you like.  As much as it hurts you, it hurts me too.  We all want what we want, and what we want so often thinks and feels differently about us than we do of them.  It doesn’t matter how right or good it feels, if your heart is always heavy afterwards.”

“Are you saying you don’t love us?”  Rina asks with frustration.

“No.  I love you as much as I can, but… I’m just saying I wish everything could have just gone right the first time.  Didn’t you want that with Zuzu?”

“...In the beginning I did, I think…”

“And I fucked that up.  And not standing up to my sister I also fucked up what could have been an early love with Umeko.  Hell, I might have acclimated to Shiori after being with Shizu… but it’s her I wanted.  I was happy just being boyfriend and girlfriend.  Now I have all of you, and to be honest, I feel inadequate.  I feel like I don’t deserve any of you, and I really worry that it hurts Shizu to have to know I too… am betraying her love.”

“It’s so fucking unfair, isn’t it, Rina?”  Umeko says with a sarcastic tone.  “He’s got so many beautiful girls throwing themselves at him, and he wants the one who couldn’t give half a fuck about him.”

“Hold on.”  Shizu interrupts.  “It’s not like I’m not regretting what I did… but I really did it while thinking it was in Kouta’s best interest at the time.  I never thought… well… that I would catch feelings for him.”

I turn my head to look at her.

“But it’s not like crying about it will do anything.  I mean, what value does a whore’s tears have?  Besides, Kouta is the best thing to happen to Shiori in a long time.”

“Yeah, but… does Kouta love her?” Rina asks.


“Kouta?” Shizu asks.

“Shiori is Shiori… and Shizu is Shizu… you might not separate yourselves, but I do.  Shizu is who I love.”

“...I really fucked it all up…”  Shizu contemplates aloud.

“But even though that’s the case, the reality now is, I have to find a way to make all of you happy, so that your regrets are minimized.”

“Regrets?” Rina says with confusion.  “What part of any of this do I regret?  Are you sure you aren’t talking about yourself?” Rina fires back at me passionately.

“Yeah, sure it was a few years later, but… I got my Kouta at last!  Even if your sex with Ibuki made me feel lacking, I’m still prettier to look at, and I’ve got bigger tits, and… and…”

No, that was pretty much it.

“And here I was thinking about jumping aboard the Kouta train… maybe it’s not such a good idea…” Mahimahi suddenly joins the conversation.

“Mahi, you are a wonderful and sweet girl, but you are dodging a bullet right now, so please find someone wonderful to love, who will treat you right.”

“Rejected already?”

“Do you really want to share me with all the others, having to schedule when you can be with me, sometimes not able to be alone with me when you finally can?”


“If it makes you feel better knowing, I enjoyed that bit of playfulness we had when it was just us four… and five of us up here not too long ago.”

“If you would have asked me out, we could have had some fun double dates.”

“Sorry, but even then… I only saw Shizu.”

“I know.  Rina knew, and Kawazu knew too.”

“... thanks for being understanding.”

“If you wanna thank me, then how about just once?”

I sit up and look at Mahiro.


“Just once… with you?”

Shizu also sits up.  All of us remain quiet.

“Just once?”  Shizu asks.

Mahiro nods.  “I… have a guy I kind of like… but, now that I know there’s no room for me here… I want to aim for him.  Before that, I want to get rid of any feelings I have right here, and right now.”

“Mahi…” Rina lets slip.

“This is kind of messed up.” Umeko says. “But… I can understand that feeling only too well.”

“Well, you girls decide for me.  All I’ve been lately is a human dildo anyway.” I say unemotionally.

Shizu punches me in the ribs. “Do it properly, Kouta.  You just waxed poetic about regrets, give her a good time, and leave her with none.”

I look over to Rina who acquiesces and nods.  Then to Umeko who does the same.

Mahiro smiles and stands up, pulling down her panties and opening her blouse enough that I can enjoy her breasts, though they are still hiding behind her bra.  She walked over to me, unbuttoned my shirt, and unbuckled my belt.  

“I used to be the more experienced one, but now it seems it’s the other way.  Please give me a good memory, Kouta.”

Mahiro kneels down between my legs, fishes out my son, and I’m treated to a fellatio.  It’s not bad, not spectacular, but honest.  Mahiro is having an honest one night stand, right here at lunch with me.  Maybe there were so many threads happening that my dense self couldn’t see.  Me with Mahiro who might have liked me, but because I wasn’t catching the clues, she decided to go in with Rina and Kawazu…

It was all too late.

Mahiro, satisfied I was good and ready, straddles my hips and slowly comes down on to my son.  My right hand is being held by Shizu.  My left by Mahiro herself.  As I enter her, she feels like paradise.  Her pussy was only used once, and I could have been that person, but I’m just her second, maybe.  I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask, but Mahiro also doesn’t seem like that kind of girl.  Even this feels out of character for her, yet here we are.

“Oh, It’s inside further than I expected…”

“Yeah, Zuzu might have been fatter, but Kouta’s reaches all the way in.”  Rina affirms.

On that rooftop, with my three lovers looking on, I had gentle sex with Mahiro.  I wasn’t alone though.  Part way through, Rina climbed on me and faced Mahiro, and they kissed.  Shizu joined from behind as well, and undid Mahiro’s top and bra, and those three gyarus did their own thing while Mahimahi rode me to her satisfaction.

Ume, not one to miss out, instead was by my side, giving me a kiss.  My son was absolutely saturated with Mahiro who was apparently quite into whatever was happening.  I could feel her go from just a bit wet, to being an onsen on her own.  Hot gushing fluid surrounded my son who was bathing in her insides, and while I wasn’t thrilled about it at all, I was given only a proper view of Umeko’s crystal blue eyes and sweet looking face.

She mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to me, and whispered in my ears what it looked like, those three girls playing together on top of me.  Mahiro’s face was blushing, as her best friend Rina was finally being with her, and not just next to her.  Shizu was in charge of making Mahiro’s breasts feel good, and also giving some kisses to her backside.  

For Mahiro, I wondered if this experience was enough to allow her to never regret, or if this would end with her always regretting what could have continued to be, as she pursued the next love of her life.  It was clear that the first love wasn’t Kawazu, but Rina.

For what felt like a long time, but wasn’t more than eight minutes when Ume let me know later on, Mahiro managed to be driven to satisfaction.  I had said I was close, but there was no need to even say it.  I felt her juice up and squeeze hard when she had her orgasm, letting out a satisfied sound as she said what she felt, not to me, but to Rina.  Rina apologized for everything, and begged Mahiro to forgive her.  Those two made up, and as they hugged, I became the surrogate lover and filled Mahiro up with my no good seed.

“Hehehe~”  Mahiro chuckles.

“What?” Rina asks.

“Kouta came big inside of me.”

“You slut.” 

“Ah, I am one now, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but you always were one deep down.”

“Only for you… but… that’s at an end now, isn’t it?” Mahiro says with a regretful tone.

“I’ll loan her to you anytime.”  I say with a half-serious tone.

Mahiro starts to cry.

“We’ll always be friends, Mahi.  If it gets to be too much, or things don’t work out… I’ll always be here for you.”

sniffle… You mean that?”

Rina nods.  “Someone’s gotta look out for you.  If it doesn’t work out with anyone in ten years, I’ll take you in.”




“What about Kouta?”

“If I’m still lucky enough to be with him, I won’t let him object.”

“Yeah, but… by then I could be…”

“I won’t let him object.”


“I’m your friend first, and your sister second.  I won’t hurt you ever again.”

Those two made up splendidly.  After that, we finished our casual lunch, and when the bell rang, the magic was over.

Umeko and I returned to class.

That’s when I was hit with it.

>ToxicBeauty:  Not coming to the club?

>ThiccWaifus:  No.  I’ve got something else to do today.

>ToxicBeauty:  Then we’ll take care of Saotome-san for you.

>ThiccWaifus:  Nacchan.  If you even set eyes on her, I will make sure you regret it.

>ToxicBeauty:  Still aggressive, huh?  I was only kidding, but damn kid, chill out.

>ThiccWaifus:  I don’t know what the fucking deal is, but she’s not part of it, she will never be part of it, and I am dead fucking serious, even if I have to get violent, I will protect her.

>ToxicBeauty:  Alright, I heard you.  But I’m not your enemy, Kouta.  Quite the opposite, actually.  But, that club is a business, and all of us girls are its product.  So keep that in mind while you try to protect her.  

pin pon pan pon.

After school, I met up with everyone at the main gate.  Rina and Ruru at my request escorted Ibuki back to the mansion.  Umeko and Shizu also left together (and cutely holding hands), which left me alone and waiting.  I didn’t have long to wait though.  My baby’s mama arrived and with a bright smile on her face that I hadn’t expected, she linked arms with me, and we walked to the business district where the dagashiya, her Candy Shop and home was.

Honestly, I felt strange around Saya, it was like I wasn’t sure if I was actually welcome now or not, but she put on a visible front that said I was, as I was invited inside and found my daughter once more in front of the television set.

“Satoko, look who came to visit!”

Satoko looks over to me, and calls out happily. “Onii-san!”  Then she jumps up and runs over to me.  I scoop her up into a little hug, and pat her head gently.  

“So, any new candies you recommend?” 

“Uh-huh, I think I know a few you would like!”

“Great, how about in a little bit, you sell me a few?”

“Un!  I’ll play with you in a little bit, my show is almost over!”

“Gotcha, I’m just gonna chat with your mommy for a bit.”

Satoko nods.  Then she uses a finger to indicate I should come closer, so I lean down and Satoko whispers something in my ear.

If you like my mommy, it’s okay if you kiss her.

I look her square in the face, and she nods.  I nod in return.  We have an understanding.  Conversely, that understanding would never fly with Kanae and I.  Nope, she would never give a girl permission to kiss me.

I return to Saya’s side, and she calls out to Satoko again.

“Your Onii-san and I are going upstairs, so behave yourself, okay?”


Saya passes me her bag and I follow her upstairs to her room.  When we get in, she closes the door behind her.

“Did I miss seeing Kibou-kun?” I ask her.

“He’s napping with Baa-chan in her room, otherwise he’d be in the living room with Saya watching television.”

“I see.”

“I’ll be happy next year.  Saya goes into Elementary School, and I graduate.  Things should be much easier then.”

“Sorry to have caused you such a burden for all these years…”

“You’ve done no such thing.”  she says, as she starts to undress.

“Uh.. Saya?”

“What?  It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.  You, start stripping too.”


“There’s a reason I asked to see you today.”

“Oh?  I thought it would be more talk involving the club.”

“To hell with the club for now.  I want to spend some time with you today, if that’s alright?”

“Sure.  I just thought you were mad at me.”

“Mad?  No.  Sad that we found each other again, and now I can’t even enjoy that at school, a little, yes.”

More and more clothes come off until it’s just Saya facing me in her black laced bra and matching panties.  Obviously with MILFY milkers like those in front of me, I wouldn’t be much of a degenerate if I didn’t look.  She faces me and flashes me a cheeky grin.

“Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine?”



She undoes her bra and her bottle fillers burst out.  She walks over to me, and pulls my head into them.  “The short version was easier to tease.  You look stressed out lately.”

“Zaz kuf hai yam.” (That’s ‘cuz I am.)  I try and say, though I am currently being muffled by some amazing titties.

“I’m serious though.  Get undressed, I have some clothes for you to wear.”

So with some coercion on her part, I get out of my school uniform and she tells me to pull out a nice looking outfit from the same drawer my old Gigarex toy was stored in.

“I took a guess on the size, but it should fit you fine.”

She wasn’t wrong.  While I changed into the new clothes, I got a full show of the front of her body.  She changed from those adult undergarments into something more casual.  Honestly, it made her look less sexy and more… soft.  I think I preferred this version of Saya over the school-business model.  Then she put on a nice v-cut shirt exposing her cleavage and a short leathery or vinyl skirt with a zipper in the front. 

“So, this is a date, then?”

“If you want to think of it like that, you can.  I just thought it would be nice for two old friends to hang out and reconnect.  You have a girlfriend, right?  It would be in bad taste if I was approaching you in that way, don’t you think?”

“ old friend, huh?”

“Do you see it as something else, perhaps?”

“I don’t know what to see it as, actually.  We meet again after so many years, and all we have to go on are memories, many which I have somehow or another forgotten.  You tell me I have a child with you, which I’m accepting at your word, and with all the other stuff going on in my life, I really have little idea how to proceed, truth be told.”

“I already told you that you didn’t have to do anything.  Just stop by from time to time.”

“But is it really okay to just be in and out of Satoko’s life like this?  I mean, I’m fine being ‘Onii-san’ right now, but I mean… Is that really alright with you?”

“Right now, it’s not only Satoko’s life that I’d like you to be a part of.”


“It’s mine too.  I’ve missed you Kouta, for a long, long time, and I want to spend time with you, too.”


I admit to being unsure how to feel, hearing her say that to me.  I mean, when I found out about Satoko, the only thing I wanted to do at that moment was to get my divorce, then get on my knees in front of Saya and ask to be a part of her life with Satoko, even though I knew next to nothing of the woman she’d become, or all the things I missed with my daughter.  I felt a huge responsibility, but right now, there is only a single thing preventing me from making a complete fool of myself and doing that right now.  It’s not even the matter of the club and Ibuki.

It’s the matter of Shiori.

It’s like this little thought in the back of my head from the moment she told me, but right here, right now in this place that I should have wanted for a sanctuary… it’s become a giant bulkhead.  Saya may have already had my child, but she did it on her own and kept it a secret from me.

Shiori on the other hand is my wife, my legal wife, and our child who she is now pregnant with was properly conceived in marriage.  The moment she knew, she immediately came to tell me. So now, that easy thought I once had about just ending it… is now far more complicated.  

I’m now wearing a plain black crew cut t-shirt, and a white collared jacket.  I’ve got matching white pants, and borrowing the black belt from my school uniform.  Saya has a brush on the table, and fixes my hair to her liking, then does the same to herself.  Her long black hair goes up in a high ponytail in the back, and two hair bands and a thin red ribbon tie it all up nicely, finishing up with a shot of some perfume.

Saya grabs a clutch purse from her bag that has about enough room for her wallet, and house keys.

“Then, shall we go?”

“Sure, where to?”

“I think you’ll like it.”

“Are we bringing Satoko?”

“No.  This is… just time for us.”

We head downstairs, and Satoko runs over to us.

“Are you going somewhere with Onii-san, mommy?”

“Yes.  We’ll be back in a couple of hours, and he can play with you then, okay?”

“Okay… When you get back, can I ask him about that?”

“... alright.  If he says no, then it’s no.”


We leave, and my first concern is where granny is. So I inquire.

“Baa-chan will wake up soon, if she isn’t already.  The store’s closed for today, anyway, unless she feels like opening it up.  Most of our business is on the weekends anyway.”

I nod.  Where she takes me is to the train terminal and into Shibuya.  We pass down a quiet alley and there’s a club with a neon sign that is unlit.  Saya knocks on the door and there’s a peephole that slides open.  It quickly slides shut and the door opens, where Saya and I enter.

There is a hallway with any number of doors, and a single desk with a receptionist.


“Yes, Miria.  I’d like 102 today.”

“Understood.”  The receptionist hands her a keycard.  “Any service?”

“Something to eat and drink for two please. Make it… invigorating, if you don’t mind?”

“Very good.  Please go on ahead.”

“Let’s go, Kouta.  Don’t want to miss the show.”

So we head into a room down the hall a bit further, and when we enter the room with the door marked 102, it’s a room with a booth-like seating that wraps around the entirety of it.  There are two tables, both quite small, and there is a glass paneling to look through, though there’s nothing to see but pitch black.

After about ten minutes of waiting, six people all about twenty or so in age walk in.  Three are men, three are women, all dressed sharply.


“Kouta… choose a woman.”


“We’re going to be treated to dinner and a show.  All of these people are actors here, so you choose a woman, and I’ll choose the man, and we’ll enjoy ourselves as we eat.”

“Uh… sure?”

A show?  A two-person show?  I’ve never heard of theatre like this before, and Kanae once had a phase…

Looking at each of the girls, they are all attractive.  There’s one that got my attention though.  A girl with pink shoulder-length twintails.  So I let Saya know of my choice.  Saya on the other hand, picks out a rather normal looking guy, certainly not the most attractive of the three, but perhaps he is a better actor?  She seems to be familiar with this place and how to proceed.

Saya returns to her seat, and has me sit next to her.  The four that went unpicked left, and those two remained.

They both introduced themselves.

The man was Gray.  The woman was Pink.

It seems they used colors for names?  Why… do I get a suspicious feeling right now…?

The door opens once more, and a cart with food arrives.  Our table has a number of free-served food placed on it, and an ice bucket with bottled water, cola, and possibly alcohol is in it.  After depositing our meal, the cart person leaves and now it is just us four.

“You may begin, please start with something light and frisky.” Saya says to them.  “Kouta, just sit back and watch for now, eat something and relax.”

There is a plate with some assorted sushi, so I use the chopsticks provided and have at the eel and mackerel.  Saya chose the chu-toro for herself.  I guess… she can afford it?  This kind of food is pretty expensive, isn’t it?

As I sit back, the two people selected begin to lightly touch each other, caressing and looking at each other fondly.  His hands trace her body over the clothes, and she likewise does the same.

“What’s going on exactly?”

“This is dinner theater Kouta, only with a bit of interactivity to it.”


“Yes.  These two will do as you request.  They are going to make love in front of us, and we are going to enjoy watching it.”


“Do you have an objection to being here?”

“Not at the moment, but I’m curious as to why you think I might enjoy this?”

“I think we can get to know each other a bit through this, plus, I come here on occasion to… relieve myself.”


“Kouta, I sleep in the same room as Satoko.  Dirty things like magazines and videos… It’s too troublesome to keep them at home.  So I come here to unwind.  That’s all.  Why not give it a try.  We’re starting slow, so give them a command.  Something soft to do for now.”

Right now it’s just over the clothes petting, that’s all.  


“Alright, I’ll start, but I want you to make some decisions too.”  Saya tells me, then gives out an order to them. “Gray, run your fingers through her hair and nibble on her ear.”

Sure enough, the man begins to do as she says.

“Pink, put your arms around him and rub his back all the way up to his hair.”

And now she does as Saya says.  It’s a bit strange to say the least, being able to order someone around like that.  But in a way, I can see the appeal.  My date is now working on a skewer of some deep fried dumplings drizzled with a sauce, while watching the show casually.

“Saya… are there things that should be avoided?”

“Ah, yes.  A good question.”


“ “MO” “ both reply.

“Kouta, no butt stuff with these two, everything else is okay.”

“Eh?  Everything else?”

“Yes.  Eventually it’s going to end in sex.”


“Don’t bail on me now, I’m sure you already figured it out.”

“So, this is like a glorified version of…”

“Yes.  That is exactly what it is.  Nice and orderly, like it is there.”

“Then why bring me here?”

“Because I want you to get to know me.”


“Kouta, I’m not a whore, despite what you might think.  But, I do enjoy watching.  I mean, when you think about it, how was it she came to be made?  I wanted to see yours, and you wanted to see mine, right?”

I somehow think from what I can remember of the dream, it was more her wanting to see than me, but… considering how it was with Kanae and I… yeah, I like watching as well.

“So what am I supposed to learn about you from this, exactly?”

“That we aren’t too different, even after all this time apart.” she mentions. “That, and being on the receiving end tends to make you want to be on the giving sometimes.  It’s all about balance.”


“Yes.  When you’ve got so much pressure on you to give or receive, you have to counterbalance it or you’ll go crazy.  I’ve seen it happen.  It’s not pretty, Kouta.  I’m lucky, and I know it.  Those girls… they look out for me.  They know my situation, and that’s why I do my part there.  I take the strange requests and fetish stuff, so I don’t have to do the real dirty stuff.  I don’t think I’d really handle it well if I had to.  So, girls like Akarin or Tae… they have no problems doing it for some reason, but would rather avoid the weird stuff.  It’s balanced.”

“So then all this… Is what?  You blowing off steam?”

“Yes.  Look, I’m no angel, Kouta.  I’m just a single parent trying to make it.  I’m not trying to pressure you into anything, I just want to be open and honest with you.  Can’t you appreciate that much?  I’m actually quite nervous about how much could go wrong here, but… I also think there’s a lot that can go right.”

“How so?”

“Think about it.  You’ve got a girlfriend.  So, maybe you have your own frustrations.  Certainly you are with Umeko now, too… So, rather than me try and add to your burden with all of my drama, we can perhaps do something a bit different.   I’ve wanted to make love with you… the proper way… but I know it’s not my turn now, and I worry if it might ever be.  So, with you and I here… we can do that… through them.”

And Saya gestures to Gray and Pink.

“Anything you would want to do to me, but feel like you would betray your lover in doing so… Why not just imagine those two are us, and do it?”

“Sex… you were thinking about that… with me?”

“Why else was I in that lineup yesterday?”


“I really would have, if you chose me.”

“But, it would have been in front of everyone…”

“And how was that different from Nacchan, or when you were my helper that time?  Or even with Ume and Shizu on the roof?”

“How… do you know about that last one?”

“How do you think?  Ume told me.”


“Was she supposed to keep it a secret?”

“Secret, no.  I just thought she’d be discreet.”

“Kouta, I’ve listened to her whine about you for years, and I’ve kept my own feelings pretty bottled up.  That’s why when she finally went for you, I was truly happy for her.  So of course she’s going to tell me stuff, and ask me for advice as well, even if I don’t have much to give her on the matter.” Saya states it as something obvious I should have already been aware of.  “Gray, Pink.  Undress each other, please.”

The two do as she asks, and each of them shed each other’s outerwear.

“Kouta, your turn now.”

“Sorry.  I have no interest in doing this.”

“I can’t tell anymore if you are dense, naive, stubborn, or still holding on to your innocence anymore…”

“It’s probably a combination of all but the last one.  That one, I was swindled out of.”

Saya gives up on me, and issues commands as she sees fit.  I want to leave, yet I stay.  She says it will help me know her, and I think it has done just that.  She’s pushing, while I’m resisting.  It’s… always been that way, hasn’t it?

I lean back, and reach for the cola that is half-buried in the ice bucket.  I twist the cap and take a swig.

“Saya… what’s the cost of an evening like this?  You work hard to make money, yet you can afford this so easily?”

“Oh, this date is paid for entirely by you.”


“Sensei handed me a second packet.  I was surprised, because it didn’t make sense, but Nacchan was kind enough to explain why.”

“... what a waste.”

“No, not at all.  Even if you look down on me for this, at least we learned something about each other.  Not everything can be gumdrops and roses, can it?  We’re each people, and we’ve got our good sides and bad sides.  When it comes to a partner, it’s less about the compatibility of the good sides, and more the acceptance of each other’s bad sides.”

Saya issues more commands, and now the two are fully naked.  Their mouths explore each other’s bodies, and for being actors, or sex workers more likely, they appear to be good enough to make it seem they are enjoying it.

“Besides, if you had a better use for it, then you should have taken it and done what you wanted to do in the first place with it.  Yes, I struggle a bit from time to time, but, I also make sure when I can live a little, I do.  And not all of it was spent on this little outing of ours.”

“Then, I guess that’s fine.  In the end, if it makes you happy then that’s that.  I have no use for it.  Doing it for money when it’s unnecessary would just leave a bad taste in my mouth.”

“A bad taste?  Then, would you like to taste something sweet?”  She pulls down the V-neck shirt she has, and her breasts pop out over it.  She presses the front clasp, and they spring out once more.

“Have a taste, Kouta.  Let me offer you something none of your others can.  No strings attached to this, just… something personal between us two adults.”

It’s tempting.  I saw that time when she had that regular who just laid his head on her lap and had a taste…  What is my hangup anyway?  At this point, I’m already a bit of a manslut, and when it comes to experiencing the other sex, she was technically my first… but… is it because of what she does that I’m… frustrated?

“Why are you hesitating?”


“Upset that there’s been someone else other than Satoko to drink from these?”

“You sure know how to provoke me, Saya.”

“Well it’s not like there is any way to be delicate about it?  You saw.  Shall I lie to you, while you know it’s a lie?”

Saya claps her hands.

“Gray.  Thank you, that will be all.  Pink, please stay.”

The actor, Gray, bows towards Saya, dresses and leaves swiftly.  Saya gets up from her seat, grabs a bottle of water from the bucket and hands it to the girl, Pink.  After wetting her palate with the water, Saya whispers something into her ear.  Pink nods, and Saya returns to her seat.

“Then if you won’t participate, just watch, so I can at least enjoy it.”

Saya sits down where the table isn’t in the way, and Pink gets on her hands and knees, crawling slowly over to her.  When the girl is between Saya’s legs, she raises her body, and her mouth goes to Saya’s breasts, and begins to suck on them.

“Since you won’t do anything, I’ll just have to imagine she is you, Kouta.”

Watching this… I feel like it’s similar to the time at the rooftop with Shizu and Kawazu.  But, it’s not like I’m in a relationship with her.  We’re just two people with a lost history.  If this is how she unwinds… maybe I should consider myself lucky.

Saya pets the head of the actress, while the actress’ hands move to Saya’s skirt.  She slowly pulls the zipper down, the sound of the teeth separating audible.  Saya’s skirt parts, and… where… did the panties go?

Saya is nude underneath.  I know I saw her put them on back at her house, but… no.  Pink’s head slowly moves from her balloons down into her lap.  Saya’s legs spread and Pink’s face moves in…

Saya the whole time never once took her eyes off of me.

Saya, who had slid back every time, and who had kept everything safe, was now… having a woman pleasure her.

“Mmm…  Kouta, your tongue is so good~”


“Yes~  Lick Saya’s sweet pussy she’s kept safe for you all this time.”


“Aahh.. I’m so happy you wanted to do this with me finally, Kouta.”


I get up and start walking to the door.

“Thank you for the date.  I’ll see myself home.”

I reach for the knob, and twist.

“Then, will you do it in place of her?”


I turn to face Saya.

“Why couldn’t it have been something else?  A movie, Karaoke, a coffeehouse, anything that didn’t involve fucking of some kind…” I speak with sadness in my heart.  “I’m too worn out to even argue.  But now I know one thing for sure… My Onee-chan protected me whether she realized it or not.”

I opened the door just wide enough to leave through, and closed it behind me.

I need a break from all these women.  I need… to sort some things out.

I head back down the hallway at a slow pace, and as I’m passing the reception desk, I see a familiar face walking my way.


“Oh, P!  How’s it going?  Came for a show?”

“Just leaving actually.  I’m not interested in the productions here.”

“Really?  You come alone?  No… You came with your girlfriend right?  Or maybe it was that girl… Saotome-san?”

“None of the above.”


“I came with high hopes, and I left with shattered expectations.”  I say with some depression at the situation.  “Why are you here?”

“I always come here after club.  I work here.”

“You work here?”

“Yeah, I manage the talent.”


“I help bring in guys and girls interested in doing this kind of thing, and help train them.”

“Ah.”  I got the picture.  “If you can be here, then why bother with the club at school?”

“Where else do you find budding talent?  You might not believe it, but… there are quite a few individuals who are interested in doing this kind of thing.  The club really helps with that.  We find orderly people and acclimate them, so they have a positive experience here.”

“So… that’s why the club exists?”

“No.  This is sort of… well… an extension I guess.  Girls like Akarin or Kotone… they want to do this kind of thing and get paid for it.  Heh.  You know Miyuki, the girlfriend Kotone is always pining over?”

“I’ve heard the name.”

“She works here.  She graduated already, but she’s attending college and working here, making ends meet just fine.  In fact, if you want I can let you meet her.  She’s a real cutie too, but I wish she’d lose the pink hair…”

Pink hair?

“Her… name here… wouldn’t be Pink, would it?”

“Yeah, why?”

“She was the show.”

“Oh.”  Tae grins.  “Did you enjoy her?”

“Didn’t touch her.  If I had any idea what kind of place this was, or how similar to the club it was, I would never have come in the first place.”

“Aw, don’t say that, P.”

“Kouta.  I’m not P, or Producer, or any of that anymore.  I’m on my way out, so…”  I start walking, not wanting to be in this kind of place anymore.  “This is exactly why I left though.  If this is the end result of being in the club, I am definitely not a fit.”

I parted company and kept walking until I exited the place.

In a way it was a bit of a stupid move.  My school bag and clothes are upstairs at Saya’s house.  So, waiting outside in the alley, I pass the time until the awkward moment Saya comes out and I can at least be allowed to fetch my things.

That time comes much sooner than I expected.


“My things are at your house.”

“They are…”

I get up, and just walk quietly with her back to the station and we catch the train home.  Making it back to her house, she invites me in once more, wordlessly.  I accept the invitation, and head upstairs to collect my things, and remove the clothes I’m wearing.

Changing back into my uniform, with my schoolbag in hand, I go back downstairs.  Saya is in the kitchen, and a friendly face peeks out from there as well.

“Onii-san!  Onii-san!  Did you have fun with mommy?”

“Mm… we had a nice dinner.”

Satoko motions me to come lower.

Did you kiss mommy?

No.  I was too nervous.

It’s okay, you can try again next time.

“So, Onii-san… are you busy tomorrow?”

“I have something in the morning I need to do, but outside of that, no, not really.”

“Umm… Satoko has some tickets she won from a contest.  It’s to go see Masked Rider at the fashion center in Shibuya tomorrow… but Mommy is busy, and she can’t take me.  Onii-san likes Masked Rider too, right, so… if Satoko shares a ticket with Onii-san, will he go with me?”

“What time is it tomorrow?”

“Umm… 1pm?”

I look up from Satoko and over to Saya in the kitchen.

“It’s fine if you want to, Kouta.  But if it’s too much trouble, then don’t worry about it.”

“1pm… not a problem.  I’ll be by at noon, okay?  Are you going to wear a costume?”

“No.  But they’ll give us masks, probably.”

“Alright then.  I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go for now.”

“That’s okay, it’s almost my bedtime anyway.  I’ll see you tomorrow Onii-san!”

“Un. Tomorrow!”

I ruffled her hair a little and headed towards the door to the shop and the main exit out.

Saya followed me out.

“You didn’t have to… but… thanks.”

“Maybe we’ll find somewhere to meet in the middle eventually.” I say to her.  

“It’s cruel to say that now.”

“I don’t hate you.  If that’s how you get by, I’ve got no right to tell you what to do with your body, or your life.  It’s just… that way of life, just isn’t for me.”

“Then what is your way of life, Kouta?”

“If I knew that, I might not be such a wreck.  But, is it so wrong to want to love a girl who wants to love only him back?”

I leave her on that note.  The memory of the pink twin-tailed girl steers me now.  Not to Paradise Heights, but to my Onee-chan’s home.  In the dream I had last night, there was something waiting for me there… in the figurine cabinet in my old room.

Three cars are parked in the driveway, one being her BWM, so Kanae is there.  I put my housekey in the door and turned the knob.  There is no one in the living room, so Onee-chan is probably upstairs.  I head up and find a certain door is open just a bit.  I peek inside and see two bodies in there… one blonde, one brunette.

Shiori’s visiting… good for them.

I walk as quietly as I can to my room, and enter it silently, closing the door behind me.  Walking to my figurine case, I opened it, and on the top shelf I shifted two figures out of the way, reached for my Masked Rider figurine, then carefully put him in my schoolbag, closing the case.

I simply take a moment afterwards to look at my room.  It’s exactly as I left it, but did I expect anything else?  Next to my bed, on the floor was a plush doll.  It’s one of the Pony Princess dolls I had gotten somewhere.  I had meant to give it to Satoko at some point, but I had forgotten all about it.  I scoop it up and also put it in my bag. 

I quietly exit the room once more, and softly pad my way past the slightly opened door of Onee-chan’s room.  Or I tried to, anyway.  The door to her room opens fully at that moment, and a hand grips on to my shoulder, pulling me inside.

“Seems that we’ve got a sneaky Kouta that didn’t even want to come play with us.”  Onee-chan says evilly. “What ever shall we do with him, little kitten?”

“Hubby!”  Shiori springs up, quite naked, from the bed and over to me.

I break free of Onee-chan’s shoulder grip, and give my naked wife a great big hug.

“My lovely wifey.  Is Kanae treating you good today?”


“That’s good.  I’m glad.”  I said to her.  “Onee-chan… thanks… for being good to her.”


“I didn’t want to interrupt you all, I just came to pick up something to give to someone…”

“What’s that?” Shiori asks me.

“Do you remember that little girl last Sunday we played with at the arcade?”


“Well, I had gotten her a plush doll and had forgotten to give it to her as a present… I was in the area and thought I’d just grab it before I went back to the mansion.”

“Kouta likes doting on little girls?” My wife teases me. “Then, should this one be a girl?”  she says as she moves my hand to her stomach.

I press my hand in a little, and let her know I’d be happy with whatever she wants to give me.  

“Say, Kouta… feel up to being a motherfucker?”

I stare at her, and her golden eyes shine with some mischievousness.

“...I’m not really up for it right now…”

“Kouta, are you alright?  You look… worn out?”

“I probably am.  I’m sorry I’m such a trash husband, Shiori.  You know… I haven’t given you anything in our relationship, and you’ve been… too accommodating to me.”

“What are you talking about, Kouta?  There’s nothing wrong with what we have.  I told you I’m fine with it… I have you, and Kanae, right?  I’m not too lonely, and when you spent time with me, I know you put me first.  That’s all I need.”


I hugged her again.

“Want Kanae to give you a lift home?”

“No.  I want you two to have a good time together.  Go on a date to a nice dinner or something…”  I let go of my wife and reached in my pocket, pulling out my wallet and some money.  “...let it be my treat.”

“Hmph.  Kouta, do you think you have more money than me?”  Kanae says from behind me.

“Of course I don’t.  But, I figured maybe if it was my treat, it might make it seem like I was supporting you two.”


“Your relationship.  Onee-chan, I know I shouldn’t rely on you so much, but I know I still have to at times.  I’m trying my best to be independent though.  All those things you taught me, and all that you’ve done to protect me… thank you.  I never realized how much you really tried to look out for me.”

I also hugged my Onee-chan.  


I stay like that for a little while, my head resting on Onee-chan’s soft marshmallowy breasts.

“How is it going for you, over there?”

“Making good headway I suppose.  Saotome, Kaneshiro, and Daitokuji might be the first steps for me.”


“Un.  All those years of learning English from mo...Reiko, and having Umeko as a conversational partner might be paying off.  That and having Shiori and Shizu’s help in some interesting situations.”

“And the others?”

“Daitokuji-san and I… Umeko might also be a big help there, but it seems we have something quite good in common as well.”

“And Saotome-san?”

“...I don’t even know where to begin explaining Ibuki, Onee-chan.  But I do know one thing… I have to protect her.”

“Do you think you can?”

“Onee-chan… Do you remember that trip to the aquarium with Reiko when I was little?”

“Yes, you got lost and I had to pick you up at the guard station.  Reiko didn’t even realize it, and I had stepped away only for a moment to get you an ice cream.”

“Do you remember what you did to calm me down?”


“Yeah, that jellyfish doll.  I never let go of that thing until you took it from me a year later out of frustration.”


“She’s… she’s my Kuu-tan now.  I think.”

“I see.”  She says, petting my head.  “Kouta, stay here for a moment.”

Kanae moves to her closet and digs around, before lobbing something at me I scramble to catch.

“Kuu-tan?  You kept it!?”

“Of course.  It was a precious thing to you, but… at the time it was an obstacle for me teaching you certain things.  You can have it back if you want.”

In my hand, was my so-called linus blanket.  Kuu-tan was my peace of mind as a child.  Mom went back to work shortly after the aquarium trip, and dad was always working late.  Onee-chan always had her hands full with chores and schoolwork, so sometimes Kuu-tan was all I had in terms of company.

“Catching feelings for Ibuki?”

“I don’t know which ones they are exactly, but I know at least one which it isn’t.   Love.”

“Why’s that?”

I hold Kuu-tan up, then hug it.

“Can’t love a thing the same way you can love a person.”

Both Kanae and Shiori give me a strange look.

“Well, thanks for returning it.  I’m going back home.  I’ll see you all later, okay?”

I turn and leave the room, walking down the steps.

Shiori suddenly comes dashing down, making a racket, and collides into me from behind.  “Kouta.  When you hold her tonight, call my name out, okay?”


I turn to face her and spin her around.  I brush her hair aside, and kiss each of the letters on that damnable tattoo she has on her neck.

“I wish you would have been more possessive.  Just Shizu, you, Onee-chan, and I… I could have managed it if it was that much, and with everyone’s help.”

I trace my fingers down her back, and give a light pat on her bare bottom.

“Be good, or bad… but definitely be happy, and a little extra for my share too.”

I leave my wife and old home, and head back to Paradise Heights.

When I get in, I skip going to the Kitchen, and head straight for my room.  I find Ibuki there, tidying up.


Upon seeing her, I drop everything I’m carrying.

“Senpai, are you alright?”

I walk over to Ibuki and grab on to her, holding her more preciously than I ever did that old Kuu-tan plush.

“I just… want to hold on to you for a bit.”

“Nothing would make me happier than being of use to you.”

I don’t remember much at that point.  I think I passed out, because when I woke up, I was in bed, and still holding on tightly to Ibuki.

My phone was in my pocket, and the time said it was 10pm.  I was only out for a few hours.

Ibuki’s body and mine were pressed against each other and I was fighting something deep down inside of me.

Without… without considering the consequences, I started to fondle and grope Ibuki.  Soft at first, but when I wasn’t even feeling her stir, I got aggressive.  But still, nothing.  Then in a quiet voice…

“Would Senpai like me to undress?”

Was she awake the whole time?

I grunted something unintelligible, and Ibuki took it as a confirmation.  Somehow while on her side, she managed to slide out of her clothes easily.  Her plain and naked body.  Nothing special, nothing beautiful, just a regular girl… someone I wouldn’t even have noticed otherwise, was giving herself to me so easily.

I rolled her body towards me and onto her back.  I climbed on top of her and my hands pressed her shoulders down, it had to have hurt her, but she didn’t make any pained expression.  She only looked into my eyes, and gave me a welcomed smile.

“Ibuki… I’m… going to be rough with you.  If you don’t want to be hurt, tell me now.”

“You can hurt me.  I’m yours to do with as you please.”


I stripped quickly, and went down between her legs. Putting my face there, my fingers traced over the proof of purchase.

“Who’s property are you?”

“I am the property of Kawamura Kouta.”

“Goddamn fucking right!”  I roar, and then I attack.  I have her thighs squeeze my head, pressing against my ears to drown out any noise.  My focus is entirely on satisfying my needs with her body.  Making Ibuki cum?  It’s not for her benefit or enjoyment, it’s for my control over her.  I’m so not in control of my own life, but in hers, I am god.  So I take pleasure in what I own, disregarding her rights as she surrenders her will once more to me.

I’m vicious with her pussy, licking harder than she might like, sucking and pulling on her labia until it had to have been painful, biting and leaving marks on her thighs and lower lips.  I was mean and spiteful and all of my anger at my inadequacies I took out on her.  

When I was ready, I forced myself into her without any reservation, and she accepted all of me.  Or bodies matched the same rhythm almost immediately, and I have no idea what possessed me, but I was unable to orgasm.  I fucked her in every position that I had a clue about, and even found she had a couple to contribute as well.

So many times she clamped down on me, and only the occasional whimper when I was too rough when she had moments of heightened sensitivity.  I even called out my wife’s name while I fucked her cruelly.  If I had to say so, this was abuse.  But not once did she complain.

But the dam broke finally.

My hand was around her neck, choking her as I was on top in missionary once more.  I felt all of my dark feelings manifest in my balls and I let the white tide take me over as I screamed her name, filling her with all of my emotions.

Then, I collapsed on to her, and she wrapped her whole body around me, arms and legs trapping me in her embrace.  Over and over again she said ‘I love you.’ to me, gently kissing my face.  Her own was filled with streaks of tears she shed at some point during it all.


“Yes, senpai?”

“Do you hate me?”


“Call my name.”


“Ibuki… I think… you are the only one I can really trust anymore.”

“I’m… honored you feel that way.”

“... I just realized it, but… it’s pretty late.”

“It’s the weekend, so it’s okay, Senpai.”

“No… not that.  I was expecting Rina.”

“She came by while you were asleep.  I explained you were very tired and needed some rest.  I hope you don’t mind me having done so.”

“  You are absolutely right.  Thank you for caring for me.”

“I will always care for you for as long as you keep me near.”

“...I wonder…  If you weren’t my possession, but my wife… would I feel as comfortable as I do now.”


“Ibuki… be my strength.”


“I am still a weak and naive boy, prone to anger and any number of things that make me weak.  But… knowing I have to protect you, gives me strength.  I have plenty of strong women, but you… you are what I need to grow.  Let me be selfish with you alone, be the sheath to my sword.  When I am wild, be there to calm me.  This is something… only you can do.”

“I will be your sheath.”

“Good.  Can you move?”

“No.  I will try if you want, but… I’m quite…”

“Nevermind.  Are you thirsty?”


“Stay here, we’re far from done.”

I climb off of Ibuki and the bed, not caring about being naked, I go outside of the bedroom and to the kitchen, fetching a couple drinks to bring back to the room.  Once back there, I sit her up and hand her a bottle of cola.  We both take a few drinks, and I have a seat next to her.

“Can… I trust you with a secret?”

“I won’t tell anyone what you tell me not to.”

“Good.  Truth is… I have a child.  A daughter to be precise.  She’s about five, I think.”

“A child…?  Then you would have been…”

“Yeah.  It happened by accident the summer I was to enter middle school.  I only recently learned about it.  It was kept from me, and finding out has left me… disturbed.  It’s given me a lot of unresolved anger that I’m still trying to work through…  Tonight might have been related to it.  You see, I went to a dinner with that child’s mother… and it turned out bad.”

“I’m sorry that you had to experience something hurtful, Senpai.”

“Then to top it off… my wife who you met… We’re in a trial marriage, and she tells me she’s fine with me doing this, as long as she can be included at times, which to me is bizarre… marriage should be about one person loving only another their whole life, right?”

“No.  Marriage is about sharing happiness with that other person for the time they are together.  The only permanent thing in this whole world is death, senpai.  Once you die, reconciliation and forgiveness, you can no longer have those, and it becomes difficult for the others to find it after you are gone.”

“Will you regret me, Ibuki?”

“Never.  Even if you discard me, never.  I will be saddened, yes, but you were what I wanted, how I had to get you, is no longer a regret.  How you took me in that stall wasn’t your fault… but mine.  Because I was a weak coward, that was the easy way out… but… there was a lesson my father taught me once, that I’m only now understanding.  Would you like to hear it?”

“Please, tell me.”

“Anything given to you will have inordinately less value in your life than something you worked hard to get.”


“You see for senpai and I, our relationship is on the opposite spectrum of value.  I had to give up everything I would, and could have been, just to get a chance with you, which could have failed.  To me, you are my entire worth.  But for you, I was merely some tied up bitch in a stall for you to use and discard at your leisure, even now, that is how it is.  Until something else allows me to have a better value in your eyes, I will never rise above that.”

“You really think I see you as that?”

“I can only assume so, but, yes.”

“Stay true to me, Ibuki.  If you can, I will never abandon you.”

“I will do as best I can, Senpai.”

“Are you ready to go again?”

“I’m always ready for you.” She says, sliding back down and opening herself to me.  “Senpai… can I ask one thing of you?”


“Can… you call my name out instead of your wife’s this time?”

“I will call my wife’s name out.”  I say as I kiss her.  “Kawamura Ibuki, who it should have been… right?”

I’m a horrible cruel person, saying whatever I want.  And that cruelty didn’t stop the whole night.  I don’t know what Ibuki’s count was, but I came at least two more times after long sessions with another hydration break.  

When I fell asleep again, Ibuki in my arms, and a certain jellyfish plush in hers, I was met with another interesting dream.

A very good dream, for a change.