Chapter Fifty-five 「Rude Awakening」
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Wednesday, June 17th (Evening)

“You’re telling me I have to do WHAT now!?”

Rui sighed and patted the leg of Reiko right at the knee where it bent and the rest of her leg dangled just off the floor.

“I’ve been the custodian of your mother for a long time, Kouta.  But that time has come to an end already.  There are only two people who wield the blessing in our family left.  Dad, and you.  Dad’s got his hands full with Tamayo, sure… but if that old fox had a good enough reason, I’m sure he would be more than happy to reacquire his daughter once more.”

“... once more?”

“Kouta… how much do you know about Shimejima Gorou?”

“Just… that he’s Gorou-jii?  He heads some kind of huge company, and for some reason he wants to groom me for that kind of life, though he’s pretty much an idiot for not just investing his time into Kanae instead.”

“So, neither your mom nor your sister have talked about him to you?”

“Not really.” I said, shrugging.

Rui squeezed mom’s leg and she let out a yelp.

“Rei-rei… why did you not tell your son anything?”

“...By the time I could have felt comfortable doing so, there was too big of a distance between us, Rui-nii.”

“And Kanae?  Tell me he at least knows about her…”

Mom said nothing.

“What do you mean about Kanae…?”

Rui stayed silent.

Mom did too.

I stood up.

“What about Kanae?” I shouted.

Rui sighed, and mom swore.

“Are you telling him, or am I?”  Rui asked mom.

“Fuck.” She grumbled.

Rui sighed again.

“Kouta, before we begin, let me apologize.  There were things going on that I couldn’t prevent.  No, perhaps I could have at one point, but by the time I got around to acting, it was already too late.  For other things, there was nothing I could have done at all, save to cause you more pain if I instead had.”

“Just stop talking in circles, won’t you, Uncle Rui?”

“You’ve met Mina, I take it?”

I nodded.

“You are aware she is both mine and your mother’s older sister?”


“And you are also aware that your mother and I are only half-siblings?”

I shook my head.  That I didn’t know.

“The same is for Mina.  She’s half-sibling to both of us as well.”

“...wait.  That means Gorou-jii had three partners?”

“Eight, actually.”


“But that’s at his peak.  It was really just four he maintained, but that itself was enough for him.  Four intensely loyal women, and with the rest of his blessing he could play around as he saw fit.”

I nodded.  Four was plenty.  Three more than necessary really.

“Mina-nee’s mother was his third, My mother was his fourth, and Your mother’s mother was his second, and also his Onee-san.”

“...then who was his first?”

“His own mother.”


“You’d think that would be enough, right?  A man could be happy with that for two lifetimes over…  If you’ve met Mina-nee, then you have already established a contract with her I imagine?”

I looked down.


“Don’t be ashamed. She came to me too, but I couldn’t do it.”


“Well, my reasoning was a lot different from yours, probably.  Mina-nee was my Onee-san, sure… but she was also Dad’s mistress.”

“I… kind of figured they did something.”

“She was also his partner in crime so to speak.  She moved to match his will.  Whatever he wanted, if it was too difficult to obtain on his own, Mina would find a way to help create the opportunity.”

I nodded.  I know Mina is a bit of a mystery still, but what she’s actually capable of doing, I have no idea.

“There is a rule in our family, and one which is adhered to as gospel.  No daughter of a Shimejima may be taken who has not yet come of age.  And by age, I mean the onset of womanhood.  I trust you get the meaning.”

“You mean able to make babies.”

“Correct.  Dad was already past thirty when it happened, but his Onee-chan, your maternal grandmother, who kept the order in the household became sick and died suddenly.”

“Kept order in the household… you mean she managed his harem?”

Rui nodded.

“...go on.”

“Anyway, unlike my own mother or Mina-nee’s mother, she was the most significant existence in his life.  When she passed away, there was nothing left that could hold his whims back.  He abused his gift quite a bit, and that led to some trouble.  Mina-nee stepped in to do what she could, but as she was contracted to him, she also was obligated to fulfill his will.  One of those things was being kept apprised of what his children were up to.  Dad is lenient, but also controlling, that’s just in his nature.  Now, around that time of womanhood, your mother had come to fancy a boy…”

“...”  I got a sick feeling suddenly.

“Rei-rei, not understanding what she did, confided in her older sister as a younger one normally would.  But, Dad became apprised of this matter… and rather than be a normal person who would let his daughter grow to become a splendid woman through trial and error on her own… took her for himself.”

“!!”  I opened my eyes wide.  “Wait, you’re saying Gorou-jii... and mom…?”

Rui nodded.

“He made your mother a woman, in front of the boy she wanted to be with no less.  That boy ran screaming from the house, traumatized, or so I’m told.  This happened on her twelfth birthday.  She was corrupted into doing so by the old bastard’s blessing, and she was emotionally imprisoned to love him until almost the end of her high school years.”

“What the fuck?”

“I wasn’t strong enough until then to be able to break Dad’s blessing on her until she herself met a certain person.  A violent punk and womanizer named Kawamura Ryohei.”


“Yeah.  Dad...Gorou,  had been away for a while on some business, so his hold over her was at his weakest when I was finally able to get some unfiltered dialogue out of your mother.  Even though she was compelled to love her father, she did have feelings for Ryohei.  So, seeing that it was basically her one way out, I had to claim your mother as my own woman for a time.”

“So you and mom too…?”

“No.  I’ve never laid an untoward finger on your mother.  She’s my precious imouto, my Rei-rei.  Besides, I had other women at the time… ones I didn’t want to use my blessing on nor have to if it meant including your mother into my own.  Perhaps you understand the desire for a certain genuineness in matters of the heart?”

“I do.  What does love even mean, if it’s not of their own volition.” I answered Rui.

“It means it’s a fucking headache.  Honestly, I’d have found one woman okay with it, and one who wasn’t then bless the one who wasn’t.  Having one who’d do anything without recourse is best for stress.  But that’s just an old man’s lament.”

“... I can see the appeal though.” I agreed.

“Right?” Rui laughed.  “Anyway, Dad was still in the latter part of his prime, so when I had enough ability and opportunity, I severed his blessing on your mom, and in the process tried to interpret her conflicted feelings as a normal woman. I saw that she at least had some feelings of genuine love for Ryohei.  So, I gave her my full blessing, for her to fall in love with him, for my sake.”

I didn’t fail to catch that stressed syllable.

“For your sake?”

“If Dad had come back... if she remained unprotected, he could have easily reclaimed her.  However, with me focusing my entire blessing on your mother, he couldn’t override it.  Your father conceived your sister with your mother in her room over in Paradise Heights the same night I blessed her, and less than a year later, Kanae was born.”

“That room… wasn’t #13 by chance, was it?”

“It was.”  Mom said as she was still laying back, also listening to Rui’s recounting.  “I did love him, Kouta.  Even if it was for only a moment before Rui protected me, my desire to be with him was genuine.”

“I believe you.” What else could I believe?  Having seen those idiot parents always going at it like newlyweds.

“Though she’ll call it protection, it was just moving her into a more comfortable prison.  One called love and marriage.  Parenthood being a nasty side effect.”

I should have laughed, but after leaving Saya’s house, that was no joke.  I momentarily wondered what Saya and Nacchan were going to do.

“Anyway, the circumstances were also hidden from her.  Your mother had no idea I had blessed her, or for that matter that Dad did before me.  She was just compelled to love us, since that was what the blessing ultimately did.  I had to explain it later to her...”

“And I loved Rui-nii, Kouta.  Everytime I made love to your father, it was so Rui-nii would be happy that I did, because it pleased him.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sex immensely, but the love behind it… was for your Uncle.  Even when I had Kanae, caring for her meant everything to me, but it too was done because it made him happy.” Mom added to the conversation with a sad voice.

“I never let the blessing ease up on your mother, because I never knew if Dad would try and interfere.  However… when you were born, I could feel the disruption.”


“The blessing manifested in you when you took your first breath outside of her womb.  She felt it too.  A pressing need to take from the first suitable woman it could find, in most cases… its the mother.  However, though you were just a baby, your blessing was potent.  Your mom’s emotional prison which I established was rocked a bit, and she knew fear because of it, because of you.  She knew that something was trying to steal her, somehow, but the why of it eluded her.  That fear took shape inside her heart in the form of her newborn son, Kouta.”

“That’s why mom never wanted to be close to me?” I asked, surprised.

“No.  She wanted to be close to you, but for her that fear was traumatic.  Your mother has spent her entire life trying to be as close to you as she could.  But like being in a cage with a lion, you never know when you go from friend to food.  That’s how your mother lived in your presence, and partially why she chose the work she did.”

“I… couldn’t handle it every day.  Some nights I would just shake and tremble and even your father didn’t know what to do with me.  But… I owe everything to Kanae.” Again, mom commented.

“That’s the case.  The person you took instead of your mother, was your Onee-san.  Though your blessing was unknown to you, as a baby it was instinctual.  Kanae became your pillar, and even now, you know she will be forever intrinsically tied to your life until you die.”

“...I know.  I might not like it, but I know.” I admitted.


“Wait a moment.  If I was supposed to take my mother, then what about you and your mother?” I asked my uncle.

“I took her.  Dad relinquished his blessing on my mother, however I was a baby.  There wouldn’t be anything morally questionable we could do until I had also come of age.  That didn’t change her love for Dad which had developed over the years at his hands.  He cultivated his love together with each of our parents properly.  Even without his blessing… they would love him, harem or otherwise.”

“Umm… did you ever… with your own mother…?”

“Please don’t think less of me for it.  There is nothing like a mother’s touch... though, it’s unfair to say that to you, I suppose.”

“Kanae was every bit the mother to me as she was the sister.” I replied with certainty.

“Then you understand...” Rui sighed, “There is another event which happened later, but that’s for your mother to tell you.  However, the matter with Kanae comes first.”  Rui patted Mom’s leg and she cursed again.

“Please don’t ask me to tell you.  Just say ignorance is bliss.” Mom pleaded.

“Just get it over with.  Yank the bandaid off in one pull.” Rui coached her.

“Kouta, I failed as a parent in every single way.  Even now with your little sister about to be born, I know I’ll continue to fail.”

“Maybe so.” I acknowledged.

“Would Kanae be interested in taking her, you think?” Mom asked, placing a hand on her pregnant belly.

“Taking… our sister?”

“She wants a child, and I know you love her and would probably end up giving her one… but you also have some morality.  Even someone as shitty as me knows having a child through incest is…”

“I don’t know.  Maybe it’s something you two should discuss?” I evaded.

“...I doubt she would unless you were her voice of reason.”

“Do you not want to have it all of a sudden, mom?”

“I… I had a friend who had an abortion, and I had a friend who gave one up for adoption... Both regret it.  I will have this child no matter what, but if it’s with family, with you and Kanae, I would love to be it’s grandmother instead.  But, that may be unfair to you both, burdening you with yet another one of your mother’s many failings.”

“Let’s hold that talk for now, mom.  Can we get back to this business with Kanae first?”

“Sigh… I enjoyed that hug more than you’ll ever know, Kouta.”

“Why are you being like that?”

“Because after I tell you, I doubt you’ll even look at me again.”

That made me worry.

“Kouta, what Rui-nii said about the women of the Shimejima line not being touched until womanhood… that’s mostly an approximation.  Twelve is the official stance, as I know intimately.”

“ something happened to Kanae at twelve…?”

“She went on a car ride with Daddy…”

I felt my entire body tense up.

“You can use your imagination.  The only people that really know what happened are Kanae and Daddy.  Kanae may have had issues with me for abandoning the responsibility of caring for you on her, but she never ever came close to seeing me as anything less than a giant shit stain on a white carpet since that day.  And on top of that, she revoked my rights as a parent to you, which I accepted.  Well, I generally went along with it for your own well being at least.  I just paid the bills to keep everything running smoothly, and somehow made it to this point.”

“Alright, we skipped some serious shit here.” I pointed it out.

“Seriously, neither of us know, Kouta.  Maybe Mina-nee knows, but your mother and I have never been able to pry the exact details from dad, and Kanae is tight lipped about it, but her anger at your mother… leads me to believe something happened.”

Rui and mom looked at each other before he continued.

“But whatever did happen, you saved her from his blessing taking hold.  That honor fell to a young woman named Tamayo about a year later.”

“Please don’t let Kanae know it came from me.”  Mom begged.  “I can handle you hating me… but I’ve ruined enough of her life if she’s kept it hidden from you all this time.  Your sister is tough as steel, Kouta, but even steel can bend when enough pressure is applied.”

There was a great deal of information that came in all at once. I put my face into my hands and rubbed my cheeks and temples.  What to do with all this knowledge?

“So, what’s the plan exactly now?  You’ve come in and dropped quite a shitstorm on me.  If my day wasn’t as bad as it was, I would probably be taking this a lot worse.  I mean, I can’t even begin to deal with my own shitty life over the last month, and now to hear all of this…”

Rui put a hand on my shoulder.

“I know we haven’t had much of a chance to get to know each other, but I’m not anything except on your side.  You are my nephew, and my precious Rei-rei’s son.  Forget being a Shimejima, I could give a fuck about them, but then I’d be in debt a whole fuck.”

I laughed at that.

“Use your blessing on your mother, Kouta.  It’s not a permanent thing I’m asking you to do, and if I could… I would in your stead.”


“I’ve already said it, didn’t I?  I never laid a hand on her and I kept her safe from dad for years.”

“I heard you, but the way you say it still makes me think it’s just a coin flip away from happening.”

“Are you afraid you’d be tempted by your mother?  I don’t blame you, she is a magnificent creature.”

“Rui-nii♡” Mom called out happily to his positive assessment of her.

“It’ll be a slow process, Kouta. With my help, we’ll be able to get her emotional state and her mental state to align.  It’s entirely possible.”

“Is it?  But won’t she jump from a teenager to an adult then, missing out on all the parts in between?”

“She’s prepared for that.  Your mom doesn’t want to give up.  She has dreams she still wants to attain, and she’s only crested forty.  Or do you think she’s washed up?”

“No.  I know mom’s capable.”

“Ryohei held her back, and that was my fault too, I could have freed her earlier, but then it would have been only you, Kanae, and your father.  Would you have preferred that?”

“  Kanae might’ve, but understanding that mom wasn’t just an idiot parent but also partially a child, makes it somehow more difficult to hate her.  Dad’s got no excuse though.  He’s trash.”

Neither mom nor uncle Rui refuted it.

“I just want you two to know, this is massively fucked up.  But apparently that’s a family trait, so… what exactly do I have to do so mom won’t jump my bones?”

“That’s the question, isn’t it?  Since you are new at this, your sense and control are probably still forming.  I don’t suppose you meditate recreationally?”

“If by meditation you mean staring at beautiful thighs, then yes.”

“I do not.”

“A pity.”

“...actually, that’s not a half bad idea.”  Rui smiled wickedly.  “Rei-rei, how about you let your son see the holy land?”


“What?  Afraid to check out premium quality MILF?”

“That MILF is my mom, you know?”

“You’re really going to cockblock your uncle Rui? I just wanna see something I’ve missed out on for a very long time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I only ever got to see your mother’s naked body on occasion, like when she was young and we’d take baths together, or when she’d bathe naked back at Paradise Heights…”

“Uncle, aren’t you ten years older than her?”

“Age isn’t important, kiddo.  Have you ever heard of the justice department?  They’ve got three branches, Legs, Ass, and Tits.  Which branch do you belong to?”


“An excellent choice.  I’m a bit of an Ass-man myself, and it’s clear that your mom is in charge of the Tits department.”

“If you keep that up you’re going to be my creepy uncle Rui.”

“What’s creepy about it?  She’s a woman, her beauty is natural, a work of art even.”

“Where are you looking?”  I asked Rui, but I was aware.  I was aware from the moment my mother pulled her breast out earlier.  I was aware when I tugged on my dick for the second time in my life as I watched my mother give me the most memorable show of my youth.

“At my beautiful sister.  Where are you looking?”

I pointed at the child size growth on her front. “The seven month gestational growth that’s occurring.”

“Pssh what, worried you are a lolicon or something because of that?  I never let something like a number get in the way of beauty.  Besides, a baby would be less than zero in age, and that makes it an imaginary number, therefore not real and you don’t have to worry about breaking any age-restricted laws.”

“What worries me is how wrong you are, uncle. A less than zero number, while it is a negative, is in fact a real number and not imaginary.”

“Now who’s being the real negative here, Kouta?  Rei-rei, hike that nightgown up.  Your son needs to work on his imagination.”

“Wouldn’t imagining itself be helpful here instead of seeing it?”

“Ah, but seeing is believing.  Take a good look at her body, Kouta, then imagine it next to that well of yours.”

“This is so fucked up…” I groaned, ending the back-and-forth between us.

My mother slid her skirt up and that twice-childbearing and dad-beaten pussy became exposed as it nestled perfectly between my mother’s commendable thighs.  A plentiful adult bush that would push the limits of mosaic technology in any JAV waited delectably to be eaten, like the slice of triangular cake it was. 

“Mom… just take it off.  I’m already done playing the straight man with Uncle Rui.”

Mom did as I asked, and the glory that was the pregnant MILF form of Kawamura Reiko laid bare before us.

“While I couldn’t understand your reasoning at all for ever wanting to do something so stupid, do burn this image of your mother into your brain somewhere permanent.  Otherwise you may need to have her do this again, and may find yourself enjoying it after a while.”

“Breasts aside, if Kanae looks like this at forty after having two children… I’d probably be one of the luckiest men on earth.” My hand went to a certain spot on her body.  Her stretch marks. “You know, I don’t know why women are embarrassed by these?  Somehow they are almost pleasant to look at.”

“You hear that Rei-rei, your son thinks highly of your stretch marks.”

“I’d love to tell you which ones you contributed to, but I’m pretty sure they’re all because of Kanae.” Mom pointed out.

“The allure of a real MILF.  There’s hope for you yet.  Have you ever experienced one before?” Rui asked me.

“I did.  Up in my room, earlier.”

“The blondie?”

“No, one of her best friends.”

“A highschooler MILF?”

“Yeah, she’s got a one year old son.”

“Making me jealous, now I want to hold a nice MILF.”

“There’s one right here, creepy uncle.”

“Don’t tempt me, kiddo.  I’ve held back for thirty five years.”

“ did?” That question came from mom. “Rui-nii… do… did you mean that?”

“I meant it.  Even now you are the same goddess as you were when you were a child.”

“Then…  why… send me to Ryo?”

“I told you, you’re my precious sister.  I would never ever force you into that.”


“Yeah, Mom.”

“Now that you see me, do you want me sexually?”

“If I have an oedipus complex, it’s keeping itself hidden pretty well.”

“Then… Could you do something for me once you use your blessing on me?”

“I guess?”

“Can you tell me to love this idiot brother of mine, so any morality doesn’t get in the way?”


“I did everything you wanted for over fifteen years, shouldn’t I get a reward for it?”

“I’m married, Rei-rei.  I’ve got two lovers, two daughters…”

“And all I’ve got in all the world who cares for me is my idiot brother who should have just taken me instead, and my son who I failed his entire life.  My daughter hates me, and my husband's primary skill is infidelity.”

“I can see your point, you could benefit from something positive in your life for once.  But it’s not up to me, it’s up to Kouta here.”

“...Why can’t you just uh…” I pointed back and forth between them.

“Can you do it or not, Kouta?”  Mom asked, knocking me out of my passive state.

“Alright.  You don’t feel any guilt in doing this to dad?”

“Kouta… that sonofabitch brought a thirteen year old girl into our bedroom once, and thanks to that I jumped from being trapped emotionally to being trapped societally.  All this time I was with your father, it was Rui I loved.  I was compelled to please him, and I think between us, that’s the only way it’ll ever be acceptable.”

“I give.  What do I have to do?  I have two women waiting for me at home I still have to fuck.”

“Kouta, there’s a naked woman at your well.  What’s the sexiest thing you could do to her with that blessed water you have?” Rui presented a scenario to me.

“Have her… bathe sensually with it?” I guessed.

“Spot on.  Give it a go.  That naked woman is your mother, and don’t forget it.  Don’t do anything dumb like try and substitute your sister.  The blessing is specific and attuned to the image of the person in question.”

I close my eyes.

“Kouta, while I’m still this me… I love you very much, and thank you.” My mom said to me.

All the women in my life surround my well currently, save for three.  Shizu, Kanae, and Ruru are absent.  The form of my mother in her nightgown approaches and draws up a bucket full of this blessed water of mine.  She lifts it above her head and slowly lets it trickle out and onto her head, which in turn cascades down, turning her almost pinkish nightgown into a crimson red as it becomes soaked.  Being soaked in turn causes it to adhere to the curves of her luscious body.  The nightgown, now soaked, allows me to see what lies beneath the cloth to the fullest extent of my imagination.  Perky nipples atop gigantic breasts which haven’t yet begun their terminal ageing sag.  The water-dyed nightgown hugs her body, though in this space she is not pregnant.  Her stomach is tight and her body is slender but all the space available is being pushed outward.  Her ass is a beautiful pair of half cantaloupes and her thighs are no longer trapped behind the confines of the nightgown, but thick drumsticks of delicious meat begging to be tenderized.

She shakes her body, her hair sending beads of water flying in every direction, and her breasts jiggling happily without any restraint.  The sunlight bouncing off the water she’s bathed in makes her radiate a sublime beauty.  I’m thinking erotically about my mom and now my cock is hard.  Fuck.

I open my eyes and what do I see?  My mother’s face in my crotch.


“Yes, Kouta.”

“Uh… should I ask what you are doing?”

“It looked painful dear.  I thought perhaps…”



“You’re beautiful.”

She wraps her arms around me.

I see Rui standing to the side, giving me a thumbs up.

“So beautiful… but… you know I enjoyed watching you be fucked by dad, right?”

“I remember.  You were watching me, though, right?”

“Oh, most definitely.  I think I really became a man that night, watching it… But, what would you think about showing me what could possibly be better than that night, with Uncle Rui?  You do like Uncle Rui, don’t you?”

“I do… also this is too much.  Haha, my personality isn’t going to change just like that, Kouta.  But I do feel a heavy attraction to you that I probably shouldn’t.”

“Why do you two insist on fucking with me like this?”

“We’re adults.  Nothing else is as amusing as fucking with kids.”

“So, did it work, or not?”

“I mean… I guess?  A little?”

“Maybe it’s different between generations?  Dad and I are pretty talented go-getters.  That’s why our waters are always fiercely moving, not placid.”

“Then, maybe if I imagine it a bit more?”

“Hmm… Kouta, continue with it.  I can sense it to a degree.  When I say stop, listen to me.”

Mom kissed me on the lips suddenly.

“Good lick.”

“You mean good luck.”

“Kouta, I’m fluent in english.  I know exactly what I said.”


Lick?  Didn’t that mean to use your tongue… to taste?

I closed my eyes once again, and as if I hadn’t left, the soaked body of my mother remained, and once more the bucket came up from the well and again her body became more and more erotic the wetter it got.  She let the bucket fall into the well, and she groped herself, water and breast milk draining from her cleavage as she squeezed those damn jugs of hers!

The bucket rose again, full once more, and again it splashed along her body.  Her hands sliding between her legs, her pussy just hidden right above the hemmed end of the bottom of her now wet crimson gown.  She made a lewd face and licked her lips as her hand slid about in that wet place, and I was going mad at the fact I was being so turned on by my mother.  I almost imagined her giving me a blowjob.  

Once more the bucket went down empty and came up full.  But before she reached for it, she slid out of her gown which fell to the ground and then poured the blessed water onto her skin directly, and it was every bit as erotic.  That image I had seared into my lizard brain was too effective.

I heard a voice whisper stop.

I looked around to see it.

I kept staring at my mother’s beautiful body.  I wanted it.  I wanted it for myself, but I knew I shouldn’t dare.  I went to reach out for it, to touch it myself.

“Stop, Kouta!”

A voice pulled me out, just in time for me to grab on to something fluffy as I felt my balls drain.

dopyu~  byu~  pushyuu~


“Haah…  now that you got what you wanted from me, I expect you to behave.  Also, Uncle.. why didn’t you stop this?”

“I told you to stop, but you didn’t listen.   You finally did the fifth time, though.”

“Huh? I only faintly heard you the first time, and I stopped on the second.”

“Also you took a while.  She’d been at it for almost ten minutes.  You’ve got surprisingly good stamina for a brat.”

“Eh?  But it was like two minutes, tops!”

Rui shook his head.

“Well, you achieved in ten minutes about the amount of effect I would have begun with.  With just your mother there it shouldn’t have been an issue.”

“It wasn’t just mom there though.  All but three of the women I’ve been with were there, all gathered around.”

“No wonder.  You’re keeping them all affected at once?”

“No?  Mom was the only one drawing from the well.”

“I have so much to teach you…”

“It can wait. Now… how do I uh… get mom to…”

“Ask her.”


“She’s your mother and your woman now, Kouta.  But she’s still Reiko too.  She loves you, as a mother and now also as a man.  What woman wouldn’t want to make either happy if it is within her power to?”

I looked down at mom.

I looked down at Reiko.

“Look up at me.”

She lifted her head and opened her mouth, not a trace of my cum remained inside of it.

“To think I was born to such a troublesome woman.”

Mom frowned.

“Mom.  I’ll do what I can to help you figure yourself out.  But first, you need to collect on a reward you worked hard for over the last two decades, don’t you?”

Mom looked at uncle Rui.

“I want you to be happy, mom.  You are so beautiful when you are getting fucked like a bitch in heat.  Why don’t you show me?  I’m not a little kid anymore.  I had to imagine you soaked with your lewd body tempting me to reach out and take you.  But I like to watch, and you know it, don’t you?”

“I know.  I’ve known all the times you’ve seen me in the kitchen with your father… I know all the times I’ve seen you standing in front of your sister’s room with the door slightly open…”

“Now I want to watch you be happy indulging in Uncle Rui… you’ll show me it, so we can both enjoy it, won’t you?”

Mom nodded.

Rui moved forward and mom started to undo his belt.

Yeah… They got it on, right there in front of me.

My mom is a goddamn sexual freak.

Mom offered to drive me to Paradise Heights after everything, while Uncle Rui planned to stay the night.  I still had business with some women, and it was getting to be almost nine at night.  I had a number of missed messages, but that’s because my phone fell out of my pocket when Shizu launched me off the bed. I went to reach for it before we left and saw it was missing.  Glad I did.

I browsed the messages.

I was sent a photo and I was torn at what to do with it.

It was a picture of Satoko hugging Kibou from behind.  Kibou was holding tight onto that masked rider toy I had given him from the event.

“Mom.  Do you want grandkids?” I inquired.

“Of course I do.”

“Can I trust you to keep a secret?”

“It’s not a secret if you don’t think I know you intend to make one with Kanae.”

“Not that.  Here, before we pull in, can you pull over here and stop the car for a moment?”

Mom did.

I passed her the phone.

“Oh, cute children. Hoping to have two then?”

“I have two already.  That is my legitimate daughter, Satoko.  The other… is Shizu’s friend’s son, Kibou.”


“You said... legitimate daughter?”

“Before that time you saw me beating it to you and dad that day on top of the staircase, there was a girl I used to play with at the park Kanae took me to.”

“You mean the one by the Seven?”


“It’s not from that Umeko girl… the chin is too sharp.”

“Do you remember Granny’s Dagashiya?”

“Sure, Uesugi-obasan ran it when I was a little girl.”

“Her granddaughter, Saya… is the mother.”


Mom looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“I’m serious.  Her name is proof of it.  Sa from Saya, to which joins, and ko from Kouta.  Satoko.  Uesugi Satoko.”

“ granddaughter?”

“Yes mom.  I only found out about it recently myself.”

“Does Kanae know?”

“I’m too scared to tell her.”



I receive a hard slap to the back of my head.

“Don’t you think she should have been the first one to know!?”

“She’s met her… but she doesn’t know I’m this child’s father.  To her, she’s just a friend’s child, and I’m Kouta Onii-san.”

“I suppose by keeping it a secret you mean to not mention this to Kanae?”

“Not to anyone.  Only Shizu and I know.  Saya… isn’t my woman yet, and I’m not sure how to approach that situation quite yet.  You caught the tail end of what happened when Shizu found out.”

“Really that’s what it was about?”

“Also the situation is really complex.  Shizu’s friend, Natsume, was the MILF I was talking with Uncle Rui about earlier… Saya is also basically the adoptive mother of the boy, since Natsume isn’t in a safe enough place to raise it on her own.  She’s present in the child’s life though, and regrets her situation.  Satoko is pretty much Kibou’s Onee-chan, and… well… the matter of who Kibou’s father is happens to be complicated…”

“So two grandchildren?  That would imply that you have designs on this Saya-san?”

I nodded my head.

“Shizu seems to be fiercely opposed, though I have no idea why she would be jealous. It does appear those two have a past history that I am unaware of, however, so I need to proceed cautiously.”

“Kouta, how do you feel about Shizu?”

“I love her, mom.  Even after that, I love her.  Since the moment I laid my eyes on her last year… I felt something drawing me to her.  While I don’t know what it’s like for you, I’d be willing to say it’s probably how being blessed felt to you.”

“ that so?”

I nod.

“What would you sacrifice for her?”


“Even if she doesn’t know how to return your love?”


“What a bitch love is, huh?” Mom said with a wry smile.

“...seems so.”

“Kouta, this girl right here is your line.” She said, pointing at Satoko.


“Like a line in the sand.  This girl is your daughter, and my granddaughter, and Kanae’s niece whether you like it or not, right?”


“If Shizu would punish or harm her, who is innocent, for any reason other than to save your life from an immediate death, then she must be prepared to have the same punishment she intended meted out to her.”


“Now, I’m not saying she would do something like that, but the same would apply for any woman who would be your lover.  Kouta, the only person in this world who solely has your best interest at heart is your sister.  If you can’t realize that and trust her when you need to, you’ll end up just like dad.”


Mom nods.

“Also, keep your desires in check, along with Mina-nee.  That’s free advice from Rui-nii.”

Mom started the car and drove the rest of the way to Paradise Heights, dropped me off, planted a kiss on my lips again, and let me go.  Mom was returning home, and I had to do the same.

I opened the door to my building and entered my own castle.

Mina said it once, any woman that comes in here is mine.

That means Shizu as well.

But that also means Saya is not yet within my grasp.

So, I will keep her at arms length for now, and solidify my base.

My business at hand is to actually find Mina and ask the most important question on my mind right now…  Why are Kanae, Ruru, and Shizu absent from the presence of my well?

I found Kanae in the kitchen, preparing bentous with Ibuki.

I reached my arms around Kanae and held her tightly.

“MMmm, Kouta~♡”

I kissed her neck and squeezed her tight, rubbing the lower part of her stomach.  “We’ll keep working on it until you tell me good news.”

I felt Kanae shudder.

I let go of her and took Ibuki by the arm, spinning her around, and planting a deep kiss onto her.

“Ibuki, I command you to fall in love with me.”


Then I kissed her again for good measure.

“What’s got into you, Kouta?” Kanae asks.

“I’ve had the worst possible day I think I could have, ever.”

“You sure aren’t acting like it…”

“Nee-chan, can you make me something to eat?  I’m going to need my stamina for later.”

“Later?  They’re already waiting for you.”

“Too bad.  I’m hungry.  Feed me.”

“Oh, King Kouta’s ordering me?”

“King Kouta is requesting support from the one he can rely on the most, however, if you don’t want the job, perhaps Ibuki does?”

Ibuki went to move, but suddenly a very sharp knife lodged itself into a cutting board Kanae was using to make some rolled rice in seaweed.

Ibuki quickly minded her business.

“You want something special, or are you fine with the leftovers Gotomaki-san made?”

“Whatever you decide will be fine.”

“As the King commands!” She said with a bow and flourish.

Somehow, I felt empowered.

I knew it wouldn’t last, but with how the day went, and what shit I had to endure, fuck it, I was going to be a splendid and magnificent asshole.  At least until the night was over.

Dinner it seems was delicious and I missed it when it was freshly made.  Pork ribs and fried rice.  Well there was a half-back portion for me, along with a few hefty scoops of rice.  I quickly dug in, hungrily too.  I hadn’t eaten since lunch, not counting the slush drink from the Seven as Shizu and I went to my old home.

I finished my plate, and let out a satisfying burp.

“Now, before I go and peacock myself with women I have no interest in but a duty to attend to, what is the current situation with Haruka?”

This question was posed to both Kanae and Ibuki, whoever answered didn’t matter to me.

“About that… Can you find a moment to visit our room tonight?”  Ibuki asked.


“We’ll… explain it all then.”

I nodded and then got up from the table. Thanking my lovely ladies I gave them each another kiss and a firm grab of the ass and sauntered off to my room.  I believe in the western culture, they call this 「Swag」... I should double-check that with Umeko.  Just to be sure.

I moved down the hallway knocking on the doors of each of the women I’ve brought to Paradise Heights, giving a kiss along the way to Ai-chan and Ruru, and I wanted to say Rina would be included in this list, but… there was no answer there.  Was she working today? Or perhaps visiting her friend Hotoke Arina-san?

I’ll make sure to give her extra attention tomorrow.

Finally entering my royal suite, I saw two bitches laying down and staring at their phones.

“Sorry for the wait, ladies.  I had a busy day, and wanted to have a bite to eat first before we began.”

“That’s fine, better you come prepared.  We don’t want you dropping dead on us too soon while we wring you out.”  Jinguji-san said with excitement.

“You seem fired up!  Excited that you get to spend the night with us?”  Kaneshiro-san asked.

“Mm… let’s see, I had what was probably close to the shittiest day of my life today, I don’t actually want to fuck either of you right now, and I’m full of undeserved confidence.  So excited, no.  But, instead I’m curious as to how wrong things can go.  If that makes any sense to you?”

Jinguji-san took it in stride, but Kaneshiro-san looked hurt.

“You don’t want to be with us?”

“I understand I’m being incredibly insensitive here.  Don’t get me wrong, I know you are a playful girl, and I certainly don’t want to hurt you or have you do something you aren’t interested in, but at the same time, neither of you are my women.  I don’t think I would ever involve myself with the kind of woman Jinguji-san here portrays herself as, and what happened with both my wife and my girlfriend inviting you, Kaneshiro-san, was pretty much something they decided without me.”

“I… I see…” Kaneshiro replies, it seems the wind in her sails for this activity died out.

“However, I am a man of my sister’s word...” I bowed before them both “I may be severely lacking in being able to please either of you, but if you are willing to understand my position, I will still perform to the best of my abilities.”

“...”  Kaneshiro-san looked over to Jinguji-san who only shrugged back.

“Man, you kinda really just killed the mood.” Jinguji-san complained.

“I’m aware of that, however what kind of mood was it?”

“Like… the mood?  We figured you’d just jump into bed with us and I’d ride your dick, and maybe Juli would get her pussy eaten or something?”

“Makes sense.  But, is that all you are after?”

“Isn’t that all there really is?”

“I don’t know.  Every single one of my girls I try to love gently.  The truth is, I’ve only really experienced casual sex… maybe two or three times? And even then, those were questionable circumstances too.”

“Questionable circumstances?  Is that what we’re calling this?”

“Am I mistaken about what it is then?  You both fuck me, then in the morning you go back to your lives as if what we did was irrelevant?”


“Why does this seem so messed up now, Miyabi?” Kaneshiro-san moped to Jinguji-san.

“I don’t know.  He’s right, and I’m pretty thick-skinned about it, but it’s bothering you?”

“...It is, but… I can’t tell if I’m being treated as a whore or not.” The half-American girl asked with concern.


“Miyabi?” She prompted again.

“Aren’t you…?” Jinguji-san said, though I could tell she was joking.

“You too!?”

“Eh?” I was confused now.

“I’m not a whore!  I’m not!”  Kaneshiro-san started yelling.


Both stop and look at me.

“Let me be clear, I never called you a whore.  I called you playful.”

“Either way, you’re saying I sleep around a lot!”

“I have no way of knowing, nor have I asked, have I?  You’ve had me inside of you, and I did not reject you at any time, did I?”


“What are you looking to get out of this, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I don’t know… honestly… you seemed cool and safe.  I mean… I’ve been with a couple of guys before, so I mean, there’s that.  But what happened in the onsen… that… I’d never actually done something exciting like that.  Just… finding a couple and doing it.  It was crazy cool, and fun!  Then that thing with all of us taking turns… that was super cool, like… I wanted to brag about it with my old friends overseas.  I.. umm.. I also think you’re cute, and you seemed pretty open about sex and stuff, so I thought I could be a little more open too, so I mean.. that was the first time I ever did anything like that up in the penthouse, and I thought we were… sort of like sex friends?  That’s what they call it here, right?”

I nodded, letting her continue.

“Then I even stopped when I saw you just go at it with Harucchi, and then you just, like, made her go to town on Miyabi, and… it was all so crazy exciting.  Big energy! But… like I also felt weird though.  I didn’t enjoy doing it with those people in the penthouse like I did with you…  I mean…  I don’t know what I mean exactly, but umm…  I like you… or rather… I want to have fun and exciting sex with you, and Miyabi seems pretty wild too, so I thought it could be super fun.”

“Okay.  First thing first.  You... are a mess. Second thing… will you trust me?” I asked her calmly.

Kaneshiro-san nods.



“Alright.  Honorifics out of the way, what kind of thing do you think you want to be excited by?”


“Do you want to have your body teased, or do you want to do something slow and nice, or hard and rough?  Are there things you haven’t done yet that you want to try?”



“Umm… can I… really say?” She asked cautiously.

“Please do.  What I don’t know, Jinguji-san probably might.  I’m sure we can accommodate you.”

“Miyabi. If you’re calling her Juli, then call me by my name too.” Jinguji-san interjected.

“Alright, Miyabi.” I replied, making Jinguji-san smile. “So, what do you want to do, Juli?”

“I.. umm.. I want my pussy really played with.  Also… I uh… want to try some butt stuff?”

I look at Jinguji and she nods.

“Alright.  Just that?”

“Well.. for now at least… but I’m open to stuff.. I might not know?  Do you want... When you look at me, is there anything you want to do… to me?”

“I think you have a nice body, Juli.  Instead of burying myself inside of you and cumming like that, I’d like to pull out and shoot it over your tits or thighs and watch Miyabi spread my semen all over your naked body with her tongue.”

“....Miyabi?” She called over to her friend with a new smile on her face.

“Sounds safe and fun, Juli.”

“And what about you, Miyabi?”

“...nothing specific.  Let’s go with Juli’s wants, and if something happens, it happens?  Cool with you?”

I nod.

“Alright!” Miyabi says, clapping her hands together. “Shall we begin?”