Chapter Fifty-six 「Guilty Pleasures」
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Wednesday, June 17th (Late night)

“Oh my fuckin’ gawd! Ahhhhhhh!!! I’mmunnacum I’mmunnacum, Ohyeahohyeahohyeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss!!!!!!”

Let me ask you a question… can you really call yourself a man of culture if you haven’t eaten the backside of a stunningly beautiful half-japanese half-american auto manufacturer conglomerate’s daughter studying abroad who was also trying to get exposure as a model while her equally beautiful yamato heiress companion of sorts was clam diving for James Steinbeck’s titular pearl deep in the folds of her curated labia from the front and you both had two fingers each buried inside her pussy fondling her insides like half a rogue octopus as she struggled to keep standing all while wailing like a banshee in her native tongue as if she was possessed?


You uncultured peasant.

I jest, though.  I had thought Miyabi would assist only a little as I did most of the exploratory sex Julietta wanted to try, but I was wrong.  So wrong.  Kissing is a personal experience for many Japanese, but when I suggested it to Juli as a warm up to the main act, she was quickly onboard.

“I love kissing~♡” She said with those sweet lips of hers, enhanced with a certain red lipstick that had a bit of an orange blend to it with some obscure name only Kanae would know.

I began with having her sit on my lap, though once on it, I realized she was a thicc woman.  I don’t know how much she weighed, but if you told me half of it was stored solely in her thighs and tits alone, I’d trust you implicitly on the matter.  

Juli was an eager and teasing kisser, and as much as I gave her, or tried to, she returned it in equal parts or more.  A wise teacher knows he is also an eternal student, and I learned much about the ways of the tongue.  Tongue in mouth, tongue out of mouth, tongue over tongue, tongue under tongue… with all the frenching she did, I thought she might be lying to me about her actual nationality.

It was enough to get the blood and desire pumping, and she was only too happy to let her top come off when I made the move to strip it off of her, revealing a patriotic bikini-bra underneath.  Stars and stripes?  Somehow it would be damn fitting if Miyabi represented the rising suns on hers, I’m all for maintaining strong international diplomatic ties, but I got the feeling that even if it was the case, Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t need to worry tonight, since two atomic warheads were already in the neighborhood of Shibuya… Minato city to be precise, and bombarding my face at the moment.

God save the queen!

No, wait...  Wrong country.  God bless America!  Oppai Banzai!

While Miyabi skipped out on the kissing at first, she was only too happy to help me deal with these dangerous warheads.  The trick to disarming them is to find the sensor in the head and short circuit it before it can explode.

Did you know that even if you disarm them, there’s still a chance they can explode?

What?  Enough with the innuendos?  Alright…  Killjoy.

Julietta surprisingly came by herself just from Miyabi and myself sucking long and hard on her breasts for a good long while.  She was gasping for air after she came and begged us to stop.  We did… sort of, until Miyabi decided to be a bit of a devil and blow gently on the breast she was in charge of.

“Eeeeeek!” Juli reacted cutely as she was teased with a soft wind on her tender nipples.

Of course I wasn’t going to be left out of the fun either.


Miyabi and I chuckled.

“So, what are we working with here exactly?” Miyabi asked, all discretion aside. She was going to get the answer to that question herself, since she was undoing my pants and daring to reveal Gigarex, Lusty Onee-san Explorer!

“...not bad!”

Coming from a self-professed bitch, that wasn’t a derogatory assessment, right?

Miyabi took hold of it and brushed her hair to one side as she carefully moved her mouth towards it, extending her own exceptional tongue to the underside, tracing from the frenulum all along the outer cusp of the head where it burgeoned from the shaft into the mushroom shape that when fully erect and throbbing brought pleasure as it pushed and pulled against the inner folds of a woman.

Such a beautiful function of nature was lost to the intricacies of the upper mouth, though the sporeing feature was something that could be enjoyable to the right person.  Miyabi clearly wasn’t interested in making me spore, at least not yet, and in fact invited Juli to join her in sampling a different type of poisonous mushroom.

The kind which could beget euphoria.

You’d think having access to two women on the regular who’d willingly please a single cock simultaneously would get tiresome after a while, and you know what?  You’re dead wrong.

I got to experience something fun and exciting as well…  Miyabi left the care of my son to Juli, who even though she was enthusiastic, had proven to be quite inexperienced in the matter of cocksucking.  Where she went to, as she left Juli to her task, was to the neatly contained compartment some inches further down that contained the hopes and dreams of many a daughter’s parents for their future… offspring.

Miyabi had opened her mouth expertly, and one of my own Onee-chan’s beloved treasures for that very future was enveloped, and Miyabi’s tongue carefully rolled along the thin and natural fleshy prophylactic container.

My left nut was in her mouth, okay?  I was more frightened than excited by the experience, but Miyabi was careful and it stirred up quite the response in my guy as she did it.

“Ngeh… f-fuck…!”

“Gonna cum already?” Juli asked, slapping herself on the chin with my cock as she opened her mouth wide.

“Nnnh… Don’t want to yet though…”

Miyabi caught it and eased up, tightening her lips as she let my sensitive egg out of her mouth with a soft pop.  Juli also followed along and I was able to keep my edge without unloading.

Miyabi finally undressed, and all three of us were naked, save for the main course.  As we got off my bed, I put my hands under Julietta’s armpits and slid them down her body slowly from behind, passing below her waist and taking her panties along for the ride until the single long caress made it to her ankles and she stepped out of them.

Her ass was beautiful, and as a tease I cupped each cheek and squeezed, playfully slapping and even giving one a light bite.

“Miyabi, front or back?” I asked her.

“Have you ever rimmed a woman before?”

“Not really…?”  I don’t think I have done so properly before, but as for having received… Nacchan and Ai-chan come to mind.

Actually, that’s another mystery too… Ai-chan wasn’t around my well either.  Was she not drawn to me?  But she did like clinging to me in the morning on our walks to school.  Maybe… I should find out if she’s an interested party, or if she’s just playing along?

Shaking that thought away, Miyabi got on her knees before Julietta and began to play with her folded petals, which left me a new experience to enjoy.  Fine dining.  I used my hands to push and pull her butt cheeks apart and then moved my face close to it, sending a lick up her dark passage.

“Juli, you cleaned up there, right?” Miyabi asked her.

“I...did… just in case…”

“You’re good to go, Kouta.”  Miyabi said, not that I actually cared.  I was already committed, but I did appreciate the courtesy Juli provided.  My tongue teased the area around her feminine chrysanthemum buttoned up tightly and began to feast.  Kissing and licking and slurping.  Spitting onto her hole and smearing my saliva all over it, earmarking this back door for entry later.

Miyabi went straight into cunnilingus with Juli and she was quick to get weak in the knees.  Juli’s hands rested on Miyabi’s head and shoulder for support as she received oral ministrations on both sides of her body at the same time.

Miyabi reached for my hand and captured one, bending my fingers until there were only two, and along with two from her own hand, we both inserted into her vagina.  Miyabi knew where to focus since her fingers were handling the zone beneath Juli’s clitoris, and I was moving my own like two insect antennas, feeling and pushing at anything I could.

“IIIyaaah!!  Hooouuuuu Whaaat is this feeeeeling!?”

My face pushed in further while my tongue tried to pry open her dark dungeon and explore the entrance.  I could feel Juli’s insides get sopping wet hurriedly and I took some initiative in sliding in and out of her pussy with my fingers in a stroking manner, the wet knuckles on the back of my hand reducing friction against Miyabi’s the more I went in and out.

“Oh my fuckin’ gawd! Ahhhhhhh!!! I’mmunnacum I’mmunnacum, Ohyeahohyeahohyeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss!!!!!!”

Juli lost it and would have almost toppled onto Miyabi if not for the quick reaction of my other hand which went up and wrapped around her waist.  I held on to her until she could safely turn and collapse partially on to the bed, chest first.

“Holy shit that was crazy~”

Miyabi slapped her ass then dipped the tip of a soaking wet digit into Juli’s asshole.


She didn’t take it out though.  Instead, she began to pull her finger in each of the cardinal directions inside of Julietta.

“W...what are you doing!?” Juli cried out.

“I’m getting your butt ready… Kouta’s thing will hurt you if you don’t relax and let me prepare you for it.”

“Eh?  Really?  You’ll do me in the butt?”

“You did say you want to do that kind of thing.  If you’ve changed your mind…?”

“YES!  I mean… No, I haven’t changed my mind.  I.. want to try it!”

“Try it?  It’s your first time, Juli?”

 “Doing butt stuff?  I mean… I stuck my finger in there once but I’ve never done it with a toy or the real thing before.”

“Her anal virginity is secured for you.  Does it make you happy?” Miyabi asked me.

“I would have been fine even if it wasn’t, but this just means we’ll have to make it special for her.”

“Got anything in mind?”

“Nope.  My job’s pretty simple.” I said.  My drill is the drill which pierces the dark heaven.

“I.. umm.. I’d like to kiss some more too~” Juli said just audibly.

“How about a pretty girl this time?” Miyabi said sensually, walking two fingers up Julietta’s naked backside.

“Ehehe, that sounds tasty~♡”

”Oh… wait before we do.  Your sister insisted on condoms.” Miyabi reminded me.

“Ah, she did.” I remembered.

“But well… Miyabi and I did go get tested… and we’re both clean.” Julietta presented.

“Results are on our phones if you want to see?” Miyabi added.

Going with it, I did ask to see it.  Both indeed came back with preliminarily healthy results.

“Then, it’s up to you.  Would you like me to use one?” I decided to go with the ladies’ favor.

“Miyabi… what do you think?”

“That’s a personal choice for you, babe.”

“C...can you do it raw, then?  Y’know.. so it’s really… special?” Juli asked cutely.

I squeezed her fantastic half-american buns in an approving grope.

Miyabi slid herself underneath Juli and spread her legs so my charge remained between them.

“Kouta, go slow and easy at first, let her muscles tell you when it’s fine to push.  Go ahead and use either of our pussies to lube yourself up before you enter.  If you get dry, reapply when you need to.”

“Uh… isn’t that a bit unsanitary?” I asked, remembering health class.

“Just shut up and listen to what I’m telling you, okay?”


“Good boy.  Start whenever you want, I want to burn the image of her surprised face in my mind when she gets her first taste of backdoor pleasure~”

Miyabi was incorrigible. A true bitch in heat, but then, that was what got us here in the first place, wasn’t it?

I pushed one of Julietta’s cheeks apart to get a proper look at where I needed to position myself for entry.

“Can… I do what I want?” I asked, making sure there was a proper level of consent in play.

“ “Yes.” ”  came the permission from both of them instantly.

So, I lowered the angle of my cock and entered safely inside of Juli’s pussy first for a few pumps, a soft “Mmmh♡” escaping her lips before I pulled out and dragged her juices along for a trip into Miyabi.

“Cheater~”  Miyabi called out, and a quick sample of her let me know she was dishonest too.  Her pussy, for all her claims of sleeping around, wasn’t even close to being worn out like Nacchan’s.  Hell, it squeezed me every bit as good as Shizu’s did.

Getting a few pumps from Miyabi, I was now double-lubed and ready to destroy my first ass.

“Alright, hold on tight, I guess… Juli.”

I put my head at the entrance of her dark cavern and pushed in slowly but with force to make it past her opening.  The tightness of her sphincter slowly gave way to my steely boy, and the tip of my head broke through into her.

“Ah, you’re squeezing too hard, Juli!!  My tits!!  My tits!!!”  


I felt her rear entrance tighten up and following Miyabi’s instructions, I had to be patient.  Slowly and surely, I was able to push in centimeter by centimeter until I hilted deep inside of her.

Juli wasn’t able to give any more verbal performances since Miyabi had stolen her lips.  I just treated Kaneshiro-san’s asshole like it was my first time in Ruru’s pussy.  It was nice and tight and had a whole different kind of feel, and I just gave slow and careful strokes until I felt some friction, then as per instruction, I carefully exited her, re-lubed with Jinguji-san’s pussy once more, and reentered Julietta.

The second entry was much more pliable.

Juli let me know not just by her interior muscles, but also verbally when she was able to steal a breath from Miyabi that it was okay to be a little rough after a few slow strokes on the second go.  So I was.  I gave her some playful slaps along with a few occasional rapid pistonings when it felt like it was safe to.  I also tried to be considerate to Miyabi by sliding some fingers into her, but the position she was in made it impossible.

“Nnhhh♡ Buttsex feels weird, and my tummy feels strange… but it’s also kind of fun.  Thanks for...umm… being nice?”

“Would you look at that, a foreigner thanking you for fucking her in the ass while there are hearts in her eyes… it seems the Japanese education system hasn’t died after all.”  Miyabi said in a quality deadpan voice.

“...”  I didn’t know what to do with that information.  However, my own information took precedence here I think. 

“I’m going to cum soon.  I want to do it outside, but if you want a creampie… I can.”

“Cum outside, Kouta.”  Miyabi answered in place of Julietta, “You wanted to see me do that, right?”

“Just being courteous.”

“Getting passive again?”

“I like gentle lovemaking, okay?”

“Such a good boy.  Pull out, and I’ll handle the rest until you come.”

I pulled my cock out of Juli’s ass, which just had its first experience, and let her sit on the bed and lay back next to Miyabi.  Miyabi got up onto her knees on the bed and surprised me when she immediately used her mouth on that dirty rod of mine.  She sucked on the head while flicking her tongue and used her hand at the base of my shaft to milk it with twisting stroking motions.  I was already close but she was an expert in this field it seemed.  I held back as long as I could before I tapped her on the head and she let my cock go, but did the aiming as she stroked me to completion.  I shot my load all over Julietta’s thighs and even got tugged closer to her chest which rose to meet my son’s last pathetic dribbles onto her tits.

Miyabi looked at my load before saying she expected to see more.

“Ah… I had uh… already done it a few times today.”  I explained.

“Somebody before us?  Your wife and girlfriend?”

“Actually… In the morning it was Ruru, then after school it was my girlfriend’s friend, a real slut that could put Miyabi to shame instantly, and then some crazy MILF gave me a blowjob I didn’t anticipate, and well… then it came time for you two.” I was hesitant to even mention who the MILF was.

“Fuck, you’re a busy guy…” Miyabi joked.

“Yeah, um… sorry to disappoint.”

Juli sat up, covered in cum in all the right places and gave me a kiss.

“I enjoyed it all.  You didn’t disappoint me at all, Kouta.”


Miyabi clicked her tongue.

“...something wrong?”


“What is it?  Something I can fix?”

“Not unless you can fix broken bitches with that flesh pipe of yours.”


“ you know why a girl would become a slut so openly?”

“A traumatic experience?”

“Yes, but generally it takes more than one bad experience.  One is manageable… excusable even, but when it’s a constant stream of trying to just find one good man to hold you right, and only getting the worst… it breaks you inside, and your self value plummets like cryptocurrency.”

“So… you’re broken because of bad relationships?” I asked, the sexy mood sort of disappating.

Miyabi nods.

“Miyabi-chan!”  Juli collides into her with a strong hug, kissing her face repeatedly.

“You seemed caring, attentive, and diligent even though you looked like a scared rabbit at times.  I guess I said the wrong thing, because you seemed put off by me when I tried to show you I was interested.  Then you go and say earlier that I’m not the kind of girl that you are even remotely interested in… and even now called me a slut.  Even if I am, it hurt a little.”

“...can I be honest with you then, since you’re being honest with me?”


“With the inclusion of you two girls, that makes twelve partners I’ve had since I first lost my virginity less than a month ago…  Even though that’s the case… a woman having one partner before me, I’m okay with somehow.  Though I’m way more comfortable being that person’s first time.  Maybe it’s because I’m worried about being judged lacking in size from all the partners an experienced woman may have had, or maybe my technique is poor… it’s something that attacks my insecurities.  Then there’s the matter of my upbringing, and the fact that I’m really not a casual sex kind of guy.  I want to genuinely love any woman who also wants to love me back, and that’s why I kind of avoided your advances… and Julietta’s as well.  Plus, with the day I’ve had today… My relationship with my girlfriend is in a strange place right now, and at her insistence I fucked her friend who’s been a critical existence to her and likewise has also been with so many partners, I had to squeeze her ass together just so my cock could find the insides of her pussy.  Then she broke down in tears afterwards for probably the same reason that you’re telling me.  She’s a used fucking whore, and self-conscious about it without seeing any escape from the bottomless pit of despair that her life has become. I went along with it, even though I was aware of how incompatible she was to me, and I was still nice, gentle, caring, reassuring… all of that shit to her.”

“...”  Miyabi sat there speechless.

Kaneshiro and I did as well.

“Kouta… do you believe a woman can change?” Miyabi asked.

“I have to, otherwise there’s no point in me dating my girlfriend, Shizu.  I accept that she’s got a problem and it makes her… do things with other people even though we’re together, but there’s something about her I am unwilling to let go of.  It’s not that I think I’m the one capable of changing her… I just want to be there to support her when she has that epiphany that she can better herself should she ever find out how.”

“...if you don’t say another word and end up throwing yourself off a cliff by saying something stupid right now, you could tell me to have your baby right now and to become your mistress and I’d do it.  I want to be gently embraced too.”

Shiho came to mind suddenly.  Having said the same thing about my baad habit of not shutting the fuck up at the right moment.  

I pushed Miyabi down and crawled on top of her.

“Would you like to become one of my mistresses and give me lots of beautiful children?”

I stared at her intently and she blushed. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it…”

“I didn’t either.”  I said, brushing her cheek with my hand.  “You’re beautiful, and obviously a very capable woman.  I imagine Julietta is the same.  Most of the women I’ve managed to be with all are, and it’s intimidating because I don’t think of myself highly like that at all.  But I’d like to be...  I’d like to seize an opportunity to return their expectations and be someone they can be proud to call their lover.”

“A~ah… this sucks~” Miyabi interrupts the heartfelt mood.

“I… don’t wanna fall for some brat, I just wanted to have a little fun…” She puffed out her cheeks.  “Juli~ help me already~”

“...what can I do?  I’m sort of in the same boat here…”

I had Miyabi pinned down, and every single signal she gave me was telling me to take her.  I wasn’t planning on adding anymore women into my life anyway, certainly not these two, or Nacchan.  I did make some consideration for Haruka and Ai-chan, though I think the latter probably understand my feelings about being with her while she’s in the club.  Fucking Nacchan was an extreme thing, and was done only because of Shi-chan lowering her head to me.  She’d never asked me to do anything like that, so I felt like if she needed me to do that for her, I would.  I mean, she did that thing for me with Kawazu so I could go through the proper channels to please Shiori with her NTR fetish. know, when I think about it, it’s really all sorts of fucked up.

“Do you want to postpone it?” I asked her, seeing her conflict making itself externally known.


“If you aren’t sure, we don’t have to do this, Miyabi.”

“... … … what the hell am I doing with my life?” Jinguji-san reached up and pushed me to the side.  “Postpone it… okay.  Let’s postpone it.”

Miyabi sat up after saying that and started gathering her clothes that were on the floor.  Juli had been patiently observing it all while remaining covered in my cum that had by now basically become a translucent sheen in those places.

“Miyabi-chan?  You aren’t going to do it with Kouta?”

“Just postponing it, Juli… somehow if we did it right now, it might have a different meaning.”

“Afraid to catch feelings?” Juli asked her.

“Yes.  I’m terrified, actually.” she sighed  “I could probably love him, but even I want to be the main attraction deep down.  I don’t know if I could really be satisfied being only a mistress.”

“That’s…” I wanted to tell her what my feelings were, but hesitated.

“Don’t let me drag you down, if you like him and he likes you, follow your feelings… you might not regret it.” Miyabi said to Juli.

“Well, I don’t think I need to be serious until I’m older… and I’m happy having had a fun new experience.” Juli then got off the bed as well and gathered up her clothes.

“Sorry to ruin your night, Jinguji-san…”  I dropped the informal rapport we had.

“Miyabi.” However she wouldn’t allow it.  She came close to me, and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.  “Consider the favor repaid, however if I’m really down in the dumps next time, don’t turn me away at that time, okay?”

I agreed to her request, and offered Juli usage of my bathroom if she wanted to get clean.

“Naah, I’ll keep Miyabi company tonight.  She’ll clean me up~”

An image I had wanted to see would remain behind closed doors.  The door to my room opened however, and both of them left it, but not before Juli also gave me a parting kiss.  I got the distinct impression that somehow I wasn’t done with these two women quite yet, but for now, there remained two pieces of pressing business I still had to deal with.

Mina, and the Saotome Sisters.

I went upstairs and took a free moment to stop by the room where the Jizo statue was set up.  I stood in front of the statue and prayed.

“Mina… I have some questions about the blessing… Can you come find me when you have some time?”

I had no idea where Mina was, since she often appeared as she liked.  In truth I should be suspicious as heck about her, yet mom and uncle Rui saying she’s their onee-chan also means she’s family.

And that I fucked my aunt.

I never counted her as my woman… Should I?

I get the feeling that even if we’ve got some kind of contract, she isn’t really my woman at all.  Call it a suspicious intuition. I left the empty room and went to the Saotome sisters’ new room and knocked on the door.  It opened up, and Ibuki received me.  I was pulled inside by Ibuki, and came to face up to my responsibilities.

The room seemed a tight fit for having two beds in it, but I didn’t hear a single word of complaint from Ibuki.  Instead I was brought over to her bed and sat down with Ibuki while facing Haruka who said nothing.

Then after a few moments, Haruka bowed towards me.

“I’m sorry for my shameless actions, please forgive me.”

She was apologising?

I reached out and placed my hand on her shoulder.


She craned her head up to see me.

“I can’t forgive you, because you did nothing wrong.  What happened was entirely my fault, along with any damages I caused you.” I told her.  “So, please allow me to accept responsibility here.”

“Senpai?”  Ibuki spoke.

“Ah, sorry Ibuki, I had to get that misunderstanding out of the way first.” I explained.  “So, Haruka… what… would you like to happen from here on out?”


“I mean, I’ve done something reprehensible to you.  I have no idea of the hardship this will cause you, and I want to know what you’d like me to do for you.”

“For me?”

“Do you need me to return home with you and apologise for my actions?  If you don’t want to go, you are of course free to stay here, I’ll take care of whatever needs of yours you may have to the best of my ability…  I’m sorry, again, but I’m really unsure of how to proceed without knowing what you want.”


“Senpai… about that…” I turned to face Ibuki who began speaking, “Onee-san wants… … how to put it…?”

“I want to be your sex slave.”


“That works.”  Ibuki said dryly.

“Umm…”  I was caught off-guard.

“She doesn’t mean that exactly, Senpai.  Onee-san is a gigantic M.  She was saving herself until she found the right person to be with.  Her former fiancée was kind of a wimp, really, and well… she thinks if it’s with you, who she had such a domineering first time with…”

“Sex slave… that’s a bit…”  I reflected on it.  “I’m not really the kind of person who is into that, though.  I’m not frivolous with sex, or at least I don’t want to be.  I made that mistake, yet, I also don’t want that mistake to become a permanent fixture in my life.”

“I’m… that mistake, then?”

“I don’t mean it like that.  I mean… if you think I’m the right person, then I don’t want to keep it at a casual level.”


“Onee-san, I think Senpai thinks you only want to be sex friends.”


“Oh, was I wrong?”  

“Yes!  I want to be… your tool.”

“My tool?”


“Much like how I am Senpai’s possession, I exist to be used by Senpai as he sees fit…  Onee-chan, however, wants to be Senpai’s sexual toy.  To be the vessel which fulfills all of his most secret and desperate sexual desires.”

“I… What we did that night… it changed me somehow.  I never knew there was something so amazing as sex.  I want to experience it to the fullest with you… for you… whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it,  in front of whoever you want me to, even with anyone you decide to pass me to, I don’t care.  I want to be your belonging in that kind of way.”

What the actual fuck?

“I see…  I can’t say I would even begin to know what to do with this information, but this is how you want me to take responsibility?”

“Not just that…”


“This morning… I felt different.  Was I wrong in thinking you weren’t interested in me?”

“What do you mean?”  I knew exactly what she meant, but I needed to hear it from her.

“Well… I mean at the event, at first… I thought you were a bit… unreliable.  But my baby sister thinks the world of you, so much so that she was willing to risk everything to chase after you in the hopes you’d finally notice her.”

That described Ibuki alright.

“When I was at the penthouse looking for my sister, wondering if she was being deceived by you… I saw you in a different light suddenly.  I mean… I’ve never behaved like that before. It’s like I was me, but I wasn’t me, but… I just… felt attracted to you, and the next thing I know… I’m just going along with everything… then you just told me to do things, and I knew I shouldn’t have done any of those things… but I also felt like you telling me to… you doing that to me… gave me this insane sense of freedom that I’ve never ever known!  Being used by and played with by you… that’s what I want.  Maybe it’s because we are sisters, but… can’t I become your thing too?”

“Ibuki… your thoughts?”

“I’m of a similar mind.  Senpai has been clear he wishes to keep my body for himself, even though my happiness is being of use to you in the same way.  I wouldn’t have minded as long as it was something to help Senpai.  But, maybe Haruka can be that kind of existence for you?”

“...I get the feeling while Ibuki being with me isn’t exactly going to be a concern for your family, certainly the addition of Haruka… will be.”

“I don’t care.  I’m prepared to be thrown away.” Haruka exclaimed!

“Please don’t be hasty.”

“I was worried this morning… It’s been three days and you didn’t show any further interest in me.  I’ve been going crazy!  I was so crazy I even assaulted you…  now my feelings are all messed up, and I don’t know what to do!  I… want to feel like that night again!  I want to feel confident that you are completely in control of me.”

“Haruka, can you endure one more day?”


“Will you give me one day to consider what you are asking for?”

“I’ll wait as long as you want.”

“I will answer you tomorrow night.  I also don’t want to leave you with uncertain feelings.”

“...okay.  I trust you, Kouta.”

I stood up from the bed.  I gave them both a kiss and a hug, and headed downstairs.

I popped into the Kitchen to grab a cold bottle of water, and stumbled upon a cute girl dressed in pink pajamas with a cat-eared hoodie, and fluffy cat slippers.


“Kouta!  Did you get my message?”

I shook my head.  Was one of those missed messages her’s?

“Nacchan didn’t show up for our club today…  I figured the chance was low, but I was wondering if you saw her?”

“...actually, I spent part of the day afterschool with her and my girlfriend.”

“Is that so?  You were with both Shizu-san and Nacchan?”

“Yeah, Nacchan had something that was eating at her, and needed to… work through it.  I was there just to lend some support.”

“Ah.  She never misses out, so we were all concerned.  Especially Sensei, who had to pick up the slack in her place… Her behavior has been a bit iffy since Monday.”

“Inoue-sensei?  I thought she mostly managed…”


“Did that cause trouble for you, Ai?”

“Well, I’m a special case as it is…”

“I’m sure she’ll be there tomorrow, for better or worse.”  I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and patted her back. “I’ll see you tomorrow…”

I turned around but a hand reached out and held onto my shirt.

“Are… is anyone with you tonight?”

“It was supposed to be Kaneshiro-san and Jinguji-san, but it fell through.  My own fault.  Well, not that I particularly mind, I didn’t really want to do anything with them anyway.”

“...could I perhaps… have some of your time?  I kind of don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“I don’t see why not.”

Ai-chan smiled.  She followed me to my bedroom, looking cute as ever, and closed the door behind her after we entered.

I slid into my bed, and Ai-chan joined me.

“I know I haven’t said it since, but thanks for fixing the onsen.”

“I was happy to.  Living here is nice.” Ai-chan said in a relaxed voice.

“Is it?”

“Yeah, not worrying about having to hide what I do… or if I’m just going to be used for someone else’s pleasure because I’m worried about what saying no might mean…”

I turned to face her and pat her head.

“I won’t ever ask you to do something like that.  You just seemed like a nice person in a bad situation and I had the opportunity to help you out.”

“...I like you, Kouta.”

“I like you too, Ai.”

She moved closer and even though I’d had a back to back sort-of-threesome with both Shizu and Nacchan, and Miyabi and Julietta, (I’ll try and forget the business with mom, and be grateful it wasn’t an uncle-nephew reverse oyakodon) being next to Ai-chan in a nonsexual way made my heart race more than any of those other experiences.

Ai’s head was gently resting on my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her.  I was a bit drowsy, but Ai-chan kept me awake by asking a question I hadn’t actually been expecting.

“Do you… want me to do anything for you?”


Her hand which rested on my chest began to move slowly towards my son.  I was already burdened with having done it enough today, I wasn’t really that interested.  I mean, I wasn’t not interested, but… Ai’s hand reached her target and me not thinking critically enough to stop her sooner, I placed my own hand over hers.

“You don’t have to do anything, Ai.  I’m not going to ask you to.”

“I know.  That’s why… I’m doing it now.”


“Maybe… I want to?”


“Am… I in a friend zone or something?  The other day when you visited me and held me… I’ve been pretty conscious about it.”

“Me too.  Ai-chan… made my heart race.”


“Even now…”

Ai-chan shifted her head to better hear my heartbeat.  She was just tracing her fingers up and down the belly of Gigarex, and giggling a bit.  She let go, and her hand came up, unbuttoning part of her pajamas, revealing her no-bra state to me.

“Ai… if you do that…”

Ai just smiled.

My hand moved to slide in and feel her little mounds.

While I did so, Ai kissed me and we made out.  I was feeling up her body, but remembered she was particular about not being touched down there.  

“Holding back?”  She asked.

“You said you were… self conscious about that.”

“...I am.  I’m very self conscious about that.”

“Then you don’t have to worry.  I’m really satisfied with even this much.  Ai-chan is already too cute for words.”

Her short shoulder-length hair and button nose, small but cute eyes and precious face really did a number on reaching my strike zone.  I did want to do more, but I also didn’t want to rush whatever feeling this was that we shared.

“Hm heh heh heh.”

“...what is it you are laughing at?”

“I just thought… what if Kouta had known about the club before Nacchan brought him, and had chosen me from the lineup.”

“Ai-chan certainly is cute.”

“Who would you pick, if you had been a customer?”

I thought about it for a moment.

“Probably Saya, Ai-chan or Kotone.”

“...Saya I expected, but… Kotone?”

“I’ve got a thing for gyarus.”

“Ah.  Maybe I should get a makeover?”

“Don’t you dare!  Ai-chan is already the peak of cuteness.”

“Hehe, cute cute cute, is that all you can say about me?”

“Cute is justice though?”

“You sound like an otaku.”

“I am an otaku.  Besides, if I chose you, I wouldn’t want it to be like it is in the club.”

“Oh, then if you chose me, what would you do with me that you couldn’t do there?”

“I’d use you as my dakimakura.”


“Mm… a nice warm fluffy cute body pillow.”

“...that sounds nice…”

Ai-chan rolled over in place, putting her back to me.

“It’s all yours, then.  Hold me as tight as you want.”

I spooned her as perfectly as I could, my son pressing itself against her butt.  I still caressed her, and felt her up as I pleased without a single word of complaint from her.

“NNh… Kouta… if you want… you can have me.”


“But, I’m scared, too…”


“Scared you’ll hate me once you see it.”

“I told you, I won’t ever pressure you into it.”

“I know, that’s why I’m appealing to you now.”

“Is that what this is?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“A little.”

“I’d like to be your woman too, but I can’t give up the club.”

“That’s your choice, I already told you.”


Our conversation sputtered out, but that part of me remained desirous of this little pixie in my arms.  I let drowsiness take me, but my piece was firmly planted between both of her soft cheeks.

I nodded off a bit, and had a dream of nothing.  Just restful sleep.  I was awoken by my own desires though.

Ai-chan’s ass was grinding on my cock.


“You’re the worst!”

“...huh? Why?”

“You’re rubbing up against me and driving me crazy!”

“You’re the one doing the rubbing.”

I felt the fabric I was rubbing against change.

“Kouta… enough… won’t you… just… let me have you?”


I undid my pants and slid them down, letting my son get some fresh air.  It was wanting to answer this girl’s cry for affection.  Ai-chan noticed it immediately and pushed back onto it as her buns captured my raw dick and slid it along her crack.  She moved her ass all by itself until she got it low enough and managed to position itself where it needed to be.

Then she pushed her cute butt into my waist, and I had entered into her.

Ai-chan’s ass felt like heaven.


Suuu~  Fuuuuh~

Ai was slowly pushing down and I was slowly pushing into her.


“Happy now?”

“Very.  Now that you are in, can you flex it so it swells in me?”

I did as she asked, using whatever muscle or tendon or part let it lift and swell up, forcing the blood into the tip to puff it up.

“Ah~  I love that feeling~”

Ai-chan was more than happy to do the work here, only asking me to do that thing every so often, especially as I was pushed in.  I obliged her.  I also kept on playing with her body, though I was constantly needing to remind myself not to touch that part of her.

“Ahn~♡ Mmhhh♡ Ahhhhh~”

Fuck her moans were sexy as hell!

“Ai… I’m… going to move.”

“Fuck me good, Kouta.”


I grabbed her waist, my hand resting on her hips and I became proactive.  Her body went slack a bit as she loosened her interior to accommodate my meat stick and I went in hard.  She gasped a bit and I could see her hands grab on tightly to the blanket.

“F...mmmhh… again.”

I put my arm around her entire waist, bent my knees and then started pistoning inside her bitch hole.

“Guuuhhhh…. Aaaaahhhhh…  Shhhhhmmmmmhhhhhh…!!”

She shifted her ass a tiny bit then began to just give out low moans as I felt myself pushing harder against the side of her inner anal wall.

“Shooo goood♡”

Ai was so cute!  A little slutty but cuuuuute!

I couldn’t help but nibble on her exposed ear and nape, and shoulder… I bit her and she threw back hard a few times as I felt my cock bow inside of her.

“Right there… just keep going right there…”

I guess I found a spot she likes?  I did as she asked and she went so far as to grab a pillow and bite it to muffle her moans down a bit.  She squeaked a bit when I went for a series of rapid strokes all on that spot.

“Shit… gonna… come… a little more…”

I was also interested in doing the same.

“Can I cum inside of you, Ai?”

“Yes, god yes!  Let it all out in Ai-chan’s ass~”

She didn’t need to tell me twice.  I went full steam ahead, as hard and as fast and as deep as I could.  I felt her legs jolt and her anus try to clench tightly around my shaft as I pounded away.

“Haah… Haaah...I came….already~♡ Let me feel you now~”


Squirt~ pshuu~ chuu~

I emptied my balls inside of this angelic creature.

“Don’t… take it out.”

She asked it of me, and I did my best.  She also did her best not to let her muscles force it out either.  She wiggled her body back into mine and I pulled her tightly into my chest.

“Kouta… please don’t hate me.”

“Why would I?  That was enjoyable…”

“...You can have it anytime you want… I won’t even ask you to be my boyfriend…”


“I like you, Kouta… Like… I really, really like you!”

“I like you too, Ai.”

“Then… I won’t… be ashamed.”

“Ashamed of… your clit?”

“Go ahead.  Just don’t… if you hate me, just don’t hit me.”


“You don’t have to force yourself… I’ll respect your privacy.”

“Stop being… so nice.”


Ai-chan was shaking, and I was about to be uncorked from inside of her.


She wanted me to touch her there?  Was this deformity so traumatising?

“Okay.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of, you said it, right?”

My hand slid down towards her pussy.  Down from her breasts, and her flat stomach, down past her naked mound until I came across it.  My body turned cold when I felt that clitoris she was so worried about me discovering.  My fingers wrapped around it and I could see her hands meet her face as she cried.

This… was definitely... interesting.

“Umm… Ai-chan?”


I grasped it in my hand gently and slid it down and up, it was… as a clitoris… quite large.  But conversely, as a… not clitories… it was pretty small.

“Is Ai… by chance… a…?”

“I’m a girl!  I’m a girl!!!”  She cried out, sobbing wildly.

“I see… A girl would want to hide this kind of thing… wouldn’t she?”

I’m touching another boy’s thing… What do I do?  WHAT DO I DO?  I just fucked a guy.  A really goddamn cute guy, but I totally fucked him and even blew my load inside of hin… oh god…

Even though my mind was racing, my body got flooded with the chills and my hand was still holding the tiniest drumstick from a KFC bucket... I was still a human being.

Ai-chan was a girl.

She was a girl who had many problems, and turned to me for comfort.

I could have let it go.

I didn’t have to do a thing with her.

But I did.

Ai… must have thought my kindness meant she could really trust me.

I’m not gay, nor am I bi.  I mean, I enjoy the occasional trap manga, sure, a little futa is fine too… contained to manga, that is. But this isn’t a manga!

I decided to let all rational thought take the rest of the night off.

There are things that cannot be undone, however there were two facts in front of me.  The first being I already fucked Ai.  The second being that even though Ai-chan has… a similar appendage to me… she’s still a ridiculously cute girl!!!!

“Just… don’t hit me…”  She weakly mumbled into her hands, but loud enough to be heard.  I removed my hand from her enlarged clitoris and felt below,  cupping her ballooned labia as well.

I sighed audibly.



“I won’t hurt you, Ai.  But that was foul play.”

“I know… but… I… really wanted to… be embraced by you.”

I brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck fully.  She might be what she is, but my heart is still beating furiously for her.


“Am I the only one who didn’t know?”

“Everyone in the club knows… even… your girlfriend knows.”

“Shizu knew?”

“Yeah… Also, there’s my friend Mirai-chan… She’s also like me…  But she gets abused for it… It’s hard for us… Kouta.”

So Shizu knew, and didn’t say anything when Ai-chan got her kiss from me in the mornings?

“...okay, then… what to do about this now.”

“I can get out of your sight if you hate me now.”

“Did I say that?”


“You put on a believable front.  I was really convinced you were the cutest girl…”

“I am a girl… I… Inside… I was just… the wrong body…”

“Maybe so… but if Ai-chan had a different body, would she still be as cute?”


“It’s okay, Ai.”


“Ai, don’t hide from this.”

“I’m a girl, Kouta.”

“Yes, Ai is a beautiful girl.”


“...With a small pee-pee.”


I turned her around and pulled her hands away from her face.  She was definitely crying.  I wanted to cry too, but only because today will definitely go down as the most fucked up day of my life.


She sniffled, but kept eye-contact with me.

“You understand that it’ll take some time before I’d even consider… some things, right?”



“Huh?  I don’t care about that.  I don’t even use it.”

“...?  You don’t use it?”

“It’s… only eight and a half centimeters…  I couldn’t even be a boy if I wanted to, with it...”

Shit… that’s really small!

“I… have to go to therapy before I could have any kind of conversion done, and even though I hate it… I don’t know if I could go through with a surgery to… correct it into the right part.”

I took a deep breath.

“Will you show me it?”


I lowered the covers and Ai-chan just laid there.  I sat up and looked down at the source of her problem.

Her little penis was flaccid, and adorable.

I’m not gay.  It’s a little shota trap cock, they come cute by default, not unlike a certain cosplayer who inadvertently became a champion of a certain monstrous energy drink.  That thing would haunt me.  Yeah, if Ai-chan was packing one of those, I’d hit her.

A man’s pride is a delicate thing. I absolutely refuse to have a woman bigger than me.

“So… what now?”  Ai-chan asked.  “Now that you know… you won’t… touch me again, will you?”

I smiled at Ai-chan.

“That all depends.”

“On what?”

“Exactly how convincingly you make me believe you are a woman… for round two.”


I dropped all the pretenses and stripped Ai down. I laid down and had her climb on top of me.  Her lying womanhood exposed, my son was still enthralled by her pixie-like body.  In the end, Ai-chan’s breasts were bigger than Ruru’s, and her face was much cuter than Ibuki’s, so there was only one conclusion to come to.

She was just a girl with a larger than normal clit, who happened to enjoy cumming from it while being fucked in the ass.

I could deal with that.

For tonight at least.

I did some questionable things, I’m not going to bullshit you. I will spare you the details, but… yeah.  This isn’t going to be the only time I’ll be enjoying Ai-chan.  But what I will be doing is trying to find a way to get her out of the club.

Ai-chan’s simply too cute for me to want anyone else to use her but me.

But now I had another goal in mind.

I love Shizu.  I love her, I’m absolutely crazy for her even after she beat me up.  But, I’m going to get her back for this, and Ai… Ai is going to help me.

After giving Ai-chan a second vote of confidence that I saw her as a woman, she became my dakimakura for the night.  My hand toyed with her and we both fell asleep comfortably.

I hope to god that tomorrow is a good day.  I really fucking need one.